18 May 2012
By Liz Ellis

NetMum competition rewards unsung heroes in the netball community


When Telstra told me about the NetMum competition I was really excited at the opportunity to reward some unsung heroes in the netball community – MUMS! Without mums the netball world would just not go round.  Whether it is coaching, umpiring, catering, putting out the score sheets or leading the cheer squad they are vital to our sport.

Telstra loves NetballMy mum’s support for me through my rise into the Australian Netball Team was unbelievably important to me, and I know that I couldn’t have done it without her.  Right from when I started playing she was always there on the sidelines cheering me on, making sure I had enough to eat and drink for carnival days and occasionally pulling me up if I got too far ahead of myself!  When I started making NSW teams she would pile me into the car on a Friday evening with food, drink and a pillow to sleep on the way home, and drive me into the city for training – when I am sure she would rather have been at home putting her feet up at the end of a long week!

I would have loved to have the opportunity to enter my mum into something like the Telstra NetMum when I was younger.  It would have been a brilliant way for me to be able to say thanks to her for being my number one supporter.

This year’s ANZ Championship Grand Final is sure to be a thriller – the 2012 competition has been the most unpredictable so far and I am already looking forward to the finals series.

In the meantime we have 7 more rounds to get through, and I have just celebrated my first Mother’s Day!  Maybe you could  keep the Mother’s Day celebrations going by nominating your mum, or a mum you know who makes netball a great sport, as the 2012 Telstra NetMum.  Not only will she be pleased as punch to have you write such great things about her, but maybe I will catch up with you both at the ANZ Championships Grand Final!

Nominate who you think deserves the “Telstra NetMum” title now and find out more by going to the Telstra Netboys Facebook page.


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  1. Chloe Watkin-Dixon says:

    My mum Jodie Dixon deserves this award more than anyone else in the world. We have five children and not only do we do netball, soccer, little athletics I this year alone have made district netball teams through school, club rep teams and more. For every training session I am on time, and ready to go. My poor mum sits and watches myself and my brother with not a bad word to say, and also chase after my two brothers 3 and 2. Can’t ask for a better supportive mum!

  2. Danielle Cameron says:

    I think My mum deserves to win Telstra Netmum because she is just the most amazing Mu ever. 
    I have only been playing netball for four years now but she has never failed to take me to games,training and tournaments. My mum works full time every week, shes so tired from work and she always take me to training Monday Thursday friday and to my games on Wednesday and Saturday, she just love coming along to my netball and cheers me on all the time, I don’t think she has missed anyone of my games. 
    she’s the most wonderful and dedicated mum, I couldn’t ask for a better mother. 
    and that is why I want my mum to win Telstra netmum,  
    I love you mummy and what you do for me <33 

  3. Michaela Grant says:

    I think that my Mum deserves to win the Telstra NetMum competition because she is so supportive and just all round amazing. I am one of six children. All of my brothers and sisters play at least two sports apart from my 4 year old sister. My Mum always has us at all sport training every week. My sister (12) and myself (14) both this year and have been for the last 8years have played for club teams, rep teams, twilight, ladies comps and district teams. Mum makes sure that we are there on time every week, no matter where we need to be. She works as well and is tired when she gets home but still continues to have a positive attitude towards taking us to our sports. I would just really love it for my Mum to do something for her self. She’s always doing stuff for others and doesn’t get time to do anything for herself. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive, caring Mum! I love you Mum and all that you have ever done for me ♥

  4. Chloe Warren says:

    My beautiful mum should win netmum because she has been playing since she was 15, and has not stopped. She had a choise to play in the big legues but she chose to have me, so she didn’t do it. She has supported me in everyday shape and form, even though we don’t see eye to eye she is still there supporting me on the sode lines. She has givin me ideas and tactics of what I could improve on. I am a 15 year old girl and all I want to do is show my mum that I appreciate everything she has done and is now doing for me to become a better player and go further on in my career as a netball player. Even though I have a brother with a disability she still finds time to be there at every game and every training. I play 2 different netball accoiations that I play for and one of them I go around South Australia playing carnivals, and she is always there helping and encouraging me. I love my mum more Latham anything can you please pick her for a netmum!?!?

  5. Brendan – [Your Community Manager] says:

    Wow, is sounds like there are some amazing netball mums out there who are going above and beyond. Very sweet messages and a lot of love out there for mums.

    If you haven’t already, make sure you nominate your Telstra NetMum via before entries close this Sunday – you could win a VIP trip for two the ANZ Championship Grand Final and get the chance to meet Liz Ellis. Good Luck! Brendan

  6. Taylor Prothero says:

    My mum should win Netmum because she coaches me and my friends, she also coaches for a State League club and on a Saturday coaches 3 teams at our Association. This weekend she is coaching a 14 under rep team. My mum is organising a trip to Singapore so we can play over there. My mum is beautiful and loving of me and my brother and does lots of special things with us as well as all her netball. Mum is a great cook cooking us lots of yummy foods all week. We always have fun with mum, if I win this for my mum i will love to go and watch the ANZ Championships with her. I really love my mum and I love my netball.

  7. Rebekah Odgers says:

    My mum is always cheering on the sideline for me, but I think that my dad needs recognition. I’m not sure if I can enter him in this but it’s important he gets notice. I love netball and have had my fair share of different coaches, but I think that the best one I have ever had was my dad. Twice a week dad puts up with eight teenage girly girls as our coach and makes sure that we are getting into it and unbearably (for us) getting our hands dirty. Dad has gone through all of the umpiring courses with me and he studies his coaching books and apps on the iPad. Dad goes to meetings every week and comes home with lots of stories to tell about the politics of it all, but he never gave up on making my childhood netball games memorable. Thanks dad.

  8. Tamika Neal says:

    My mum Sue Neal should win because me and my 3 sisters have played netball since we were little, and she has been there to take us to all trainings, all games. At age 57 she still takes us to games ,training and even just goes down to watch our other teams. She umpires every game when I play in the Saturday competition and score benches my sisters state league games every week. I play 6 times a week and every time she is there she is Wat you would call a super mum she’s just amazing. I have two professional playing sisters and she still finds time to watch,coach and umpire my games that’s why she should win :)

  9. Tyla Foster says:

    My mum Trish Foster, is most defiantly worlds most supportive mum. Not only does she direct a child care centre and run our own family business but she support her daughter through absolutely everything! My mum has honestly not missed a game! For the 10 years I have played netball she has done absolutely everything to make sure I am able to play my best! Supplying me with everything I need to make it to the top and complete my dream of playing for the fire birds. I have sat on the side line and looked up to her the same way I look up to Laura Gietz when she used to play for Queens land and play her best on the netball court. I appreciate everything my mum does for me and my netball! And for the past five years not only has she been an amazing mum and a best friend to me but she has stepped up as the role of my coach, dedicating more time to me and the community, again stepping up to make sure she can benefit my ability to play my best even more. she creates a bond with all her team member that she coaches, she organises us as a team to watch the fire birds, driving us all around to competitions and supplying us with fun, memories and skills. Most netball teams are given a uniform at the start of a season, my mum went out of her way to create Sharks shirts with getting sponsor ships for our team and chooses player of the match and is award with prizes form our sponsorships, no matter what playing ability my mum values each and every player no matter what and believes everyone brings something to the court. after every training session my mum drives many players home and every time we drive home and get a 50c cone from hungry jacks which is obviously the best of it all hahaha. I love my mum, Our team lovse my mum! And we love our netball it’s defiantly a passion that we will always have in common!
    And thats just SOME of the reason my mum should be rewarded for being the best netmum!

  10. Nicole says:

    I would like to nominate my mum. i am 18, i have a 21 year old brother and a 26 year old sister. Since my sister was 6 my mum has been our number one supporter, scorer, timer, coach and taxi driver! While in the mean time taking my brother to football games and trainings and also working full time! she is still to this day driving my sister and i to our netball games and trainings, while also coaching her own team! My mum is turning 50 in July and i know how much she would appreciate this as a treat!

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Nicole,
      We hope you visited the NetBoys Facebook page as listed in the blog and successfully nominated your mum. She sounds great!

      - Sunil

  11. Constance Star says:

    Hi I would like to nominate my mum helen.I’m 10 and the youngest of 4 we all play sport and she drives us around every where. She has played through out her childhood and finished last year in b grade.She is 43.She has coached,umpired,scored and has been the trainer tapping people’s ancles hands etc. But now she is just on the side lines chearing us kids on she drives my sister to netball then drives then drives my brothers and I to another legue so i can play netball and my two brothers can play footy. But most of all i love her for being the best mum ever!

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