15 Nov 2012
By Leigh Price

Telstra will be bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note II to Australia’s largest 4G-enabled network


You’ve probably read the rumours and speculation over the past few weeks… when is the Samsung Galaxy Note II released in Australia?

19 December update: We’re pleased to confirm that we will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G in-store on Boxing Day (26 December).

The grey Galaxy Note II will be available in all Telstra-owned stories and participating licensed and dealer stores from 26 December (stock limitations may apply). For online availability please register your interest here and we’ll email you as soon as the Galaxy Note II 4G goes on sale online.

The original Samsung Galaxy Note seemed like a bit of an odd device to some when it first launched. More than a phone, almost a tablet… everyone began using the word ‘phablet’ to describe it. It has a pretty dedicated following given that it’s such a unique device, which is probably why so many of you have been excited about the pending release of the Galaxy Note II in Australia.

Well, we can now confirm that Telstra are bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note II to Australia’s largest 4G-enabled network early next year. This will bring the number of 4G devices available to Telstra customers to 20.

Of course, if you’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note II for a while now, you’re probably waiting for us to announce details of pricing and a release date. We’ll be announcing prices, online pre-order information and in-store availability closer to launch. In the meantime, I’d recommend signing up at our Keep Me Informed page – we’ll send you an email the very instant we have more info to share.

If you’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy Note, why do you reckon it’s superior to other phones out there?


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  1. Arvin says:

    The store I visited today didn’t allow me to purchase note 2 outright due to limited stocks?!

    Where can I buy one outright?

  2. Andrew says:

    Well Telstra, very unhappy with events today. Everywhere on this page, multiple of your reps are advising everyone that all stores will have stock today, 26th of December. So I went out and braved the Sydney Boxing Day shopping crowds (what a nightmare!), called your call centre on the way in to make sure all the stores had stock. Found out that 400 George St, your so-called flagship store, had 14 in stock, so I thought I’d make that my first stop.

    Nope, turns out they were closed for Boxing Day, with only a tiny little A4 sign in the window advising they’d be opening again on the 27th. I called again and was again told “yep, they’ve got 14 in stock and they should be for sale right now”. I patiently explained I was outside the store and it was currently closed, and then I asked for stock levels for the other 4 stores in the Sydney CBD. I visited each one in turn, and another 3 of them were also closed. The only one that was open was Sydney Central, in Centrepoint Tower. The staff there informed me that they had received only TWO Galaxy Note IIs, which of course both sold the second they opened.

    So tell me, Telstra, why are your reps spreading such misinformation, and why was the only open store in Sydney sent just TWO units, while a closed store was set to receive 14? Why could no-one over the phone (or on facebook, or on your live chat) advise me which stores were open or closed for Boxing Day?

    I also made a visit to the Samsung store, and was told that Telstra had not delivered any stock to them either – In fact, until I showed them this article, they were still under the impression it was being released next year!

    I wasted 4+ hours of my Boxing Day chasing figments and empty promises. Plus, now that I work this Thursday and Friday, the next time I can make it into a store is this weekend. But of course, being such a hot ticket item, they’re not going to be able to reserve one for me, are they? Fantastic. I left my name and number with several of your staff, you had best hope I get a very nice call from a very apologetic manager offering me all kinds of compensation – Here I am, trying to throw two years of my business at you, and it seems like you barely even care. In summary, not happy Telstra. Not happy at all.

  3. BOND says:

    Can anyone who has has a telstra note 2 confirm whether any of the frequences i.e. LTE 800 and 900 have been removed from the device or telstra confirm this please.?

    Telstra or anyone who has got one yet, can you please advise what changes u have been made to this phone over the standard SGN 2 (international version).


  4. jason says:

    Called Macquarie Centre this morning and ws excited to hear they were unpacking their stock. Only to be disappointed to be told can’t buy it outright, only selling on plans. Whats the deal?

  5. Dissapointed says:

    I was disappointed to find the main CBD store closed in Sydney despite the website allowing me to make and confirm a booking? Even Optus was open.

    Why of all stores would the main Sydney CBD store be closed without any hint of this on the website.

    I mean saying…”Available in store Boxing day” and being able to make a confirmed appointment would lead me to believe the store would be open. Apparently based on what the staff from the Samsung store down the road told me, many people were in the same situation.

    • Hi there. I’ve received similar feedback from others and I’m really sorry to learn this happened, especially given the anticipation around the Galaxy Note II. We’re raising this miscommunication with the local area manager.

  6. steve says:

    I rang two stores in Midland Gate Perth on the 26th, neither had stock or saw any stock coming was a Telstra Dealer { fone zone} the other was the Telstra Shop

  7. Frank says:

    Is the Samsung galaxy note 2 a regional or metro phone,
    I am concerned about dropouts etc,
    I know its not a blue tick, or is there a way to compare it against my Iphone 4

  8. Joe says:

    I got my N2 on Boxing Day. Very lucky as they only got 2 to sell.

  9. Arvin says:


    Please advise where can I purchase Note 2 outright?
    None of your store allows so. It’s only available with plans.


  10. Sue says:

    I registered my interest in the Note2 Smartphone online with Telstra as I already have a bundle with them over a month back, but heard nothing until I had dinner last night with a friend who told me she’d bought a Note 2 for her partner last week. Pretty slack to be told nothing by Telstra given I’d registered to be kept informed.

    • Very sorry to hear that you weren’t notified, Sue. The notifications were sent out via email as soon as it became available online, so I’m wondering if the email accidentally hit your spam folder. Apologies either way.

    • Lilian says:

      I registered my interest and wasn’t notified either. Is it any wonder with the whole Telstra shlemozzle we read about here? Good marketing, shocking follow-through

  11. Jas says:

    Thought I would provide some feedback.
    I went to the local Telstra store on the 24th of Dec who told me that they had got 3 Note2′s in but couldnt sell them till the 26th, but that they were closed on the 26th (not very well thought through Telsta).
    Anyway, rep was very helpfull and allowed me to put 2 of the 3 on hold. Went in first thing on 27th and got 1 for me and friend got the other. Again reps were very helpfull.
    No accessories available for phone so went next door to the optus shop to buy screen protectors and case. (Again, not very well thought through Telstra). Happily parted with $60 to Kevin Russell’s pocket as Mr Thodey doesnt seem to want to take my money.

    This thing is the best phone I have ever had, screen is amazing, speed is incredible, and the battery is unreal! It is a joy to use.

    Anyway there are surely a lot of lessons that could be learnt here if one felt like listening. Samsung are arguably the biggest phone manufacturer on the planet yet I cant buy one from the countries biggest telco until 3 months after the release date. When it is available your stores give out wildly inconsistant time frames and misinformation. And who buys a phone without the accessories for it yet none are in stock.

  12. Joe says:

    I have been chasing this since boxing day with the Rundle Mall store and keep being told they have still not got stock. What the hell is going on? The note III will be out before I can get my hands on a note II

  13. Glenn says:

    I recieved my Note 2 on th 28th of December (pre ordered online).
    I look it so much and was worth the wait.
    Only issue I have is that I live in Glen Iris which is a suburb 11 kms from Melb CBD. At home I only have 3g coverage and not 4g. Not that im overly concerned as IMO 4g is a bit of a urban legend.

  14. Joe says:

    Just had a call and my friendly Telstra store rep has delivered my Note2 to me this morning (stock just arrived in Adelaide today) – happy with the phone and my rep, but extremely disappointed in Telstra corporate for the ridiculous delay in getting the handset out, and the misinformation and obfuscation along the way…

  15. Sarah says:

    I went into Wesfield fountain gate on level 1 on the 28th Dec and they didn’t have any left – only 12 were sent to the store for the boxing day release and only 3 were given to them on the 28th which went in the morning. I then went back on the 2nd and again, no stock, then went yesterday and again, no stock. Not once did anyone offer to take my name and reserve one for me, or phone me when one was in stock. I got fed up waiting and then ordered one online, only to be contacted today to be told that there is a problem with the MRO on my old phone – a problem which I had already contacted telstra about and got sorted out. I was then told that I should recontact telstra about my MRO problem as “we are a different department” (read: call centre in India!!), and then contact them again to order the phone. Seriously???

    I have broadband, home phone, a tablet and 2 mobile phones with Telstra at a cost of nearly $10k over a 24 month period. I am seriously losing patience here and when my contract comes due in 11 months time I think I will just have to find another provider. It seems obvious to me that Telstra are just not that interested in my business.

  16. Bianca says:

    I got my note 2 the day after Boxing Day (couldn’t get it on Boxing Day because I had an outstanding bill but they had enough in stock) and the guy at jb hifi was really really helpful and nice :) I’m very happy with my new phone :) )))

  17. Michael says:

    I’ve frequently found the staff at JB HiFi more knowledgeable about Telstra plans, deals and rules that the staff at the Telstra shops.

  18. Andrew says:

    Hello. Ive been to elizabeth street and george street stores. No note 2 yet. Anyone know of any stocks available please

  19. Andrew says:

    Hello. Anyone know of any stock available of note 2 currently please

  20. Sarah says:


    I visited the Samsung store on George Street, Sydney yesterday to find that they had no Note II phones in stock. My work have ordered one for me through Telstra but told me that Telstra only have stock of the grey Note II but the display model I saw (and wanted) at Samsung was white. When will Telstra be selling the white model?

  21. Ben says:

    So the white n2 is coming out in the 22nd so going by Telstra I won’t be able to have one until mid feb to match almost 6 months after release. Telstra are pathetic

  22. Pasan says:

    Leigh, can you tell me one individual store that sells outright? You can’t because no one is. I’ve tried all the Telstra shops in the Northern parts of Sydney including Hunter!

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Hi Pasan – unfortunately we don’t have individual store details as the decision is being made by local managers. Unfortunately stock is a little thin on the ground at the moment but we’re working to get more as quickly as possible.

  23. Pasan says:

    I am Telstra prepaid user wanting to upgrade my phone. It seems unfair you force me to switch to a Telstra plan in order to acquire this phone. You’re simple saying plan user is more valued than a loyal Pre paid user who has been on the network for many years and intend on staying.

  24. Pranav says:

    I am very disappointed with the current stock situation on this phone. I have been to Melbourne Central, Icon and Exhibition St stores in Melbourne. There is no way we can confirm or put names for this phone. I have been waiting for months to get this phone.

    But I am disappointed to learn from each store in the CBD they don’t have it in stock. My contract is about to end and I think its time to move to another provider who can supply me with goods that’s I need in time. Frustrated…!!!!

  25. Lee says:

    i’d been calling the shops everyday, when are they going to release the white version?

  26. Pasan says:

    Leigh, thanks for the reply. Ok so if stock is low in stores why not allow outright purchase on Telstra on-line store?

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Our online store isn’t set up for outright purchases of phones at the moment – that might change in the future though :)

  27. Trent says:

    Those complaining about buying outright, Optus sell it outright unlocked. Got mine early Dec because Telstra waited so long to release it. Looking at the issues everyone is having glad I did.

  28. Con says:

    So… are ship-outs for Note 2′s ordered online with plans going ok – or will I have to wait weeks for an order made today to be delivered??

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Hi Con – online orders are currently shipping with no delays. We’ll post an “out of stock” sign on the phone if we don’t have enough stock available online.

  29. LC says:

    Can I just confirm on Jan 22nd, will each Telstra shop only be receiving 3 or 4 handsets each? They did do that with the titanium and I prefer not to run around Melbourne again asking if they have any Samsung Galaxy Note 2 available in white and be told …… sorry sold out.

    I am holding off re-contracting with Optus for you Telstra! I know they have the white at the moment!

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Hi LC – I really wish I could give you a firm amount, but we generally receive stock at the eleventh hour from Samsung. At this stage it’s not clear how much stock we’ll receive. If you don’t want to miss out it’s probably best to order online – delivery is very quick.

  30. Con says:

    Thanks Leigh :-)

    I actually went ahead and placed an order about an hour after my post – the phone was delivered to my door in Cairns (from Sydney) this arvo at 4pm – that’s just under 48 hours. OUTSTANDING effort from Telstra!!! 8-D

  31. Lh says:

    I’m been waitin for Telstra to release white note 2. The market and Optus had been selling this model for months. So as kogan. What is taking Telstra so long ?

  32. Sarah says:

    Received my white Note 2 yesterday – it’s awesome! Well worth the wait.

  33. Lee says:

    sarah, did you purchase the white through telstra? i thoguht it will only be released on 22/jan?

    • Sarah says:

      Yes – through a Telstra business account. Came straight from the warehouse. I guess they’ve just arrived in the country so they should definitely be in-store on 22 Jan if not before??

  34. Can anyone let me know where I can buy a note 2 outright as I not interested in going on a plan as I change phones yearly.

  35. Ben says:

    Just as I thought its now the 23rd still no white???!?!? They are in back order apparently, pull your socks up telstra this is a joke

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Hi Ben, I’ve checked in with our store team who’ve advised that a small number of stores are still waiting for their initial stock delivery. The white model is in stock in most Telstra stores as I write this. Alternatively, you can buy it online here:

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