08 Nov 2011
By Gerd Schenkel

Who wants to shop online?


So how many of you are shopping online?  Apparently quite a few of you – there are close to nine million Australians currently using the internet to buy goods and services¹ and it is expected that this number will continue to trend upwards.

Indeed more and more of us are going online to purchase goods and services and companies across the globe are revamping their websites and shipping procedures in the lead up to Christmas to take advantage of the 24 hour shopper.

So here at Telstra we’re also revamping our online shops for our consumer customers, starting with mobiles on plans.  We’ve had an online shop for some time, of course, but recently we have started to rebuild it – bit by bit.

In this rebuild, we are delivering a much more engaging online experience. Buying a mobile and selecting the right plan is now much easier than it ever has been.

The new mobile online shop features four mobile plans: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Easy!

Who wants to shop online? The new online shopping experience

And, we are really proud to introduce a new, fun tool that will help take the pain out of working out whether you are a “small, medium, large or extra large”.  It is interactive and asks you six questions about your guesstimated call, messaging, browsing and data usage and based on your answers it will suggest a plan for you to consider.  Smart!

And, of course we have a selection of the smartest smartphones including Apple®, Blackberry®, HTC®, Motorola®, Nokia® and Samsung® and if you are thinking of porting your number from another carrier – and why wouldn’t you, given only we have the Next G® network ;) – we have added a simplified tool so you can get it done online, as well

Ok, so the new store is live from today and supported 24/7 by our great Live Chat and Phone teams.

Delivery – of course an important part of your order – we will deliver your new mobile within 1-2 business days in metro areas and up to 5 business days in regional areas (during times of exceptionally high demand, we may extend this window, but we’ll tell you so when you order). Once your order is processed successfully, we will give you a courier tracking number so you can follow its progress. All that’s missing is a red ribbon on top, but we’re working on that, as well.

Please enjoy the new shop, we are already designing the other online shops, so more to come – and please provide any feedback you might have – the good, the bad or the ugly – we are up for it.

You can access the new online shop from or

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Apple is a trade mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S., and other countries.

BlackBerry is the exclusive property and trade mark or registered trade mark of Research In Motion Limited – used by permission

HTC is a trade mark of HTC Corporation

MOTOROLA is a registered trade mark of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC.

NOKIA is a registered trade mark of Nokia Corporation

Samsung is a registered trade mark of Samsung Electronics Co Limited

Next G is a registered trade mark of Telstra Corporation Limited


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  1. Peter says:

    Looking good Telstra! Just keeps getting better :)

  2. jwright says:

    These plans are great if you have a phone, but you need to cater for the kids size as well, as in a $29 cap plan we can use for our kids phones, please consider that and add it very soon so we can add our kids too.

    May I suggest;

    KIDSTALK/MMS $300 value
    Text Unlimited
    DATA 1GB

    Own Phone $29
    New Phone from $39



    • Gregory Opera says:


      I may come from the telecommunications industry, but I was still reluctant to give my eiight-year-old son his own phone… The sad truth is however, in this modern age he simply cannot be without a cell phone and had they still been around today, I would have gladly subscribed to a HipTop plan instead of the pre-paid service my son currently uses.

      I probably know a little more than most regarding the reasons for ditching the HipTop plans and to be honest, Telstra was largely forced into the decision due to a whole range of factors, but they should still be offering comparable plans with a suitable device…

      Android is highly flexible smartphone operating system and Telstra has a great business relationship with both HTC and ZTE – why not hit one of these guys up for a comparable device, designed specifically for young children and/or young teenagers?

      Match such a hypothetical device up with a suitable plan, comparable to the HipTop plans and you’re good to go…

  3. jwright says:

    Can you also please consider adding the 16GB iPhone 4 to the $49/$59 plan please.



  4. Karl says:

    Would love to see the online shopping at bigpond have an option if charging to your Telstra account rather than a visa/mastercard too!

    • Gregory Opera says:

      Again, I agree.

      Not only should the majority of of Telstra products – inclduing BigPond products – be available through the online store, but one should be able to charge some or all of these purchases to their Telstra account… At the very least, there should be a compromise (e.g. customers are able to have products under $200 charged to their account).

      This has been suggested to Telstra and other service providers in the past however, and my understanding is that the reason service providers are reluctant to do this is in part because failure to pay one’s bill would not only mean you’ve essentially received a product for free, but would leave customers with a credit default against their name… Furthermore, a customer’s account will instantly jump from say, $0 owing to $800 owing, which doesn’t look on the books.

      When a product is purchased through traditional means however, these problems do not eventuate as a customer has already paid for the product in full, which is good news for both Telstra and the customer.

  5. Gregory Opera says:

    Are there plans to offer the online store through the “mobile” Telstra web site?

    Whilst I prefer to purchase my products through my computer, this is not always possible and there are times I would be happy to purchase a product through my smartphone…

    At the very least, we should be able to check out the prices on the “mobile” Telstra web site, before being re-directed to the “normal” Telstra web site for the actual purchase.

  6. Gregory Opera says:

    Okay, this new online store looks pretty slick and all, but there are a couple of major issues with it…

    Firstly, the “new” online store is inconsistant – thus far, the pre-paid, browser packs, tablets and bundles sections all go to the “old” version of the online store… Not only is the “old” online store difficult to use and completely unappealing to the eye (especially in comparison to the “new” online store), but this inconsistancy is going to leave people confused.

    Secondly, where are the outright handsets, and also the filters (e.g. for choosing handsets with a specific feature or from a specific manufacturer)? Coming from the industry, I realize that the real money is in post-paid plans (“contracts”), but some people prefer to purchase their products outright and the majority of consumers tend to stick to the brands they like.

    The “new” online store is a good start, but it’s got a long, long way to go…

    • Hi Gregory, As always you have great feedback. I’ll pass it on for you. How’s it going over at CrowdSupport? Thanks. Brendan

    • Gregory Opera says:

      Yeah, CrowdSupport is brilliant… It works well, it’s easy to use and it seems to offer an appropriate amount of support for your customers, both directly (i.e. via Telstra staff) and also indirectly (i.e. through non-Telstra staff).

      It’s great to see that there’s a “mobile” version of the forums, too.

      Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend as much time on there as I’d like to due to work commitments, but the CrowdSupport community seems to be thriving in my absense and there’s some top guys over there helping out where they can…

  7. Sue says:

    I have had the worst experience yet. non-delivery of the ordered product. No satisfaction from the call centre. It has been an exercise in frustration. The complaints dept. haven’y bothered to respond. truely the worst. i am currently on hold and getting angrier by the second. it’s a rubbish service.

  8. Gregory Opera says:

    Two years on and the “new” online store STILL does not offer outright purchases, nor accessories?

    Not everyone can make it to a physical store!

    And you wonder why new players in smartphone/tablet sales – like MobiCity – do so well…

    As usual, one step forwards, two steps backwards Telstra.

    • Az [Telstra Community Manager] says:

      Hiya Gregory,

      Always appreciate your feedback in this forum. I’ll pass it on!

  9. Dionne Herisson says:

    Because our local Telstra branch is always so busy I turned to the internet to order a new mobile phone plan and landline bundle via the internet. Very convenient. I was immediatly told that the orders had been processed and within days was told that the my account had been activated. YAY.
    Now, 11 days later (and numerous phone calls and a visit to the local Telstra dealer), my mobile phone plan has been cancelled and there is no record of the bundle order (except that I have an e-mail). The reason for the cancellation is that Telstra has managed to get my name and birthdate incorrect in the system. The worst part of this is that no-one has contacted me to let me know what has happened, they have left me waiting. It is only after numerous contacts and promises of return e-mails, that I was informed that I need to submit yet more details to my local branch! So what was the point of ordering on-line? How is that easier? It would have saved me time and money had I gone into the store initially. I don’t know if I could be bothered anymore.
    I have 2 e-mails, from Mr Schenkel, stating that someone would be in contact with me ‘if required’ and this never happened.
    Sorry Mr Schenkel, but I am really dissapointed with the service that I have received from the on-line ordering, to on-line chats, to the Telstra shop and then to the 1800 number that was provided! I don’t beleive that you have delived what was promised in the e-mail that I received.
    I would welcome a call to have yet another ‘chat’ about this.

    • Linton says:


      Typical of Telstra. They seem to have no idea. No one can help me connect my new 4g to my new MacBook Air. Was happy and content with my 3g to my old MacBook Pro. Was told I had to upgrade to a 4g at $20 per month more and find I am still using my MacBook Pro whilst I wait for Telstra (8 weeks) to respond. The staff in the shops mean well but some of them aren’t capable and the online support they ring into is useless too. And Mr Schenkel hides in his Sydney office whilst the customer is left floundering.

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