02 Apr 2014
By Jennifer Douglas

Making a house call: Telstra’s new land line plans


I’m excited to let you know about the new plans we are launching today, giving home phone customers more value from their service.

The home phone is a much-loved fixture in many Australian households. In fact more than 70 per cent still have one. It is simply the best way to make calls that matter when at home.

Lots of you have told us you love the call clarity, reliability and comfort of making a call from your home phone. You have deeper conversations on the home phone so you can have a real catch-up with family and friends or work colleagues. Did you know that calls between home phones are, on average, three times longer in length than calls made to mobiles?

We also know our customers want line rental and calls included in their home phone plans. Since introducing our unlimited international call pack (unlimited calling to land lines in 32 countries) in late 2012, we have seen resurgence in the use of the home phone for calling overseas. People love the convenience of being able to pick up the phone and have a long chat with the peace of mind they won’t face a surprise bill.

So this is why we are now including more unlimited calling on our new home phone plans- for $50 you get all local and STD calls included! And line rental is also included!

Our new $40, $50 and $85 plans all include:

  • line rental
  • unlimited local calls
  • unlimited STD calls on plans above $50
  • capped calls for the first 20 minutes to any standard Australian mobile number 24/7
  • features like 3 way chat, call waiting, call return and call back (Some features not available on NBN. Call charges may apply)

Importantly, these plans are all no lock in so customers can change plans at any time, at no cost and can cancel at any time without penalty!

And for just $15 extra, customers can get unlimited calls to land lines in 32 countries and to mobiles in 14 countries. All using our international calling pack which customers love.

If you’re a current home phone customer you can easily move across to these plans. Simply give us a call or contact us online.

While we have created a range of new and exciting plans that provide customers with great inclusions, we are keeping our HomeLine Budget plan at $22.95 per month for customers who are looking for a low cost option.

(Minimum cost for the first month including the activation fee on our $40 plan is $99, on our $50 plan is $109 and on our $85 plan is $144)


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  1. A Bell says:

    Why keep referring to long distance calls as STD?

    Subscriber Trunk Dialling may have been a cool term before the 1980′s but many people probably think of the other use of that acronym first.

    • Michael Meeve says:

      We are progressively changing materials to refer to National calls. In some releases were refer to STD because national call definitions are different for fixed and mobiles (thye don’t have local calls).

  2. John says:

    why an activation fee, $49 on top of that, really greed has no limit. telstra has no ethics and integrity. i can understand you’re a business and need to make some profit but not an abnormal profit.

    • Michael Meeve says:

      Just to clarify, if you are an existing customer there is no connection/ activation charge for taking up these plans. You can swap between plans at any time at no charge.

      The reference at the bottom of the article is that if you don’t have a service at all and would like to connect a service we have a service connection charge.
      Recent changes to Australian Competition Law require us to references charges in this way.

    • John says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your reply.

      It’s a good deal -- no activation fee for existing customers, will call Telstra on Monday to change to the $50 plan.

      Thanks again.


      P.S. Email is a dummy one for privacy reasons.

  3. Michelle says:

    Don’t do it. Don’t change to any plans with Telstra. We were contacted for this you beaut new bundle package plan to save money. Sure we said. Then overnight the home phone was changed and we lost the internet. After this happened we received the paperwork. We did not want services changed. It is now over a week. Despite changing it overnight it seems that we have to wait to have it changed back. Told 3 -- 5 days this week. No reply. Have emailed, phoned, and now tweeted. Keep being told 3 -- 5 days. Not happy. Don’t do it. Don’t sign up for a plan

  4. Michelle says:

    Do not do it. Do not sign up for any change in Telstra plan. They rang my Mother and promised a bundle package for 10% savings. We thought it sounded good for a pensioner to save money. But then they changed the home phone and the internet, which meant we lost it. Have rung, have emailed, have twittered, have posted comments. Nothing. Emailed complaint told would be 3-5 days. That was a week ago. Promised by 132200 it would be fixed today, tomorrow, two days. That was last week still not done.
    When the paperwork arrived (after the changes) it did not mention these changes and left out items that we were told verbally would be included in the bundle package. So my elderly mother has a phone that only has an interrupted dial tone (which she believes means the phone is broken and she can’t use it) and no internet connection in her home. They made the changes overnight but keep being told cannot be reversed on the spot. Lied to the whole way through this process. Going to Fair Trade and Ombudsman this morning. Disgusting treatment of a pensioners main point of contact.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’m really sorry that you’ve had such a terrible experience. If you would like, I can follow up on my end for you. Please just email me an account or phone number and I’ll pass the complaint on.


    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Jamie. After a considerable amount of arguing with those on the complaints line, I was transferred through to the Australian offices and put onto a supervisor. It appears it is an involved problem and though no date as to when it will be resolved, am relieved that it has actually been looked at. After finally getting to speak with someone who not only listened but looked into and paid attention to the importance of what I was saying, I hope that now the matter will be addressed and corrected. Though perhaps if I had found this blog I may have received an answer or reply. I did ask numerous times for alternate contact details but was not offered any. Not even this exchange.

      • Michelle,

        I’m really glad to hear that you’re now getting looked after. If for any reason you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to email me. While I can’t look into it myself, I can get it assigned to someone for you.

        Hope your day is getting better!


  5. Michelle says:

    Jamie. I would like to take you up on your offer to email you. However, I do not see where your email address is.

    There is still an issue. I am not happy that I have found a message on my mobile that states that the details I need to follow up this debarcle have been sent to other than my email account, the email address I gave during my last 90 minute phone call. Rather than realise the mistake, I am left a message asking if I can get the email off that account. In short no I can’t. If the email had been sent to the two email addresses I would have considered that efficient.

    I still have a problem. I have no promised contact details and only first names. If I was blowing steam out of my ears before, it is flames now.

    The ref number that I have is INT 1-161 658 931 866
    Contact Joe and Sam and tell them to get this right! I see this as another delay tactic because we still have issues outstanding. This is a week and a half after I have tried to get a resolution. If this email had been sent to me as I instructed, I would have the ability to advise what the situation is.

  6. Michelle says:

    I have logged a reply already. I cannot see it anymore on this blog. I do not know if it is here or not. I am beyond furious at this stage. Jamie, how do I get you email number? The problem I have has now been ongoing for a week and a half through no fault of my own. I have now spent 5 hours of my own time trying to get someone, anyone, to take ownership and correct this. I thought this was so. But again I find diversion tactics. I have no surnames, no emails and no phone numbers. These were promised to me. Deliver something!

  7. Michelle says:

    It is absolutely unbelievable. I have just spent another hour on the phone trying to get the last person who promised to take over this problem, get it fixed, contact me, give me contact details should there still be a problem blah blah blah. So no details arrived as stated above. So I ring a number, give them the INT number. above. Means nothing to them. They transfer me to Manilla the people in the overseas call centre who caused all the problems in my book and have added problems to put in my complaint. I was transferred 4 times. Each one not knowing about this INT number. Each one saying I would have to tell them. And those in Manilla refusing, again, to transfer me to a Manager until I screamed at them. That number should allow anyone in this company to call it up and see who has raised it and transfer me to that department, that person. Every other company in the world can transfer you this way. Every other company my a communications company. It is mind boggling. Thank goodness I am not with Telstra. Used to be………….never again! When I ring my current ISP (though that is few and far between) it is like chatting with a friend over a coffee. It is enjoyable! And they do not get off the line until they have covered everything else they can think of that is related to the problem and then make sure, while you are on the line despite how long the call is, that you have everything up and running and are happy. If you contact them and can’t wait to speak and hang up, they see that you have called, call you and ask if you have fixed it, if you have time to do it now, if you want to call back. Now that is what I call service!

    • Hello again Michelle, I only saw this other reply now. Are you a Telstra customer? If not, are you please able to contact your ISP directly? This may be why customer care are having trouble finding the complaint. Thanks, Jamie.

  8. Michelle says:

    Taking this matter to Fair Trading and Telecommunications Ombudsman NOW

  9. Michelle says:

    No. I am not a Telstra customer. I wised up years ago. I have a fantastic ISP thanks. Great company. Greater people. I am posting on behalf of a poor unfortunate Telstra customer who I am authorised to act on behalf of for the telstra account. What a coincidence that my posts were finally answer after I post that Fair Trade comment. Other posts were answered this morning. I suppose this is the usual Telstra mantra of “too hard” “just ignore” “don’t answer”. Like the 30 odd emails and the 40 odd tweets.
    You were more than willing to give me contact details a couple of posts ago. Now you are accusing me of not knowing who I am contacting. How dare you insinuate. I know who to contact. Fair Trading. Then the ombudsman. But thanks for nothing.

    • Hi Michelle, my apologies in the lateness of my reply, however the Telstra Exchange Blog is not a customer care portal and so is only checked every couple of hours during business hours. I have passed your original complaint (and subsequent complaints) onto a team who will be able to assist. If you would like to contact me further, you are more than welcome on the email I provided in my original reply. Thanks, Jamie.

  10. Michelle says:

    By the way. Whilst typing that got a reply from Fair Trading with my reference number. All happening.

  11. Michelle says:

    Also be using your name. Only surname I have obtained in all the people I have contacted. Need a named a name for the paperwork

  12. Elisa says:

    I had the same problem , spent hours on the phone ,still waiting for a call back never happened… Been with them for years but when offered to go to go lower plan they wanted me to start another home line contract, they were happy to loose me as a client. STILL WAITING FOR A CALL BACK AND WASTE HOURS WITHNTHEM on the telephone .,,,

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