03 Nov 2011
By Gerd Schenkel


  1. Gregory Opera says:

    What, no love for Android?

  2. Keith Cohen says:

    Please develop an android application which properly supports android features;
    Current & any outstanding bills widget.
    Current data usage with tracking of data vs time remaining and data & cost estimates based on usage.
    Prepay widgets including expiry dates.
    Push notifications of threshold limits, new bills and and other application-supported tasks.

  3. WPDownUnder says:


    Are there any plans for a Windows Phone (or Android I guess) version of this App?

    As always, I would be happy to give constructive feedback to Telstra – however do not have an iFruit device!


  4. Kerry Apps says:

    I’ve been waiting for the app. Glad to see it isn’t far away.

  5. Aidan Cooper says:

    Would love to be part of this group. Sounds like it will be a great app.

  6. Jack says:

    Will the app actually show correct usage data ? As in currently the online billing shows a total used and this includes SMS when for my self SMS is free ? It becomes verry confusig when you see $500 used when in fact it should obly show the amount of calls mms etc thats not sms used. It would be good if the app could also show correct data usage as my online account has a data billing period different to the actuall billing piriod

  7. Trevor Sullivan says:

    Please add my comments to all those who want the app in android form. After all, according to stats, there are now more Android phones than iPhones.

  8. Nick says:

    I can understand everyone’s frustration that own an android or windows phone, but one thing at a time! It would be safe to say that after this has been succesfully rolled out Telstra would port there software to other devices. I assume telstra have a higher iPhone customer base than android and wp so this would be the smartest option to roll out to there highest target audience.

  9. Gavin Rogers says:

    Nothing for Android or Windows Phone 7 people..?

  10. StefEBear says:

    only love to iPhone users…
    TelstraOne app on Windows Phone still at version 1.0 after being out for 12 months .. what goes.. (supposed WindowsPhone premium partner.. what a JOKE) – let alone any new WindowsPhone devices

    • Gregory Opera says:

      I know how you feel – the Android version also has not been uodated since its initial release… It’s kinda disappointing too, because the application is still pretty large, does not feature the ability to install to removeable storage (SD) cards and still lacks native support for pre-paid accounts.

      I use TelstraOne, but mostly only for the weather… THe application has so much potential, however I am yet to see Telstra make the best of this potential.

  11. AJS says:

    For those wanting similar functionality for non iOS devices – check the My tab on the BigPond portal.

  12. Richard says:

    Well this sucks, the signup wants a 13digit account number, but mines only got 10, guess ill stick with CONSUME app then.

    • Paul says:

      My account was also 10 digits, I just added three zeroes. Got me through. What’s the CONSUME app ?

    • Justin W says:

      I copied mine directly from “MyAccount” it has a few ” ” (spaces) in it. It equalled 13 characters. Pretty silly really…

  13. barefootman says:

    i signed-up for this service, got an email with a link to install a profile on my iPhone and nothing’s happened since then.

    I’m supposed to get an email with a link to download the app but having been waiting over a week now.

    Rapidly losing interest.

    • Steve says:

      I’m also wondering what’s happening? Installed the Test Flight certificates but haven’t heard anything since! :(

  14. Peter says:

    If you go into Testflight you should see the app there to be installed. However, I have been trying to install for two days now and it just fails

  15. Marc says:

    What ever happend with this app? haven’t heard anything since this???

  16. michael (Telstra Staff) says:

    Does this work on business accounts with 10 digit account numbers?

  17. Level380 says:

    Android version?

  18. Troy says:

    Consumers need the ability to view open orders for any Telstra service and see what stage the order is at, who is ‘holding the ball’ and how long until the service will be provided.

  19. Jack says:

    Is this app going to be publised anytime soon ?

  20. i had this app on my old iphone 4, i upgraded but this app did not sync with itunes and now i cant get it back, can it be sent to me again?

  21. Kerry says:

    When will the app be available

  22. GIles says:


  23. Allan says:

    Could it also have an app badge with either the data or calls remaining for cap plans?

  24. Victor Fomiatti says:

    Keen to start using this App

  25. Max says:

    It’s out for iPhone now. iPad and Android too. Pretty schmick!

  26. Peter Price says:

    Dear Mr Schenkel, I am an extremely dissatisfied customer. Last week I went online to change my internet plan from ADSL $89 to ADSL2 $79. A day later my whole internet access was disconnected and remains disconnected five days later, despite several calls to the technical support number. The Issue seems to be on a continuous loop between me and the Philipines activation team.

    1. The internet is important to our life and we have spent a substantial sum of money to work around the Telstra system to maintain contact (e.g using 3G connections on an iPad, and even buying an OPTUS mobile Wireless system to enable my wife to continue her research project).
    2. I am a dedicated Telstra customer (my wife, however became disillusioned by Telstra service some time ago). All my services, Phone, Internet, Foxtel, Mobile, iPad 3G, are all with Telstra. Unless this issue is resolved immediately, I too will act upon my disillusionment and seek another provider.

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Peter, that’s definitely not good enough. I’ve just sent you an email to get some details so I can escalate this for you and get you back up and running ASAP.

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