18 Aug 2011
By Larry Sixsmith

HOW TO: Un-PUK your mobile phone


These days we have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for this, a PIN for that, a PIN for everything, including your mobile phone. How on earth do we all keep up with our PINs? Well as it turns out at times we don’t.

Just recently I took a flight from Adelaide and being the good passenger that I am, I turned my mobile phone off as instructed.

Enter-PIN--blog-contentUpon return to Melbourne I fired the phone back on only to have to enter my PIN to activate the SIM card.

“Oh that’s easy” I say to myself and enter 1234 & OK.

My phone beeps and pops up with “incorrect PIN, you have 2 more attempts”.

I re-enter 1234 & OK. BEEP, “incorrect PIN, you have 1 more attempt”.

I am certain this is my PIN and yet according to my phone it clearly is not.

Ok I will try another and after thinking long and hard I enter a different one and this time it’s a triple BEEP BEEP BEEP and the phone displays “ENTER YOUR PUK CODE”.

All of a sudden a wave of panic rushes from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, I’ve PUK’d my phone.

I don’t know my PUK code, what is a PUK code? Where do I get my PUK from? What do I do?

Panic panic panic.

As it turns out, retrieving a PUK code it is a very simple process. No need for panic.

Firstly, what is a PUK code and why does my mobile device have one?Enter-PUK-blog-content

Your Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) code is an 8 digit number that is unique to your SIM card to reset your PIN and unlock your mobile. It is incorporated into your SIM to protect any unwanted usage of your device. After the third failed attempt the SIM senses the wrong person is attempting to access the phone and will display ENTER YOUR PUK CODE.

WARNING : if you continue to enter an incorrect PIN once your phone requests the PUK, the SIM will self destruct, and you will have to replace it. Charges may apply.

How do I get my PUK?

Personal customers: get your PUK code online or you can call 125111. When asked for the reason for your call say: I WANT MY PUK CODE.

If you are calling from outside of Australia, call +61 4 3912 5111. Call charges apply. If you are calling from a non-Telstra phone and cannot connect on this number, call 13 2200 and when prompted say Pre-paid.

Business customers: please visit The Business Help Centre to find out how to obtain your PUK code.

Enterprise and Government customers:  please contact your Service Delivery team on 1800 730 053.

Please note as your PUK code is secure, identification is required.

Please remember you must enter your PUK code correctly. If you are still experiencing difficulties please call 125111 or visit your nearest Telstra Shop.

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  1. Greg Brady says:

    Thanks for this information. I have my old mobile that is with Optus and have given that to my friend………. who is a Telstra client. We have wondered about this, whether we would have to run around and what was required. Now I understand, I guess we just need to have it “unpuked” by Optus showing my I.D. and then simply Turn up at the nearest Telstra Shop to get a replacement sim card that perhaps she may have to pre-order, then get it put in. Am I correct with this ?? If not by all means let me know.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Greg,

      The PIN/PUK is unique to the SIM card, which is tied to the phone number you have. If she is changing phone number she will put her own SIM card in, negating any PIN/PUK issues on your behalf. If she is using your number, be very wary of giving away your SIM card which is registered with your details. Once you “Un-PUK” you will not need to replace the SIM card, it will prompt you for a new PIN code and you can continue to use the existing SIM.

    • Larry Sixsmith (Telstra Employee) says:

      Hi Greg,
      The PUK code is for the sim card only. As your friend is connecting with Telstra, you do not have to UN-PUK the old sim card. If the handset is locked to Optus you will need to have them un-lock the phone.

      Glad to help.


  2. Simon says:

    Sorry this is a bit off track but..

    I have an HTC Desire S on Freedom Connect Plan. Do I have to get it unlocked if I want to travel overseas (for an extended period) and use another providers SIM card.

    I know this is the case for prepaid but I am hearing this is not the case for Cap Plan phones.

  3. Greg Brady says:

    Thank you all …….. you have been most helpful. Special thanks to Larry Sixsmith, yes that is the exact answer I was looking for.
    Once again…. thanks fellow Telstra users, I am now better informed than 24 hrs ago.
    I was going to say … “have a great weekend” but I live in Sydney and I think that would be a bit laughable as we baton down the hatches for an Antarctic Weekend.
    Well……….. enjoy your weekends where ever you are and I thank you all again.


  4. Peter says:

    HI I have a Testra Smart Touch phone T3020, my daugher was playing with the password when on the screen in the right hand says, enter PUK Code..
    I have the PUK code but I dont know how to enter it on the Phone..Tried to read the manual but no joy

    Any Assistance is appreciated..

  5. Brandon says:


    Thanks for the perfectly detailed & informed step by step process to unlock my iphone, long story short dont play with the phone when your drunk.. IF A DUMSKI LIKE MYSELF CAN USE YOUR INFORMATION ANYONE WILL…

    Have a great life mate..

  6. Hey, can you please tell me what to do if I have already used all my 9 attempts at unlocking my Puk code. It popped up on the screen of my phone and I just kept doing random codes until I ran out and now all that is on my screen is “PUK Blocked. Emergency calls only.” So even if I were to ring up telstra and retrieve my PUK code, I won’t even be able to do it anyway, coz it wont even give me the option. I can’t even UN PUK my phone even if I did have the code. Help me out?

  7. Larry Sixsmith (Telstra Employee) says:

    Hi Corbhan,
    I’m afraid to say you may have PUKED your PUK code. If this is the case you will need to replace the SIM. Go to your nearest Telstra Store to have this done or call 132200 from another phone and one may be delivered to you. (charges may apply)

  8. helen says:

    can you get rid of the pin altogether? I never had one on my previous Optus postpaid, vodafone prepaid or Telstra prepaid. it’s really annoying because the pin is such a random number I am eventually going to forget it.

  9. Jodie says:

    I bought my son a Samsung Preston and it has a Phone Lock on how do we retreive the correct password so he can use it.

  10. Emma says:

    The link for getting your PUK code online is broken, can you repost? Thanks.

  11. JoAnne says:

    When will the PUK form be working? It hasn’t been working for at least the 2 days I have been trying.

    • Hi JoAnne. It is possible that some customers may experience isolated issues with PIN and PUK retrieval -- If you are experiencing difficulties should contact us on 125 111 or +61 2 9242 0570 from outside Australia. I’ve asked a local team to give you a call JoAnne, just to make sure everything is working for you.

  12. Chris says:

    I received the PUK code from the 125111 number. That was fine…but i didnt see any instructions for the ‘enter new sim’ (this step requires you to enter a new 4-digit pin, twice) I found this on a UK vodaphone site lol
    This process was the Samsung Galaxy SII.

  13. Mary Dimond says:

    My daughter has locked her HTC phone, can i get a puk code online without ringing my service provider

  14. taela says:

    i forgot my pattern for my phone what do i do ?

  15. Mary Dimond says:

    My daughter has also forgotten the pattern of her phone. It is a HTC.

    • Brendan - [Your Community Manager] says:

      Hi Mary, I’ve asked for you and hope to get an answer soon. Brendan

  16. Gemma says:

    Thankyouuuuu so much! I was freaking out but you’ve saved my life. I PUKed my phone and thought I’d have to wait till I got to work to fix it -- I never knew you could get the code online!

  17. Elisha says:

    I was mucking about with my settings trying to get it to lock so my friends wouldn’t go through my messgaes at school, but I didn’t know there was 2 different PINS now it has please enter PUK code, but I’m still a little unsure how to get this….some help would be awesome thanks…

  18. james rose says:

    i was messing with my lock codes and messsed up my phone its a samsung touch and i need a puk code to use it now i can only dial sos plz help tjanks jim

  19. jacob farlow says:

    hey my phone is a telstra next generation i just found the charger for it and i lost it 3 years ago and i wanted to see what was on it but it keeps coming up with, (enter handset unlock code) what do i do !!!!!

  20. domster113 says:

    Can you fix your phone after 10 attempts. I didn’t know what it meant.

  21. Jase says:

    I have a telstra next G sim card that I forgot the code for… I later found it with my PUK code….so I entered my PUK code and it prompted me for a new PIN code.
    On every occassion, regardless of the PIN code I select, it tells me CODE ERROR.
    Whats going on guys ?

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Jase, if your scroll to the top right you can click to ‘Ask the Crowd’ in a forum or you can go through to our ’24/7 Facebook page’.

      There are two options to contact us here as these links get you straight through to people who can help – you’ve come through to our corporate blog site here and I’d highly recommend using one of these new avenues to get directly in touch with Telstra about this specific issue.


  22. Rosemary says:

    I have also just discovered the joys of PUK!! I have my PUK number, but I don’t actually know how to enter it. I cannot find where it is supposed to go on the phone -- its an iphone? I have looked in Settings, clicked on Phone which takes me to a page that has SIM PIN, but when I click on that the next page says SIM PIN on & Change PIN, but they are greyed out! Am I in the wrong place??
    Please help. Thnak you. Rosemary

    • Hello Rosemary. Best thing to do is to click onto the ‘Ask the Crowd’ or go to our 24/7 Facebook page on the top right hand side of our blog where you’ll be directly linked to one of our online customer support consultants. This is the most efficient way to get an answer. Brendan.

  23. david cock says:

    have just picked up phone a samsung galaxys11. it asked for pin no which i entered i know it was correct .it locked me out and asked for PUK code after entering it asked for pin no again.which i did still no success . Frustraded please help

    • Hi David. Bummer about the problem with the pin/PUK. The best way to contact Telstra for a service/product query is to click onto the ‘Ask the Crowd’ or go to our 24/7 Facebook page on the top right hand side of our blog where you’ll be directly linked to one of our online customer support consultants.

  24. Adam M says:

    hi there i just bought a I phone 4s and had to do a sim replacement over the phone i got a micro sim from the telstra shop and was told to ring the number to get them to activate the new micro sim card & the phone comes up with a pin but i tried to put in the pin i got from the micro sim and it is now up to the last try out of 3 can anyone help me as i need this phone for work asap

  25. yenyen says:

    Hey my phone is a nokia BL-4CT…and im from malaysia..and i dont have any idea how to unlock my PUK code…

  26. David L says:

    Hi, i have an iphone 4 from work which is asking for a sim lock everytime i reboot my phone which is really annoying, does anyone know how to remove it completely and just use the iphone passcode for security.

  27. Marty says:

    How do I enter my PUK on a HTC One XL. All I have read say enter the PUK in the Phone Dialler and tap Next, but there is no Next to tap, just call.

  28. marquisa says:

    i can not unlock my iphone because it got a puk code on it

  29. zeke says:

    i lost my info

  30. misha says:

    Hi I locked myself out of my phone because I didn’t know my puk code and now its saying to call my servise provider but I cant find the number on the net what do I do? Please help asap!????

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi Misha,

      We’ve got a dedicated customer service team who can help you out with this (see the links above) or feel free to call our support team on 125 111.

  31. stephanie durilla says:

    need puk number because it close.

  32. aimey says:

    is the puk and pin wanht open

  33. Josephine says:

    Hey guys, hope you can help! i have an lg mobile with a telstra sim and i recently bought a new phone over the internet. i put my sim in and unlocked it (pin) the way i normally do, but i don’t get reception… what do i do, is this related to locked/unlocked mobiles?

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Josephine,
      I’m sure we can help! Head over to our Live Chat service at and we’ll be able to assist you with troubleshooting this problem.
      The team are available 24/7, so we’ll be able to assist whenever you have a spare moment.

  34. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Helpers,
    I have an very old Telstra Samsung C5220 it was on pre paid and is looked. As I am traveling overseas I would like to use it with overseas sim cards. Can I get it unlocked? Is there any charge for such an old phone?

    • Jamie [Editor] says:

      Hello Wolfgang, The best thing to do is to head over to our Live Chat team who will be able to help. The team are available 24/7, so we’ll be able to assist whenever you have a spare moment.

  35. Kate says:

    I have a Telstra prepaid sim. Does this mean its locked to Telstra. I’m going OS and want to put in a global sim

    • Jamie [Editor] says:

      Hi Kate, Do you mean is your phone locked to Telstra? If the phone was purchased through Telstra, then it will be. We can help you unlock your phone for travel -- if the phone is an iPhone, we have blog instructions here. If it is another phone, head over to our Live Chat team, who will be able to help.

  36. Yetimwork says:

    i like this website

  37. beautiful says:

    can someone go through your phone with your sim card is locked asking for puk code and can I receive texts during this process?

  38. soki says:

    i want my sim card be unlocked.thank you

  39. Carol says:

    What should I do when my phone number is under 10 digits?

  40. nima says:

    hi i have idea sim, it has blocked due to i have entered the puk number three to five times, so please help me what i have to do now?

  41. nima says:

    hi carol, I don’t have any documents about sim card. so what i have to do now to unblock

  42. liyah says:

    i just got a iphone 4s and dont know how to take the puk off it wont let me text or call anybody i put the password on there and went to sleep and cant remember it can you help me

  43. debra says:

    thanks for your help

  44. Tom says:

    Hi, I’ve got a friend’s android tablet with a telstra sim card. It is asking me for a P.U.K. code. I can’t get rid of it because we don’t know the telephone number. We have the sim. Is there a way i can get the mobile number from the number on the sim card?

  45. madeline says:

    I don’t remember making myself a pukka code,, but than again, I don’t remember anyone of my password I put in for my accounts!This time I swear I did not make myself a puk code. Is their any way that I could un set the puk code?

  46. Felix saß says:

    I Need puk Code on my htc desire 300-02′ i want an put wrong Pin and is demanding a puk Code to unlock it.

  47. Vectone Mobile says:

    can you get rid of the pin altogether? I never had one on my previous Optus postpaid, vodafone prepaid or Telstra prepaid. it’s really annoying because the pin is such a random number I am eventually going to forget it.

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