24 Apr 2013
By Andrew Volard

Samsung’s new GALAXY to land on 27 April


I’m sure you will all be excited to hear our most anticipated Android phone launch yet is almost here. Last night, Samsung launched the phone in style at an event at the Sydney Opera House where we also announced the Samsung GALAXY S4 will arrive at select Telstra stores from Saturday 27 April.

With tens of thousands of customers already registering their interest in the phone, it’s obvious there’s a tremendous appetite for the S4.

One of my favourite features of the phone is Air View which allows customers to preview emails and texts just by hovering their finger over the item. Then of course there’s Air Gesture which lets customers answer a call by waving their hand across the screen.

Update 26 April 2013

For the launch, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will only be available for in-store purchase (see below for store locations). The phone will be available for online purchase shortly; consumer customers can register their interest to purchase the phone online via this link and business customers can go here to register their interest.

It’s these innovative extras, along with the large 5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, 4G connectivity, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system and high quality 13MP camera that has put the Galaxy S4 on the top of customer wishlists.

And of course, the phone is 4G compatible meaning Telstra customers using the S4 will experience download speeds up to two times faster than Australia’s fastest 3G smartphones and tablets.

Pricing and availability

Consumers can purchase GALAXY S4 on the $80 Every Day Connect Plan with a $6 handset repayment per month (after using an included MRO Bonus) with $800 worth of standard national calls and MMS plus unlimited text messaging to standard Australian numbers and 1.5GB of data for use in Australia. Min cost over 24 months is $2,088. (2 minute standard call $2.38, excess data usage $0.10/MB with no data pack).

Business customers can purchase GALAXY S4 on the $80 Business Performance Plan with a $7 handset repayment per month (after using an included MRO Bonus) with $800 worth of standard national calls and MMS plus unlimited text messaging to standard Australian numbers and 1.5GB of data for use in Australia. Min cost over 24 months is $2,088.

The phone will also be available outright in select Telstra stores from 27 April for $816.

Telstra stores ranging the Samsung GALAXY S4 from 27 April:


Melbourne ICON, Bourke St





Chirnside Park

Fountain Gate

Waurn Ponds


Sydney ICON, George St



East Maitland






Queens Plaza, Brisbane




Mt Gravatt





South Australia

Rundle Mall, Adelaide

West Lakes


Western Australia

Hay Street




Editor’s note: the $80 consumer Every Day Connect plan MRO was updated on April 26 to $6 per month (previously, $7). This has not altered the overall 24 month cost.


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  1. Peter Hansen says:

    What 4g frequencies is this phone set to? 1800mhz only or both 1800 and 900?

  2. metalisticpain says:

    So is the S4 not available on the $60 plan at all? If it will be available, what are the handset repayments?

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi there,

      Yes it will be available on a $60 Every Day Connect Plan with a $13 handset repayment. Min cost = $1,752 :)

    • metalisticpain says:

      Thanks for that answer. Quick and simple :)

      I was expecting a details to be released soon.

  3. Jan says:

    Is the phone going to be available for pre-order?

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi Jan, with only three days until the launch there won’t be any pre-orders at the moment. We’re going oldschool with this one -- actual physical in store shopping!!

  4. Ben says:

    So what those who sign up to the everyday 80 connect plan for the new Samsung s4 will have to pay $2/mb if they go over the data allowance but for other phones as on the Telstra website it states that excess data for that plan is only 15c/mb. Is this a typo or a way to make many people have to pay for extra data packs?

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Sorry Ben! That was a typo (good spot!!) -- it should read $o.10/MB, we’ve updated it now :)

  5. Sam says:

    I understand the whole “Premium network” explanation as to why the launch plan for this phone is $80 + 7 MRO over a 24 month contract. But when the HTC ONE is already offered by Telstra on the $60 + 10MRO plan and is the direct competitor! Is this price-point really justified? Sure the S4 arguably the better phone, but is it $408 better than the ONE over the course of 24months?
    Telstra needs to match the competition or lose a few customers. I suggest repricing the entire catalogue of Android phones.

    • Michael says:

      Sam, I don’t think you are comparing like for like for the two phone plans.

      The HTC One $60 + $10MRO plan you mentioned is for the 1GB plan. Whereas the Samsung $80 + $7MRO plan is for the 1.5GB plan. The HTC one 1.5GB plan is currently $84/month.

      The Samsung 1GB plan mentioned in a previous comment should be $60 + $13MRO.

      So it looks like there’s only $3/month difference between the two to me.

    • Sam says:

      Yeah Michael, I didn’t really explain my initial comment that well but you’re absolutely right. Two dif phones, two dif plans, so I prolly shouldn’t have compared the two. I just thought it would make more sense to advertise their cheapest option ($60 + $13 MRO) rather than the middle of the mark $80 plan. At the time of writing I wasn’t aware of the $60+$13 MRO plan. This plan fills the gap for those on a budget.

  6. Blake Condron says:

    If l ring up the store’s that have the S4′s in stock and ask to hold a S4 for me will they?Assuming that l ring as soon as the store opens and they have them still.

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi Blake,

      Sorry, I can’t give you any info on this -- you’ll need to speak to the local store.

    • Jan says:

      I rang up a store (Chadstone, VIC) and they said they can’t put one aside for me today, but if I called on Saturday they could hold one for me. They said they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have the phones yet (don’t ask).

      Guess I’ll just have to go in first thing Saturday morning.

  7. Matt Weller says:

    Telstra, Will the bonus 1gb of data be offered as is on your month-to-month contracts? I would love the 2.5gb of data at the $80 price point, but i do not see the value in locking in for another 24 months with a plan that is inferior to what YOU offer elsewhere.

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Matt,
      If you buy a GS4 outright, and connect it to the $80 No Lock In Plan then you can get the Bonus 1GB data, for as long as you stay on that plan.

  8. Greg says:

    When will stock rollout to other Telstra stores not on the above list ?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Greg,
      Sorry, we’re unable to confirm this yet. It will depend on individual stores.

  9. John says:

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 that you’re stores are stocking have either the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage phones?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi John,
      It’s the 16GB version only atm. You can use MicroSD for additional storage though.

    • pkerry12 says:


      When is the 32gb and 64gb version coming to Australia? because every other country gets the 32gb and 64gb versions. and don’t say you can use micro SD card because you CAN’T INSTALL APPS on micro SD and for someone that uses Google apps like google music, Google movies. Google magazines, google Drive, and google books ALLL CONTENT is stored on internal storage NO OPTION for micro SD so I have no idea who is on drugs in Australia with all the telco’s but why of why does Australia get screwed over every time.

      • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

        Hi there,
        Sorry I don’t have any information on 32 and 64 gig versions. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

  10. Josh says:

    Will we see any 12 month contracts?

  11. Ebz says:

    So will only the stores listed have stock in NSW on Saturday? can we make orders from other Telstra stores on the 27th?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Ebz,
      Yes only those store will initially have stock. You will need to speak to individual stores to confirm availability post-launch.

  12. Paul says:

    Will this be available on your biggest XL plan? How much will this be?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hey Paul,
      The handset is available on all plans.
      Every Day Connect
      $60 plans + $13 MRO
      $80 plans + $6 MRO per month
      $0 on $100 plan and above

  13. Alex says:

    The stock in Telstra stores, how limited is it?
    Specifically the Marion SA store.
    Am i going to line up and not get one?

  14. Javier says:

    Will it be available to buy outright and will there be any special launch event for it?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Javier,
      Yes you can buy it outright for $816. I’m not sure about launch events, I’ll let you know if I hear of anything.

  15. Sam says:

    FYI -- Correction “excess data usage $0.10/MB with no data pack”. I think Telstra initially had it wrong on their blog post but have since fixed it to reflect $0.10 rather than $2.

    • Rob says:

      Testra service is an absolute joke. Spoke to someone for an hour who couldn’t get my internet working, only to be transferred onto someone who said she was going to try the exact same troubleshooting procedures. What irritates me the most is that the original person I spoke to said she was going to transfer me onto an individual who would send someone out to my home to fix the system, a ‘higher service’ and that they would give me prepaid internet on my 4G wifi. I am posting my disappointment and making it public. We all live very busy live, and I we don’t have time for this. Someone needs to sit down, and reassess the current productivity and efficiency of your procedures desperately.

      • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

        Hi Rob,
        I’m really sorry to hear the experience you’ve had with us. If you would like one of my colleagues to contact you regarding this issue you can fill this form out.

  16. Chetan says:

    Is it going to be available in Parramatta, NSW store soon or later?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Chetan,
      You will need to speak to the Parramatta store to check availability after the launch.

  17. Chris says:

    Telstra, will you be offering the 32gb and 64gb versions?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Chris,
      At the moment its only the 16GB version, with the ability to use a MicroSD card to expand the storage.

  18. Paula says:

    I would like to buy the phone outright,
    Will the store in Canberra sell them outright?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hey Paula,
      Yup, you should be able to buy one outright from the Canberra store for $816.

      EDIT: Sorry Paula, it will be at the discretion of each store manager, so you’ll need to check with the Canberra store.

  19. MD says:

    What time is telstra planning to open their doors on the 27th?

  20. Daniel says:

    What if I apply for a 60 a month plan. But opt to pay the phone immediately. The $312 phone repayment part. Is that possible?

  21. Andrew says:

    With how popular this product is, WHY does only Brisbane Telstra stores get the product, and the rest of us in Regional QLD that are waiting for the product get nothing and no time frame????

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Sorry for the late reply. We had limited stock available at the launch though we expect that to improve this week. You’ll need to check with your local store regarding availability. You can also order online here.

  22. Michael says:

    Boo! All VIC stores are Melbourne CBD and South/South-East!? Nothing regional or West/North??

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Michael,
      Sorry just the ones on the list at the moment. You can give your local store a buzz after tomorrow to see when they expect to have them available.

  23. I tested the GALAXY S4 this morning on Sydney airport and able to get around 37Mbps with Telstra 4G. Definitely worth getting

  24. Daniel says:


    Can you tell me which store is the Sydney “ICON” store?

    There quite a few in the Sydney CBD but I couldn’t find any stores according to the store locator that are labelled “ICON”.

    Don’t want to miss out on getting my s4!


    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Daniel,
      I believe its 400 George St. Disclaimer: I’m a Melbournite ;)

  25. Cir says:

    Hi there,

    For the outright, is it going to be unlocked? Also does it have any Telstra logo on the phone?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      hey there,
      Yes, it will be unlocked if you purchase outright. I’m not sure about any logo though.

  26. Darren says:

    Is the phone the I9500 or I9505 variant?

  27. Adrian says:

    So there are chances that other stores not named may have stock on Saturday but they just haven’t confirmed so we have to check with them???

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Adrian,
      I would doubt that they would have them tomorrow. But it wouldn’t hurt to check with the store.

  28. calvin says:

    Hi, will the S4 be available on the Telstra friends and family plan? I can see the HTC one, but not the S4 ?

  29. Dave says:

    Will the phone be available only in store or are phone in orders available.?

  30. Dan says:

    Is the $816 outright offer for the i9505 model?

  31. James says:

    If you buy the phone outright, will it still be locked to Telstra, or unlocked?

  32. Alex says:

    I would like to purchase the Galaxy S4 outright for $816 as I am currently using Telstra pre-paid.

    Is the phone locked to the telstra network? Would I be able to unlock it immediately (for overseas travel) or is there a minimum term (months) before the phone can be unlocked?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Alex,
      It should be unlocked if you purchase it outright. Have a good trip.

  33. Dave says:

    Many folks are wanting to know when the “white” version of the S4 will be available in Telstra shops… 1 week? 2 Weeks?

    Cheers, Dave

    • Dave says:

      Lol -- I swear… an email just came to my inbox saying shipping from May 2, and I can pre-order.
      Do I pre-order if I want it as part of a contract plan?

      • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

        Hi Dave,
        Sorry for the late response. You can purchase either online or in store as part of a contract plan. More info here --

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Dave,
      It will be available after launch, I’m not sure on exact timing, once we hear we’ll provide an update.

  34. Peter says:

    Will the penrith store have the phones available for outright purchase?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Peter,
      Yes the Penrith store should offer the phone to be purchased outright for $816

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Peter,
      Sorry, further to this, it is up to the discretion of the store manager, so you’ll need to check with the Penrith store.

  35. Hayden says:

    I have rang up all the stores listed for Melbourne to ask about selling outright, and they have all said that they are not selling it outright. False advertising!

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Hayden, Sorry you may have to wait until post-launch for outright phones to be available -- it is up to the discretion of the store manager. Don’t give up, they will be available for outright purchase soon

  36. Phil says:

    Canberra store? Which one exactly? Canberra has heaps of Telstra stores…does that mean Canberra city/civic store?

  37. Jake says:

    Hi, will the Galaxy S4 be available in white as well as black on saturday?


    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Jake,

      Sorry for the late reply. Only black was available on Saturday. The white version should be available shortly.

  38. Paul says:

    Good job telstra, release the phone in 2 stores in Sydney, give them 10 phones each, then give most of those phones to STAFF MEMBERS!!!!!!

    THEN don’t give us ANY further information about availability.

    Telstra really annoy me, they could do SO much better if they were just slightly more transparent.

  39. Breanna says:

    Hi there. Went to Telstra Doncaster this morning to try to pick up a phone on a contract but all sold out! When will the phone be available in stores? I know I can pre-order online but I don’t really want to.

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Breanna,
      Sorry you missed out on getting a phone, they really are pretty neat. Best bet is to give your local store(s) a buzz to check their availability.

  40. Kumar says:

    I just went to the Indoroopilly telstra store this morning and waited outside for an hour only to find out that they are not selling the phone outright
    What’s going on telstra it was advertised on your website that the phone will be available outright from the 27th what a terrible lie to put out there as I noticed others in the same situation as me there as well what a waste of time and resources just terrible :(

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Kumar,
      Apologies for the poor communication on this point. It is up to the individual store managers when they will sell them outright. Hopefully you’re able to pick one up shortly.

  41. Stephen says:

    I have just looked on the telstra website and it says it’s a quad core processor. Wasn’t there a 8 core international model to be released?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Stephen,
      Yes it’s the quad core. I haven’t heard about an 8 core option, we’ll provide an update if we do hear.

    • Malik says:

      The I9500 is the 8 core (Exynos 5 Octa 5410 -- Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7) version, will telstra be carrying this model of the S4?

      • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

        Hi Malik,
        No news on the octa core yet. Will update you when I hear something.

  42. Peter says:

    What is meant by Canberra location? There are stores everywhere and in tuggeranong the have nothing until possibly wed?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Peter,
      It’s the one in the Canberra Centre. You can buzz them on (02) 6247 9777.

  43. Tim says:

    Telstra ICON store (Bourke St) is holding on to their stock and not selling outright. I quote “we have plenty of stock, but are not selling any outright now. Maybe in a few weeks”. Telstra store in Melb Central IS selling them. Fyi, for anyone planning to go see the douches at store on Bourke St.

  44. Taner says:

    I was wondering when the S4 will be available for general release from a Telstra store?

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi Taner,

      We expect more stock in shortly (you can also order online). Which store in particular were you after?

  45. peter says:

    Hi Telstra,

    Can you advise when the dock icons on this firmware can be moved/modified etc unlike the other carriers/overseas firmware. Appears to be a firmware design fault on the Telstra handsets?

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi Peter,

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you -- the dock icons are locked as per the software developed by Samsung for the device. It recommend you have a chat to Samsung for more details about this.

  46. luke says:

    When will the s4 be available in geraldton stores?

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hey Luke,
      You can give them a buzz to check their availability -- (08) 9965 5770

  47. Tony says:

    Hi, i received my Samsung Galaxy S4 and wondering as im going overseas is it Unlocked. Im on a plan NOT pre paid

    Thank you

  48. Brady says:

    Hi, I was on my S4 and wanted to add lock screen shortcuts. However, it seems that only the Australian phones don’t have this option on the lock screen settings menu. Every other tutorial from every other country has this option and we dont. I doubt that it was designed by Samsung for only Australian phones to not have a very useful feature that has appeared on pretty much all of its galaxy phones. And no, enabling lock screen widgets is a complete different thing so dont go into that, im more certain that it was the firmware installed by telstra that ended in the removal of this and i want it fixed on my phone. I do not pay hundreds of dollars for you to remove useful features created by samsung, whether it be an error, its not acceptable.

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi Brady,
      Have just checked my S4 and there is no ‘shortcuts’ button. It appears that this is not Telstra’s firmware as it the same with all S4s on other carriers in Australia. I suggest you get in contact with Samsung Australia to voice your frustration.

  49. Rebecca says:

    My Telstra S3 has just started showing signs of the “Sudden Death Syndrome” and my warranty has expired, is the S4 32gb known to also suffer from this problem?

  50. Ann says:

    I am planning to purchase the $60 plan for Galaxy S4, with a total of $71.00 for a 24 month plan. I understand that 1GB of Data download is included. If I exceed 1GB, possibly the excess data use cost is $0.1 per MB. Correct? Is there a cap on charges for excess data, or an automatic transfer to a new upgrade so that I do not get a surprise large bill?

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