04 Mar 2014
By Laurie Patton

The future of digital media at Telstra [VIDEO]


Digital media is an exciting space that is opening new opportunities across a range of industries.

These opportunities go beyond traditional broadcasting – spanning from banking and retail, to education and health.

This makes it an exciting time to have joined Telstra and an exciting time to explore these opportunities.

These opportunities include building audiences or finding new customers, to enhancing consumer experiences and to developing new revenue streams.

This was exactly what I addressed at the 2014 Broadcasting and Digital Summit, of which Telstra is a sponsor.

I spoke of our digital media strategy, highlighting the creation of the Media Practice last year. It’s important that we continue to add to our long association with media companies and provision more traditional carriage services with new digital media products and solutions.

I spoke of how we are looking to create new strategic partnerships and we are doing this with a global focus.

And I spoke of how we’ve invested in a range of innovative companies, providing us with a suite of products that help us simplify, reduce operating costs and increase profits.

We are also commissioning research projects to help us understand more about audiences and what they are looking for from media companies.

You can learn more by watching this series of videos that I created with some of the speakers at the Summit.


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  1. travis says:

    If we were truly looking to the future of digital media we would raise a protest against the TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership). An insidious agenda aimed at purely conglomerates looking t profit by segregating normally freely accessed content to regions and arbitrary restrictions.

    If we sincerely intend to better enable Australia’s populous then we need to lead the pack instead of following it. Of course if Telstra wants the TPP to go through because of the potential profits then that would be a catastrophic future.

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