28 Aug 2012
By Mike Wright

Telstra is all set to more than double the 4G network


Today, we are announcing a dramatic expansion of our 4G service in Australia. Encouraged by reaching over 500,000 4G customers in less than 12 months, we are set to more than double our 4G coverage in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, extending to approximately two-thirds of the population within the next 10 months.

We already offer 4G coverage in more than 100 metropolitan and regional locations across the nation including all capital CBDs and we’re Australia’s only national 4G service. This network expansion will see more than 1,000 new 4G/LTE base stations installed by mid 2013. When all new sites are live, our 4G service will reach approximately 66% of the Australian population and it won’t stop there, with the growing take up of 4G devices we expect to see a rapid transition to 4G driven growth, this in turn will drive further network upgrades using 4G technology resulting an even wider 4G footprint.

Our combined 4G and world class 3G HSPA enabled network stretching to 99% of the population over 2.2 M sq kms underpins the performance that delivered us the prestigious JD Powers award for the leading mobile network in Australia. That’s not a claim we make in vain and it’s not a position we take lightly, it carries with it great responsibility. Our plan is to stay true to that claim and continue to expand our network and sustain its performance for two important reasons:

  1. So our existing customers continue to get a superior mobile broadband experience on Telstra.
  2. To attract potential new customers, particularly anyone considering acquiring a new 4G device.

If you’re not currently with Telstra and you’re not yet a 4G customer, chances are you’re contemplating a 4G device as the next one you will buy. Our vision is that 4G will become the dominant mobile technology in the coming years, so if that’s the case and you’re looking around at all the great new 4G devices on offer, then you should chat with Telstra for a number of very important reasons:

  1. Coverage: Our 4G service is the largest in Australia and the only one with a national footprint backed by our extensive 3G coverage to over 2.2 M Sq kms and 99% of the population. Our combined 4G/3G network coverage delivers a more consistent broadband experience out and about as well as in-buildings with no need to fall back to the older 2G generation of technology, in fact we are seeing all new 4G devices support the highest specification Dual Carrier HSPA technology. With the over 80% of the population covered by DC-HSPA users can expect high levels of performance in more places.
  2. Reliable user experience: Our breadth and depth of coverage means fewer  dead spots and when combined with the use of the latest generation of technologies supported by an extensive network of high bandwidth optical backhaul you get a more consistent, high quality wireless experience included fewer dropouts and quick, responsive browsing and app performance on your device.
  3. Functionality: Our 4G service is fully integrated into our network giving a seamless experience across the network whether it is browsing the internet, sending and SMS/MMS or making a voice call. One of the exciting things about new 4G devices is that they support HD Voice calling. With the Telstra wireless network fully HD enabled we have the largest HD voice footprint in the world so as we see this surge in new devices we will see a critical mass of HD penetration and more users will get to experience the superior voice and noise suppression qualities of HD voice.

Have you experienced our 4G network? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

Photo. The 4G expansion event today in Bondi, Sydney.

Photo. The 4G expansion event today in Bondi, Sydney.

See more information on our 4G network, including ‘Things you need to know’, online here.


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  1. brad says:

    i use 4G mifi in Melbourne city
    pretty good

  2. I have a Telstra Mobile Broadband 4G service and I couldn’t be happier with the data speeds or coverage here in Geelong. I’m glad that Telstra are further looking to expand 4G in more places. $1.2b well spent I’d say!

  3. Andrew says:

    Will this 4G coverage extend out to Redland City (east of Brisbane), places such as Capalaba, Alexandra Hills & Cleveland?

  4. Benji says:

    Any word on fixing the 4G issues in Hobart. Drops out in the CBD to 3G all the time. Went into the store because I thought it was my phone only to be told everyone is experiencing the same issue. They even showed me a 4G handset in-store that was running on 3G the same time as mine.

  5. Susy says:

    is there a map of what the new coverage will be? Bondi is a promising sign…how about postcode 2030?

  6. rocco says:

    Are you saying that you have introduced 4G Voice services or that the 4G/3G smartphones support HD Voice on the NextG 3G network when calling another compatible smartphone also on the NextG 3G network ??
    ps. Congrats on the 4G network. Works a treat in Canberra :)

  7. Daniel says:

    I use 4g in the CBD of Shepparton and it kicks arse over 3g. Glad it’s being expanded.

  8. John says:

    Totally rapt to hear this. I work and live just outside the 4G zone in Melbourne, but travel within range often. The speed is amazing, up to 35 mps (according to the SpeedTest app) versus somewhere between 2-6 mps on 3G. This is with a Telstra OneXL, which is a brilliant phone, and I think better than my previous Galaxy S2.

  9. phil says:


    When my mobile installs a new 4G?
    Is Sensenation HTC?

    Kind Regards


  10. PJ says:

    Ive got the 4g mobile wifi device. I commute between Sydney and Newcastle. I also am having a great experience with this product. Even the 3G coverage areas are pretty fast and the 4g rivals my dsl2+ at home. (8gbs down). Thumbs up to Telstra.

  11. Rake says:

    Interesting, and I am looking forward to it. I hope it will improve the 4G service in Melbourne, as in the CBD lately my phone has issues staying on 4G. I called Telstra today, and after talking to technical support, the verdict was that there are too many Mobile Broadband devices, and they take precedence ahead of mobiles, which is why lately my phone struggles to stay on 4G.

    So please Telstra, increase your capacity too, don’t just expand! You are already over-subscribed in Melbourne CBD.

  12. Marcus Kershaw says:

    Are Telstra going to make it comparable with the biggest selling smartphone in the world?

    • Nick says:

      It is up to phone manufacturers to make their phones compatible with the 4G network.

      Telstra can not make a network to work with a technology that is not installed in a phone!

      Just look at the early iPhones.
      They did not work with 3G, that was because of Apple, it had nothing to do with the mobile operator companies.

      And if you do mean Apple, look at how long it took them to make a 3G compatible iPhone when 3G was already very established. (They came out with a 2G phone in a 3G market). So based on that I would not expect them to have a 4G iphone that will work in Australia any time soon.

  13. Michael Maher says:

    I get great 3G coverage everywhere I go. So looking forward to the 4G/LTE offering in the future.

  14. Insomniac says:

    I really hope the new iPhone has LTE that is compatible with Telstra’s 900Mz frequency, but I’m guessing it will only cover the American 1700Mhz LTE band like the latest iPad :(

    • Nick says:

      Actually Telstra uses 1800Mhz and America uses 700Mhz (along with 2100Mhz)

      But it is likely that new phones (From many companies) will first be manufactured to the American standard as there is more demand and in the case of Apple it is where they are based (Just like the iPad 3)

      If you remember older phones, they used to be “dual band” then “tri band” and they are now “quad band”

      This is because the phones need antennas and components that can work on 2, 3 and now 4 different frequencies without causing problems.

      So new 4G phones will probably evolve in a similar way.

      As Europe uses 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz for 4G there sill be a demand for 4G devices that work outside the USA/Canada and manufacturers will follow.

      As a side note, telstra was one of the first networks in the world to use/develop 4G on 1800Mhz and I believe that Europe is following on 1800Mhz due to telstra.
      So the fact that we already have many 4G capable devices on a new 4G frequency should mean that many more are on the way.

  15. Todd Martin says:

    I have 4G USB Broadband, and use it as a back up or for when I travel. I get quite jealous of the speeds compared to my Telstra ADSL2 speeds at home :( It appears very stable, and am looking forward to upgrading my mobile to 4G network (fingers crossed on iPhone 5 being compatible)

  16. Jack says:

    4G is fantastic i might be alone in saying this but if Telstra can keep this a “Premium” service with higher rates it should keep the network from being congested in the same way the 3G Next G network has become in recent months.

  17. Justin says:

    I have never used 4G and will probably never get the chance because Telstra loves c$ty and not country. I live in Kelsey Creek in the Whitsunday Region and not one single place in our region has coverage for 4G and yet Telstra is still selling its 4G stuff at its stores in this area.. I know they switch to 3G when not in a 4G zone but even the 3G coverage sucks around here as well due to poorly placed infrastructure. It makes me very depressed. No wonder more people in the country are more depressed than their city counterparts because they fell abandoned by lots of organizations and Telstra isn’t the exeption. Telstra change your greedy money making ways and help someone for once.

    • Nick says:

      The telstra 4G USB modem that is black actually has a very good 3G modem in it so it may help with weaker 3G in country areas.

      Just like you would not invest your own money in the scientific search for a living Dodo, Telstra are not going to invest their money to buy expensive technology if they can not make money from it.

    • rocco says:

      Can’t speak for Telstra, but current 4G is built on 1800MHz radio equipment. This doesn’t have the coverage properties that Telstra has with 850MHz NextG. Once the telcos hopefully get their 700MHz 4G spectrum things will change in the bush, assuming they all don’t refarm 900MHz 2G spectrum into 3G or 4G for extra load capacity in rural areas 1st as infill. Bear in mind 20MHz of spectrum in each band is needed to meet the current fastest LTE standards. Any less and whilst fast, won’t be the 100MBit speeds true 4G should achieve.

    • Duane says:

      Totally agree Justin, Telstra seems to have a phobia when it comes to rural and remote areas…it’$ all about making big money and not about social responsibility…four days just to get the landline broadband fixed…Conroy and Co and their predecessors have a lot to answer for!

  18. Tom says:

    we have had 4G in Mildura now for nearly 12 months, It’s great, BUT, it has slowed over that time, Telstra now selling More 4G handsets now will have it slow to 3G dial up speeds by this time next year I expect.
    Oh well, good while it lasts. 4G Up-grades will take years as stated above, so don’t hold your breath.

    • Mike says:

      This will be a common problem as more users come on board, especially at high frequencies – The reality is that if you do an apples-for-apples comparison 4G is not much better than 3G – even Qualcomm CEO has said that – the real solution is smaller cell sizes – small cells enable high- rates where you need them – inside at home and in the office.

  19. John says:

    I notice above comments namely mention VIC suburbs, seems rare to get 4g in Sydney suburbs (only experienced it in Sydney CBD at the moment). Would like it fast tracked around Sydney suburbs if possible ?

  20. Jess says:

    Will the 4g work in the southern highlands? Or post code 2571

  21. Robert says:

    All very good but will I be able to make calls from my home. I can’t at the moment as the coverage is crap. Improve call quality and drop outs before you give us more bells and whistles.

  22. Hendy says:

    I use 4G in Sydney CBD and Parramatta CBD and it works like a charm! Very fast response rate and things just loads! Looking forward to the coverage being expanded to the suburbs!

  23. Norm says:

    I use Telstra 4G WiFi as home based broadband (no landline) on the Sunshine Coast (Meridan Plains) with only 3G available in the area. In a period of less than 3 months the service has deteriorated to almost dialup modem speed.
    I hope that Telstra does some serious upgrading soon to the WiFi capacity in the area

  24. andrew says:

    I have had 4G for some time now on both the desktop and the smartphone.
    For the most part it meets my expectations. I have run on both units at different times of the day over a period of months.
    Telstra speaks of a work in progress in terms of the networks expansion. All well and good from a commercial perspective, but my concern is throughput or volume. As this article has stated there are now more than 500000 customers now signed on.
    Getting a 4G connection on the phone has never been a problem. The PC on a number of occassions over the last few months during a peak period i.e. 4pm, nothing.
    i signed for this much more costly service for the increase in speed and more reliable connectivity.
    The other issue which few knew about when the first 4G phones came onto the market was battery usage expectancy. Absolutely dismal and that’s with WiFi, bluetooth, location services and automatic updates disabled. Hell I mainly run the phone on 3G when not carrying a charger with me.
    The more people that sign up to 4G the slower this network becomes.
    I just hope Telstra has worked out a way to connect all devices to the NBN as opposed to pushing more microwaves into the air.

  25. Mark Tate says:

    4g is a total wast of time and money and telstras claim on coverage is an out right lie.

    The 4G coverage maps are totally useless, right now I am supposed to be in a 4g area however I barley get any service at all and going for a drive only improves the 3 g signal ,, just where do you get 4g ? or it is some myth and truly does not exist.

    Well I wasted my money of a useless 4g modem when a 3g from another telco would have need just as good at half the price and with much cheaper usage rates.

    I am now going to sell my useless modem and go with another telco with cheaper rates and I dont care about 4g any more.

  26. Rob says:

    When will telstra provide 4g coverage in kellyville?

  27. clive hill says:

    Purchased 4g advanced wifi a week ago.”Woeful”,dropouts and disconnects.Speedtest download .036Mbs.Wish I had kept my 3g sierra.

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