02 Dec 2011
By Sunil Joseph

What is Android? Find out at Androidland


A few months back I remember sitting in the car with my sister when she asked me a very popular question – “What is Android?”.

Being a self-professed ‘Android fanboi’ my eyes lit up and I proceeded to let her know what I’d learned over the years about this new mobile operating platform, Android. After my long-winded explanation running through smart phones, tablets, cloud-computing and smart TVs, I realised I’d lost her at ‘hello’ – she was confused and it was then I realised how complex the space is for those not close to it.

So I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy S II and started to show her some of the best features of my device, she seemed slightly more interested with my ‘hands on’ approach and so I decided this was the best way to demonstrate the features and benefits of Android powered devices.

Seems like I am not the only person who has had to answer “What is Android?”, the exciting thing today is Telstra has joined forces with a range of industry partners to help answer this question with the launch of Androidland.

Sunil Droid - AndroidlandAndroidland is an exciting new interactive experience currently residing in the Telstra flagship store located at Bourke Street in Melbourne, it’s pretty hard to miss with huge Android statues leading you upstairs to the interactive store. Collaborating with some of the larger Android manufacturers – Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG and with some help from friends at Google, this is the one-stop shop to learn and discover everything there is to know about Android.

The biggest highlight for me today was visiting this “store within a store” and playing with the Androidify app on a large screen and then being able to print out my customised little Android. There is plenty more to do, including interacting with a huge Google maps screen, playing games to win little robots and there are heaps of ways to learn about Android features – you can see it all in the video below.

If you live in Melbourne and want to know more about Android make sure you head down to the Bourke Street Telstra store.

Update 4:45pm - We have uploaded another video to our YouTube channel showcasing the people who made Androidland a reality behind the scenes. You can watch it by clicking here


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  1. Jeremy says:

    Gonna have to come down and have a look next week!

  2. Mohammed says:

    sick video!

  3. prepaidplans says:

    Walked past the other day and thought there is something different. Will be back to pop in next week. Have the original google nexus phone.

  4. WPDownUnder says:

    Oh – so this is why we don’t have any announcements by Telstra on Windows Phone 7 Generation 2 devices.

    I understand now.

  5. Peter Murphy says:

    Sell it o the kids for Christmas, make the Parents pay

  6. WPDownUnder says:

    Hi Sunil,

    Have written up a brief first impressions of my look at Androidland yesterday – and what it means for Telstra, Android and Windows Phone:

    Very impressive – and congrats to the team at Telstra that thought-up this concept and executed it.

    WOW :)
    (and thats from WP7 enthusiast!)


  7. WPDownUnder says:

    Pls approve my comment in moderation.

    Here’s another – if you were SO interested in the “experience” that you espouse for this store…

    …why the hell can’t you even get Windows Phone MANGO OS updates on demo in your stores.

    I mean for crying out loud – the Telstra stores I have been into have;

    - Had phones not on display (missing mozart in some stores).
    - Had phones turned off or locked out that cannot be demoed.
    - Or had OS versions that were 2010 RTM editions – not even NoDo update letalone Mango.

    This really drips of double standards following the money trail.


  8. For all Android-lovers, it’s definitely worth a peak! You can check out all the latest phones plus individual manufacturer stands.

    You can also win little Android mini-Collectables :)

  9. WPDownUnder says:

    Sorry for any factual errors.

    Proof that Telstra Green (Life in Full Colour) is NOT Android Green:

    LOL :D

  10. Rob says:

    Oh my…. could this be why we don’t have new Windows Phone devices in the Telstra stores? Telstraby all appearance to have a massive financial tie in with Google…

    If they are going to push Windows phone aside (which they are, we can all see it clear as day) then at least be honest about it. The store makes me sick, in the sense that the corporates have taken away my choice (Windows phone mango) and all I can see is green toy robots in my nightmares.

    I want a good simple operating system. IOS is like windows 3.1 with all its little icons and folders. Android is so complex I’m over it. Windows phone is perfectly simple, smooth and enjoyable… sigh…

  11. Hey Rob,
    Which Windows Phone device do you own at the moment and which phones do you want to see Telstra stock?


  12. Craig says:

    Also, is there any world on Telstra getting the Samsung Galaxy Note?

  13. kevin says:

    why bother with “mango”
    its not like its a usefull OS anyway
    Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 3Q11 (Thousands of Units)
    windwos only cover 2% market share anyway.
    if apple is 3.1 then windows must be apple I, all the pics and icon cut in half, not as many supported app as ios or android.

    i wont use it even if its free.

    • Craig says:

      You obviously haven’t tried it or you’d realise how much better an OS Mango is over iOS. Stop trolling on things you know nothing about.

      Windows Phone has over 40,000 apps. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Most people only use about 20 apps at most anyway and all the popular apps are supported. You’ll see the number of app developers supporting Windows explode when Windows 8 comes out.

      The reason Windows Phone has such a small market share is not from having an inferior product, it’s from lack of adoption from manufacturers and carriers as well as lack of marketing from carriers. Go into any phone shop and you’ll be lucky if there are even any Windows Phones on display. I really hope Nokia can start coming out with some fantastic Windows Phones to help revive the product.

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