22 Jan 2014
By Scott McGibbony

Putting a cap on surprise voice bills


Despite the rise of the mobile internet, Aussies still love to make mobile voice calls. In fact, the amount of time our customers spend chatting to one another on their mobiles continues to grow.

We know offering Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile national network with fewer dropped calls and dead spots is central to letting you get the most out of your mobile plan.

But we also believe you deserve to enjoy the benefits of being connected in more places without the risk of running up unexpectedly large voice charges.

That’s why we’ve introduced a cap on excess voice charges for calls to standard Australian numbers for new and existing customers taking up a new Every Day Connect plan. This safety net caps mobile excess voice charges for call types included in our plans to $130 including the monthly plan fee in a single billing month.

So, for example, customers on our $60 Every Day Connect plan receive a $600-a-month allowance to put towards eligible voice calls. In the event they exceed this allowance their voice call charges for included call types will be capped at $130. The $130 cap includes the $60 minimum monthly plan charge – meaning the most customers will pay for excess calls to standard Australian numbers is $70.

The safety net was introduced recently and is designed to protect customers from unexpected charges because you told us cost certainty is really important. It builds on actions we’ve taken recently to help customers including the 80% reduction to our international roaming pay-as-you-go data rates and the introduction of SMS alerts for roaming data usage and the reduction in our excess data charges on our in-market consumer mobile plans.

We know our work’s not done and we’re constantly looking for new ways we can better care for our customers. We hope these changes mean you can enjoy the freedom of making the most of our network – the nation’s largest with four times the 4G coverage area of any competitor – without fear of a hit to the hip pocket.


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  1. dg says:

    Yeah, because voice call overages are totally the problem.

  2. said says:

    You say “That’s why we’ve introduced a cap on excess voice charges for calls to standard Australian numbers for new and existing customers taking up a new Every Day Connect plan.”

    So does this mean that existing customers on existing plans need to move onto a new plan???

  3. oh dear says:

    is he same also going to be applied to text? about time you capped the entire plan to be honest -- its simple.

    I also believe a cap on excess data charges, beyond your allowance just gets throttled to a ridiculous slow speed.

    step into the 21st century, you have competitors already doing more than this blog with unlimited options.

    • Michael Maher says:

      I think you will find taht on all the telstra plans $60, $80, $100 & $130 plans you get unlimited text.

  4. Grahame says:

    You talk about mobile internet. Well it does not take the load when pushed. Last year at a Monday night NRL Sharks match the internet failed big time due to what appear to be the load placed on it. Any internet is dependent on what uses load it with.
    It appeared something took the capacity from normal mobile users. ( Telstra user )
    How many times do you hear drop off’s on the radio from mobiles.
    Telstra appears to be way out in front in better performance compared to others.

    Delay on internet calls people do not like, and often the echo introduced.
    Internet phone calls on the mobile how much can they be affected by a heavy internet user nearby.

  5. Michael Maher says:

    If you have a 4G capable device on the Telstra network & you are surfing the internet you are using 4G where available & when you make a phone call it switches to 3G thereby keeping the load off 4G when only using it for voice so that data usage gets a better speed advantage.

  6. rob says:

    You ALREADY have data shaping on your 3G/4G mobile networks, but only for BigPond customers. Make this apply to Telstra mobile customers if you want to make a meaningful difference.

    Optus has a far better, and cheaper, system for reducing voice call overage.

  7. Wendy says:

    Yeah, make the data shaping apply to telstra as well I was not told that it did not apply to telstra and got caught out by kids xmas 2013 and 1 time when iphone did auto update without my knowledge the telstra shop should have told me about the auto updates being applyed until you disable it, and I should have been told about the limit and no shaping

  8. Grahame says:

    The issue that is the cause of problems right through telecommunications today is that it has been hijacked by the IT area. The ones with just IT skills is the issue. They just jump in and act without understanding the results.

    It has become a very complicated area and many just do not have the full skills required.

    They think that their IT skills mean they can do anything.

    They lack power of analysis.

    With this problem of long calls and the cost of them. You need to look at it fully.
    Time on a call can pass very quickly.
    You need methods that will work fully in the real world.

    On a call a special tone every three minutes or so to give you indication of time.

    An easy application to show how much you have left and days left on your current month plan.

    There was a quote that voice calls are directed to 3G.

    Well why introduce and have 4G if not to improve the massive issues that 3G had with voice calls.

    4G was promoted as the system to improve mobile communications.

    This is where you need Technical Specialist not a fly by night IT person.

    Telstra and all other ISP’s and governments have got it so wrong today and we the general public are suffering.

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