17 Apr 2012
By Glenn Hamilton

MOG powered by Telstra – A massive deal for music lovers


June 2012 update: MOG is now available! Find out more.

Today Telstra announced a deal that is close to my heart and is set to revolutionise the way Australians will listen to music.

Telstra announced that Aussies will soon have unlimited, on-demand access to more than 15 million songs, streamed to their mobile, tablet, computer or certain Smart TVs because of an exclusive partnership we signed with subscription music service, MOG.

‘MOG powered by Telstra’ is a massive deal for music lovers like me.

MOG iPhone home screen
The ability to stream ad-free, unlimited music on connected devices for less than the price of a CD each month means the days of storing CDs or deciding what playlists to load onto your devices are coming to an end. With 15 million songs at your fingertips, you think of it, and there it is.

Music streaming is something that works best on a strong network so Telstra customers are going to have a great user experience and get all the streaming and downloading unmetered, meaning there won’t be any additional data charges from listening to music through MOG.

I have been using MOG for the past 6 months and it has completely changed the way I consume music. Since using it I have notice three things:

  1. I have a room full of records and CD’s and a hard drive full of music that I haven’t touched since I got MOG on my phone
  2. I’m listening to more music than I have in years – and I listen to A LOT of music!
  3. I am discovering exciting new artists every day without the need to trawl music blogs, magazines and podcasts. Something I just don’t have time for these days.

This is because MOG makes it so easy to find the music you love and more importantly recommends new albums to you every day based on your listening habits. It’s the digital equivalent of walking into the old record store where the guy behind the counter knows your tastes and suggests a few new albums to you.

The service does this in a number of ways:

  • On-demand streaming: Unlimited, ad-free listening to any artist, album, or song at any time. MOG’s HTML5, browser-based player delivers music to you blazingly fast on the web.
  • Unlimited downloads: MOG allows users to download and store music on your phone, enabling access to music even when a data connection is unavailable – ideal for jetsetters.
  • MOG radio: Best-in-class, personal radio that builds a  an endless playlist based on the artist you select.  If you want more variety, just move the slider to the right to introduce similar artists to the playlist.
  • Personalised recommendations: The “Just for you” dashboard provides music recommendations based on your MOG listening habits and your artist “likes” on Facebook.
  • Highest quality audio: MOG streams music at 320kbps, giving customers a high quality listening experience.
  • Curated content: Explore all MOG has to offer through its complete guide. From New Releases, Editor’s Picks, top Charts, Featured Playlists, and Custom Radio in addition to your own, tagged songs from within the MOG music service, you will find exactly what they’re looking for (and more).

The service will be available to all Australians in the coming months regardless of network. I can’t wait for you to experience MOG and fall in love with it like I have.

For more information about MOG and Telstra, visit

So tell us what you think of the new MOG service?


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  1. smadge1 says:

    Will we be able to access this on the T-Box as part of the Connected Home campaign?

    • Not at launch, but it is part of our roadmap. We want Australian’s to be able to enjoy MOG on as many devices as possible and Tesltra devices are a key part of that.

  2. Brent says:

    VERY, VERY KEEN for this. I currently use Microsofts Zune service on my windows phone, but this sounds like it could be better, no?

  3. Tom (Telstra Employee) says:

    This is pretty exciting news. I look forward to giving it a go. Do we know if this will be unmetered content for BigPond and Telstra Mobile customers?

    • Brendan - [Your Community Manager] says:

      Hi Tom, I just asked and… Yes the content will be unmetered for Telstra customers.

  4. Matti says:

    Want! Very cool

  5. Sounds great. Can’t wait to try it out!!

  6. Gregory Opera says:

    Being un-metered is intriguing, but I’m already a heavy user of Sony’s “Music Unlimited”, which is natively supported by most of the entertainment, productivity and gaming devices in my household.

    In saying this, if the price is right, I may consider subscribing to “MOG” as a secondary service, to run alongside Music Unlimited (particularly when I’m using mobile data)…

    At this stage, Music Unlimited costs AU$12.99/month – what is “MOG” going to cost in comparison to this?

    • Michael says:

      MOG prices in the USA currently stand at $4.99 USD per month for unlimited streaming no ads or $9.99 USD per month with unlimited streaming with mobile support

  7. GCeane1982 (Telstra Employee) says:

    Would be great if Telstra supported Microsoft Zune Pass on WP7 Devices which is already built into the handsets, just needs Unmetered charges and subscription fees billable onto the Telstra account

  8. Dave (Telstra Employee) says:

    This is awesome!

  9. John says:

    This will be a nice addition to the offers provided by Telstra, my only concern is that it is an added cost that many will simply be unable to afford to enjoy this service.

    A better solution would be if Telstra could follow what iiNet and other ISP’s have been providing for many years FREE, and that is online radio access.

    I am guessing now that with the soon to release MOG that Telstra has no intentions of providing online radio free as Telstra typically wants to charge for everything it provides, i.e. there is a cost to access and use MOG each month, whilst online radio is provided FREE by the other ISPs.


  10. This sounds very similar to Rhapsody which we subscribe to from the US and play via Sonos. The downside of Rhapsody is its US focus, we miss out on many of the Australian artists who are not on. Will I be able to connect to international radio stations via this? BBC Radio 6 is a favourite as it plays a lot of the emerging artists in the UK. Sounds very exciting – if you need another trialist, please get in touch! ;-)

  11. Lok says:

    Do we have a launch date yet? I’m itching to use this. I’ve already got an rdio account, but the unmetered usage would make me switch in an instant!

    Since when did Telstra get so progressive? This is a great move. Very happy I changed my mobile and Internet to Telstra now (apart from it being great quality on its own, 100mbps Cable!!!).

    PS – To those using Sony’s “Music Unlimited”, give this a try when it is realeased. I’ve been using rdio, which is much better than Sony’s product, and MOG is meant to be even better! Better than rdio or Spotify or Rhapsody (I’m not even including the JB HiFi offering, which is utter rubbish).

  12. Raymie says:

    Any idea on a release date yet? I cannot wait to start using this!

  13. Stephen says:

    Does this cover all genre’s of music? Or is it just limited to rock/pop/top40..?

  14. Ian says:

    How much? I am a Telstra customer.

  15. Peter says:

    I am currently using Spotify for around $12 per month
    It allows you to use on 3 devices eg desktop/tablet/phone.
    Will Mog be similar?

    • Hi Peter. You can get the MOG app at on their computer, or apple and android smartphones, compatible digital music players, tablets and wireless HiFi systems. Mog is $6.99 per month for the PC-based service, or $11.99 per month for mobile devices, MOG delivers 24/7 ad-free music listening. Hope this helps. Brendan

  16. Raymie (Employee) says:

    Signed up for this as soon as it came out today.

    $11.95 a month for Telstra customers for the Mobile version.

    I am amazed at the amount of obscure and hard to find tracks that MOG has in their library, this is an amazing service!

  17. Lok says:


  18. Rich says:

    Now that it has been released any timeframe for Tbox support? I’d rather not have to buy an ATV3 since I already have a Tbox!

  19. Malcolm says:

    How long can you keep the downloads on your device? Also is it just GenX/Y music or is there a wide variety of classical, folk, world, opera, 50′s/60′s and the like as well? Thanks

    • Hi Malcolm. The downloads will stay on your device as long as you are a subscriber of MOG and 16 million songs means there is a lot of music, all genres. You can search music by genre, album, artist or song. There is a 14 day trial so you can have a play. I’m listening right now to some 80′s stuff I forgot I loved.

  20. PeterM says:

    So with unmetered, just to clarify, This is unmetered on ALL telstra services?? For example:

    While on my Telstra Next G mobile phone i can listen to a playlist.
    When i get home i can go on my PC which uses a 4G prepaid stick and listen to/download a couple of cd for offline listening.
    When im at my parents house (connected to Telstra ADSL2) i can login and play my playlists on their pc too

    All this is not counted to monthly download limits?? Where’s the catch? ;)

  21. Mossy says:

    Is there a linux desktop client on the cards? I use Spotify purely because it supports linux and not just MS/Apple.

  22. DJG says:

    This program is amazing. There is a huge amount of content and I’m excited about its development. Will definitely be subscriber! There are some early identified issues however:

    1. Favourited artists opened in the iphone app have no results populated in the albums and songs tabs (unlike the populated data in the web and pc app.
    2. “Featured playlists” is not visible in the web and PC app, but are on the iphone version.
    3. The My Playlists tab on the left column gives only 5 playlists options before becoming a small scrolling box. Most music lovers will have at least 20-30 playlists. This box should spread to fill the height that the window is set to and then become a scrollbox when it reaches this limit.
    4. When opening “My favourites” on the web and pc version of mog, the artists are displayed in the order they were selected, not in a more logical order such as alphabetical (as they appear on the iphone version)

    • Hi DJC,

      Thanks for the great feedback and really glad to hear you are loving MOG and discovering music again.

      1. MOG lets you ‘favourite’ an artist, track, album or playlist. Adding a track by say, The Temper Trap only adds that track to your favourites list, not the Artist as a whole. All this favouriting influences what music MOG recommends to you. So the more specific you are the better. It looks like you may have added just added artists, not any albums or tracks. Let me know if this isnt the case.

      2. This is being worked on at the moment. There are thousands of playlists being populated from the USA service which you will start seeing appear in your search results shortly.

      3. I have passed this on to MOG to consider. In the meantime try collapsing the BROWSE menu to give your playlists more room.

      4. I have also passed this on the MOG team to fix.

      The team at MOG are constantly adding new features and apps – feel free to reach out to if you have feedback or reply here and I will keep checking back.


  23. John says:

    I’ve just subscribed to MOG, and it appears too good to be true. Fantastic service, thanks.

    Just touching on a comment from above – I have a Telstra3G iPhone; when you say “Logged in to your account when you are a subscriber” are you referring to logged into MOG?

    I’m hooked up with the MOG App, and of course have “Logged in” so I can use the service, is there a way I can be sure that I’m ‘unmetered’?

    Don’t want a nasty bill from Telstra on top of my $12/month MOG.

    Unmetered access was the deciding factor for me in signing up with MOG ahead of Spotify and Rdio… I shall be sure to tell my friends to check MOG out.

    Thanks Telstra! (I don’t say that very often). ;-)

  24. Gregory Opera says:

    “Mog is $6.99 per month for the PC-based service, or $11.99 per month for mobile devices, MOG delivers 24/7 ad-free music listening. Hope this helps. Brendan”

    So does this mean that I still have to pay for the PC version, even if I have subscribed to Mog on my smartphone?

  25. Troy says:

    When it says unmetered, does it means I have to log in as a Telstra username?

  26. John says:

    I understand that when I visit the MOG website on my iPhone (using BigPond 3G) I get the green “unmetered” dot.

    Can anyone confirm that when I’m using the official MOG app on the same iPhone, that my streaming over my 3G is also unmetered?!

    Doesnt appear to be any facility to show the green dot on the app.

    Thanks in advance!

  27. Kim says:

    Will this service be unmetered for my telstra pre paid IPhone? Don’t want to sign up to find out I can’t get the full benifits of the program.

  28. Gregory Opera says:


    I trialled MOG, but quickly canceled due to the fact that not only does the service claim that Opera 12.01 is not a “modern browser” (which in fact it is, usually offering the latest and greatest long before competing browsers!), but it outright blocks Opera, claiming it is not compatible (which it is!)…

    Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to support out-dated browsers (in the case of Windows Internet Explorer), but Opera cannot be supported?

    I should point however, that although I’m no longer interested due to the reasons outlined above, my wife is sold and thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!

    She’s actually wondering when MOG will be available on our T-Box… If anyone at Telstra can answer this question?

  29. Golenn says:

    I might be a bit late to the party but I am a MOG premium subscriber and am awaiting the arrival of my Lumia 920. As I understand at the moment there is no MOG Windows phone application. Looking on the feedback page, there are a few requests for it but no comments from MOG. Do you think we will be able to get a Windows Phone app? I am hoping yes, particularly with Glenn’s comment about “on as many devices as possible” (19 Apr 2012 at 5:42 pm)


  30. Darren says:

    Is it likely in the short term that i will be able to stream MOG to my tbox?? I would love to be able to stream the ipod app to my tbox rather than having to swap the tbox for an apple tv. Also is there anyway to get the pc player to play on the tbox??

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Hi Darren – this isn’t possible at the moment, but I know the T-Box team are working on all sorts of new features, so who knows – we might see it soon…. I think it’s a great idea!

  31. Lok says:

    MOG on T-Box might convince me to buy one.

    But I think the limitation is with MOG itself. They don’t have a public API for developers to hook into.

    How about making the T-Box an AirPlay receiver? That way MOG could be streamed from any iDevice (and I think Android apps are slowly adding support too). Even just AirPlay audio would be enough (because you probably don’t want to give people the ability to stream movies they bought on iTunes right?). There is some other standard being adopted by Android device makers too (I forget the name).

  32. Gregory Opera says:

    Of course if the T-Box ran Android (aka. “Google TV”), it would natively support MOG “out-of-the-box”…

    Might be an idea for the T-Box successor?

  33. Darren says:

    Mog on tbox or even just airplay on tbox would top it off for me, i like mine and the ability to stream mog to it is all i need now….hint, hint

  34. Madison says:

    Hi I am a mobile business customer, is the MOG Service still unmetered on my hotspot 4g wireless and iPhone 5 both on business plans ?? I have had several different answers from telstra now

    • Gigi [Telstra Staff] says:

      Hi Madison,

      Good question. We’ve got a dedicated customer service team who will be able to clear this up for you once and for all. You can contact them via Facebook or LiveChat on the above links or on Twitter with @Telstra.

  35. moises says:

    How long is the subscription? … Can I cancel it with out charge?

    • Raymie says:

      It is a month by month subscription so you are not locked in and yes you can cancel without charge.

    • Hi Moises,

      There is a 14 day free trial which automatically rolls in to a monthly subscription that auto renews.

      you are not locked into any contracts so can cancel at anytime and when that months subscription ends you will stop being charged.

      you can also cancel during the free trial and not be charged anything.


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