10 Oct 2011
By Linda Horne

Simpler Telstra bills for consumer customers

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Hi everyone. I have one of those job titles that tend to scare people off at barbeques, but bear with me because I have some great news for all our Consumer customers!

Here goes…  I’m the process owner for Billing at Telstra.  That’s right, I’m responsible for ensuring the whole billing process is the best it can be.  You may roll your eyes at the thought of a Telstra bill being the best it can be, but we’ve been listening to your feedback and working hard to make our bills simpler and more useful for you.

New bill formatYou said our bill was too complex and needed to be more informative … we’ve listened and you can check it out below!  We’ve removed repetitive information, made the totals clearer, and added more descriptive labels and information about products so you know what you’re paying for and the benefits you’re receiving.

Some of you may have noticed that you’ve had a message on recent bills advising that a new look Telstra bill was coming.  Well, I’m pleased to announce that from today Consumer customers will now receive these refreshed new bills.

I really like that a lot of the previous ‘visual noise’ has been reduced and the new colours and icons that help to explain the charges and discounts for each of your services.

We haven’t just assumed we’ve got it right either – we have tested it to be sure.  We invited more than 1,200 customers and staff to review the new format and they agreed it is much simpler to read and understand.

We’ll be sending out a brochure with the first new-look bill to all customers to summarise the main changes and provide a link to our website where you can find more information.   As always though, we encourage any customer who has questions or concerns to contact us on 13 22 00 (13 2000 for Business customers),,  crowdsupport or twitter.

Our bills necessarily contain a lot of information, but I think you’ll be pleased with the new look, and if you’re not, please tell us… we promise to keep listening!


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  1. Gosh, how I love being referred to as a ‘consumer customer’. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and not at all like a number! Oh how I love consuming telephones and internets, nom nom nom! Now… What shall I consume for lunch?

    • Linda says:

      Sorry if this caused any offence, Matt – the term ‘consumer’ is to differentiate from business customers. Business customers’ bills aren’t changing at this stage, apart from a small number of exceptions.


    • Alan says:

      Definition of Consumer…

      “Consumer is a broad label for any individuals or households that use goods and services generated within the economy”

      The term consumer customer is therefore fitting, since an individual or household is not likely a business customer. I dont think you offended anyone Linda. Great work with the new bill. I think some people just like to complain about nothing…..

    • Oh I was just being silly :) I wasn’t offended at all! ‘Consumer’ is just such a generic corporate-speak word. Can’t we be ‘individuals’?

    • Tony says:

      Don’t care what I’m called by Linda and her colleagues at Telstra. (They probably say a lot more under their breath) New bill looks good but I’m still trying to find out how to look up detailed call costs. I was charged a mountain on a recent overseas trip and I would like to see it itemised. Perhaps you can help Linda?

  2. Grant (Sensis) says:

    Any improvement to the presentation of bills is a welcome change, however I see in the examples on the web site the return of the part-cent amounts which were supposedly abolished some time ago because they were too confusing? :)

    In the interests of simplification I hope this is purely an oversight.

    • Linda says:

      Grant – the part-cents weren’t abolished entirely. Most bills will have two decimal places, but there are some calls or situations where three decimal places are still used to ensure bill accuracy. We are still working to change the remainder.


  3. reishellA says:

    This is great! I hope Family Calls Bonus will have a separate calculations for each service and those charges that are for free aren’t being billed. Keep it up Telstra! :)

  4. Kevin says:

    Thank you Telstra and Linda for taking the time to make these improvements. I am looking forward to having a look once mine arrives. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Dan Warne says:

    The daftest thing about Telstra’s billing is that you can ONLY get a detailed bill in a paginated format printed on dead tree and mailed to you. If you want to download PDF bills through the online system, you can only get the front page of the bill, with no information at all except the total amount owing.

    The only other way to get the detailed information is through the godawful labyrinth of the online billing system, which presents all sorts of call charges and subtotals that bear no relation to what you actually have to pay with your plan, as the plan allowances only seem to get applied to paginated bills.

    Please, Telstra, if you want to make online billing easier, make it possible to download detailed bills as PDFs.

    And remove the requirement, when accessing bills via BPAY View to log in as a customer. Every other vendor that publishes bills via BPAY View trusts the bank’s authentication and lets you download the bill direct rather than forcing the customer to log in again.

  6. Cliff says:

    I hope this new bill is better than the last new bill that Accenture built. That was rubbish. I hope the detail pages use more sensible categorisations, because all the earlier ones were incomprehensible. I don’t care what colours fonts or point sizes are used. It’s the information structure that makes Telstra bills difficult.

    Oh, and the link provided gives me a blank page.

  7. Anthony says:

    The url below in your post displays a blank page for me.


  8. Rolsyn says:

    Yes shame they aren’t looking at business bills…they are almost unreadable for the normal person without a telstra degree
    I have just had a local firm recheck mine and love the fact that i have been oversubscribed phone lines and equipment for the last 6 years costing thousands….
    If only the bill could be understood this would have been picked up years ago saving around $500 per month for the past 7 years

  9. Peter says:

    Just received the new look bill. Absolutely fantastic!

  10. jwright says:

    Got a printed new version, and thought they were much better than the older style, much clearer to see what Telstra have screwed/overcharged us again on. I have just switched to full online and email so will have to wait to see if the full version is provided.

    As another poster said above the online downloads are ONLY the front page, why is that? How can we access all of our past bills online with the full details?



  11. J.Wignall says:

    I dont like the new telstra bill, It was better when calls were
    itemised in separate groups, eg, local calls, calls to mobiles,etc,that way it was easy to check how many calls to mobiles for instance I had made without having to scroll down the whole page ,

  12. Slugger says:

    looking at my bill, the itemised listing has the origin of the fixed call……well der, thats not going to change, I want to know the destination, so I don’t have to recall who or where a specific number belongs to. The destination is used as a check as to who, so flags can go up if there is an anomaly. Why did that have to be removed? I’d like to see that back.

  13. Jim says:

    Excellent, I was surprised to see my latest telstra bill and must say Telstra has got what I wanted to see. Great work.

  14. David says:

    The new bill format is a big improvement BUT…

    People with poorer eyesight might appreciate these two suggested changes:

    1. The “Due by” date should be the same size font as the total, and located just below the total. This would allow the amount owing and due date to be easily found and read at a glance, without spectacles.

    2. The colour of the font used in the usage section should be changed from grey to black to make it easier to read.

  15. Neal Hambridge says:

    Why I am unable to pay my monthly bill using BPay. have been doing this for many years and the last two payments initially bounced back. On the second occasion I could not gain access to my billing details through the website although I could make an ad hoc payment. I do not believe I should be paying late payment fees when the whole system seems to be at fault including the debacle at the weekend

  16. Martin says:

    Why doesnt this new bill format show the line rental date (charges)?
    its quite deceptive as you wont realise that your paying
    for line rental in advance.
    I want this back on my bill, i have tried numerous times but
    telstra so far has been pathetic at getting this back on there.

  17. KIM QUINTON says:

    the overall layout of the bill looks fantastic but where is the the mobile data charges and the local calls in being itemized on the bill ????

  18. ChrisW says:

    About 2 months ago, Telstra removed the ability to’email a receipt’ when paying online. Seeing we are forced to go to paperless billing, why should I be expected to ‘Print a receipt’ to keep track of my accounting?? I am sure the expense to email a receipt is not very great!

  19. tess says:

    The new look bill saves on ink, easier on the eye … but, when the new look bill switched over, i went from paying my line rental billing date 24/09/11
    25-09-2011 to the 24-10-2011 line rental,silent no. and caller id
    to paying again line rental for the following month with same dates as last bill 25-09-11 to 24-10-11
    when did we change from being billed in advanced to what we have consumed?
    if this is wrong, then the dates need to be put on the bills like the foxtel section….

    • Brendan - [Your Community Manager] says:

      Hello Tess. If you use this online form to send me your account and contact details, I’ll get someone to call you regarding your billing questions. Brendan

  20. Mike says:

    the “due date” is very small and NOT in contrasting print. I have a system that organises bills by due date, and this small unreadable print contributed to the bill being paid 2 days late. I will be disappointed if the next bill adds a “late fee”.

  21. Russ says:

    I hate the way telstra persist in adding charges and then crediting bonus rubbish at the end. it would make it so much easier to work out if the charge just showed up as 0.00 in the first place. it makes it impossible to estimate what your next bill will be based on current usage.

  22. NELL CAVANAGH says:

    PS Sent email below twice,and both times returned refused

    To Kat Tunnock
    Am wondering what “shortly ” means…………..(see below )……….more than two weeks since this below reply to my question in regard to the lack of time period defined re the payment of line rental on my account.
    I have paid this money,and expect to see in writing ,what period of time it applies to…….plain and simple.


    On 05/01/2013, at 8:44 PM, Kat Tunnock wrote:


    Thank you for your interest in Billing Bureau. We look forward to discussing your Smart Billing requirements and will be contacting you shortly.

    Sincerely, The Team at Billing Bureau

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Hi Nell – Billing Bureau is not a Telstra company. I would recommend contacting them directly for help.

  23. NELL CAVANAGH says:

    Tried contacting Billing Bureau through the email address on their reply to original query,but emails I sent were both returned “refused”.
    Considering my account is with Telstra,who DO I then deal with ???.Who DO I contact???

  24. carol kerr says:

    Almost paid my account twice because I didn’t reeceive a receipt no.

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