27 Apr 2012
By Sunil Joseph

Samsung Galaxy S II gets ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)

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We have been eagerly awaiting for an ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) update and we are happy to announce it is out for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the most popular handsets on the Telstra network and we hope you enjoy this update.

30/04/2012 update
The OTA option was released over the weekend. If you have not already installed ICS on to your Samsung Galaxy S II and you would like to, click here to try it out

To get the update there are a few small steps you need to take:

1. First check what version of Android you currently have on your Samsung Galaxy S II.

[If the version is Android 2.3.3, you will need to update to 2.3.6 first before you can get the 4.0.3 update (ICS).]

Check your Android version on SGS2

To check your version of Android, simple do this from the homescreen:
1. Press the Menu button, under the bottom left hand side of the screen.
2. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen there should be a picture of a ‘Cog’ with the word “Settings” underneath it. Press this field.
3. Scroll to the bottom, there should be an “Information” symbol with the words “About Phone” next to it. Press this field.
4. There should be a field labelled “Android version”
5. Check if your version is Android 2.3.3 or Android 2.3.6

If you are using version 2.3.3, proceed to step 2. If you are using verison 2.3.6, proceed to step 3.

How to update SGS2

Update in progress

2. Android 2.3.3 users:

Let’s update to Android 2.3.6. This is really simple, just update OTA (Over The Air). Please make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network as the update package will not only be quicker to download but also reduce any bill shock.

i. To do this, simply navigate to the same section we did in Step 1.
ii. Instead of scrolling down to “Android Version”, at the very top there should be a field reading “Software Update”. Press this on your touchscreen.

iii. The first field should read “Update”, press this field. You may be asked to sign up for a Samsung Kies account to download the update. Simply enter in an email address and make sure you take note of the password you choose.

iv. The download should start and from here it should be an easy process to update to Android 2.3.6

3. Android 2.3.6 users:

You can update straight to Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but at the moment this is available only through Samsung’s software Kies. The OTA option is very close to being available and we do recommend this option as it will save all your user data. either through Kies or Over the Air (OTA). We recommend to use the OTA option for updating to ICS.

SGS II ICS notification

The over the air update is now available and is our recommended method of upgrading. Instead of connecting your phone to a computer, just connect your Galaxy S II to a Wi-Fi network and download the 200MB+ update file.

*While downloading and installing, check you have over 50% battery life and/or you are connected to a power source.

You may get a notification in the status bar of your screen, which will display two arrows diagonally. You can click on this notification to check for the update.

If you don’t get this notification you can go into your settings and press software update. Once you have done this you should get this notification.

Please ensure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network before pressing download.

The update should download and then prompt you to install the update.

During installation your phone will reboot and display the start up screen. Do not press any buttons until the install has finished and the phone has returned to the lock screen.

Samsung KIES update

A note from Samsung if you would like to update through Kies:
Samsung recommends that users backup all personal data stored on your mobile phone (including, but not limited to, Contacts, Calendar, SMS, Email, Photos, Apps, Audio, Video, Documents and any other personal data and files) to a compatible Computer or External Storage device prior to commencing the Kies update.

i. To update to ICS, simply connect your phone to your PC or MAC with Kies pre-installed.

ii. Kies should pick up your handset and from here you should be able to download the update and install this on to your phone.

Kies Update

Hope you enjoy your ICS update, don’t forget the Play Market should now show you more apps available for download.

Our favourite is the Chrome for Android Beta browser.

If you have any questions, why not check out the Crowd Support conversation we have brewing.


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  1. Mike says:

    What abt Samsung Galaxy SII 4G? any chance for ICS in near future?

    • Mikael says:

      To anyone wondering about the 4G.

      Two things, Firstly the 4G’s software is the same, simply the hardware is different to accommodate 4G

      Secondly, it’s easy enough to check is it not? Plug the phone into the PC and check, or check through your phone.

      • Sunil says:

        Hi Mikael,
        Thanks for your response. You can definitely check for software upgrades through Kies or by pressing software update through settings but we do hope we can tell you here first when it will be released.

        The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G software is not the same as the hardware differences are beyond 4G. The Galaxy S II 4G has a faster processor, a lower pixel density and a different chipset to name a few. The software is different so the software updates will also come out at different times.

  2. Oscar says:

    Does this mean the Galaxy S2 4G aswell?

  3. Laksh Bhalla says:

    Thank you very much have been waiting since so long. working fine

  4. Brendan Hamilton says:

    How bout the 4G version as well? We should also be considered in this update. Hope it does not go on for months like the update above.

    Pretty please.

  5. Gavin says:

    Any plans for ICS on the 4G model?

    • Sunil says:

      Mike, Oscar, Brendan and Gavin:
      Seems like you are all on the same wave-length. I am looking to get an official reply soon in regards to our Samsung Galaxy S II 4G offering, as soon as I know I will reply to all of you. Thanks for asking.

      - Sunil

  6. Chris says:

    I just tried this and realised I have the 4g so it’s not going to work just yet. Would be interested to know aswell if you could possible mail me when it’s available. Do you think it will be a long wait?

    p.s Loving this phone on the telstra 4g network, sooo quick!

    Thanks again

  7. Jay says:

    Mine wont update over the air or via kies where evryone elses i know in my town does?? what is wrong with my phone, telstra shop updated it to 2.3.5 cause its never been able to update? an they slugged me $20 to do it! just says no update available. an kies says my device does not support update via keys?? help!

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Jay,
      Are you sure you are on 2.3.5 or 2.3.6? I haven’t heard of the 2.3.5 update for our Samsung Galaxy S2 range.


  8. Nick S says:

    Any news on Samsung Galaxy S2 lte on 4G?

    • Sunil says:

      Nick S, Gavin, Brendan Hamilton, Oscar and Mike,

      Galaxy S2 4G Update to ICS:
      Samsung has advised us that they will submit the ICS update for SII4G in early June for Telstra testing. Once we’ve received the software we’ll be able to provide an ETA on the release date.

    • graham says:

      gingerbread was wiped off my phone when is ics due and will i still be able to installl it ty please help me ty.

  9. Dan says:

    Do not Update!! I downloaded the firmware last night and went to install and it crashed my phone. Now it will not turn on and Telstra are not helping. Telstra are blaming Samsung and Samsung are blaming Telstra. Short story i’m stuck with no phone and no where to turn

  10. Splade24 says:

    Should probably update your software update calendar now:

    Any more specific ETA on the Sensation update?

  11. Tony says:

    There is a real problem with this upgrade. I have a corporate email account and a hotmail account and “Exchange Services” running constantly flattens the battery in just a few hours. This is a very well documented problem (just Google it!) but its a pity I did not find out until after the upgrade.

    • Justyn says:

      I believe this is an issue with 4.0.3 and has been fixed in 4.0.4.

      To comply with Telstra’s 3Rs Policy, I am both a Telstra Customer and a Telstra Employee.
      I AM NOT authorised to represent Telstra on these forums.
      For an official response, try

    • Clive says:

      Samsung Galaxy S II (3G)
      I have upgraded to V4.0.3 and run Sync to my Corporate email Exchange service (set to push all size emails) and as well sync to my private Gmail account. I haven’t found a problem with my battery not lasting (about the same as prior to the firmware upgrade if not a bit better).

      I did have a problem in receiving an error with my Sync to my Corporate email Exchange service after the firmware upgrade, this was fixed by removing the Account on my phone and then adding it back on.

  12. Brad says:

    Since upgrading my corporate email (through Exchange) no longer works, when I reconfirm my server settings it says “Unable to connect to server”. Anyone else have broken Exchange email since upgrade to ICS?

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Brad, as explained in the email I sent it was a simple APN issue. If you have installed any custom APNS these must be reinstated after upgrading to ICS. My recomendation is to take a screenshot of your APN settings before upgrading by pressing home and power at the same time.

  13. Avinash says:

    After updating to ICS, my phone attempts to do a software update every 5 minutes?! It says “Software update successful” but then checks for a software update AGAIN in another 5 minutes which is draining my battery.

    Telstra clearly didn’t do enough testing on this rollout.

  14. Nikitas says:

    My Samsung S2 says that I am running Android Version 2.3.5. Which option should I use to ICS?

  15. dusty says:

    Tony, I too am ahing the same issue. Now only get 5 hrs if lucky. Its driving me crazy, now have to carry a charger everywhere I go.

    • Tony says:

      Hi Dusty, I have deleted both my email accounts off the phone and the phone has now been running constantly for 1 day and 3 hours with still 74% battery left. If I find a solution I’ll let you know but I suspect it’s a bug in ICS.

  16. Jay says:

    Hi Sunil, yes says its 2.3.5 an that what guy in telstra shop put on it

  17. Justyn says:

    I’ve been running ICS (Cyanogenmod9) on my GT-I9100T for a couple of months now fine (it’s rooted of course).

    I’ve had no issues what-so-ever, it’s even better than Gingerbread.

    To comply with Telstra’s 3Rs Policy, I am both a Telstra Customer and a Telstra Employee.
    I AM NOT authorised to represent Telstra on these forums.
    For an official response, try

  18. Matt says:

    Swype multilingual support seems to have been removed in the Telstra ICS update. Is it possible to have this back? I used this feature all the time.

  19. Jed says:

    Does anyone know if the telstra ICS version can be put on a SII purchased internationally?

  20. Tony says:

    Hi Sunil, the original gmail account has been running all the time so not a problem there. I have now re-instated my Hotmail account and I am still getting extremely good battery life but at the moment it is set to manual.
    I have still not tried putting the corporate account back on and there is no sign of the \Exchange Services\ running at this stage.

    • Sunil says:

      When you say you have extremely good battery life, how long do you mean? Also out of interest, how many apps do you have installed in total which carried on from running Gingerbread?

    • Tony says:

      Hi Sunil, battery life without the corporate email running is far better than when running Gingerbread. I am recharging at about 50% battery remaining after 2 days use. This includes a good 3 to 4 reasonable phone calls and emails etc each day. I have noticed that when running as a Portable wifi hotspot battery life runs seems to run down a lot quicker than it used to. There would be approx. 100 apps carried over after the upgrade and I have since tried about 50 ok. Most of the time I do not run wifi, gps or bluetooth and I have both System power saving and Custom power saving mode enabled. I will reinstall the corporate exchange email today and see how battery goes.

  21. Nikitas says:

    My phone has lost GPS capability since upgrading to ICS. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Nikitas.

      As your handset was bought overseas and not through Telstra, your best bet is to speak to the original sellers or contact Samsung directly.

  22. Steffan says:

    Battery life cut in half and I can no longer Swype in two languages. I am about to return the phone.
    Can’t see how this is a great update. Still looking for anything other than slightly easier dialing that actually proves beneficial.

    • Sunil says:

      Hi Stefan, thanks for your feedback. We’re working with Samsung to review ICS battery performance. At this stage we do not believe the update itself affects the phone’s battery endurance. However, it’s possible that some third party Android gingerbread apps may work inefficiently with ICS resulting in higher power use. We will let you know what we find out.

      In regards to Swype, this is a Beta product and differs in behaviour defendant on your Android version. For multilingual support you can revert back to the stock Samsung keyboard or contact Swype to be the first to find out when this is ready. We are also hoping for a response soon from them!

  23. Jason says:

    Not happy with this update, Phone goes into silent mode for no reason, Apps freeze and message notification doens’t work properly. wallpaper changes on re-boot, message keypad freezes then blinks between numbers and letters. I re-boot the phone on average 2 – 3 times per day when I used to do it once a week. VERY FRUSTRATING.

    • Jason says:

      After contacting Samsung and Telstra about this and both saying they are not aware of any such issues (three of my fellow S2 users have the same issues). They both suggested a factory reset of the phone and to disconnect and re-connect to samsung and google accounts. What a waste of time that was. I spent another hour re-organising the phone to only have the same issues. all the apps I previously had I now need to re-purchase because they didn’t come back with the backup.

    • Aaron says:

      I am having exactly the same problems – MAPServiceSamsung continually crashes, leaving me to need to reboot my phone. Text messages don’t make any sound at all anymore, no matter how much I change the settings with audio at full. Keypad randomly stops working, and I have only had it for <6 months!!!

  24. Mark says:

    Samsung Galaxy S II (3G Model).
    No sure how you can state the ICS update doesn’t affect the upgrade? The battery usage monitor suggest that most of the battery usage is Android OS iteself. Followed by Exchange services. My exchange service is set to retireve 15 min during the work day and 1 hour other times (Push is NOT set). After the upgrade, the battery flattens much much faster. I have checked all the settings I know but the battery is still draining. Any suggestions or help on this matter at all please. Battery llife on these phones is not the best but now it makes the phone impractical. I can’t even last a business day (8 hours). This is not practical.

    • Sunil says:

      Great point Mark, on your handset how much battery life is the Android OS taking up as a percentage?

      For me I have noticed it sits between 20-30%, but this was the same when I was running 2.3.6

    • Mark says:

      Hi Sunil,

      In answer to your question, my Android OS states 36% and Exchange Services is 21%. Yet, Email is only 4%. So, it may well be that the Exchange Services in the new ICS OS is killing battery life. How do we lodge a complaint? This is a Telstra phone. Is it to Telstra or Samsung. I cannot work like this for my phone. Today I wen to a meeting in the morning at 10am. My phone was at 100% charged. I came back at 2.30pm in the afternoon and the phone battery was at 27%. I hardly used the phone. Only to turn on silent. My Email is set to fetch emails at 15min intervals during hte business day. It used to last all day no problems. Something is seriously wrong. Where can I turn to? Can I revert back to the previous OS? If so, what steps please? Thanks Sunil.

    • Tony says:

      Mark – You could try this as it worked for me. After the upgrade I had the same problem as you with ‘Exchange Services’ eating my battery. I had a hotmail and corporate exchange account. Deleted both. Well, I thought I had but the hotmail account was still running and refused to be deleted. This did not matter as no more ‘Exchange Services’ and I was getting more than 2 days battery life. Yesterday I reinstalled the corporate account and surprise, everything still ok. I have Googled the ‘Exchange Services’ problem and lots of info about it but no real explanation as to what it does or why it goes haywire.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the info. I shall try this and let you know. It’s not the first time this sort of thing (not with this phone) that something has gone wrong after an upgrade! Much aprpeciate and I’ll update you on this. Great stuff.

  25. Steph says:


    I have exactly the same issue as Nikitas and Jay. At the time of the ice cream sandwhich update, I followed the instructions and thought I updated to 4.0 and found out it actually updated to 2.3.5. Now I do not have any update available through Kies or OTA.

    Any help?


    • Nikitas says:


      I already had 2.3.5 on my phone. I have now upgraded it via Kies to ICS and is ok apart from the fact that GPS no longer works. If you want my advice, leave it on 2.3.5. I personally prefer the usability and look of Gingerbread more than Ice Cream Sandwich.

  26. Mark says:

    Tony, You are correct. Removed account and added it back in again resoved the battery issue. It also resolved the syncing error that I think Clive had 9not sure though)?

    Anyone upgrading and notices a battery draining issue and has Exchange Services running, remove your account and add it back in again.

    Great stuff Tony. Thanks all.

  27. Wil says:

    Hi my phone says force close when i try to update and kies cant pick it up either…. still on 2.3.3 any help appreciated

    • Harald Takach says:

      WIL, do yourself a huge favour & do not upgrade….. it’s a massive downgrade nightmare that WILL stuff your phone

    • Richard says:

      So its now November.. when is the 4G version coming out that was supposed to be in June?????

  28. Andrea says:

    Initially after the ICS upgrade I could not sync to my Exchange emai account. But after deleting the mail account & adding it again, it seems to be working okay.

    However with ICS, I can no longer see my Exchange email subfolders (which had been working perfectly with Gingerbread.)

    I deleted the Exchange mail account & added it again, which allowed 6 of my subfolders to be visible, which is weird, because I have 50+ subfolders. But after a few hours, those 6 subfolders disappeared without explanation.

    Can you help with this? It’s a huge hinderance not to have access to email subfolders.

  29. Claude says:


    I’m having an issue with updating OTA, when I “Check for update” the phone tells me “Samsung Account already added in account manager” and then does nothing.

    I have tried to remove the Samsung account, but this is not possible.


  30. Ian says:

    Warning..ICS upgrade on SII is a seriously BAD move!

    The upgrade wipes ALL email accounts except gmail accounts (Samsung Help Desk have admitted this whilst teaching me how to get them back..which is long and slow)

    Battery life is now a joke. I have Samsung’s extended battery in mine and its life was good on Android 2.3. Now?
    Down to less than 50% in about 4 hours from fully charged ..very ugly!

    Battery usage shows ANDROID OS using 60%!

    The new keyboard setup (not the SWYPE one) is a joke.)
    You type a word in ..and its changes it! The software behind this also does NOT like people’s names nor recognise that fact. A simple message of a few lines can take you 15 mins to get it right!

    Most downloaded Apps are shunted off the system and you have to download or update them (who remembers all the apps on their phone and are able to check which ones are still there after the ICS upgrade?)

    The upgrade also clobbers all other settings (WiFi, Acount sync etc) and you have to go and re-set them. Have a bluetooth connection with your car or PC?..its GONE with this update.

    general opinion…Telstra should not have put this out.

    At present I am considering dumping the phone at my local telstra shop (where I got it from ) and say install Android 2.3 …coz ICS sure is not worth it

    • Justyn (Telstra Employee) says:

      I love ICS on my S2, been running it for a few months now (Cyanogenmod 9). Never had any issues with it. It is a lot nicer than GB.

      I did a full wipe on my S2 when going from GB to ICS and set it all up fresh again.

      Battery usage on ICS is better than GB on my S2 (I am running 4.0.4 however). I’ve never had an issue with the ICS keyboard at all, and prefer it than the GB one.

      I’m guessing rolling back to GB will mean you will have to setup everything again anyway?

  31. Davo says:

    My phone is less than 1 wek old, and I updated it a couple of days after purchase. Now I find that a lot of the Apps that I used will no linger work with ICS. graphics are not as sharp or vivid, screen lock is a joke, and numerous other issues.
    I want to roll back to 2.3.6 but cannot find a way to do this without rooting phone.
    Check the forums….there are a hell of a lot of dissatisfied people out there who have done the upgrade.
    TELSTRA…. what are you going to do about a rollback for us??????????????

    • Davo says:

      Just an update.
      Spoke to Samsung who’s only suggestion was a factory hard reset……well that did b…all, except I then had to reload everything; no improvement.
      Went to the Telstra shop today where I bought the phone. That was also a waste of time, as they say it is not their firmware additions that are the problem, but Samsung. There is nothing they can, or will do, about a rollback to GB.
      have sent another enquiry to Samsung about a rollback, but don’t expect anything positive from them.


  32. Stuart says:

    After updating to 4.0.3 wifi no longer works. Looks a general 4.0.3 issue that has been fixed in 4.0.4.

    Means I can only access email, websites and apps etc. with 3g.

    Any dates on when 4.0.04 will be released?

    • Stuart says:

      Just an update. My upgrade is working fine now.

      Due to a likely issue with a third party app with advice from Samsung i reset my phone back to the factory defaults. Prior to installing 4.0.3 I had very few apps installed. I did remove the battery before resetting to the factory default.

      The firmware update and upgrade to ICS took quite a while but seemed to all happen OK.

      The only issue I had was that wifi wouldn’t work. After a bit of research, I found that I needed to go to wifi and select my network and then select “forget”. I then needed to turn off the phone, remove the battery, press the volume button (battery still out) to discharge any current still in the phone. Restart the phone and then enter my password in again. This did the trick.

      ICS seems to be working fine for me. Battery life appears to be better.

      It appears that the factory rest is important and that you need to make sure the battery is out first.

      Hope this helps others.

  33. Sam says:

    ICS has caused so many problems with my hotmail account.Firstly it no longer deletes emails from my hotmail account even if I delete them from the email application. Also I can’t seem to reply to hotmail messages without receiving an unable to deliver message error. I hope they fix this soon.

  34. Moira says:

    Not very tech-savvy – updated the latest software release on Friday, I now cannot upload photos to facebook as well as not being able to send photos via email or text. Any ideas to help me please? It just gives me the options to share via Allshare or Picasa and to send via WIFI direct.


    • kane says:

      Yeah this was definately a step backwards. A pretty basic function but one i’d imagine many people would use frequently. I ended up downloading a free app called 3D gallery from the Play Store which has most of the options of the previous gallery app in 2.3.6.

  35. Ian says:

    …and just to add insult to injury (and a follow up on my previous post) The ICS update on my Samsung SII also split up all of my contact details.

    Have one contact with email, a work phone, a home phone and a mobile number stored in your contacts?..
    The ICS upgrade makes that now FOUR separate contacts.
    I had maybe 200 contacts before the upgrade… I now have over 800!

    and that is just plain ridiculous……

  36. rose says:

    Hi,I have a galaxy S2 bought from hong kong. I am on telstra but cannot get the update by checking for updates as my phone is not a Telstra phone. I have tried Kies on my Mac, it does`t work. Also tried it on a PC same thing happens. I have tried the Global Download Centre and can`t get past the enter your device no. Is Telstra going to allow a non Telstra purchased phone to upgrade? Thanks so much for any help…

  37. AngryUser says:

    DO NOT UPGRADE… my battery life has gone from around 15-20hrs on standby to less than 1!! NOT HAPPY :(

  38. Krish says:

    I am not happy with the upgrade.
    Battery life has gone to the dogs….50% of my battery being eaten by the OS. Some features have been removed, why would access to contacts from the phone appl be removed? That’s just regressive.
    Many apps keep crashing.
    Please advise if I can go back to 2.3.6?

  39. Andrea says:

    Does anyone know how to view Exchange subfolders with ICS? This was a cinch with Gingerbread, but looks like ICS doesn’t support subfolders??

    • Ian says:

      …now that I do know! (coz Samsung HELP desk sure does I had to suss it out myself)

      go to Email…tap the box at the TOP and it will give you a list of your mail accounts- one of which will be your Exchange mail account. Tap on (select) your exchange mail account and now make sure that its name is now in the box at the top of your email screen. Then tap the Menu selection (bottom LH of the screen) and another box pops up..tap FOLDERS and you then get a list of Exchange mail subfolders to select from… very easy or intuitive NOT I have to say.

      Andrea hope that helps…

    • Unfinkable says:

      It’s not as easy but in email view just press bottom right button and ‘Folders’ is one of the options.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Ian & Unfinkable for the tips. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. When I first upgraded to ICS I could see 3 (of my 50+ subfolders) in the folders list. Then they disappeared, and now I see none :(

      I have deleted the email settings, and created it from scratch. But still no email subfolders….?!

  40. Ian says:

    another report on this disaster…and No Samsung have no answer to this AT PRESENT they say.

    Unless I turn the phone off, the battery discharges quicker than it can be charged. And why ? Samsung have NO IDEA why Android ICS is consuming so much battery power. Battery usage when added up is well over 100% and thats going to be pretty obvious when ICS is consuming 90%.

    the suggestions so far …re-boot (did that, nothing changed) or turn off your phone when recharging (like what? ..turn off the phone for 4 or 5 hours a day to recharge it!)

    If anyone has a good idea about how to keep a Galaxy SII running after this recommended update from Telstra…please publish it here :)

    • Andrea says:

      Initially when I upgraded to ICS the phone was literally running hot, and the battery life was going down at a great rate of knots. I turned the phone off & popped the battery out. When I reinserted the battery & turned the phone again, it was running fine. And since then, the battery life has been significantly better than Gingerbread.1

  41. Unfinkable says:

    this update is a real problem. Got 6 S2′s for management team at work. Three updated, three haven’t. Everyone that updated is having trouble with email, calenders etc through exchange. although it varies a bit what this issues are. Also battery life shortened. Have tried resetting APN’s – no luck. I’ll try deleting and reinstalling exchange accounts today.

    Bloody disgraceful Telstra

  42. Dave K says:

    I updated my work phone and now the exchange server email does not work as well as various other glitches. Out IT department has said not to update as Telstra and Samsung can’t fix the problems the update bring with it.
    Phone is now useless it only makes and recieves calls and that’s it. It’s no better than a $20 handset bought from a supermarket……..

  43. Peter Mc says:

    have installed Telstra version of ICS 4.0.3

    Bluetooth will now not work with VW in-car connection, worked fine with ICS 2.3.3 and ceased to work immediately on install of 4.0.3

    I dumped iPhone as it did not work with VW bluetooth (a primary need for me). Apple do not provide for all bluetooth protocols, at least ICS 2.3.3 did.

    cannot dump pair or re-pair.

    Please provide rollback instructions to get rid of Telstra ICS 4.0.3 – or at least a vanilla version of 4.0.3 that Telstra has not modified.

  44. Davo says:

    Just be thankful you cannot upgrade, as you would surely regret it. Read all the adverse comments on ICS/

  45. Harald Takach says:

    DO NOT UPGRADE. 4.0.3 (ICS I believe) loaded Thursday 17 may. The internet is now a nightmare to navigate, unable to go to other pages in a site & get error message NOT ENOUGH REACH, whatever that is. The touch screen mostly not respond to touch even when the item touched lights up. Sometimes it just locks up & have to return to home screen & try again (mostly many times). All my internet icons (short cuts) have disappeared & only option offered is save in favourites, but not saved anywhere & only one folder offered, which not seem to exist. Video cams in surf site no longer load. Telstra of no help whatever & Samsung refer me back to Telstra. I phone looking better every minute.

  46. adrian says:

    curious as to whether ICS will fix my problems with getting my arrows (3g) working, (yes i do have a plan where i am capable of browsing 3g) 2gb per month, though since i have purchsed the phone i have been unable to recieve 3g? will ICS help?

    • Ian says:

      re no 3G access…just check your phone settiings
      and ensure your network is not set to Telstra 2G (yes it happens!)

  47. Scott Magain says:

    Sunil – you seem to be quite interested in achieving success in resolving the matters that have been discussed above. Therefore I am addressing you primarily, however for the benefit of others, I hope this information helps resolve some of the issues people have been having.

    I too had problems since upgrading to 4.0.3 ICS, however I’m gradually working through them one at a time.

    On the topic of battery life, I have managed to get my battery life back to normal using a much simpler method than most have described above. I allowed the battery to drain nearly completely before giving it a full charge overnight with the phone powered off. That seems to have done the trick – I liken it to when I first got my phone and having to leave it charge overnight with the phone powered off. Therefore, for others who might be experiencing issues with the battery life not seeming to be anywhere close to standard, try letting it drain to around 2-3% battery charge and then remove the battery for a few seconds, put it back in and charge it overnight before turning it back on – see how that goes.

    Although not mentioned above, I’ve been having issues of my phone rebooting randomly every ~30sec. After trying all sorts of suggestions, I have managed to pinpoint it down to apps that I’ve moved across to the SD card. Once I removed the SD card, the phone behaved as expected and it doesn’t reboot anymore. The only downside to this is that I am now faced with the prospect of installing all of the apps again (rather painful considering I have a few hundred apps installed).

    So, although the ICS upgrade has caused many headaches for many people, I believe the issues are not yet fully understood by either Telstra or Samsung and therefore they have not yet managed to fix them.

    Since upgrading to ICS, I’ve also been having issues with restoring my backed up content. I manually backed up the music/photos/videos that I had on my phone and backed up the rest (to avoid it taking an unnecessarily long time as Samsung Kies is a sluggish P.O.S.), however I cannot even successfully restore my backed up content. I’m hoping to restore all of the settings that seem to have been wiped such as the app icon organisation (icons in folders, layout of widgets on the homescreen, etc).

    It is disappointing that I now need to go through and re-sort all of these, painfully and manually.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the problems the ICS update has caused me, however I am keen to try and work with whoever is willing to help resolve them. With a background in mobile phones for many years, I hope I can contribute useful information to be able to confidently say that I am happy with the ICS upgrade.

    • Sunil says:

      Scott, these tips are fantastic.

      I appreciate you taking the time to give this feedback. I have noticed my battery life and a colleague’s has significantly improved after more use. It seems that after the ICS upgrade the battery takes a little while to get better. I have passed your comment on to the appropriate team within Telstra.

      Thanks again.

  48. Mark Stewart says:

    I have the S2 4G model and was quietly waiting in anticipation for the ICS upgrade to come in the next couple of months or so but seeing the amount of complaints about the poor hack job that Telstra and Samsung have put together I’d be not so inclined to upgrade (see: downgrade) the phone to ICS.

    It seems that Telstra has not been testing the upgrades prior to release, as they have claimed, but rather sitting on their hands and doing nothing. Why am I not surprised?

    This is just another disappointment to the ever increasing level of incompetence I’m seeing in many industries. Clearly there is no disincentive to performing badly. If some heads of Telstra bother to read these posts, I’d strongly recommend doing something about your staff. Clearly they are not up to the task of doing their job and should be shown the door.

    In the future you should supply said updates to your customers to test to verify its authenticity and performance rather than the poor efforts we have seen from your own testing in-house.

    We are very disappointed.

  49. riss says:

    I’ve had nothing but problems with this phone since I upgraded to ics. I’ve lost contact information, my favourites list only shows so many but there is def contacts that are tagged favourites but don’t show up, some of my apps don’t work properly, it completely reorganised my phone settings and some of them i can’t seem to get back tho I’m assuming some could just be differences between ics and gb., my battery life is even worse than before. I had to buy an extended battery before as i was getting less than a day out of it but the bigger battery had given me a whole day. Now I’m back to recharging during the day. on the plus side myphone is no longer dropping calls :-) i wish i didn’t upgrade it now, tho i can’t wait until the s3 comes out here. I hope it’s better

  50. kane says:

    My two cents worth- Do NOT perform the upgrade. I haven’t noticed battery issues, for me the battery life as always been poor on this phone but you live with it because its a good phone otherwise. Since upgrading to ICS i’ve found i can’t download email attachments, there’s lost functionality in the stock gallery app, I used to be able to click on a phone number in the web browser and it’d add it to the phone app ready to call but this no longer happens, the screen locks up sometimes, bluetooth doesn’t always automatically pair with my carkit now whereas before it worked perfectly, and programs run slower and take longer to open.

    a roll back option to 2.3.6 would have been good.

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