14 Dec 2011
By Mike Taylor

New seniors’ phone launches just in time for Christmas


The “silver haired” march towards taming the ever growing advances of technology has influenced Telstra in enhancing the qualities of its reinvented EasyTouch® Discovery 3.

Telstra’s EasyTouch® Discovery 3This pocket sized dynamo gives me the dexterity to manipulate its big bold lettered keypad with the artistry of a concert pianist.

It provides a simplified, new colour coded menu with a help file that explains how to perform basic tasks.

A descriptor line has been added to each menu item to highlight its functions together with simplified icons.

This “nanna/pop” phone is sympathetic to deteriorating hearing loss and provides superb incoming and outgoing audio.

Telstra’s EasyTouch® Discovery 3 also keeps some of the most popular features from previous models, including big buttons, big font, louder volume and audible key tones, so you can hear the numbers you are typing and make sure you are dialling the right number.

Other features include an inbuilt three mega-pixel camera, integrated MP3 Player, hands-free speaker phone and a 32GB expandable memory card slot media player.

Being Blue Tick approved means that Discovery 3 is also recommended for both regional and rural hand held coverage.

The home school tutorial is refreshingly announced in a good ol’ Aussie accent and provides an easy step by step instructional without fear of any afterschool detentions.

While it doesn’t boast the celebrity status to strut the red carpet, it definitely provides seniors with a “true blue” handle on a range of basic and more sophisticated mobile technology.

Pricing and availability:

The Telstra Easy Touch® Discovery 3 is available for RRP $240 outright, or $0 upfront on a $20 Telstra Plan from Telstra Stores and dealers and online.

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  1. Level380 says:

    Hi Mike, what is the screen size of this phone?? I can’t seem to find it on the telstra website for more details.

  2. Great initiative, something special for seniors. Just marry it up with a great prepaid mobile plan specifically for seniors and you have a winner there.

  3. Mike
    A great article on a great phone for seniors!

    In addition to the host of accessible features you mention, Telstra’s EasyTouch® Discovery 3 has excellent hearing aid compatibility for the 500,000+ Australians with hearing aids – many of them being older Australians/seniors.

    Hearing aid compatibility was included in the design stage of the phone and was successfully tested in a laboratory and by people with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

    Go to Menu > Settings > Handset > T-mode for the telecoil setting on the phone if you have a hearing aid.

    I’ve measured the screen size with a ruler and its 37mm across and 49mm high and 61mm diagonally (as accurate as my ruler and eyesight).
    Bert Ciavarra Manager Disability Services, Telstra

  4. Adam says:

    To Prepaid plans – You can get the mobile with any pre-paid plan but then you would need to pay $240 outright for it.

    If you dont want to lay out the money for the phone straight away you can get it on a $20 post paid plan presumably for 24 months

    I understand what you mean when you say ‘marry it up’ with a pre-paid plan but how do you suggest one does that when if you use pre-paid credit there is no consistent type of payment to the phone company i.e $20 a month

    If you use $10 here or $15 dollars there over so many weeks it becomes very difficult to try and recover the cost of the phone.

    You could almost say that the phone HAS been married with a prepaid plan – the deal is you can have any type of pre-paid credit you choose and the phone only costs you $240!

    If price is an issue, im sure in time it will come down, as all things do…

  5. Renate Koinegg says:

    Can you tell me Watt the Battery live is like,Howe often do you have to charge the Phone in a current Nokia lasts me for four a Week before I have to recharge it
    Thank you for your help.

  6. kerri says:

    can the ph be plugged into an external aerial

    • Brian Lethbridge says:

      Yes. There is a patch lead for the Discovery 3. See below

      The phone doesn’t have a plug in the back, but looks like it’s similar to a wi-fi connection. I have to check this out more.
      I have a Discovery 2 and has been great .
      I hav an aerial on my bullbar and the patch gives me an extra 2 bars, which gives me a signal in WA country, when I normally wouldn’t get one.
      I am looking at the 3. This phome seems better than a couple of other rural phones

  7. Scott says:

    What’s the menu like?, i think one model had an annoying type T9 function…has it got recently used list, so text quick? like S40 on nokias?.

  8. Scott says:

    Any videos on you tube of it? Menue etc esp text area as i am a texter…be good to see it.

  9. In response to Renate’s, Kerri’s and Scott’s questions:
    Firstly, the Telstra EasyTouch Discovery 23 (T3) User Guide has answers to most of these questions. See .
    1. Battery life etc – From the User Guide:
    Battery Type – 900mA hours, Lithium ion (Li-ion)
    Continuous idle time – Up to 200 hours
    Continuous talk time – Up to 120 minutes
    Charge time – Approximately 3-4 hours
    Battery Life – Approximately 400 charge cycles
    2. The T3 does not have an external antenna port.
    3. menu/type T9 function?.
    Assume this is to do with the predictive text function. The T3 uses an eZiEng Predictive Text. There’S more information on how to use Predictive Text in the User Guide.
    4. Videos/Manual In addition to an easy-to-follow User Guide, the T3 comes with a useful, “Getting Started” instructional DVD in the box.
    Bert Ciavarra Manager Disability Services, Telstra

  10. margaret gardner says:

    where can I get a cover for this fliptop phone?

  11. Piwo says:

    Pls, describe what os is on the phone, where to get extra apps. Like rss feeds, pod and vod casts players.

  12. Billbobaggins says:

    Good God! $280?? way overpriced most i pay now days is $60 for a new fone….

  13. cris nowra says:

    Last Friday local Nowra Telstra agent convinced my wife the Discovery 3 was free and included in the 24 month period of the contract he got her to sign. The contract did not specify the cost of the handpiece in the space provided to do that on the contract form. On checking with the agent to determine cost of phone it turns out it will be AUD 280! No other phone was offered with the package Telstra says no cooling off period, contract is a done deal and no negotions will be entered into. Phone is about AUD 200 more than we would have paid.

    • Brian Lethbridge says:

      I get a Telstra mobile upgrade every 2 years for a 48 month contract, a $30 plan, $25 of credit, free hour of calls every night, no data pack ie, internet or email, just calls and sms, and the phone costs me nothing.

  14. cris nowra says:

    Actually the small print of the contract charges my wife 408 dollars for the Discovery 3 hand set!!!!! Not the 280 dollars I said yesterday.

  15. cris nowra says:

    Further to my posts of 19 and 20 August above the outcomes covered arose from local factors which I am not able to discuss further. Telstra Head Office remedied the situation very quickly and to my satisfaction.
    The Discovery 3 is probably a good phone but nevertheless beyond our budget. Telstra identified a suitable alternate.

  16. Wal Brewer says:

    Is the Telstra Easytouch Discovery 3 compatible with a Windex Flash FL-9 behind the ear hearing aid which has two telecoil settings? One allows microphone and t-coil and the other allows t-coil only.

  17. Hi Wal. I’m not aware that the Telstra ETD3 has been specifically tested for compatibility with the Windex Flash FL-9 behind the ear hearing aid. However, I’m confident that it will be. As each person’s hearing loss is different, and the performance of each hearing aid is different for each person when factors such as which network they are using the phone on, how the hearing aid has been calibrated etc are taken into account, I would encourage you to go into a Telstra Shop and try one out for with your hearing aids.
    Bert Ciavarra
    Manager, Telstra Disability Programs

  18. Paul says:

    I was looking for a phone with big digits as my arm isn’t long enough and as soon as I saw it this was the phone for me. But the salesman at the telstra shop tells me it on a plan only(I want pre-paid). In the end he tells me I can buy it out and just use as pre-paid. The cost $288.00. I’m still looking.

  19. Wal says:

    My experience with the Telstra Easytouch Discovery 3 is as follows:
    Battery life excellent if you just make calls.
    Compatibility with my Windex Flash FL-9 BTE hearing aid and loud speaker mode is about on par with a iPhone 3S, which is good for me and I have 50% hearing loss in both ears.
    Most economical way to buy for me was buy handset outright and go on to a Telstra’s Simplicity Plan which works out at a minimum of $30 per 60 days and unused credits roll over if recharged before expiry date. If your use is up one month and down for one or two this works well and you could be surprised how quickly you accumulate credit – however, there is a limit to how much credit you can have. Of course if you run out of credit you can always recharge. Hope this helps.

  20. george furler says:

    Bought on plan N0v 2012
    Maybe large keys BUt can curser be made larger its hard to see.
    Insert for Charging difficult for shaking hands.

    So not great for some oldies old phone better!

    Anywhere on web where ezienglish use explained?
    Can texts area where” Meeting at office” etc be changed?

  21. Chloe Haynes says:

    How do you change the time on it? Like for daylight savings? Thanks :)

    • Ian [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hi Chloe

      Daylight savings should have automatically updated for a phone connected to our network – if you’re not sure, please chat to our 24×7 team who will be able to run you through it step-by-step :)

  22. bubs says:

    I like the fold/flip phone, but be good to see candy bar design next time so no flipping open :) . Alert light be good for txt/calls, easy keypad, large font’s and recent used list to respond to txt. I wasn’t keen on the quick text on previous edition thanks :)

    • Hi bubs, have you seen the Telstra EasyCall 3? Its a Candy bar design
      has large, easy to read numbers on the buttons
      can read number out loud as you type
      can announce who’s calling before you pick up
      An easy access switch can send an SMS to up to four people at the same time by flicking switch – great in emergency situations
      and its Blue Tick – Recommended for rural handheld coverage.
      See under Basic phones at

      Bert Ciavarra
      Manager, Telstra Disability Programs

  23. Greg says:

    The telstra easy discovery 3 is not a good product. Have returned one all ready due to battery life only been 12 hours when fully charged. Now on second replacement phone and still have same problem and telstra denied any problems with these phone. I believe you should not have to recharge your phone every day if not been used. Telstra need to fix the problem this matter has now been refered to the TIO for investigation

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