04 Nov 2011
By Andrew Volard

New gadgets arrive for Christmas


With Christmas just around the corner, Telstra has taken the wraps off new mobile products and IPTV offers that are sure to top wish lists around the nation.

Traditionally Christmas is a time when our customers flock to Pre-Paid product. This year we think Pre-Paid smartphones will top consumer wish lists and we’ve assembled a great range for customers.

From this week, customers can grab the new the Motorola DEFY™+, a water-resistant, scratch-resistant and dust-resistant Android smartphone for $299 Pre-Paid. Also launching this week is the the LG Optimus Spirit – a beautifully designed Android™ 2.3- powered smartphone that’s available for just $149 Pre-Paid.

From mid-November, Pre-Paid customers will be able to buy the Telstra QWERTY-Touch™, an entry-level Android™ 2.3 powered smartphone that combines a 2.6 inch capacitive touch-screen with a full sized QWERTY keyboard. It’s incredible value at just $129 Pre-Paid.

Telstra Pre-Paid customers will be able to team these smarthpones with a range of great-value Pre-Paid offers including the new Telstra Pre-Paid Cap Encore™ that provides loads of talk, text and data value plus, until 23 Jan 2012, on a $30 recharge has free talk and text all night (6pm-6am), every night to standard Australian numbers for 30 days to really get the most out of summer.

Also launching on 15 November is the gorgeous Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc S smartphone which is super slim and lightning fast thanks to a 1.4 GHz processor. It will be available to purchase on a plan for Post-Paid customers.

IPTV for Christmas

Home entertainment is always popular in over the Christmas holidays.

If you’ve got a high speed BigPond broadband service, T-Box is a great way to rent movies direct to your TV. To help customers get the most out of their new T-Box, we’re revamping our popular Christmas T-Box movie offer. Until December 31, customers who buy a and register a new T-Box and sign up for BigPond Movies will receive a $200 BigPond Movies gift voucher valid for six months.

This month we will also be expanding the rollout of our FOXTEL on T-Box service to more lounge rooms across Australia. Last month we launched the service to ADSL 2+ customers in select areas of NSW and Victoria. From November 30 we will extend the rollout to selected areas across the country where traditional FOXTEL is available and eligible ADSL2+ customers will be able to subscribe to the service which streams up to 30 FOXTEL channels over T-Box.

Our new smartphones



Get ready to text! The Telstra QWERTY-Touch™ (available from November 15) brings together a full QWERTY keyboard for fast texting and emailing with a capacitive touch screen for easy mobile web browsing. It features Android™ 2.3 operating software, Wi-Fi and GPS for navigation.

Features include:

• Access the Android Market ™ to download games, applications and much more.

• 2 mega-pixel camera

• Expandable memory up to 32GB via MicroSD card


The Telstra QWERTY-Touch™ is available from 15 November from Telstra Stores. Telstra Pre-Paid customers will be able to purchase it for $129 Pre-Paid and team it with a range of great-value Pre-Paid plans.


Xperia™ arc S (launched November 15) is an advanced Android smartphone that’s slim, powerful and gorgeous to hold. It is built around a visually brilliant 4.2 inch Reality Display that incorporates picture technology previously reserved for Sony BRAVIA TVs. Clever picture technology works to reduce image noise, increase sharpness, manage colour and enhance picture contrast – just like on a big screen TV. Xperia arc S also borrows smarts found in Sony’s camera products with its 8.1 mega-pixel camera (which has HD video capability) using sensors that capture better pictures in low-light conditions.

Features include:

• A powerful 1.4GHz processor so you can play graphic-rich video and games

• 3D sweep panorama mode

• HD Voice for crisper, clearer calls when speaking with other Telstra customers with HD Voice handsets


The Xperia™ arc S will be available from November 15. It can be purchased on Telstra’s Freedom® Connect Plans including on the $59 Freedom® Connect Plan with a mobile repayment option of $10 per month, after using an included MRO Bonus (for eligible customers), for 24 months (min cost is $1,656). This plan includes $550 worth of eligible calls, unlimited text and 1.5GB of data, all to standard Australian numbers (excludes use overseas).


The Motorola DEFY+ (available from November 1) is this summer’s ‘life-proof’ smartphone and is packed with a range of features designed to keep up with a customer’s toughest demands. Offering exceptional protection, the Motorola DEFY+ is water-resistant, scratch-resistant and dust-resistant. It can survive a day on the beach, an all-night summer party, a sudden rain shower, or even a tough workout. Motorola DEFY+ also comes with Telstra’s BlueTick – which means it is recommended by Telstra for use in rural and regional handheld mobile coverage areas.

Features include:

• Features a 5 mega-pixel camera with flash, digital zoom and auto focus.

• Powered by Android™ 2.3

• A 1GHz processor it allows for effortless mobile Web browsing and access to social networks


Motorola DEFY+ is now available from Telstra. Customers can purchase DEFY + on a range of Freedom® Connect Plans including on the $49 Freedom Connect Plan with a $7 per month handset payment, after using an included MRO Bonus (for eligible customers) over 24 months (min cost is $1,344) which offers $450 worth of calls, text and MMS to standard Australian numbers and 1GB of data for use in Australia.

Telstra Pre-Paid customers will be able to purchase DEFY+ for $299 RRP outright and team it with a range of great-value Pre-Paid offers.


The LG Optimus Spirit (available from November 1) is slim enough to fit in your front pocket but boasts big features including Android™ 2.3 operating software, Wi-Fi, GPS for navigation and a 3 mega-pixel camera. It also comes with Telstra’s Blue Tick which means maximised handheld mobile coverage in regional and rural coverage areas when teamed with the Telstra Mobile Network.

Features include:

• Access the Android Market ™ to download games, applications and much more.

• An 800 MHz processor

• 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen


LG Optimus Spirit is available from 1 November from Telstra Stores. Telstra Pre-Paid customers will be able to purchase it for $149 Pre-Paid and team it with a range of great-value Pre-Paid plans.

Thing you need to know

Pre-Paid handsets are locked to Telstra’s network.


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  1. StefEBear says:

    One month down of the couple we have to wait.. Everyone is still anxious to hear about Telstra support for Gen2 WindowsPhone devices – HTC Titan and Radar are on the market, as is the Samsung Focus S and Omnia W, even the LG ‘Jane Sandler’ and the Fujitsu in Japan, just not by any Australian Telco Why NOT?? We all ask and get nothing in reply.

  2. Andy says:

    Walked into 2 Adelaide City Telstra shops wanting to churn my out of contract optus iphone 3g to a Windows Phone .. both salesman just wanted me to look at Android devices..completely ignored what I wanted or my opinion … one even suggested that no-one uses Windows phone.. arrogant S.. MS need to incentivise/educate Telco sales people because they are certainly doing their best to kill Windows Phones.

  3. keif says:

    Windows Phone please????? We’ve been very patient!!!

  4. rob says:

    I’ve spoken to a switched on sales rep at a telstra store who keeps in contact with the manufacturers reps (HTC, Samsung etc) and the reps all agree Telstra has ousted Windows Phone (non officially) and are pushing android as it’s where their money is. I doubt Telstra will allow this post, but that’s what the Telstra guy said based on what the hardware reps have told him. it’s no surprise. I had to go to mobicity to get my htc titan (windows phone).

    Telstra should just be honest.

  5. Glenn Spence says:

    Hey wait, just wait a little while. 2 devices I think are coming too Telstra.
    1. HTC Titan II (notice the 2, 16M camera, 4G – foreign bloggers believe the is coming to telstra) – my new phone.
    2. Nokia 900 – 4G again, Nokia design & apps. Plus Nokia going t throw a crapload of money at our market.
    Okay last device – prediction – money equals push. Means Telstra will start educating & pushing WP7 devices due to Nokia *ahem* “subsidising” Telstra devices.
    Btw I think we will see these devices by the end of this quarter.
    And yes I got my HTC Titan through Mobicity too.

    • Rob says:

      May I ask what makes you think Telstra are going to release them? Do you know something we don’t? :)

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