02 Apr 2013
By Inese Kingsmill

Brand new world

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Eighteen months ago, we unveiled our new colourful brand to the world; we introduced our new look, our new voice and brand purpose – connection.

Since then, we’ve seen an increase in customer numbers, a reduction in the number of complaints to the TIO and improvements in customer satisfaction and consideration.

The past 18 months has been an incredibly exciting time to be at Telstra. We have made some major inroads in our quest to become Australia’s most loved brand. Brand consideration has increased 12 points to 60 per cent, meaning 1.5 million more customers now consider a Telstra purchase than two years ago. Over the same period, the value of our brand has increased by $300 million.

Our new customer friendly brand has now been adopted right across the organisation from our stores, uniforms, name tags, vehicles and business cards. It is visible in our advertising and other communications and through internal programs aimed at creating a customer driven culture.

Having said this, we know we still need to take our customers on a journey to understand that we are more than just a telecommunications company.

I believe Telstra is much more than a traditional telco. Telstra really is at the heart of the new digital economy and herein lies our next brand opportunity.

We are working to adapt to a changing landscape; the way Australians connect with the people and things that matter to them is continuously evolving. Telstra is in a unique position to really enable that connection through our superior broadband and mobile network.

All signs point to a future that is truly connected, from machines talking to each other to remote doctor’s appointments and Telstra will be right in the middle of it – shaping the world around our customers.

This is the vision for our brand, taking Telstra from a Telecommunications company to an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company. This is our vision for the brand in 2020.


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  1. Seriously,

    You dont care about clients, i stopped reading the post after the first few lines. And as for TIO complaints they are never higher then now, you are just not admitting there is an issue, rather you are trying to hide the real figures. Like all my complaints open at the moment, Telstra is more focused on new products and better things for the future ( NOT THE NBN ) and not its biggest issue (Its customer service & sending jobs over seas making issues worse)

    Can not wait for the NBN and i wont be with Telstra and they can stick their greediness where it fits best, i will take my businesses telco services else where.

    The thousands of dollars my company pays you per month is a joke and what do we get back in return….. a slap in the face.

  2. Amos says:

    Woooo! Yeah!!! stick it to em! ^^^^

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