19 Nov 2013
By Andrew Volard

The HTC One max joins the Telstra family


The HTC One family has a new addition – the super-sized HTC One max – which will be available from Telstra in stores from Tuesday 26 November or for online pre-order now.

Exclusive to Telstra, customers can get the HTC One max on a mobile plan so they can pay it off over 24 months.

Building on from HTC’s flagship One smartphone, the HTC One max offers all the benefits of HTC technology with a bigger screen size and additional features.

Teaming the HTC One max’s impressive 5.9” full HD 1080p screen – which is now the biggest screen in Telstra’s smartphone range – with a superfast Telstra 4G connection makes it the perfect choice for those who want to consume content on the go.

And since Telstra now has more than four times the 4G coverage of any other Australian carrier, customers using the HTC One max will be able to access superfast 4G speeds for a smooth viewing experience in more places.

The HTC One max also comes with a 3300mAh battery to make sure you won’t run out of juice for all the content that’s bound to be consumed on this impressive phablet.

On top of HTC’s signature features such as ultrapixel camera technology, this phablet also incorporates fingerprint scanner technology for maximum security to easily unlock the screen or to launch up to three applications – all with the touch of a finger.

Alongside the HTC One and the HTC One mini, there really is now an HTC One for everyone.

Welcome to the family max!

Pricing and availability

The HTC One max will be available in Telstra stores from Tuesday 26 November or for pre-order online from today. Customers pre-ordering before 26 November will also receive a bonus Beats Pill portable speaker while stocks last.

Consumer customers can purchase the HTC One max on the $80 Every Day Connect™ Plan with a $4 handset repayment per month (when you stay connected for 24 months), with $800 worth of included calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 1.5GB of data, all to standard Australian numbers (excluding use overseas) each month. This plan also includes unlimited calls to standard Australian numbers commenced between 7pm and 7am every day. Min cost over 24 months is $2016 ($84/mth) and 2 minute standard call is $2.38, excess data $0.10/MB.

Business customers can purchase the HTC One max on the $80 Business Performance Plan with $4 per month handset repayment when you stay connected for 24 months, with $800 worth of included calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 1.5GB of data, all to standard Australian numbers (excludes use overseas) each month. This plan also offers $2.50 flat rate standard voice calls (drawn from your $800 monthly call allowance) made within Australian between 9am and 5pm local time (Mon-Fri). Min cost $2016 ($84/mth) and 2 minute standard call is $2.38, excess data $0.10/MB.

HTC One max will also be available to be purchased outright in Telstra stores for $816 RRP.

The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4G in all capital CBDs and associated airports, many surrounding suburban areas and in over 100 regional areas. You’ll automatically switch to our fastest available 3G in other coverage areas around Australia. Check coverage at

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  1. Mick Nicholls says:

    But does it have the BLUE Tick for rural use, this is the problem with the current HTC One it also doesn’t have a blue tick and I live and travel a lot in rural areas and it is needed. The HTC One XL has a blue tick but has been discontinued which is a shame.

  2. agnes says:

    telstras charges are way too expensive.Your phones are over priced your plans are hopeless .Do yourself a favour folks shop around you can do a lot better than these rip off plans.

    • Mick Nicholls says:

      Agnes, yes I agree their plans are more expensive than those of other companies, who use the Telstra system I might add but as they do this their outgoing costs are far lower, but you get what you pay for. They have a far better overall coverage than a lot of the other Telcos have and I know, from the experience of many of my friends, that in my area of Gundaroo in NSW as an example they can not get service from most of the other companies and even in some of the metro areas their service is not as good as it should be so as I said before if you are happy to put up with this then by all means go for the cheaper services. Oh and by the way, I do not work for Telstra and have been retired for just on 20 years so I have no loyalty to anyone, just those who provide me with the service I want and need.

  3. travis says:

    Got to say guys discontinuing the HTC XL a blue tick phone with a non blue tick phone is pretty annoying. I manage ICT in a fairly big company and all I buy is the HTC XLs. Would have to say one of the best phones Telstra have released, reliable, affordable, and works great in rural areas. now I think Telstra have about 4 blue tick devices, which is getting a bit shallow.

    • Mick Nicholls says:

      Have to agree with you, not everyone lives in a metro area and/or only uses their phone in a metro area. A lot of us still live in rural areas or travel a lot in rural areas and for us a phone that works everywhere is essential. The phones that are still availablable with the blue tick are either non smart phones or only have small screens which are not suitable for use by us older people who have trouble navigating through a small screen. Better thought on use for all rather than specific area people, at a competitive price of course, would win Telstra a lot of happy customers willing to stay with them rather than go to another provider who supplies what they want.

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