02 Jul 2014
By Maryanne Tsiatsias

Introducing our new Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband offer


Aussies are a nation of internet lovers. In fact, we love it so much we even take it on holidays with us!

According to new research from Telstra* three-quarters (74%) of Australians say they connect to the internet when on holidays with more than half of us (56%) packing a mobile broadband device to connect when we’re away.

Parents are also turning to internet-enable devices when heading away with the family these school holidays. Telstra research** also found that 89 per cent of parents with children between three and 16 said having an internet device  for the kids to use makes long car journeys easier. Over two-thirds of parents (69%) said the best thing about the kids using these devices is the ability for them to entertain themselves.

With the school holidays now upon us and many of us heading away with family it’s a good time of year to think about how to connect when we’re away from home.

We have introduced a new Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband offer called simply Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband.

The top benefits of this new offer include:

  • Generous data inclusions and credit expiry. The new offers give customers generous data inclusions (to use in Australia) and expiry periods on our most popular recharge values. Our $50 recharge now comes with 4GB of data to use in Australia over 60 days – that’s an additional 1GB and 30 extra days compared to our existing Telstra Pre-Paid Data+ Cap offer.
  • Australia’s Best mobile network. The Telstra Mobile Network is Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile network, covering 2.3 million square kilometres including 7,500 km of Australian Highways not covered by any other mobile network.
  • Simplified offers. Customers can take out Telstra Pre- Paid Mobile Broadband offer with any device — tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots and dongles.

Pre- Paid Mobile Broadband is a great choice for families and others that need a flexible and reliable mobile data connection.

We’ve also got some great Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband devices on offer so customers get the best out of their connection. My favourite is the new Pre-Paid 4G My Pocket Wi-Fi Ultimate, which can connect up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices.

For more information on the Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband offer visit the Telstra website.

Pricing table, click to view
* This research was conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of Telstra in June 2014 on a representative sample of 1,000 Australians aged 18+ in metro and regional Australia. ** This research was conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of Telstra June 2014 on a representative sample of 710 parents with young and teenage children (aged 3-16) who plan to take a trip these July school holidays in metro and regional Australia. THE TELSTRA MOBILE NETWORK OFFERS 4G IN ALL CAPITAL CBDS AND ASSOCIATED AIRPORTS, MANY SURROUNDING SUBURBAN AREAS AND IN OVER 300 REGIONAL AREAS. YOU’LL AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH TO OUR FASTEST AVAILABLE 3G IN OTHER COVERAGE AREAS AROUND AUSTRALIA. CHECK COVERAGE AT


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  1. Ian Gloor says:

    Looks good until you get to the 365 day rates. It used to be $180 for 12Gb, now it is $200 for 12Gb. Why be less generous than before just with this offer?

  2. GW says:

    Sorry but at these prices the plans look sick rather than new. Telstra could have done a lot better but it has lost another opportunity to be better value than the others.

    While I understand that Telstra has a better Australia wide network than the other providers, with these prices you have to consider the competitors for better value, especially if you are in metro or larger regional areas.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Thanks for the feedback GW, I’ll pass it onto the team for you.

      • GW says:

        I showed these plans to an elderly lady this morning that asked me about what her pre-paid options were. Upon reviewing them she decided to go with Optus. I was advised for $30 she could get 3GB with 30 days.

        While I pointed out the network coverage difference she was quick to say that she only needs it at home or her friends place, both of which have Optus coverage.

        I just wanted to share this with you to highlight what someone else (elderly too) thought about these new plans. I do hope the feedback does get to those that come up with these plans and they at least modify them so they are competitive.

  3. Michael Maher says:

    The 365 expiry date option used to be 10Gb for $150.00 then went to 12Gb for $180.00 now that 12Gb will cost $200.00. Come on Telstra why not 15 Gb for $200.00.

  4. Ian Gloor says:

    20Gb for $200 (365 days) would be better! $10/Gb seems like a reasonably fair price for mobile broadband.

    • GW says:

      While I am still not convinced $10 per GB is value it is an improvement over what the above has on offer. I highly doubt this will be done though. That said …

      $100 for 10GB (90 days) already meets that rate you propose, so they could have done something way better for the $200 price tag.

  5. Peter says:

    Great product and definitely worth purchasing the 12GB option…given the coverage you get the extra $20 to keep the family connected wherever you travel works for me.

  6. Ian Gloor says:

    Peter I agree, when my current 365 day recharge runs out in January I will almost certainly recharge again even at $200. I’m just puzzled why Telstra would make this particular recharge less generous than before. Surely it’s in their interest to persuade us to lock ourselves in to 12 months.

  7. pam says:

    hi is 180.00 prepaid still available, many thanks.

  8. Ian Gloor says:

    Pam it seems that the $180 offer is still open to me because I am already “on” that offer. I am basing that hope on the recharge options that appear in my account in the Telstra 24x7 app.

  9. Gregory Opera says:

    Telstra need to take a look at their “regular” pre-paid plans, for smartphones and whatnot… THe data offerings are poor in that aspect.

    I switched to Vodafone a while back and whilst the coverage can’t compete with Telstra, the pricing is quite the opposite… I’d switch back, but none of Telstra’s pre-paid plans offer enough data.

    Offer a data-focussed pre-paid plan, problem solved!

  10. Brent says:

    Vodafone offer 15Gb (twelve months expiry) for $125 or 22Gb (twelve months expiry) for $200 dollars. This makes Telstra’s offer look pretty dim. In both cases you can roll over unused data BUT only to a maximum of 25Gb (so if you have 12Gb still available at recharge, they’ll only roll over 10Gb (15Gb (new) + 10Gb (rollover) = 25Gb (cap)). I’m pretty certain the consultant told me that it’s the same cap even for the 22Gb plan. I’m a mega loyal customer of Telstra and have many other services with them, but I couldn’t ignore the price difference….. Doubly so given that I have prepaid in my iPad, Laptop, my partners iPad and currently in a mobile MYFI. I reluctantly changed all by the mobile MYFI over to Vodafone but have to make a decision about what to do with the mobile MYFI because it’s coming up to expiry (it’s a Telstra device).

    Ideally, I would have liked to have stayed with Telstra, but when I pointed out the lack of competitiveness to the Telstra consultant, they said there was nothing they could do. Vodafone have been excellent.

    • Gregory Opera says:

      I’m a former Telstra employee and obviously, I too would have liked to stay with Telstra… But the price difference is so different between Telstra and Vodafone, that one simply cannot ignore a jump to the underdog (i.e. Vodafone).

      Sure, you’re never going to get the same coverage as Telstra in remote areas -- but over the last few months, I have found that the coverage in urban and most rural areas is comparable to Telstra… The data speeds are slightly slower, but not by much in “Real World” usage.

      If Telstra offered data packages on their pre-paid services that are the same as or better than Vodafone, I’d almost-certainly go back… But the simple fact is, Telstra are more focused on traditional-service based (pre-paid) plans.

  11. Heather says:

    So can you please tell me how much data I am getting for $180 recharge………?? I purchased $180 this week (02.2015) it has 365 days expiry -- just would like to know how much data I am getting??

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Heather — chat to one of our friendly consultants on 132 200 and they’ll talk you through your recharge options. Thanks, Jamie.

  12. susy says:

    On my homepage the $50 4G offer is not offered. I have been buying 2G for $80! I can’t find a way to actually recharge the 50. Telstra have me over a reception barrel.

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