03 Oct 2013
By Andy Ellis

BigPond technical issues on Tuesday


I want to sincerely apologise to all customers impacted by two technical issues on Tuesday that affected some of our business and consumer customers.  As head of customer service, I take issues like this very seriously and it always disappoints me when we let our customers down.

BigPond Email went down on Tuesday with some customers not being able to send or receive emails for a period of time.  I know this would have impacted many consumer and business customers.  Our technicians worked tirelessly through the night to restore services, with the majority of customers back online within a few hours of the outage, with full restoration being completed Wednesday morning.

The outage also caused many customers to call our contact centres resulting in long wait times and I am sure you all had better things to do than wait on a call for a consultant.

For some of our business customers there was an outage on the TIPT network which meant many handsets were affected across Australia.  This issue was caused by a failure of both our servers controlling these services. We apologise for any disruption to our customers’ business and we are looking into what caused this.

So again my apologies as we continue to work through the cause of what transpired yesterday and look at how we can do better in the future.


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  1. paul says:

    Be thankful have internet… our exchange Castle Hill NSW has no ports :( so cant even get internet for it to go down :(

    at least saved money cancelling home phone line

  2. Keith C says:

    Andy, if Telstra weren’t so “send it off shore” a locally run help desk I would suggest, handle these sorts of events far better.

    So true Andy, people have got better things to do than wait on long telephone calls, why can’t Telstra, who control all the telco equipment in the whole land resort to some blanket SMS msgs, radio notices of the outage and expected restore times etc, heck plaster it up on the service status page Telstra 24x7, an interception in your face message as one clicks the Live Chat screen AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS (it takes too much time & people are left clueless) come on, Telstra you can do better!

    Keith C
    Regional Qld

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Thanks Keith for your feedback. I will pass it on to the team to look into other ways that we can make sure we get the message out as soon as possible when it happens.

  3. Keith F says:

    Is there any answer as to when this will be fixed. My area has been sown since Tuesday 1/10/2013 and when contacted BigPond have is no idea when this is going to be rectified.

    Maybe Keith C’s idea should also be extended to texting thoise affected when the service does finally return.

    Keith F

  4. Ray says:

    I agree Keith C, another ISP I was with would send me an SMS when there were network issues. They also did win customer service awards. If Telstra/ Bigpond were serious, they would spend more time helping us stay connected instead of wondering why.

  5. ROSS says:

    Hi Andy

    You have my email,i have no phone line for 2 weeks now.l live 5 km from Melb center .And can you please read it as i have lost big time financially for me anyway as i run my own business.And want the compensation i mentioned in email,thats all i want.STILL NO PHONE LINE yet.

    Ross Garraway

  6. Greg Roberts says:

    Andy Ellis
    Executive Director
    Telstra Customer Service
    Dear Andy,
    I have currently received no response to three emails to renew my Domain name, which after many calls is still not renewed under the basic package.
    I wish also to upgrade to Premium and my renewal is due early December.
    I continuously get your auto generated reply but no call.
    Is there something that I have done to Telstra that has caused this? I have a business account which is either in the name of The Community Managers or Tcmstrata. It was formerly Roomstock Pty Ltd. I have held these accounts since 1993.
    I also have 2 home phone bundles and 7 mobile accounts with the lead Number 0418774391.
    Can you please help me Andy or at least respond in some way-even a letter would be good to my home address at 26 Brindabella Quay Trinity Park 4879 or Office P.O. Box 5332 Cairns 4870
    Greg Roberts

    Greg Roberts
    P: 07 4031 7877
    F: 07 4031 5762

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Greg, Thanks for your comment. The best thing to do is to call 1800 878 483 or 13 2000 and say “complaint” to speak with a consultant. If you would like me to escalate the complaint for you I can, but I will need an account or phone number to do so. Thanks, Jamie.

  7. Sarath Ganesan says:

    I have been trying to contact the to modify an A record for a domain for over a month and have not received anything apart from an email back saying it will be actioned within two business days. One month later and numberous emails, the issue is still not received. How can this department be contacted to resolve the issue as this is beyond a joke and urgent. Even trying to transfer the domain away from Bigpond cant be done as they wont action the request. Please advie urgently. Also how can this Andy bloke be contacted.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hello Sarath, I’ve passed your question onto the team for you and will come back with any response. Thanks, Jamie.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hello Sarath, following my comment before, are you please able to call 1800 878 483 or 13 2000 and say “complaint” to speak with a consultant. If you would like me to escalate the complaint for you I can, but I will need an account or phone number to do so. Thanks, Jamie.

      • Jim Brown says:

        Hello Jamie,
        Are you really able to HELP people or are you simply here to attempt to pacify people?

      • Jamie (Telstra) says:

        Hi Jim, Telstra Exchange is not an official customer service channel, so I don’t have account access myself. I can, however, escalate issues where needed. However, it’s best to stop by Live Chat or give us a call as a first step at resolution. Thanks, Jamie.

  8. Ravi Arunasalam says:

    Hi Telstra Customer Care team

    I was “sold” a Telstra bundle by your glib sales team enticing me to “migrate” my TPG ADSL and look at taking up your T-box in the view I may stop my existing Foxtel service, to my existing Telstra Home & Mobile account on 3rd December.
    At the time, I was told the migration of my ADSl will be seamless, and most Internet disruption I could anticipate would be up to an hour.
    On 10th December, I noted my Internet was down. I assumed it was your migration activity. I checked again that night -- no Internet
    3 days later -- no Internet. I called your customer service line and was advised that telstra was having challenges with the codes. i called TPG and they said they couldnt see any changes to my account at their end, but acnowledged they couldnt reach my modem to troubleshoot. I called Telstra again only to be told they will endeavour to have this up on 24th December.
    Checking again on 24th, the date quoted was 27th, and on 27th I was told 2nd. In that time, I had spoken to countless number of telstra service people who while polite had no clue on how to manage a customer’s frustration on a service that was not delivered as promised. And I couldnt connect my T-box which was delivered early but needed an Internet connection.
    On 2nd Jan I called telstra again, and was told codes were being pushed but not completed. Was told to wait for midnight.
    On 3rd , finally service was up and I had my Home Internet connection again.
    The frustration doesnt end here…I now have a T-box that is connected but has Picture…but no audio. I had your phone support person “troubleshooting” with me…but all I got after an hour and bit and lots of putting me on hold, was pretty much nothing but just change this cable, put it back, change it again, put it back (all the same which I had been doing on my own since 3rd Jan).

    And the “resolution” i got at the end of the call was Telstra will send me a bag to place my device so I can return it for troubleshooting. I asked if telstra could send a service person on site but was told for T-box, there is no onsite support.

    Overall, I am dissapointed with the order through delivery and post sales support from Telstra. I also asked a number of times to speak to a senior lead for customer service or manager but did not get to speak to a person with decision making authority.

    Not a pleasant overall experience


    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Ravi, First let me apologise for the ongoing issues you’ve been having with us. It’s never easy to hear such feedback. If you would like me to escalate the issue for you, I can. However to do that I will need an account or a phone number. If you would like me to assist, please email me your details and I will pass them on. Hope the new year is treating you well despite this! Thanks, Jamie.

  9. Paula Cristoffanini says:

    Hi Andy
    Last week I received a letter suggesting I get a Telstra “Bundle” and thought I would write to you. Today I get an email from you to the same effect and feel compelled to write.
    My problems with Telstra started in early 2008 when my husband and I retired to Margaret River in WA. When I looked to put on broadband, Telstra assured me they could provided and warned me that worst case scenario would involve me paying for “copper” some $300 a situation i did not have a problem with. Subsequently I was advised that they would not be able to provide me with broadband because my home and that of a neighbour were on “pair line” and “on coils”. All my subsequent enquiries have referred me to the NBN as a solution.

    In the ensuing 6 years I have had to make do with substandard services including satellite and now mobile-net at great expense for a very limited capacity.
    What i do not get is that the rest of my neighbours are on broadband and there have been a number of new houses built in my street that have broadband but every time I enquire Telstra says they can not do anything about my situation. I do not understand why. And, now that there is discussion that The NBN will come to Margaret River as mobile net makes me very distressed.

    I could not think of anything better than going on a bundle!!!!!!! It would suit me so much.

    Is there ANYTHING that could be done??????

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Paula, Try the team at our dedicated support chat. I’m sure they will be able to point you in the right direction. They’re available 24×7, so you can get in touch with them whenever suits you! Thanks, Jamie.

  10. Paula Cristoffanini says:


    I have contacted 24x7 but this is no different to my previous contacts with telstra at the ground level. I feel fobbed off. What i wanted was andy Ellis to get interested on the clash between marketing and telstras ability to deliver and intervene at a higher level. I have been dealing with this for 6+years without results.

  11. Lee says:

    As Head of Customer Service, I would like to give you the opportunity to contact me, so I can explain the slow death I am experiencing, which is, dealing with Telstra.

    At every turn, dealing with Telstra has been a nightmare, multiple (and I do mean multiple) attempts are needed to rectify every issue.

    One of the latest issues!? Telstra insisting that I sent them multiple small cheques in the last quarter of last year, difficult for two reasons:
    1. I never sent a cheque to Telstra in my life
    2. I haven’t had a Telstra account (in any form) since 2012 (because every dealing with them was a nightmare)
    Telstra’s response to me telling them this? Send me some cheques !!!!!

    Now I have Telstra sending me emails asking if I am satisfied with the connect service for my new iPad, guess what, I don’t have an account with Telstra!! Turns out it is my estranged wife’s iPad, so she contacts Telstra and advises them of their error, a week later, I get an email saying I have been removed from the account (which I was never on in the first place) this week, I get an email from Telstra asking me to provide a score as to my satisfaction with my new connection, and how likely I would be to recommend Telstra….you have got to be kidding me!

    I don’t envy your job Mr Ellis, but please, take up the challenge and investigate these issues for me…please!

    Then we can discuss why it took me nearly a dozen attempts to close my account and literally hours on the phone, finally resulting in Telstra sending me a cheque for the credit on my account, then sending me letters a full year later saying I owed Telstra money.

    More phone calls to Telstra, only to be told it was an error, three weeks later, letter from Telstra saying pay up or debt will be handed to a debt collection agency, more phone calls to Telstra, apologies all round, two weeks later, letter threatening court action (remember, all this over one year since closing my account and receiving a refund, which wasn’t the amount they were saying I owed by the way)

    That will do for now

    So, over to you Mr Ellis


    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Lee, That sounds like a really frustrating and I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve had such a bad experience. I can escalate this for you, but to do so I will need an account or a phone number to do that. Would you mind emailing me with your above comment copied in? Then I can get someone to look into it and call you back. Thanks, Jamie.

      • Lee says:

        Further to my email dates 27 Feb 20014, where I detailed several ongoing and very frustrating dealings with Telstra, I wish to report, that despite not having ANY account with Telstra whatsoever, that you have AGAIN, send me cheques, please re-read my previous complaints and tell me how it is, that I still can’t get Telstra out of my life, I am sure if I took you to court, I would be awarded damages for mental anquish, please, delete every record you have of me from your database, I am tired of your incompetence, and stop sending me cheques to reimburse me for the cheques I have supposedly send to you……which I haven’t !!! It’s now been two years since I had the misfortune to have Telstra accounts, enough is enough!

    • Lee says:

      And the saga continues !!!!!!!
      As per my earlier email, my estranged wife set up an account for her new iPad, what do Telstra do next, send me an email asking if I am satisfied with the connection that has been set up, even though I am NOTHING to do with the account, as I have stated, my ex wife contacts Telstra to advise of their error (how did that error even occur by the way?)

      Anyway, I then receive an email stating I have been removed from the account, then I receive an email from Telstra asking if I am satisfied with the service provided (TELSTRA! THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!!)

      Yet again, yesterday, I receive another email from Telstra, an email sent to me (how can this happen, you removed me from the account remember!?) anyway, the email is sent to me, but addressed to my wife, the email reads:

      Hi SUZANNE E*****
      We’re writing to let you know that suzanne e***** has recently completed an online registration on to access your account.
      This registration provides access to your account details, bills and services in My Account and other Telstra online services.
      Need help?
      If you have any queries or concerns about this registration please contact us via 24x7 Chat.
      Best regards,
      Gerd Schenkel
      Executive Director, Telstra Digital Sales and Service
      Please note that this email is an automated notification and is unable to receive replies.

      Once again Telstra, how can I be receiving emails that are nothing to do with me, and after you have confirmed that I have been removed from the account (that I was never on in the first place!) How long am I going to be subjected to your incompetence!?

      And before you ask me for an account number or phone number for you to be able to fix this, please note, I HAVE NO ACCOUNTS WITH TELSTRA, THAT’S NO ACCOUNT NUMBER AND NO PHONE NUMBER, HUST ERASE ANY CONTACT DETAILS YOU HAVE FOR ME ON YOUR DATABASE, HOW HARD IS THAT!?

  12. John MacLean says:

    Hello Mr Ellis,

    Today you sent me an email requesting I tell you How do I feel? Nice of you to ask, but I don’t think that you are going to like this response.

    Simply put my feelings are that Telstra Corporate really need to get back in touch with their Customers needs and requirements, after all it is the Customer who are the driving force behind Telstra.

    With no customers there will be no Telstra. Is there anyone within Telstra’s Top Management who’s realizes this? Telstra Fat Cats may chant the Mantra, but do they really listen to the words behind the melody?

    It is common consensus that the wait times, whilst trying to reach Telstra on the phone are quite unacceptable. However, for those customers who make the effort to visit the Telstra Civic Centre Store in Noosa and in Chermside Brisbane, the wait time is really quite offensive. Now, this clearly highlights Telstra’s alienation towards its Client base.

    In this instance, I am writing about the reception of the Telstra store staff…. dressed as they are as good old farm country boys and girls, carrying their 21st Century tablets (what are they iPads?)… Mind you, they sure look the part…Your guys and gals EVENTUALLY meet the incoming customers with a pad and a smile (though they seem to miss the disgruntled looks of the customers impatiently waiting to pass through the two stages to be served). Telstra floor staff then log the customer in…. and… in a puff of smoke, disappear having lost all interest in the client. Left standing reflecting the broken promise of “Sir/ Madam, your wait time shall be no more than 15 min” Incredulous expressions of WTF is going on here abounds amongst Telstra’s valued customers on the floor.

    Well 35 minutes later following each of my 2 consecutive visits to your Noosa Civic Store yesterday and the day before.. my patience quickly waned and I sincerely wished that I stayed with Amaysim.


    I cordially invite you to send me your feed back to my feelings, and challenge the mighty Telstra to advise me of their action plan to provide a better service to their Customers.

    In moving on, I figured a good way to understand Telstra was to review your Mission Statement.

    I have just had a look at Telstra’s mission Statement, specifically Telstras 5 core values. Hey Andy, have you read this? Listen to this….

    At No 1 -”Show we care”… Well there is certainly room for improvement here, don’t you think.

    At No 2 -- “Work better together”… Again room for improvement, assuming of course that Telstra actually means working better together to provide a better service to their Clients, and not working better together to totally alienate themselves.

    Coming In at No3 -- “Trust each other to deliver”…. Now This is rather scary….. Oh yes, Telstra expect their customers to pay their extortionate bills on time…often misleading the Customer, putting them on unsuitable plans and threatening them if they cannot pay. Sorry Andy, there needs to be a Top Management reshuffle before the customers can once again trust Telstra.

    No 4 -- “Make the complex Simple”… Someone with power in Telstra appears to be wrongly interpreting this, in that, they are simply complicating their customer relations and service.

    And Finally at No 5 -- “Find our courage”!!! ……..Wow sounds bold. Telstra have proven themselves quick to exploit the vulnerability and ignorance of their customers, again failing to recommend correct plans, drowning them in the legal fine print, “Courageously” demanding payment and insisting on non waiver; however, at the threat of public exposure and resulting drop in share price, the mighty Telstra does a 180 Degree turn when confronted by the small people… This equates to Corporate Bullying, and it is well known that Bullying is not courageous.

    I have 2 positive notes for Telstra though:-

    1. The Staff at Telstra Roma (QLD) do appear to understand these 5 Core Values and should be recognized accordingly.

    2. The second positive note is that Telstra have asked us to tell how we feel. Now, provided that Telstra review, take onboard and act intelligently upon the feelings of their customers. We may see positive change here. Personally, I believe that the Telstra Fat Cats will continue to blindly hum the same old mantra, having long forgotten the words.

    I am just one voice and if you don’t want to hear my point of view, you may wish to reconsider sending me questionnaires by email.


    John MacLean

    • Andy Ellis says:

      Hi John
      Thanks for your feedback. It sounds like you’ve had a frustrating experience and I’m very sorry about that. I’d really like to connect with you further and will send you an email shortly.

      • david says:

        Yo Andy great reading about you and the way you are handling customers. Just need a quick words about a couple of issues I am having. Can you give me a call please. All deets are at the TIO cheers mate


      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi David, I would really like to follow this up for you, but unfortunately I need a number to verify we have the right David. Are you please able to email me your account or contact number? Thanks, Jamie.

      • Jim Brown says:

        Well well well, the elusive Andy Ellis appears to have put his finger in the pie by responding to one of Telstra’s customers.

  13. Paula Cristoffanini says:


    It is now over a month ago that I contacted Telstra 24x7 as directed to. They undertook to come back to me with an answer but have not heard AT ALL.

    I am, as you would expect dissapointed. What does it take to get consideration from Telstra????

  14. Steve Hedges says:

    Andy Ellis,
    I have received numerous emails & text messages with you as the undersigned regarding my 7 months of trying to have my home connected to the nbn however every time I ring to advise that it is not connected etc I get the run around India. Over the past 7 months since work was first started I have lost a conservative amount of 100 hours either on hold or waiting for techs st home only to be advised of the next problem stopping the connection. I have asked repeatedly to speak to yourself with no response. I now ask you to contact me personally to discuss this before I proceed to the next step the communications ombudsman

  15. Maree Crosbie says:

    I rang to make a payment and ask a question about strange billing cycles last week and the so called customer service person hung up on me. I have been on the Telstra facebook page where a staff member responded with YIKES! I have tried 24x7 but am 78th in the queue and when I rang and said COMPLAINT there is a 30 minute wait. This has already taken up so much of my time it is ridiculous.
    The good news is that I can make a complaint to the TIO online with no fuss, no innane comments like YIKES.
    All I have wanted is for a real person to contact me. I am not a happy customer at all.

  16. DAVID POTTER says:

    I did not receive a bill in March though my bank account was debited for the month. No problem there but I contacted Telstra and was assured a replacement bill would be sent. Sadly, and typically of Telstra, nothing arrived. Today (over a month later) I received an email telling ME that I didn’t get a bill for March. Hello? If there was a problem, why couldn’t the person who promised to send my bill, notify me?
    I’ve given up trying to make contact because it’s generally a no-brainer with promises made but not kept.

  17. John Englezos says:

    Dear Andy Ellis,
    I have taken it very personally that nobody in your phone staff, store staff, or complaint case officers have bothered to communicate with me within a satisfactory time frame what I think most technology minded people consider to be the most important of issues, namely, Customer confidentiality and privacy of information.

    After being signed up for an IPad pre-paid plan by one of your store staff in Bondi, I contacted your phone team and told them that either someone was incorrectly linking a service to my account OR someone in Sydney was impersonating me.

    Nobody got back to me to clarify. Neither from store or the original person on phone I raised my concerns with.
    I took time off from my holiday in Sydney the following week to organise accommodation on that side of town (at expense to myself) to travel with luggage on a train and two buses (at expense to myself) to get into the store and speak to someone directly, to be told that it wasn’t fraud, but someone with the same name as me.

    I had organised accommodation in that side of town just in case i needed to fill out police statements and confer directly with the staff of that store. Your teams lack of communication ruined my holiday (something which i can only really afford to do maybe once in a year).

    Upon following this up in a detailed email to your complaints team, i received two phone calls in the space of two days with the assurance my case was being investigated. Wilson, your employee to call me verbally LAUGHED at the suggestion that it had been possible identity fraud, because unlike the other two staff who had said “this person has the same name as you”, he was saying that this account wasn’t in my name. I explained it was only because i needed to physically be in store to change it!! He told me someone would be in touch.

    So I waited… one whole month… without any email or call or reply of any kind. So I raised this issue yet again.
    It has now been two months since I first raised the issue regarding this major concern. I have been offered a phone credit that does not even cover the two months I have been left waiting by your staff to do their job.

    I am now waiting, YET AGAIN, for a letter document your team’s process (if you can call it that) so that i can take this up with the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

    As someone who has worked in retail since i was 18,
    AND has worked in IT an cooperation with your company,
    AND as someone who has paid for a product and a service with you faithfully for the last 2 years, my question to you Andy Ellis is this, WHAT KIND OF SHIP ARE YOU RUNNING EXACTLY?

    Is this your version of treating people as valued customers?
    Have you ever needed to cancel your once in a year holiday plans?
    I have expressly stated to your staff that i want my holiday back again.

    I AM INSULTED that during this time your system automatically spits out “Thank You” newsletters regarding the quality of “service” you offer. Services which I have paid to receive but have not seen them.

    You have broken your promises to me.
    Your company is a disgrace, full of many many staff being paid to NOT do their jobs, failing to take any ownership of the escalations that are brought to their attention, and who have no problem leaving matter entirely unresolved and out of contact with those who have raised them.

    Are your proud of your company?
    In fact, refund me my entire two year plan. I have purchased a phone from you across that time, but I paid not just for a product but for a service. An excellent that you pride yourself on but i have not received.

    I sincerely hope you take personal responsibility for the many people in your team dropping the ball. I look forward to a cheque and a direct apology from you and your staff.


    John Englezos

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi John,

      Firstly, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a terrible experience. I would really like to escalate on my end and get this fixed for you. To do that I’ll need a contact number or an account number. Can you please email them to me (along with the comment above) and I’ll put you through to the right team.

      Thanks, Jamie

    • Rob says:

      Having had sufficient opportunities now to test how the “Customer Excellence” people respond, it has become clear to me that the system is designed:
      1/ only to handle ‘finger-trouble’ type problems that clients have (but make no mistake, this aspect is now infinitely better than in the time of the three Amigos)
      2/ to deal with the odd edge case that the online systems can’t cover
      3/ to diffuse complaints so they don’t escalate any further. Indeed to ignore and rebuff any attempt to escalate them further.

      My experience is that for Telstra-induced problems you can eventually get the problem resolved if you chase them often enough but if, as in my case, there is a recurring problem due to systemic internal failure, there is absolutely no path to resolution and very few of the promises made in Andy Ellis’s name are fulfilled.

      Moreover, it seems that Telstra is careful to minimise the paper trail it generates in responding (or diffusing) complaints to ensure that it’s difficult to put a case together to take to the TIO.

      So my advice to anyone having problems is
      a) keep an independent record of anything you put in a webform because Telstra never includes it when acknowledging receipt
      b) insist on communication via email so you have a record of what is said by Telstra staff
      c) If they phone and claim to have tried earlier, challenge them on that -- I’ve had cause to conclude that’s often bullshit
      d) keep a log of times and dates of contacts
      e) be aware that the so-called customer excellence people will not follow anything up once they’ve put the ball in your court, and their first reaction is to put the ball in your court.
      f) the so-called customer excellence people will not do anything you ask them if its not in their script. They will even ignore requests to escalate a matter to their supervisor. They won’t refuse, they’ll just ignore it.
      g) you will not be asked to complete a customer survey when they haven’t addressed your problem.

  18. Ian Hillard says:

    Recently received a (generic) email; telling me that I (me) has recently completed an online registration on to access (my) account.
    The registration provides access to (my) account details, bills and services in My Account and other Telstra Online services.
    How can any one do this without knowing my username and password and secret question???
    Where can I fing this Online Registration form.


    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Ian, Please check with our Live Chat team that the email is really from us. They’ll be able to talk you through setting up MyAccount.

  19. Michelle says:

    I want the direct email address of Andy Ellis. I have just received correspondence from him. Have had 5 months of hell caused by Telstra and the “team” at 132200. And that number is the only number I have to contact him. Am still waiting for reply from consultants at this number from this morning “yes we will email you in 20 minutes “. Still waiting. 10 hours. Never heard back from them ever. Over it.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Michelle, I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve had such an ongoing issue with us. Five months is too long and I sincerely apologise for it. I can definitely escalate your complaint for you. Please leave a comment or email me with a contact number and I we will call you back ASAP. Thanks, Jamie.

  20. Jim Brown says:

    Many thanks for deleting my previous post Jamie :(
    Now may I please have some feedback on Complaint No SR 1-273949549944 and a contact method for the elusive Mr Andy Ellis.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Jim, The comment was removed as it did not conform to our Community Guidelines. However, I did pass your complaint onto Andy Ellis’ team on Friday for escalation. Thanks, Jamie.

  21. Quyen do says:

    Hi you told us to contact you directly yet you never gave us your email or phone so we could contact you directly. Andy could you please reply this post as no one at telstra is able to give me your details
    Quyen do

  22. Jim Brown says:

    It would appear that the elusive Mr Andy Ellis would like to remain “Uncontactable”. :(

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Jim, I’m really sorry that you’ve had ongoing issues. I will escalate your issue through to Andy’s team — do you have a contact number? Thanks, Jamie.

  23. Jim Brown says:

    Hello Jamie,
    You just sent me an email requesting my contact number but I’m certainly not postig it here and when I attempt to reply to your mail it just bounces back at me with an error.
    The mail server responded: 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. Please verify that your email address is correct in your Mail preferences and try again.
    Where’s the communication??

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Jim, I would never, ever publish someone’s personal details in a public forum -- it’s just so we can contact you. Please feel free to email me instead. Thanks, Jamie.

  24. Amanda says:

    Hi I am hoping you can help Jamie or Andy I am a long time pre paid customer but 10 days ago I decided to sign up on a plan which included a phone a received several emails after I did my order and are still receiving them but none of them advise when I should expect to receive my phone . I have called a few times and was even on hold for 90 minutes the last time only to be told that they were waiting for stock and couldn’t tell me when I should expect it I was also told there was a note they needed more information which I had already provided when I put my order through. I gave them the information again but I am a little frustrated to not know how long I will be waiting for my phone and my plan to actually start. They did tell me my plan wouldn’t start until I received my phone but as all the shops including the Telstra shops appear to have stock I would really like a timeframe as to when I will receive my phone. They gave me a reference number is INT 1-286095876266 could you please contact me ASAP

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Amanda, I’m really, really sorry to hear about your ongoing issues. I’ve passed your details on and someone will give you a call back in the next couple of days. Thanks, Jamie.

  25. Jim Brown says:

    Hello Jamie,
    I sent you my mobile phone number on 24th Sept for you to contact me regarding my issues as you promised.
    Still no call from you??
    Did you lose my number??

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Jim, Unfortunately I am unable to access your account myself, so I escalated your details to a team to assist. Let me follow up with them regarding your complaint and see what’s going on. Thanks, Jamie.

  26. P & S Cavanagh says:

    we are new customers to Telstra and we really regret that decision. We recently moved in to a new villa and on the 16/10 we signed up for a package including phone, Foxtel and Internet. After many calls and help from a lady in Melbourne called Lorrie we finally had the phone connected last week. Foxtel has been connected only because he was connecting next door. The Internet has turned into a major drama after being told it would be connected at 2pm last Friday (it wasn’t) and now no one can tell us when it will happen. What in the hell is going on in you company can’t we get a simple answer. Very unhappy new customers!!!

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having issues swapping over. Is everything fixed now? If not, I’d really like to help. Can you please email me an account number along with your comment above? I will then follow up on my end. Thanks, Jamie.

    • Lee says:

      P & S Cavanagh

      I feel for you, becoming new customers of Telstra will become the worst decision you have ever made, every single issue you have with Telstra will turn into a nightmare, even the simplest of things, get out now while you can, they will challenge your sanity!

  27. D Bolt says:

    I am trying to delete an “I am away message” that was set up on our web mail. I have tried twoce today as the system will not save the change,
    As this affects buisness and personal emails it is important that the message is removed now that we are back from holidays.
    Can you please advise what the problem is?
    I have tried to call and am told the wait for technical issues is 14 minutes!!
    Their seems to be no where on the web site to submit complaints which i find surprising.
    Can you please respond asap.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi D, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble! Get in touch with us on 13 2200 or via Live Chat. We’ll be able to talk you through the process :)

  28. lisa A says:

    Hi Andy,
    This is Lisa here, I still don’t understand what is going on with my Telstra plan bills, I just log in to my account and find out I have another outstanding bill of nearly $416 of both national calls and international call which I have never ever dialled any international since I encountered these bill problem, I have also received my bill of the same amount to be paid just today of $416 plus $356 to be paid total $772,00 to be paid just today. For God sake im not using this phone for any business Why paying bills I have never used???? Now how much should I pay, I got no ideal of this plan and how it works and your system works, I do not want to continue with this plan any more, I want to go back to prepaid.
    I cant keep up with this kind of plan because I cant afford to pay this money of calls I have never even made, ever since I encountered the problem of bill I have never made any international phone call so why my bill is getting even bigger than when I used my phone.

    Please, get me out of this plan I am not interested anymore, I want to go back to prepaid.
    Thank you
    Lisa Twum

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Lisa, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your services. That’s no good at all! Please give us a call on 13 2200 and we’ll be able to look into that for you. You can also chat to us online if you’d prefer. Thanks, Jamie.

  29. David says:

    Hi Andy,
    I moved into a new house last August and was promptly on the phone to Telstra to organise the connection of a new ADSL2+ service. The nice operator organised it all and provided my with a connection date. The date came and went but no ADL2+ service. After ringing back I discover that there was an error with the order (thanks for telling me). After some investigation it was discovered that there are no available ADSL2+ ports at my local RIM. They try plain ADSL. Again the connection date came and went without any notification that this order had also failed. I have been through countless Telstra personnel over the last few months, each appears to be blissfully unaware of the no-ports scenario and happily tells me that “It’ll work this time”. Alas, no.
    They’re happy to refer me to the joys of a 4G Wifi modem, which I’ve had to purchase to get by. But, with a comparative cost of 60x per unit compared to ADSL2+, this is not a long term solution.
    The official Telstra line is that I have to wait for a port to become available (thanks to someone leaving) and that I’m on a list (I assume with many others) and I’ll be processed in due course. I was cheerfully told in August that it would likely be resolved in 3-6 months and that “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do”.
    This type of response is made even worse considering that I’m in a new area and there are many more houses being built who, to their folly, will likely ask Telstra for an ADSL connection too.
    As a telecommunications and technology provider Telstra should be ashamed at this type of response. If a small RIM is full, FIX IT! Upgrade it. expand it. Do something with it. What am I supposed to do if noone in my area leaves? It in all likelihood it could be years before I get a connection.
    Yesterday I received a “we haven’t forgotten you” letter from Andy thanking me for patience. Rubbing salt into the wound really. Sadly, the patience is wearing thin.
    Thank you,

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi David, Thanks for your feedback here. I will pass this onto the team for you. Thanks, Jamie.

      • Jim Brown says:

        G’Day Jamie,
        Will you please stop being so condescending to your clients who have very genuine concerns regarding the poor service that Telstra is offering to its client base.
        David has a very valid reason for complaint, so please treat his feedback in proper context instead of offering the same time worn, Quote “I will pass this onto the team for you”.
        Mr Andy Ellis needs to be far more “hands on” in this forum in my humble honest opinion.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi David, just following up for you — are you please able to email me your contact details? The team will then look into this for you. Thanks, Jamie.

      • David says:

        Hi Jamie,
        Can you confirm that you got by details? Has the team “looked into this” yet?
        As always when dealing with Telstra I am hopeful, but not particularly confident, of getting a response, let alone a favourable one. I wait with crossed fingers that you can help me out here Jamie.
        Thanks and regards,

      • Jamie (Editor) says:

        Hi David — I haven’t seen an email come through. Can you please double-check you sent it to Thanks, Jamie.

  30. David says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I have resent my details. I checked my original email and I also sent it on 6/02/2015. Can you confirm that you have my details please.
    Can you please let me know what actions you can take to help me with my ADSL2+ connection.
    Thanks and regards,

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi David, Thanks for checking, I received your details today. I will be escalating your complaint and someone will reach out in a couple of days. Thanks, Jamie.

  31. Justin Rossington says:

    Hi Andy, I have issues that has seen a communication box left exposed to the Sydney elements for the past month. I have logged the complaint yet the box remains exposes. I have caught my daughter playing in this box with exposed wires etc. If not resolved I’m happy to take this straight to the media Sr 1-433867324776. I have lost service due to moisture in the lines. Ahhh do you think this realates to the comms box being left open to the elements?

    • Rick (Editor) says:

      Hi Justin,.

      A new door for the cabinet is currently being custom made, which we hope to be able to install within the next week. One of our technicians visited the site when we became aware of the issue to tape the doors closed. This temporary measure prevents moisture from entering the cabinet. We apologise for the delay in getting this fixed.

  32. Justin Rossington says:

    I have referred the matter to work cover for further follow up

  33. Jim Brown says:

    21st April 2015.
    INT 1-450338111661 initiated today by me on behalf of my son Shayne Brown on 21st April 2015 requires an urgent and equitable resolution so that he and his partner Suzanne Peach can receive the services that they are paying for in the area of Gretna, Tasmania, 7140 that to all intents and purposes purports to have good 3G service according to your service map.
    Shayne and his partner Suzanne each have two Telstra services such as, they each have a Telstra mobile phone and a Telstra USB modem and they are receiving very dismal connection with both mobile handsets and USB internet modems. It has been suggested that they may require either an indoor or outdoor aerial/booster or both. In my honest opinion, may I suggest that, due to the fact your service coverage map shows good 3G service in this area and all around their current location, a service that they are paying for but not receiving (goods provided not fit for purpose) then perhaps Telstra should feel obliged/obligated to upgrade/provide any ancillary equipment deemed necessary to allow them to receive the services that they are paying for, gratis or at a very token cost to these two very loyal Telstra customers.
    I may mention as an aside that your friends at Optus apparently are able to provide very good service in this particular area.

    • Rick (Editor) says:

      Hi Jim,
      In relation to our published coverage, it’s important to note that the coverage shown has been created using tools that predict the likely areas of coverage. Not every particular location within the identified coverage areas has been individually tested for coverage. This means that while the footprint of coverage outlined on the maps is generally accurate, there will be specific areas described as being within a coverage area where a customer’s device will not work. This is a common characteristic of wireless systems. For example, coverage could be degraded or not existent in specific locations due to certain physical structures or geographic features or as a result of the device used. Physical structures which may block or inhibit coverage could include basements, lifts, underground car parks, concrete buildings, tunnels and road cuttings. Geographic features which may block or inhibit coverage could include formations such as hills and mountains or even trees. We provide this and further related advice under the “things you need to know” tab found at our online coverage tool --

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