03 Oct 2011
By John Chambers

Introducing a gateway to the connected home

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Around Australia connected homes are taking shape. We’ve moved from an era where we huddle around a single home PC to access the net to a sophisticated environment where the internet is available to all members of the family across a fast-growing range of screens and devices in many rooms.

It’s an environment where the internet is no longer tethered to one location — it now moves with us around the home thanks to Wi-Fi enabled tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, smart TVs and laptops.

This means information and entertainment is increasingly available on-demand around the home.

Consider the following:

  • The number of Telstra customers using fast ADSL 2+ connections more than doubled in 2011 while the number of consumer customers using fast cable connections almost tripled.
  • In the year to June 2011, the volume of data consumed over the average BigPond fixed internet connections more than doubled.

Faster internet speeds and larger data allowances are important enablers to creating connected homes and these figures show just how rapidly our customers are moving to adopt them.

Another important enabler to building a connected home is technology that gets home devices talking to one another. A home where you can share digital content seamlessly among devices is a home that’s truly connected.

To help Telstra customers create their own connected homes and share content around the home, we’ve launched a new ADSL 2+ home network gateway – a device that acts as an ADSL 2+ modem and a Wi-Fi access point.

The new BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway comes with the latest N-standard Wi-Fi connectivity which provides better in-home wireless coverage at faster speeds. This means our customers can more reliably share the internet around the home at the same time.

Importantly, BigPond Premium Home Network Gateway is DLNA Certified®. DLNA is a technology standard that allows you to send content to DLNA-enabled devices such as home theatre receivers, smart TVs and games consoles.

A USB slot in the back of the home gateway allows you to plug in a memory stick or shared storage drive. Then, thanks to DLNA, you can share your photos, music and video easily to devices around your home network.

For example, say you’ve just returned from a holiday to Europe. You want to share your holiday snaps with the family. You can save your photos to a USB hard drive (or in tech speak a network attached storage device) and connect it to the Premium Home Network Gateway. Now, using the gateway’s in-built DLNA support, you can access these photos on your DLNA-enabled TV.

Similarly, you can store your music collection on an attached storage device and share it with your home DLNA enabled Wi-Fi. It’s a neat way to get content around the home wirelessly.

The BigPond Premium Home Network Gateway also comes with three ethernet ports. This means you can connect up multiple devices such as T-Box®, PCs, MACs, laptops, smart TV’s and game consoles using fixed cables or network extenders.

There’s also a green mode that reduces power consumption by efficiently managing the Wi-Fi network.

BigPond premium home gateway modem

Thankfully, there’s no need to be a technical expert when setting up the gateway. Simply run the Telstra installation CD to get your internet connection going. Wi-Fi connections can be added by using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Set Up) where you can simply push the WPS soft switch (located at the back of the gateway) then push the WPS button on your WPS capable device to add gadgets to your home Wi-Fi network. This means you won’t need to enter in long serial numbers any more.

Availability and pricing

The self install BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway is now available for RRP $48 from Telstra Stores, or for just $2 a month for 24 months when you take up the BigPond Broadband Offer.

More information online at BigPond.


  • Supports ADSL/ADSL2+ connections
  • Improved Wi-Fi 802.11 n (2 receive x 2 transmit) – Backward compatible to 802.11 b/g
  • One 10/100/1000 BASE-T (Gigabit) Ethernet LAN port to provide wired connectivity
  • Three 10/100 BASE-T (Fast Ethernet) LAN ports to provide wired connectivity
  • Hybrid WPA & WPA2 capability – supporting secure Wi-Fi connections for new and older Wi-Fi devices.
  • Wireless Protected Setup (WPS), including a push-button switch to activate WPS for simplified and secure wireless setup.
  • Two USB 2.0 port master ports (Type A connector) connects to a USB port on USB storage device, printers & 3G USB dongles.
  • IPv6 ready – Gateway will be able to migrate onto the IPv6 environment.

More information:


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  1. Kev says:

    Looks pretty cool but why only 1 gigabit LAN and not all four?

    • John Chambers says:

      Kev, we looked at the tradeoff of costs verse number of GiGE ports, and concluded that one port suited the needs of the majority of customers and helped us keep the price in the right spot (which I think you will agree we have!)

  2. Mark says:

    Great, but will there be a cable version released?

  3. BT says:

    Is the T-box DLNA Certified®?

  4. markkemp says:

    Are there plans to bring an N standard gateway to the BigPond cable service?

  5. Andrew says:

    Will this only work with Bigpond Broadband services?

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:


      The new Premium ADSL HNG is recommended for use only on the BigPond network and certain features are specified to function with that combination.

  6. Gregory Opera says:

    “The self install BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway is now available for RRP $48 from Telstra Stores”

    So does that mean I can just walk into a T-Life Store and upgrade my existing modem for only $48? Or does this only apply to new customers and/or customers upgrading?

    Also, doesn’t 802.11n severely limit the range of the wireless network? My understanding is that data speeds are potentially much faster, but the maximum range is tiny in comparison to previous Wi-Fi standards…

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:


      Correct ‘Existing ADSL customers’ are able to get the new Premium HNG for $48, this is also reflected in the My BigPond – Selfcare pages.

      New customers who sign up to a new 24 – month ADSL contract, also pay $48 for the Premium HNG.

      As for the 802.11 N – ‘N’ rated Wi-Fi in general, actually increases range/coverage and throughput of Wi-Fi speed.

    • Gregory Opera says:

      I knew that it increased speed, but I read somewhere that the range was considerably less… A Google search however, yields no results stating this however, so those comments I read regarding the range may have been in relation to the “draft” version of 802.11n (it was quite a few years ago I read about “the range issue”).

  7. rocco says:

    Does this device support the superior 5GHz Wireless N standard ??
    Mixing N and G devices on 2.4GHz doesn’t always give the best performance.

    • Avik says:

      The default on the page says 2.4GHz and it looks like hard coded. I would love to see it work @ 5GHz

    • Gregory Opera says:

      “Mixing N and G devices on 2.4GHz doesn’t always give the best performance.”

      But NextG operates at 850MHz, not 2.4GHz…

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:


      I think Avik is referring to 802.11 G & 802.11 N, rather than the NextG frequency you have listed above.

    • Gregory Opera says:

      Ha ha, I just realised that I had mis-read the original comment… lol

  8. Frank of Ingle Farm (Telstra Employee) says:

    no value to me as i can not get ADSL despite only living a fewe K from major suburban exhange

  9. Nathan says:

    @markkemp, there has been an N standard gateway for BigPond cable for possibly over 12 months, the Netgear CGD24N v2.

  10. Matthew says:

    Hi, is it possible to give out the Manufacturer and Model details so people who want to do a bit more research, can ?


  11. Jason SextontDero (Telstra Employee) says:

    Hi this looks the goods, some real improvements over the 2Wire version and at a great price point.

  12. rocco says:

    Greg, wifi is not NextG…

    Wifi B,G, N is 2.4Ghz, Wifi A,N is 5GHz

    NextG is marketing for Telstras 3G WCDMA Network that is predominantly on the 850MHz band.

    • Gregory Opera says:

      Yeah I realize that, I used to manage one of the biggest Telstra stores in the country (at the time), so I know all about NextG… I just mis-read the comment my question was in reference to.

  13. Bruce says:

    I bought an ADSL Premium HNG yesterday after viewing the Technicolor TG587n v3 specs. It said it had Remote Management which is why I bought it (so i can remotely connect and monitor activity at home). I could not find the option after trawling through all the menu options. Has Telstra removed this facility from the TG587n?

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:


      The Remote Management component of the BigPond Premium ADSL HNG, is via the TR-069 protocol.

    • Avik says:

      @ Bruce – I too could not find that option of Remote Management. Another feature I was hoping was 4 virtual SSID which the system is supposed to support. In my home set up with 4 wifi system – all connected at 802.11n is giving me a connection speed of at 65Mbps which is better than 54Mbps provided by TG782.

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks Chi, Let me be more specific. Under what TG587n menu option can the Remote Management be configured?

    • Michael says:


      The remote management isn’t something that is available for customer use. You can’t log into the modem externally (as I used to do with my old Netgear). In this case it simply allows Bigpond to push firmware upgrades, configuration changes and the like from their end rather than getting a customer to do it themselves.

  14. Daniel (Telstra Employee) says:

    LOVE IT.
    Just picked up the feed on the intranet and had to have one.
    $2 a month…. Who wouldnt.
    Great idea :)

  15. Scott says:

    Whilst I understand the current Cable HNG is wireles N and I have one working well at home, I would like to enquire whether a new version is coming that will provide similar features to the ADSL HNG (DNLA etc)?

  16. Dave (Telstra) says:

    Very nice John,

    Does it have configurable QOS?


    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:


      The Premium gateways are pre-configured with QoS settings. This activity is performed within our Engineering & Technology group to ensure optimal performance of the device.


  17. Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

    Dave (apologies),

    The Premium gateways are pre-configured with QoS settings. This activity is performed within our Engineering & Technology group to ensure optimal performance of the device.


  18. Avik says:


    Is there an option to change the channel width option with this router/modem. Most of N based router in the market comes with an option to choose the width btw 20 and 40.

    Thanks in advance

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ Avik

      The Premium ADSL HNG operates with the 20Mhz only.

      Other devices in the market that do allow for the selection of 40MHz on the 2.4GHz frequency, may come with the effect of impacting other Wireless routers operating on the same frequency.

    • Craig Buckmaster says:

      There is more info in this one article than I could get out of the dudes in the Telsta store. So much for in store experts.
      I’ll only use the store to avoid the $10 shipping charge that Telstra adds for the pleasure of on-line shopping.
      I find it fascinating.. I’ve been a BigPond broadband customer for 10 years or so. Adding up the bills, that’s thousands and thousands of dollars… and would they just replace my ailing elderly Speedstream modem that was originally supplied as part of the service? Nup. They perfer to consume many many hours (dollars) on troubleshooting and oh the bulling errors. Don’t start me on the 9 month trauma to get my services on to a bundle and on one bill.

  19. Tim says:

    Does the ADSL HNG support the Telstra 4G dongle for ADSL backup?


    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ Tim,

      The current firmware does not support the 4G USB dongle.

      This will be available when a new firmware is rolled out. Any active Premium ADSL HNG will be receiving this update.

    • Avik says:

      Hi all,

      I have connected a 250 GB USB 2 – Fat 32 HDD and it work fine. However this is what I did
      1. Use Fdisk to recreate the partition as Windows 7 does not allow Fat32 it only allows ext-Fat32 which the router fails to read
      2. Mount the device under the router page. You will need to go under content sharing and then mount and rebuild the drive.

      Hopefully, the upgraded firmware will recognising NTFS drive.

  20. michael says:

    i currently have the TG782 HNG, but was wondering
    1. if this new model TG587n HNG was worth the upgrade (on BP ADSL2+)
    2. being that the cost is $48 (or $2 per month), can you walk in to a Telstra Shop and ask them to just place that $2/mth on your account, then walk out the shop with the HNG (I understand this is possible if you want to add a T-Box to your home bundle)

    • Michael says:

      I see people have posted questions here and have had responses from Telstra, etc, but my questions remains unanswered….is there anyone who can answer my questions, or at the very least, someone from Telstra could find this out and then post a response back.

      Thank you!

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ Michael

      To your query #1:

      The new Premium ADSL HNG (TG587) provides the following improvement over your existing TG782:

      - Improved Wi-Fi, using 802.11 N technology
      - Certified DLNA Media server, providing you ability to share media content on a USB hard drive attached to the TG587 (Please note: current firmware on the TG587 only support USB hard drives formatted in FAT32, there will be a firmware upgrade available soon, which will support NTFS formatted hard drives)


      - The $2 per month payment option is only available, if you are ordering that via our FOH, which will then trigger the kit to be delivered to you.
      - In Store, you will have to pay for the TG587, outright at $48


  21. Tim says:

    Thanks for the confirmation re: 4G, Chi.

    I’m a TEG mobile/MBB customer – am I able to pick one of these up from a T-shop?


    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ Tim

      The Premium ADSL HNG is available to you, if you are:

      - existing BigPond ADSL customer
      - New customer taking up the BigPond ADSL service on a 24 month contract

  22. Avik says:

    Hi ,

    Is there a user guide or admin guide for this router ? I need to know how to set up the FTP and also use dynamic DNS for each devices.


    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:


      The Premium ADSL HNG has an in-built ‘Help’ library that contains information how to configure the features.

      Try the following:

      Step 1. Launch your browser
      Step 2. Go to
      Step 3. Click on ‘Tools’, then ‘Dynamic DNS’
      Step 4. Now click on ‘Help’

      This will launch the in built Help Library with some steps on configuring the Dynamic DNS feature.

  23. Rodrigo says:

    Wht ? Wht would work better adsl or adsl+2?

  24. Fiona says:

    I was told I did not need a land line to be able to access wireless with the Technicolor TG587n v3. I was told this was a new product and did not require a land line “… just plug the modem/router into the power and off you go!!!! Foolishly I purchased the modem and of course it did not work. I was told by two different stores (Victor Harbor and Colonnades in SA) that this would work. I was also told by the IT guy at the store in colonnades that we could get wireless and my kids could then use it to play their PS3 games with their mates. I then rang IT support and the Indian guy said you had to have a land line. Grr… I am so over telstra – even when I purchased my turbo stick it took 3 days of talking with IT support to get it to work. Lift your game telstra, the second my mobile contract expires with you guys we are changing providers

  25. Peter says:

    As @Mark and @Scott have asked,

    Will there be a similar spec for cable HNG? Would be interested in dual band and Gigabit port!

  26. Brendan says:

    If I plugged the new Telstra 4G mobile dongle thingy into the BigPond Premium ADSL Home Network Gateway, would I then have fast broadband wifi, if I was in a 4G area?

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ Brendan,

      At present the BigPond Premium ADSL HNG doesn’t support the 4G USB dongle. A firmware upgrade will be required, to support the 4G USB dongle.

      As for your question, I will follow up and find out for you.

      In the meantime however, please be aware that when connecting any device over Wi-Fi ‘actual’ speeds of your service may vary and is subject to:

      - your environment
      - how many devices are connected over Wi-Fi
      - age of your Wi-Fi enabled devices


  27. Neil says:

    I successfully installed the modem about a month ago and followed the instructions for setting up one of the USBs for my USB Printer (which worked fine) with my previous modem but all efforts to get a print job through fails.

    • Marco says:

      Have you been able to print now?

    • Neil says:

      Dear Marco

      Still unable to print.

    • Marco says:

      I read this post from Whirlpool. If you have Windows then set it up like this:

      I just “upgraded” to a technicolor TG587n from a TG782T.
      My printer port settings were IP, but that doesn’t work for me on the TG587n.
      So, I telnetted
      Then(much like for the previous thomson) (Except using TG587n)entered
      :printersharing LPD config state enabled
      :printersharing LPD queue add name=queueTG587n type=Raw

      Then changed the port and the queue name in the printer properties to and queueTG587n.
      That all worked for me on 2 PC’s (ethernet) and a laptop(wireless).
      Stuck the USB in the side slot in the modem.

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ Neil

      Could try the following Neil, use the FAQ :

      But replace the IP address of the printer from to “″.

      I will follow up to get the Online Screenshots updated for the new TG582 & TG587.

    • Neil says:

      Dear Marco

      Followed your steps and Telnet instructions seemed to go through all right but when I tried to update the port received an error message. “An error occurred during port operation. Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000000aa)”

  28. James says:

    Given my 2Wire 2701HGV-W is more and more unreliable, I will definitely be getting the TG587n (Premium ADSL HNG) a.s.a.p.
    Can the soon to be obsolete 2Wire be configured as a repeater or suchlike ? My powerline adaptor for my Foxtel IQ2 (from Telstra) has also failed, so, before purchasing any further hardware, I’m looking for a LAN cable solution that doesn’t involve actually running a network cable to the IQ2 !
    Also, why only 2.4GHz per the TG587 specs : ‘ Wireless networking on-board: 2×2 802.11n (2.4 GHz). ‘ Isn’t the 2.4GHz frequency always suggested as being “already overcrowded” in comparison to 5GHz ?

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ James

      The 2Wire 2701HGV-W cannot be configured to be a repeater.

      To your query regarding alternatives to actually running network cables to connect your IQ2 box, you could be looking at:

      Home network Extenders (both available through Telstra) :

      - Netgear Powerline (same technology as the Foxtel version)
      - Ruckus Wireless extender (Uses Wi-Fi N on 5GHz frequency)

      Hope this helps.

  29. Matthew says:

    Still cannot get the TG582n to work with my Telstra Turbo Modem nextg… are there any known issues?

  30. kailash says:

    Hey hi i got bigponds TG587N v3 wifi router as gift by my sis from australia and i live in india.
    I have a problem using this modem can any one tell me the solution.

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ kailash

      The TG587 has been specifically configured to operate for BigPond ADSL services. Unfortunately support cannot be provided, if you are trying to set up the TG587 Premium ADSL HNG on another network.


  31. kailash says:

    i actually cant use the modem.i tried configuring it through but was unsuccessful .
    my ISP’s VCI/VPI are 0/35 and the router’s value are different. can any one tell me how to change this value.

  32. Avik says:

    Hi ,

    Any plans to upgrade the firmware? I was hoping to use my NTFS formatted USB Drive.

    ~ Avik

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ Avik,

      The firmware is going through the approval process at this point. I will find out when the remote upgrade will be scheduled an provide an update.


  33. kailash says:

    thanks for info but i want to know will the upgrade help me to use it on other network or is it waste spending time on this …………

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ kailash

      The firmware upgrade will be rolled out to any TG587 that is connected to the Telstra BigPond Network with an active BigPond ADSL service.

      Again, the TG587 has been configured to work with a Telstra BigPond ADSL service.


  34. kailash says:

    @chi will the firmware upgrade allow me to access TG587N v3 router in india for other service than bigpond or not…….

  35. Michael says:

    Hi, ever since I got the Technicolor Gateway I can’t seem to connect my Tbox to the internet from it. The Tbox connects to the Technicolor gateway wirelessly quite fine but it can’t connect to the internet and says to check the internet connection. But I know the internet is deffinetly connected due to 2 other computers connected to the internet and looking at the setttings page of the gateway it says the internet is connected quite fine.

    I’m pressuming there could be settings on the router that need changing but don’t know what. If you know how I can fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

    • Brendan - [Your Community Manager] says:

      Hi Michael. You can call the dedicated T-Box support team on 1300 136 841. They can answer your questions or offer assistance. Brendan.

    • kev says:

      @michael, i had the same problem always happens when modem is turned on after tbox. i had modem off and turned tbox on. no internet! turned modem on and connected fine with laptop but not tbox. could not get tbox to connect. had to put it into sleep mode then on again. is a bit annoying just easier to remember to make sure modem is on before using tbox :) then dont have problem. hope this helps. (onto 2nd tbox and 2nd remote already)

  36. Chris says:

    how can I change the name and he password of the modem?
    currently like bigpondxxxxxx

  37. Rainier says:

    What is the improvement on using TG587N over TG782T in terms of bandwidth in the Cairns region? Im currently using TG782T right now.


    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      @ Rainier

      The improvements will be more applicable within your home network environment:

      Improvements include the following:

      - Wi-Fi 802.11n on 2.4GHz Frequency (It is Wi-Fi Certified, through Wi-Fi Alliance group)

      Provides improved speeds over your home Wi-Fi connection with any Wi-Fi 802.11n devices (such as T-Box)

      - Has a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port, which can be used in the future to connect to a Fibre network, such as the NBN

      - 2 x USB Host ports, supporting:

      – Telstra 3G USB dongles (Pre & Post paid), to use as a back up broadband service
      – USB HDD connectivity for both FAT32 & NTFS* (*NTFS, file support will require a firmware upgrade)

      – Inbuild DLNA certified Media Server, for easy in home media sharing

      - 1 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, supporting high speed in home network file transfer

      Hope this information helps.


  38. Rhett says:

    chi – I need your help – the telstra rep I spoke to said I cant put a usb into modem – but you say above, its possible

    can you contact me please?

    • Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

      Hi Rhett,

      I am happy to assist, are you able to provide me more information what you would like to achieve?

      Actually would you be able to post your request on CrowdSupport at “”?

      I will reply there and also work with our Telstra online team to ensure an FAQ will be made available to the community.


  39. Nick says:

    I’ve got a Telstra Technicolor TG587nV3 Wi-Fi Gateway and went into my local Telstra store today (at Macquarie Centre) to ask for a wi-fi adapter to use with this so that I can install it on my desktop at home. I was told they don’t stock it and that I needed to ring Bigpond. I rang Bigpond and they told me that they don’t provide this, but to go to my Telstra store instead. So now what? not happy, Jan. Can someone give me a proper helpful answer please? Looking forward to this!

  40. Kylie says:

    I have just ordered ADSL Premium Home Network Gateway online. Can I plug this into my desktop using ethernet connection or do I need a wi-fi adaptor?

  41. John Chambers says:

    yes it has 4 ethernet ports and will work fine using just a cable

    • Kylie says:

      Thank-you :)
      I thought so but just wanted to check to make sure that I didn’t need to order a wi-fi adaptor as well.

  42. Deryk says:

    Is the Premium Home Network Gateway compatible with Voip ATA Equipment like the Cisco SPA3102 or Netcom V210p.

  43. Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

    @ Deryk,

    The gateway is compatible with most network equipment, but proper configuration on the ATA may be required in order to have your VoIP service working.


  44. bobby says:

    can i set a printer so i can wifi print through the Technicolor TG587nV3 Wi-Fi Gateway

  45. Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

    @ bobby

    Yes there are a few ways of achieving this:

    If your printer has network capability build in via ‘Ethernet’ or ‘Wi-Fi’, then you can connect it to the gateway using that method. Usually the printer manufacturer will have software that you can then install on the computers for you to access.

    Alternatively, if your Printer only has a USB connection.

    You could follow the following FAQ:

    Please note: the IP address for the Printer on the TG587 is ” :


  46. Belinda says:

    Hi, Recently received the TG587n modem and connected easily. Problem is signal is so weak it can’t connect in 40% of the house. Tried a Netgear WM3000 extender, but that was pretty useless. If I plug my D-Link DOR-615 wireless router in would it help? If I do, must I reinstall the Telstra modem as Ethernet connected? If not, what are the options, or do I need to buy a new modem?

  47. Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

    Hi Belinda,

    If the set up you have with the Wireless Extender is not working for you, then you could try to use ‘Home Network Extenders’ which Telstra does sell : Ruckus or Netgear Powerline extenders.

    The Ruckus wireless extender will allow you to extend your broadband connection to another device in the home.

    Netgear Powerline will allow you to extend your broadband connection up to 4 devices in another area of your home.

    With either devices, you could, if you want a Wi-Fi connection, you can connect your Netgear WM3000 extender on either one of the above products.

    Hope this helps.


  48. Michael O'Keefe says:

    Hi guys,

    I saw you mentioned it a couple of times, you were awaiting for a firmware update to support it, but can we use a 4G USB dongle with this modem yet?

    Ultra keen to move the home gateway to 4G as I barely get a 1Mbit connection on ADSL2 as the I am so far from exchange.

  49. Chi (Telstra product manager) says:

    @ Michael,

    The updated firmware has started to be rolled out and by now, most TG587 should have received it by now.

    The new firmware version is 8.4.4.J, which will support the Telstra 4G USB Mobile Broadband dongle (Post paid services).

    A post was updated in CrowdSupport ::


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