16 Dec 2011
By Angela Boundy

This Christmas heaven is a place called NetSafe


In February I was given the unique opportunity to take up a 14 week secondment at NetSafe New Zealand. You’ve probably never heard of NetSafe, but to a cyber-safety nerd like me I was in heaven! NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation (NPO) and world renowned for their cyber-safety and security awareness creativity and advice. They do some very cool things like NetSafe’s Scam Machine.

I’ve always worked in the corporate world so it was surreal to be working in a NPO environment and in a small team of eight people. As the only Australian there was a lot of banter which helped break the ice – especially as the team was made up of people from NZ, Scotland, England and America.

NetSafe’s cyber-safety practitioners have expertise in various cyber-safety areas (including research, education, security and subject matter expertise) and provide advice and develop resources on a range of cyber-safety and security issues. It was a fantastic learning and sharing experience for me and enabled me to bring back many great ideas for Telstra. Since returning in May I’ve continued to keep an eye on what this clever group of people come up with.

Their latest cyber-safety and security initiative is something I think is worth sharing. With Christmas nearly here, NetSafe has well and truly got into the festive spirit and developed a cyber safety Advent Calendar for the run up to the big day. It offers timely reminders for people of all ages to keep themselves, and those around them, safe online over the silly season.

I think it’s great and recommend you take the time to check out NetSafe’s Advent Calendar.

You can discover other useful information on how to stay safe from Telstra’s Internet and Cyber-Safety website.


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