14 Mar 2012
By Dan Michael

HTC Velocity 4G gets an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade


Just a quick note to advise that this week we’re introducing the latest Google Android™ operating system to one of our best-selling smartphones the HTC Velocity 4G.

control-over-network-data-blog-inpostThe new operating system, called Android 4.0, unleashes some great new features including Face Unlock and Wi-Fi Direct.

To keep track of your data usage Android 4.0 adds new controls for managing network data usage as well.

The update also brings Sense 3.6 which introduces:

  • Rich HTC widgets and camera improvements
  • Calendar app with additional feeds from weather, Facebook and tasks
  • More powerful browsing, including:
  • Text reflow (text is automatically wrapped on a webpage to any zoom level)
  • Phone number detection in web pages making it easier to initiate calls
  • Geo data (i.e. addresses, locations) detection in web pages making it easier to navigate
  • Smooth scrolling/panning/zooming

How to upgrade

Over the air:

Because it is a large update (210 MB), we strongly recommend customers use a home Wi-Fi connection. If you download via a mobile network while you are on international roaming then international data charges will apply and this is not recommended.

If they haven’t already received an update notification, customers should receive one in the coming days.

To manually request the update they can go to: Menu>Settings>About Phone>Software updates>Check now

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  1. Haider says:

    Good news for Velocity customers.
    Any idea when HTC Sensation customers are getting the ICS upgrade ?


  2. Gwynn Compton (Telstra employee) says:

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

    Welcome to the glory of Ice Cream Sandwich Velocity folks!

  3. Nemo says:

    Great news!!! what about the best smartphone on earth – Samsung Galaxy S2?

  4. Peter says:

    awesome just got awesomer!! :)

  5. tway says:

    Hi All,
    Does anyone have a problem with their Velocity turning off by itself? usually happens to me overnight, 3-4 times a week. Telstra said i have to return it for it to be assessed but i dont want to be with a phone for over week. I hope this wont be an issue with ICS.

  6. Steve says:

    Hi All,
    I installed the update and have had reception problems since then. I have noticed an increase in 4G reception when closer to the city(Melbourne) but a decrease in 3G reception when approximately 20 kms from the city.

    Reception was good for 3G and bad for 4G before but the tables have turned since the update

  7. kelly says:

    My contacts in my message widget don’t come up, just their numbers. Turning off background data has become a task as there is no single button forit. It reset my notification tones… Not impressed with this update

  8. Steve says:

    Purchased the HTC Velocity 4G and the phone paired and work perfectly with the Holden’s bluetooth car device, including hands free voice activation dialling. A must feature for my phone use.
    Then this week upgraded from gingerbread to ICS.
    No problems with the upgrade process however, with the upgrade ICS doesn’t support voice calling activation through the phone or the car’s bluetooth. Unsafe and costly for car use.
    My disappointment with this feature lacking in ICS is confirmed within the various forums. What’s more frustrating is the lack of information / advice from the ICS team to a fix for this obvious oversight regarding voice activation dialling.
    I do like the phone and hope a patch is not far away.

    • daryl says:

      i have had similar issues with my bluetooth not pairing now with my head deck in my XR6 ute after the update. i am constantly driving and need to make calls and cannot afford to pull over everytime i need to make a call. i have just went on a 24mnth plan and on an unlimited cap plan that has now become useless. my other issue is with the WIFI consistantly turning itself on after i have selected it to off. Please recorrect this bluetooth not being able to pair issue immediately. If it helps what i believe it to be narrowed down to is the cd player head deck being unable to see the 4g velocity handset. even after i make it visable, bluetooth on .. the works. I previously worked fine, and now i have been left in the lurch with a rather expensive phone im not using.

    • Steve Lisk says:

      Voice dialer and bluetooth in the car now working fine since the last update was released mid July.

  9. Ben says:

    So how do you turn off background data with the new upgrade?? As it wastes my battery life!!

  10. Kevin says:

    If only I could get the phone to connect to my home wireless.
    This upgrade is not being handle well by Telstra. They are assuming everyone has home wireless to avoid download amount being debited to data limits.
    I bought the phone 2 days ago so why didn’t the Telstra dealer upgrade it before I took the phone home?
    If anyone can help me connect my Velocity 4g to a Billion 7404 modem it would be appreciated.

  11. khaled says:

    I bought this phone 3 days ago. Very.disappointed with voice dialling. It can almost never understand you. The iPhone 4 (previous phone) was almost perfect at voice dialling. Then did an update last night only to find that Bluetooth voice dialling now is non functional. I use a Motorola t505 which has a talk button that when pressed, used to enable Bluetooth voice dialling. After the upgrade, it just beeps and no voice dialling works at all via this device. I haven’t tried other Bluetooth devices but expect the same issue. I wonder if any form of regression resting was performed before release. I use my phone all day and now can’t use whilst driving go fear of a infringement or worse an accident.

  12. Nic says:

    Hi Steve & Khaled, I too am experiencing the same issue with my hands free Bluetooth dialing in my car. The feature work perfectly prior to ICS upgrade and now have spent many hours and $$ trying to find a solution…alas I cannot but am rested knowing that others are also experiencing the same.

    Android please find a solution SOON!!!

  13. JonS says:

    Having the same problem. Will take it into Telstra this week. Very disappointed as my previous HTC was great. May need to go back to an iPhone :(

  14. Sam D says:

    I have found a few issues with HTC Velocity after the Android 4 upgrade. The biggest one I have is that of a night time, I like turn off my mobile network (Internet) to prevent late night notifications waking me up but somehow it automatically switches itself back on. Anyone know how to stop it from ocurring? Because of this, I cannot take my phone overseas otherwise I will be charged for international roaming data costs which is so expensive. Other issue I have found it that the phone runs slower than what it did before the upgrade and the mobile data and reception is also lacking. Other than that, I am happy with everything else this phone offers.

  15. Fred says:

    Telstra – what a disgrace. After upgrading the velocity 4g to ICS I have had quite a few problems. I’m giving it one month and no more until an update comes out to the phone to fix all problems (including weaker reception for both 4g and 3g, voice dialling, Bluetooth issues, constant upgrading and optimising each time the phone is restarted and glitches with the OS whilst using it day to day). I will be going straight to my friends at ACA on CH9 (Melbourne) and to the Ombudsman with a full blown, media-entrenched discussion about the upgrade to ICS with no roll-back feature and unanswered issues. Thank you

    • Brendan - [Your Community Manager] says:

      Hi Fred, We recently identified an issue that is causing some customers to see reduced coverage indication on their handset. We are currently working with HTC on a software update which we expect to be available in 3-4 weeks. Can you pls send us a message about the other issues you are seeing so that we can investigate? Thanks, Brendan

  16. Peter W says:

    I am having problems since the OS update. Noticed a distinct drop in reception as well as issue with phone not recognising the headset (phones) when they are connected. It will continue to play through the speakers on the phone Phone is currently doing an update hopefully this will fix it. How can Telstra allow updates to be released when there are obvious problems associated with the update?? Surely they are tested before release???? The problems started to make themselves apparent IMMEDIATELY after the update. Come on Telstra make sure the thing is running properly before release. What are you going to do to rectify this mess?

  17. Paul D says:

    I am having the same problems as Fred stated in his comment with my Velocity. Also having problems with the WiFi turning on automatically and it is wasting my battery, not even getting 8 hours out of the battery from fully charged due to the ICS update. All these problems started after the ICS update. Not good enough Telstra. I have only just started a new 2 year plan with this phone. Why should I be paying for something that does not work effectively? If there is no update soon to fix this mess I shall be talking to the Ombudsman as well.
    This is the third problem I have had in the past few months with Telstra the other two being with the land line being cut and taking over a week to fix and then when reconnected you could not hear the other person on the line due to a very loud hum which took yet another week to fix. Last chance before I change providers Telstra!!!!

  18. Evan Daws says:

    Just upgraded to the new and ‘improved’ android 4.0.3 and it is terrible. When I dial in the phone section the screen just freezes on each number input, and brings up the contact about 10 seconds later.

  19. scott says:

    just bought a 2nd hand velocity 4g and seems to work ok. but i keep getting sms messages from ’50′ telling me where i am located. for example it comes up with ‘Hobart’ and nothing else. but it does this constantly and is really annoying as my phone notifications keep going off. any idea what this problem is?

  20. Grey McNeil says:

    My velocity has fallen over since update, no pdf, widgets have disapeared, home screen is all over the place wifi turns itself on, NOT a good improvment, HTC has told me to do a factory reset until they fix the problems with updates!!

  21. vanessa says:

    Am having same issue with phone turning itself off by itself. Haven’t installed icecream sandwich yet but my HTC velocity is driving me crazy. If it keeps waking me up in the middle of the night I will smash it! Am sooo tired!

  22. Michael D says:

    i Agree with Fred, june 2, this is a disgrace!!!!!!, as a phone the velocity works fine with ICS, as a smartphone, specifically a music player – it just doesent work. As soon as i download music, it goes into a fit and keeps looping back to the white HTC screen and thats just when i go into settings to change, say the display time out… come on what is happening here??

    i have removed the music app from the phone and installed an android market one [poweramp] but to no avail. this sucks.
    DO NOT UPGRADE to ICS if you want to listen to music. I have been back to the teslta shop[phone is a about a month old] and whilst they are sympathetic, they cannot slove the problem, suggesting it is a Telstra soft ware issue.
    Well come on TELSTRA get on to it. I am paying for a product that does not fulfil its function- surely this is a consumer rights issue !!!!!
    i have reset this phone to factory settings so many times i could do it my sleep.

    and Vanessa 3 Aug 2012, DONT DO IT…

  23. Sam says:

    After the recent update, the issue I had with mobile data turning itself on has been resolved however I still have mobile reception issue. It still lags quite a fair bit.Telstra… Works better in more places?? I don’t think so. My mate is with Optus and gets better reception than me. Mobile internet connection drops in and out and I don’t always get 4G connection when in a 4G zone such as Melbourne CBD. C’mon Telstra, get it sorted… I don’t want to have to switch provider.

    • PeterW says:

      I have noticed the same issue with the reception on my phone. At home on a Nokia 6720 Classic get full reception a all times but with HTC Velocity reception varies between full to nothing & that is without moving anywhere. I believe that the issue comes from the fact that the phone has a number of bands to select between to get the stongest signal (in my home location). It is attempting 4g but cannot get that so then tries 3g then 2g etc. Just the phone I think – not Telstra Blue tick rated so is not that good in any situation where the reception is not that good

  24. Pete says:

    Where can I get the OS upgrade by dld’ing it on my PC?
    The Velocity is purely for testing downscaled web related data. (a gift).
    Is it completely stable yet?

  25. Sam says:

    Constant network issues. Phone always shows no service or us very low. As previously mentioned… Will be switching networks when contract is up as it would seem Telstra are not willing to provide any additional updates for HTC velocity.

  26. Uzair says:

    Can Any One Tell Me The Camera Settings FOr Velocity 4g ! It Takes Picture In Dark Little Yellowish Pic ! Can ANyone Help Me ! Please Tell Me Camera Settings! I Am From Pakistan :) ! Thanks

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