02 Jun 2011
By Nick Ruddock

Telstra Pre-Paid Recharge now just an SMS away


Recharge is the lifeblood of an active Pre-Paid user, and today’s launch of Telstra SMS Recharge® means Telstra’s Pre-Paid mobile customers now have a super simple and convenient recharge method – at their fingertips, whenever they need it.

With SMS Recharge there’s no more waiting in queues to buy vouchers, or running out of credit just before you need to make that important call.

Telstra Pre-Paid Recharge now just an SMS awaySimply register your credit or debit card online with Telstra, send an SMS to 125 8885 with your desired recharge amount, receive confirmation and you’re ready to go.

Telstra’s SMS Recharge is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Quick. Store your payment details and recharge quickly without having to re-enter your credit card, debit card or direct debit details.
  2. Flexible. Recharge at a different standard denomination every time, if you so choose.
  3. Easy. Recharge immediately and enjoy the convenience of only using one number to recharge.

To set-up SMS Recharge, just:

  1. Register your payment details in My Account via your compatible mobile or online. Both credit and debit cards are eligible.
  2. Choose a four digit PIN number when prompted.
  3. Send an SMS to 125 8885 in the following format: desired recharge amount (space) PIN number. For instance to recharge $30, send: ‘30 XXXX’ where XXXX is your PIN number. The recharge amount must be a valid denomination for SMS Recharge: $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $80, $100, $130, $150. If you make a mistake, you will receive a response via SMS from Telstra to assist you with your recharge.
  4. When the recharge is successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS and a reminder SMS to delete your SMS which contains your PIN number.

So don’t delay, start your SMS recharging now!


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  1. Cory O'Connor says:

    It’d be good if this was working. As there’s a Telstra credit card secuirty blitz on at the moment, recharging with a credit card, let alone using this new feature is impossible.

  2. Gerd says:

    Cory- I’ve asked the team to review the rules. You’re right, we have fraud prevention rules and unfortunately those sometimes block valid activity.
    See you soon online

  3. Cory O'Connor says:

    I’ve seen the YouTube video about the Motorola Xoom… now I want one :-)

    One of the Telstra Prepaid CSR’s I spoke to said that everyone was affected by this credit card fraud scare. I specifically asked the CSR, “so you’re saying every Telstra Prepaid customer will be unable to recharge via credit card for the forseeable future”… he said yes.

    And I’ll say to you Gerd as I did to a number of CSR’s the other day. Why isn’t the CC recharge facility disabled on My Prepaid Online, instead of leaving it to the last step to say a credit card has been put on the hotlist. Or some notice on or Telstra’s detrimental effects page at

  4. Sharon Noble says:

    Recharge channels, can you explain what USSD and cps are?

  5. Desiree Lammerts says:

    I keep getting messages telling me my prepaid account is low but when I check using #100# I find there is plenty of money in the account (I also note the little disclaimer at the bottom that says some charges may take 48hours to appear).

    When I first received these messages I checked with a Telstra rep and was told not to take any notice of the messages -- the implication being that they are not accurate.

    So that’s what I did -- and of course one of the messages was right and I ran out of money. Then I had difficulty recharging via SMS because my MC was rejected (but that is a whole other story).

    More recently I received the message again, this time it was swiftly followed by a message indicating that my account balance was now zero. Not wanting to go through the credit card saga again I recharged despite #100# indicating I still had a sizeable amount in my account. I figured it would correct within 48 hours -- it didn’t I now have a large credit and I’m not happy as I was trying to wind the value back as I am going OS next and can’t use it all before I go (meaning I will lose it).

    I’m wondering how many others receive these bogus messages? Have you been caught out by them?

    I also wonder why Telstra can advise an account balance is low or zero via an SMS message yet it takes up to 48 hours for balance to be shown to customer?

  6. Brendan - [Your Community Manager] says:

    Hello Diane. Can you please use this form to send me the details and your contact numbers, I will have this investigated. Brendan

  7. Hannu says:

    Been trying to recharge my prepaid all morning, keeps telling me my card is declined, funds are available, dont wont my business, whats going on.????

  8. Dean says:

    Why is my Telstra texting not working? I have funds available and am supposed to be able to text. This sucks!!

    • Hi Dean. Thanks for contacting us via our blog. The best way to contact Telstra for a service/product query is to click onto the ‘Ask the Crowd’ or go to our 24/7 Facebook page on the top right hand side of our blog where you’ll be directly linked to one of our online customer support consultants. You can also get support via Twitter @telstra. These are the most efficient ways to get someone to look into your account.

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