20 Apr 2013
By Anthea Roberts

Data share plans coming…

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Data share plans are now available! Find out more on our updated blog.

You may have read today about some new plans we will be launching in the coming months, which will let you share your data across a number of mobile devices (such as your smartphone, tablet or Mobile WiFi).

We believe these plans will be perfect for people who want to streamline and make the most of the data they pay for, without complication.

These will be a brand new set of plans for Telstra and we hope to share more information with you on them in the next few months.

Would you be interested in a shared data option for your favourite mobile devices? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to get in touch in the comments section below.


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  1. Ron says:

    Please don’t make the same anti-consumer mistakes Verizon and AT&T made with this.

    - try to keep the per-device fee under $5 (if you have to charge us one at all)
    - demonstrate to us that it IS cheaper to share data for the majority of people in this situation

  2. Sven says:

    I think it is a great idea.
    But I have to agree with the previous comment. It needs to be a cheap option so that it is cheaper for customers to use this then have a new plan just for data or a prepaid card for data.

    Another suggestion. Telstra should really think about introducing a multi-sim or twin-sim card. They are common practice in Europe and a good thing when you have two devices that need the same number such as car phone and mobile phone or mobile phone and tablet…
    Would be another advantage over the other providers.

  3. Sven says:

    I think this is a great idea. But I have to agree with the previous comment. It can only be successful if it is a cheap option. Otherwise people wouldn’t want this option over a new data SIM card (prepaid or postpaid).

    Another suggestion is that Telstra should reintroduce multi-sim/ twin-sim cards. I know many people that want that feature of having two SIM cards with the same number for their iPad and phone or phone and carphone. This feature is common practice in Europe and cost only a set up fee. I think this would be another advantage for Telstra over other providers.

  4. Gazza says:

    Well David Thodey pulled another rabbit out of his hat. Just have to wait and see the pricing structure. Hope it don’t breach the ACL? The Accc will have a field day if this has not been thought out correctly!

  5. Nigel Wadsworth says:

    Excellent idea, been a long time coming. Looking forward to it.

  6. Greg says:

    It would be great to be able to share data between others, especially those in our family with multiple devices. The problem however is having sufficient data to share. You cannot share what you do not have.

  7. james says:

    I like to say Anthea Roberts it all sounds good but lower plans on month to month will be nice like a $40 plan with say 1gb plus a half gb bonus think about it iam a Telstra customer from 1978 but im on prepaid now but like a plan where customers and Telstra are happy thank you.

  8. Lachlan Simpson says:

    I just purchased a new iPad (wi-fi) my next one will be a 3G model on your new plans.

  9. Jon Yeo says:

    I haven’t got a 4G WiFi because I couldn’t justify the double up. This changes all that completely

  10. Tkid says:

    Even better, how about sharing the data allowance on our home broadband service with mobile devices? Even with a penalty, for example download 1GB on your mobile, would take 2GB off the home plan? I would still go for this, as we utilise less than 50% of our 50GB plan at the moment, and would love to share this capacity with mobile devices..

    • Pookey says:

      You have to be kidding Tkid. Do you really think Telstra is going to give 500GB of mobile data to someone with a 1TB plan?

      A more realistic ratio would be 1% or 500MB on your 50GB plan.

      Mobile data has huge congestion and provisioning issues that must be assessed whereas your fixed connection (if Cable, HFC or NBN) has no visible congestion. To provide the same service on a fixed line costs only a fraction of what it costs on a mobile service.

  11. Jon Yeo says:

    Yes definitely, I’ve held off from buying a WiFi unit because I couldnt justify paying for it twice (on my phone too) plus my home internet.

    I may well do that if the data is combined.

  12. Great idea and I’m something I’ve been waiting for a telco to come out with. With multiple devices and always being on the move sharing data would be a lot easier than managing and paying for individual data packs on each device.

    Hopefully these come out soon as I’m currently looking for a new plan.

  13. Richard Clement says:

    Wonderful idea -- but I do hope that you make it possible for consumers already on multiple Telstra contacts to move to this new scheme without too much penalty.

  14. Jaime says:

    I agree with Ron, if it is going to cost a small fortune per device then I would stick with my current mobile WiFi device (that I then link everything up to). The idea is good but you need to get the package right.

  15. Peter says:

    lets hope this will also be available for prepaid at a resonable cost and I will definatly use it.

  16. Tim Kiddle says:

    There is a great market out here: retirees, travelling Australia -- the Grey Nomads . (I’m one). Many grey nomads have a mobile phone, iPad and separate mobile internet connection in the caravan. Ideally (and this would attract many to Telstra), the home broadband internet and mobile services could be combined.

    I have cable internet, which is unused for about 4 months every year and now have a 4G modem (Sierra 320U) for internet access in a caravan. An iPad and new mobile will follow

  17. OpenSource says:

    How about you have the ability to use multiple sims and give us more data say 30GB per month for $70 per month.
    Also include another 15GB per month to be used in off peak period.
    Its time telstra lowered their costs or they will loose a lot of the market when NBN rolls in.

  18. Drainus says:

    i think its a good idea and would go for it as long as 2 SIMs on a shared plan ends up cheaper than 2 standalone SIMs with the same total combined data limit. otherwise, whats the point?

    so if Bigpond MBB plans are $40/mth with 1GB and BYO Mobile plans are $50/mth for 1GB, I would expect to be able to get a shared plan with 2 SIMs and 2GB total shared data usage for less than $90/mth.

    and because i’m a typical price sensitive consumer, i’m thinking more like $70 for the above :) and of course, the more SIMs i add to the plan, the better off i need to be.

    are there any details on pricing available?

    • Anthea Roberts says:

      Thanks for your post Drainus, whilst I can’t share pricing details yet, we are planning to make the plans affordable to provide an opportunity for customers who have been considering a data only plan.

  19. dweebken says:

    what’s wrong with hospotting the phone, like I do with mine? I can share it with up to 5 other devices at the same time.

    • Jon Yeo says:

      Many reasons. Main one being it kills phone battery.

    • Anthea Roberts says:

      Hi Dweebken, great to hear from you. We understand that some customers are happy to tether their phone. We also know that tethering (or using your phone as a hotspot) can drain the phone’s battery more quickly, and for a lot of customers this is something they want to avoid. Sharing your data across multiple SIMs can help avoid this and it also means the device you are sharing your data with, a tablet for example, doesn’t need to be within range of the mobile phone hotspot in order to work – giving you a lot more flexibility.

  20. Amy says:

    I hope it allows me to then buy a mobile wifi modem and share that data across my devices -- as we currently use prepaid mobile wifi when travelling as we cannot justify the ongoing cost of a wifi plan. But if we could share that data and remove the cost of the data packs on our phones it might work out worthwhile

  21. Ben says:

    The considerations for me are going to be:
    -must be 4G, otherwise I would just get a prepaid like Kogan or Aldi for my tablet
    -no per device fee on a monthly basis, happy to pay for the cost of the extra sim card per device
    -usage statistics updated at least hourly with alerts to phone at 80% and 100%

    • Anthea Roberts says:

      Hi Ben, yes control over your usage is a very important part of the experience. We plan to make some excellent usage management features available to customers including alerts to all services. 4G is a priority for us as a company so we plan to support 4G takeup where possible.

  22. james says:

    Will this apply to prepaid phones? Ie recharging a single phone but having access to that data allowance from the phone plus other data-only(ipad) devices

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi James,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. My understanding is that it doesn’t apply to prepaid devices as there isn’t a single account but I’ll get you to direct the question to our customer service and sales team via the links above :)

  23. Daryl says:

    I had this feature with 3 before moving to telstra. They automatically shared all data across all devices on the same account with no extra charge. I would like to see this occur with Telstra. I have 4 services all with mobile data included. One device keeps breaking the data limit and I pay excess even though the other 3 devices are well under. If the data allowances for all devices were pooled I would not have this problem and it is one thing I regret about moving from 3.

  24. Andrea says:

    Yes very interested. Currently have two bigpond wireless accounts and also running two Telstra mobiles. Never have enough data and am getting a bit of 4 G signal here but have been putting off getting a 4g Modem. I want to have one plan for data that incorporates our phone data and our house computers and THub 2 Tablet for that matter. Wireless users with no access for ADSL have really taken the raw deal on data and costs. :-(

  25. ado says:

    Big brother Telstra telling us we can share :)

  26. Andrea says:

    oh and we do have a prepaid mobile and a post paid but the pre paid does appear on the main account as we have all the other services. Can this then be attached?

  27. Robert Wood says:

    I’m not sure why Telstra would publicise this months before actually delivering anything, or having any further details -- seems a bit counter-productive from a marketing perspective.

    I know I am a little tired of having to wait so long to get more information.

  28. Kerry says:

    Can telstra actually combine my ipad and my iphone data so I can share the data between the 2, as im paying for them both but seem to use more on my iphone than my iPad??

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Kerry,
      When these new plans launch, they will let you share your data across a number of mobile devices, including your iPhone and iPad! Watch this space!

    • Kerry says:

      Thats great Az, but this has been in the pipe works for over 3 months now?? When can we see a date for it to actaully happen

      • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

        Hi Kerry,
        Apologies for the delay in response.

        You’re in the right place to hear about the start date when it is announced! Watch this space.

  29. Paul says:

    As Kerry said, it’s been a while now and that last response doesn’t sound promising.

    I’m not going to keep “watching this space” just for an announcement of when you actually will offer these plans.

    Vodafone already have this feature and for about the same that I’m paying per month now I can get more data across more devices and they have offered me a heap of credit to transfer all my phones across from Telstra which covers a good portion of my contract break fee.

  30. James says:

    Still waiting… do you know if its coming in the next few weeks, month, few months or even this year?

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi James,
      They’ll be coming later this year. We’ll let you know when we know the date! :)

  31. Robert Wood says:

    Seriously, Telstra marketing deserves a gold medal at fail!

    Repeat after me, under promise -- over deliver…

  32. Peter says:

    The new financial year is winding on already and many of us in business and also for private applications are waiting for this sensible sharing so Telstra can keep up with the rest of the third world and the other poor competitors.

    Can I convert my Telstra shares into Vodafone?

  33. Rob says:

    How long do we need to wait for another update on this? I hope it doesn’t go the same way as the shaped mobile data plans :(

  34. Simon says:

    Why say “coming soon”, but 3 months later no one at Telstra can say when these plans will be available?!

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Simon,
      They’ll be coming later this year. We’ll keep you posted.

  35. Philip says:

    Will you be upping the current data plans to allow for this?

    1.5gb shared between devices is not alot… or can you add data to a current plan?

    How much for the extra device?
    and when is this happening?

    • Jamie [Editor] says:

      Hi Philip, unfortunately I can’t share pricing details yet, but I can confirm that we are planning to make the plans affordable to provide an opportunity for customers who have been considering a data only plan. We will update this blog when we announce more. Thanks, Jamie.

  36. Marke says:

    (In the voice of chef ramsy) Telstra why, WHY?! after three months you haven’t done anything, its disgraceful, I mean what’s the point of putting in this effort to tell your customers about exciting and innovative new products if you cant sell them, don’t you have any passion, your serving customers poison, the effort you have put into this has gone stale, pardon the pun but why the lack of communication, not to individals when they complain how ever its a nice start how about updating you original post to reflect its coming soon to its just a pipe dream, if your going to start writing fairy tales I want it to start with once apon a time…

  37. Bob B says:

    I have to agree with Marke. This is taking far too long and becoming irritation rather than expectation.

    • Anthea Roberts says:

      Hi Bob,

      I’ve replied to Marke’s comment above just now and included a link that talks about our new shared data packages that we launched today for our small business customers.

      Many thanks,


  38. James C says:

    I’m surprised that you expect Telstra to keep their word on anything? They (just like government) take for ever to do anything, and can’t be trusted. As soon as FTTP NBN was available, I disconnected my Telstra ADSL and home phone as every time it rained the line would disconnect for me and my neighbors, but Telstra kept blaming my equipment and saying their infrastructure was OK.
    Here are more examples of their untrustworthyness…
    1. Shaping of Mobile Data to reduce Bill Shock. This still hasn’t happened yet, was announced 25 May 2011, that’s over 2 years ago!
    2. T-Hub 2 Android 4 update to be available within months of the T-Hub 2 to be released. I know there are other posts, but this is the earliest I can find right now, 1 Aug 2012. It finally came out about 1-2 months ago, that’s 10 months, not the implied few months.

  39. Jon Yeo says:

    Ok. Like everyone, I get updates when comments are made.

    1. Did Telstra communicate this message a bit early? Possibly[an edit to the main post is probably in order]
    2. Are we upset about it? Probably
    3. Is continuing to complain helping any? Probably not

    So its not available yet, big deal. Is any OTHER PROVIDER doing this? No. So what are we missing out on really?

    Am I looking forward to the day it comes? ABSOLUTELY.

    • Nick says:

      >Is any OTHER PROVIDER doing this? No. So what are we missing out on really?

      Yes, it is available on business plans from telstra

  40. Mary says:

    Optus have had these plans for ages

  41. Bob B says:

    I should have known. A minimum of an extra $20 per month for shared data. Thanks, but no thanks.

  42. Peter says:

    OMG, the business shared data plan requires us to pay:
    $10 per month for the luxury of sharing our own plan data +
    $10 pr month for the extra SIM card

    I can hear small business owners jumping at this, they will just need high buildings….

  43. Roger says:

    Darn, I was really excited about this. But then the business plan pricing was finally annouced.
    $40+ extra a month, means I would be better off just keeping one mobile/data plan for my phone and paying for two prepaid sims for other devices.

    For my small business at least, prepaid has one advantage: The same price, without the commitment.

    Obviously for larger busineses, this would be about $10 a month saving for more than 3 devices compared to the $20 prepaid plan for each.

    Maybe the residential plans will be more affordable.
    Not quite sure why the sim costs $240 (over 24months), seems like an expensive sim card.

    Disclaimer: Just providing my thoughts, otherwise I have been happy with telstra’s innovation with the next G and 4G roll out, not to mention superior coverage compared to other telco’s. No doubt it will take time to iterate to the right package.

  44. Andrea says:

    Will there be residential plan?

    • Jamie [Editor] says:

      Hello Andrea, Yes! Residential plans will be coming in the future. Keep an eye on this space, we’ll let this community know :) Thanks, Jamie.

  45. Frank Moloney says:

    Can you tell me if you can have 2 sim cards with the same number as I have just gone onto a plan with a sony experia and I find that that the ringtone is not loud enough in the truck, whereas the old phone worked well, so I thought if I could get another sim card to go into the old phone and keep the new one for other purposes, I know you can change over with the sims, but in time that would wreck the card. If you can get another card, how much extra would it cost…..

    • Jamie [Editor] says:

      Hi Frank, this is not a service we currently provide but keep an eye on the blog for more information on shared data in the future. Thanks, Jamie.

  46. Stephen Connor says:

    The business plans are a bit expensive for me. Let’s see what the personal plans are like. I hope they are affordable as I really like the idea of shared data, it is a pain to set up tethering every time I wan’t to use my iPad on the go.

  47. Josh says:

    When is shared data going to be implemented? I’ve been waiting for some developments on this issue for personal consumers. This was announced in April and it’s now September.

    • Jamie (Editor) says:

      Hi Josh, I understand your frustration in it being delayed. I cannot confirm when the launch will be, but it is coming. Please keep checking on the blog and we’ll update once it’s available.

  48. Shane says:

    Any developments? I was told in-store this would be by the end of August -- surely some greater details on timing would be available and could be supplied.

  49. Edward says:

    What a ridiculous rip off, $10 extra a month per SIM for no extra data. Surely the $180 / 12GB / 356 days prepaid SIM option would be better for most people as you actually do get some extra data! If there was a modest one-off activation fee and maybe $1-2 a month, it would be reasonable, but this just doesn’t make sense.

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