04 May 2012
By Kristen Remington

Win a Ford Focus Sport Hatch


Whether the prize is a holiday, fuel, tickets, phone, signed merchandise, gift card or a year’s supply of Twisties, everyone loves winning a competition.

About 10 years ago I was lucky enough to win a golden ticket for my favourite band The Living End. It allowed me to go to any gigs the band played anywhere in the world that year. Before you get too excited (as I did), the prize didn’t include flights or accommodation – it was just the ticket to the show but I did manage to go to 12 shows that year.

But I haven’t seen any competition prizes generate more of a buzz at than a new car.  Whether it’s a coupe or convertible, people love winning a new set of wheels.

That’s why we’re teaming up with our friends at CarShowroom to give you the chance to win a brand new Ford Focus Sport Hatch valued up to $31,238 driveaway.

The best bit is it’s really simple to enter and you can multiply your chance of winning by ‘liking’ Tradingpost on facebook, following us on twitter or sharing the competition details with your friends.

So whether your car’s costing you more to fix than it’s actually worth or you’ve just got a craving for that new car smell, enter the competition now for your chance to drive away in a new Ford Focus Sport Hatch. Entries close 29 May.

Win a Ford Focus

And speaking of competitions, have you ever won anything? And what would you like to see up for grabs in the next Tradingpost giveaway?


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  1. Jean Burley says:

    Desperately need a corporate looking car as my current 2000 camry wagon does not match my heels and business attire.

  2. heather says:

    do you know how hard it is to hide in our car mostly when bits are falling off 1992 car and spiders dont get me started ok

  3. Josephine Poduti says:

    I have never won a competition . . . Ever! Lost count of competitions entered years ago. My first granddaughter was born on 5 April 2012, making her just 5 weeks old. Nothing would make me feel safer carting my brand new, precious, bundle of joy than a brand new car!

  4. Gabrielle Costa says:

    i once (in grade 3) sung the good guys theme song and won a dvd player, since then no luck, although my trusty 1983 ford meteor has got me to the beach and back, just wish i could upgrade to a safer Ford so i can “Go Further”.

  5. shane knights says:

    i love fords!

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