19 Sep 2011
By Sarah Green

Better value again for all BigPond customers


I’ve come to realise I’m what you might call a “netaholic” – there aren’t many occasions where I would be more than an arm’s distance from an internet-enabled device.  Where would I be without my iPhone to search for answers to random questions, navigate my way around unfamiliar streets and respond to unessential emails at unessential times?

It’s the same case at home – from flicking on the Telstra T-Box® to catch the latest movie or checking the morning papers on the Motorola Xoom™ – I’d be pretty much lost without my online fix.  But I know I’m not alone in my net needs – Aussies love their internet, whether it is at home or on the go.  It has become an essential part of our work and play, as we surf, tweet and generally connect with our family and the world.

At Telstra, we are listening to what our customers want from their internet access.  We’ve helped the home become more connected than ever as multiple devices now share information, entertainment and news with the whole family.  Combined with an increased usage of internet on the go from a range of netbooks, laptops and tablets, we want to make sure our customers are getting the best value out of their connection at home and when they’re out and about.

So we are extremely excited to announce that from today we’ve enhanced our fixed broadband and mobile broadband plans available to new and existing customers.  They are simpler and packed with more value, so you can feed your net fix more than ever.

What’s changing?

We’ve streamlined our fixed broadband (i.e. ADSL, Cable or Velocity) plans so they are simpler and more affordable.  The great news is that we’ve introduced a new 500GB plan – which more than doubles the data of our previous largest stand-alone plan, to cater for the increasing number of devices in the connected home.

We’ve also simplified our discount criteria, so by simply combining a Telstra full service fixed line home phone with a 24 month fixed broadband plan on a Single Bill you’ll enjoy a $20 discount off the standard monthly access fee.  This is our BigPond® Broadband Benefit pricing.

Our fixed broadband plans are now as follows:

For an extra $10 per month, Cable customers in selected areas of Melbourne can also access our 500GB Cable Ultimate plan which can deliver internet download speeds of up to 100Mbps in to the home for sharing across multiple users in a household.  These speeds are so fast they exceed the capabilities of many content servers and individual PCs*.

Don’t forget, you can take advantage of great unmetered content from BigPond and download as much BigPond entertainment as you want via your T-Box® on your TV or via your PC, without it counting towards your monthly usage limit (content charges may apply).

Plan Inclusion Price per month over 24 months (with the $20 BigPond Broadband Benefit)
5GB From $29.95
50GB From $49.95
200GB From $69.95
500GB From $89.95

And because we all love a freebie, some of our new BigPond Liberty® Mobile Broadband Plans have had an extra gigabyte of data added at no extra cost.  Plus we’ve increased our highest mobile plan from 12GB to 15GB – so for just $10 per month more customers have access to an extra 3GB of mobile broadband for internet on the go!

Previous Plan Inclusion Price per month over 24 months (with the $20 multiple product discount) New Plan Inclusion
3GB $29.95 4GB
7GB $39.95 8GB
NA $79.95 15GB

And, we still have our 1GB plan, which remains available from $19.95 per month over 24 months with the $20 multiple product discount.

How can you take advantage of these new offers?

Existing customers aren’t automatically changed onto these plans.  The easiest way to change to these new offers is online – visit My BigPond to access your account and make the swap.  Existing customers may need to recontract to take advantage of the new BigPond Broadband Benefit pricing.

Of course you can always contact us by phone on 13 22 00 – we are here 24/7 for your call.

For more information about the fixed plans, visit My BigPond home – and if you want more information about the mobile plans, visit BigPond Mobile Broadband

* Cable Ultimate Speeds: Average speeds will be lower and actual speeds a single user will get will vary due to a number of factors including ONT type, router, server limitations, network configuration, member premises interference, traffic, hardware and software.  To achieve maximum BigPond Ultimate speeds existing Velocity customers may need to purchase a new router and internal Optical Network Termination device (ONT) from Telstra.  Download speeds on devices connected via a Wi-Fi modem or network extender may be slower than on devices connected by ethernet cable.

Minimum cost of BigPond Broadband pricing with the BigPond Broadband Benefit. The minimum cost over 24 months with a $24 standard self install ADSL Home Network Gateway and HomeLine® Plus is $1509.60 for the 5GB plan, $1,989.60 for the 50GB plan, $2,469.60 for the 200GB plan and $2,949.60 for the 500GB plan. Once you reach your usage allowance your speeds slow to 64kbps on the 5GB and 50GB plan and 256kbps on the 200GB and 500GB plans.

Minimum cost of BigPond Mobile Broadband pricing with $20 discount The minimum cost with a BigPond USB 4G with HomeLine Plus and a $30 postpaid mobile plan over 24 months on a BigPond Liberty® 1GB plan is $1,965.60, BigPond Liberty® 4GB plan is $2,205.60, BigPond Liberty® 8GB plan is $2,445.60 and BigPond Liberty® 15GB plan is $3,405.60 (plus $9.95 delivery fee for phone/online sales). Once you reach your usage allowance, the speed of your service will slow to 64kbps until your next billing cycle starts. Your combined monthly access fee (before any discounts are applied) must be at least $89 for the $20 monthly discount.

We’ve worked hard to give you extra value in these new plans and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. Drop me a line if you would like to leave some feedback, and happy surfing!


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  1. Cory says:

    A long way to go before you’d call that good value. Stop locking customers into long contracts and enough of this bundling business!

    • Steve says:

      Agree! I was mildly excited until I read:

      ‘Existing customers may need to recontract to take advantage of the new BigPond Broadband Benefit pricing.’

    • James says:

      Peter I agree. I’ve been with Telstra since dial up internet and all we get rewarded with is worsening phone service, low data and long 24mnth resign up contracts.

  2. danni says:

    most people who want mobile broadband dont have a homeline !!! give us a discount for having a mobile on the same bill instead!

  3. tom r says:

    Any chance instead of putting quota’s up that we could get a increase of upload speeds on cable?
    Elite download speeds are as fast as they can basically go but upload are capped at 1.2mbits.
    3mbits for elite, 5mbits for ultimate.
    Or even have a upload speed pack. $10 a month for 7mbits on elite or 12mbits on ultimate.
    That’s the only thing of use to me other then a bundle price drop.
    I don’t need any more GB’s well maybe for my mobile phone now its with telstra pre paid. :)

  4. Damien says:

    Great work Telstra.

    I’d love to see you next increase the data allowance in your International Roaming Data Plans.

    $29 for 10mb and $160 for 60mb needs to go up.
    A plan in between the two might also assist people.

    (especially those of us that travel with a Blackberry)

  5. Evan Davis says:

    Yet I still can’t bundle my mobile, cable Internet and Foxtel because Telstra insist on flogging their landline phones as a compulsory part of the bundle.

  6. I just got upgraded from 100GB to 200GB per month for the same price and no contract renewal = happy customer. While most months I had been using between 50 and 80GB, this month I’ve had to limit my usage with the Windows 8 downloads.

    You don’t often get something for nothing. Today I did.

  7. Hugh says:

    Since I’m already on the $49.95 50GB plan, where do you get “Better value again for all BigPond customers”?? For me it’s the same value as before.

  8. Ben says:

    But what does that mean for existing customers already on the 500gb bundle?

  9. Paul B says:

    Memo to Telstra: let the consumer mix & match or like you are ordering from McDonald’s…. And also let us rollover used data on our broadband (fixed & mobile). Lastly if a customer signs up for a new internet connection with a self-install Gateway, provide technology that is not 8 years old, we are now using 802.11n devices with gigabit LAN not 802.11g

  10. [...] However, in a blog post on its Exchange site today, Telstra revealed it had introduced a new 500GB plan — which will cost customers $89.95 per month when they also sign up for a full service fixed telephone line, costing from $29.95 a month. The company also maintains several other broadband packages, which can be used by customers on its ADSL, HFC cable or fibre infrastructure — ranging from 5GB/$29.95 a month to 200GB/$69.95 a month. [...]

    • Anthony says:

      I rang telstra just moments ago and was told a completely different story when I tried to upgrade from my 200GB bundled home phone plan to 500GB,I was told I had to also have a mobile phone and the 500GB plan with home phone,mobile and 500GB would cost me 148.00 per month.
      Kinda makes this entire story bull doesn’t it

  11. Glenn T says:

    Could you guys please add an options for us to purchase data blocks?

  12. Nick says:

    “Existing customers aren’t automatically changed onto these plans. The easiest way to change to these new offers is online – visit My BigPond to access your account and make the swap.”

    You people really need to do some testing before making comments like this. Going to My Bigpond am now blocked from making any changes…

    “Bundled customers please call 13 22 00 to change plans. Changing BigPond Cable, ADSL and Mobile Broadband plans online may result in the removal of Bundle benefits and Combo rewards, this may generate additional charges.”

    Little known secret that taking up a Bundle with Telstra puts you on inflexible billing constructs, rushed to market, and that are an absolute pain to take advantage of any “freebies” (if that’s what they are) roll around. Meanwhile non-bundled customers upgraded easy as pie.

  13. Mark Ereira says:

    Hi, can Sarah or Brendan please tell me if I will still need to have my mobile plan as part o the bundle in order to recieve the 50GB ADSL 2 plan for $49.95? as the prepay mbile plan offers better included calls at the $30 per month value , your prepay phones are outdated, and your mobiles on plans are exorbitant.

  14. Michelle says:

    We are a large family that are unable to get a wired service so use BigPond Mobile/Wireless for our Internet connection. The service itself is a fantastic service which is very stable and ready whenever we need to.

    Unfortunately each month we find ourselves being shaped as the 12GB plan is not sufficient for our months Internet needs. I read the headline in my RSS feed about this post and I was really hoping for a some good news about an increase in quota for wireless users, however what I have discovered is really the opposite.

    While I note there is now a 15GB plan, the added cost of $10 per month more is simply too much. We have a limited budget and while $10 does not seem much it will mean we can no longer afford that top plan. We already cut back on our luxury items etc and have no room to cut back anywhere else.

    Why could you not have at least retained the 12GB plan at the old price, or increased it by 1Gb like the other wireless plans?

    It will be even harder now to manage month by month as we will have to go back to the 8GB plan as we cannot afford that little extra you are asking for the 15GB plan, again why could the 12GB plan not be retained?

    What I find puzzling is that in past posts and comments on this exchange it was made clear by one person in particular at how limited the top wireless plan already is, but BigPond (Telstra) have chosen to not listen to that feedback and not provide a fair quota at a fair price to wireless users. Plus there has been no change to the shaping speed which was also a request by many other users of wireless.

    I only wish there was a way we could get ADSL so we could enjoy the 200GB or even 500GB, we are just outside of the range of an ADSL connection as advised by the Telstra technician that was here when we were hoping to connect to ADSL. Can I ask is there a booster option that we can pay for that is put onto our line that will enable us to get ADSL as now that we have to go back to 8GB we are not going to be able to use the Internet now much at all.

    Thanks for listening Telstra


    • Hi Michelle. Firstly, I am aware that the matter you refer to has received frequent responses in the past. Importantly though, I can assure you that are able to remain on the 12GB plan. Existing customers are able to remain on their current plans.

    • jwright says:

      Hey Brendan, maybe if you were to bring out bundle offers to wireless only customers they would have less to complain about?

      Being wired myself I can enjoy some bundling benefits that includes cheaper landline, internet and foxtel with my mobiles as well, but for my friends unable to get a wired connection they are having to pay top dollar for every service they have with you, hardly fair.

      It is not difficult to understand why people like Michelle and others that do not have access to a wired connection feel very left behind and forgotten by Telstra.

      Maybe you can pass on Michelle’s and my feedback to your bundling crew to get off their collective butts and pull their fingers out and do something positive for wireless only customers, I mean they are customers tooo are they not?


  15. Marco says:

    Telstra, stop joking and fix the damn exchanges. Half of the nation is on pair-gain systems and can’t have broadband thanks to you!

  16. snow says:

    i am on an adsl1 connection which is congested, what in the world does 500GB or a T-Box do for me?

    how about lowering the cost of the middle plans and getting rid of that 2 year contract? oh and upgrading my exchange – yeah that would be good.

    i thought a ‘revamp’ would mean exactly that but i am disappointed in this.

  17. Sarah Green says:

    Thanks everyone for your feedback – you’ve given us food for thought for our future planning.

    We’ve kept some of our most popular plans from before, so if you’re already on the best plan for you, that’s great. We think we’ve introduced some good value alternatives as well.

    We haven’t changed our fixed broadband speeds, but the plan changes are in response to customers wanting greater data allowances to reflect changing internet usage patterns, especially with many customers accessing the internet from numerous devices while at home (e.g. T-Box, T-Hub, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles).

    There are no changes to our bundles offers as a result of these changes.

    Some of you have asked about the need to recontract. Please be assured you don’t have to recontract to move between plans. Simply go online to MyBigPond to change between plans. The only time that you’ll need to recontract is to take advantage of the new BigPond Broadband Benefit (discount from $10 to $20).

  18. Bob Buick says:

    I’m not interested in a “homeline” (POTS), as the last time I had one, several years ago, the monthly cost was more than I’m now paying for mobile internet, mobile phone and VOIP combined. My Sierra 312U modem is currently used as a fixed connection at home and I certainly don’t want to extend my contract, with prices dropping and advances like single frequency duplexing, LTE etc. making future wireless likely to be much cheaper and faster.
    The government are going to have to use more monopolistic stratagems than simply stopping Telstra from advertising wireless as a competitor, if the NBN’s going to survive – despite its huge bonus of taxpayers’ funds.

  19. Peter Alex says:

    I disagree that there’s better value for *all* Bigpond customers.
    What about the bundle with 200GB data and basic phone service for $88 a month? i.e. Bigpond Cable Elite Liberty and HomeLine Basic
    There’s no bundle with 500GB data and HomeLine Basic.
    To get 500GB data one must purchase HomeLine Ultimate which costs almost double.

    Where’s the incentive to bundle? It’s significantly cheaper to have the services separate.

    How about a new bundle option?

    • Sarah Green says:

      Hi Peter,

      We’ve endeavoured to keep our range of Complete Home Bundles simple while finding the most popular combinations, because that’s what our customers have told us they want. We also know that it’s not practical to have a bundle that suits every individual customer so we continue to improve the value on our standalone plans, including the discounts you can obtain by having additional Telstra products, such as the BigPond Broadband Benefit.

      Don’t forget that there are benefits in bundling that go beyond the data allowance. For example the 500GB bundle includes home phone value with international calling and fixed to mobile calling to any network and access to Foxtel on T-Box for $9.50 per month for our Cable customers.

      Having said that, we are continually reviewing what our customers want in our bundle offers, so we appreciate your input.

  20. Steve says:

    Can someone please explain.
    I’m on my 2nd month of a new 2 year Bigpond ADSL contract. I currently get $10 discount for having a Telstra full service fixed home line on single bill, plus another $10 discount for going on a 2 year contract, plus another $10 Multiple Product Benefit discount for also having an eligible post-paid mobile phone service with Telstra. A total discount of $30. Will I lose the $30 discount & only get a $20 discount if I now swap between different download plans, & will my contract start date be renewed?

  21. D_mentias says:

    All useless to me as I can’t get ADSL and dial up became un usable, To afford satellite broadband I had the landline cut and went prepaid with Next G. This was still less than the landline, dialup, calles and a mobile etc.

    I would love some wireless broadband but as I don’t have a landline and don’t see the need for it any longer I get punished and must pay more.

    Then because I don’t have a bundle I would be charged more for a wireless modem even if I did choose to contract for 24 months which I refuse to do. Optus don’t have such requirements on their prepaid bu t unfortunately it doesn’t work ay my home address.

    I think if plans were 12 months or less and more competitive telstra would be swamped for business and not only by us rural folk.

  22. Bill Birchkavitch says:

    “Better value again for all BigPond customers” – WHAT BS.
    Those with stuck with Mobile Broadband now have to pay $10 more for the minimum plan, as the 400MB plan is gone Not upgraded. If I was to change plans, I can not change back, so why will I be penalised $10 each month even for a temporarily plan change ???
    NO value in these plans for me ! :(

    • jwright says:

      What is worse is that they have advertised on that they have bundles that suit any family but forget to tell you that when they mean any family it is only those families able to get a wired connection. I guess we do not classify as families if we can only get wireless.

  23. Paleoflatus says:

    My gripe is with Telstra playing the same dirty monopoly game as the banks. Charging penalty rates for customers who don’t want an antiquated copper loop (POTS) phone is similar to the bank fees that far exceed the Company cost. I’d like to know what the hell my Telstra Mobile Broadband has to do with my having, or not having a redundant old-fashioned phone, as well as my cellphone.
    I’m using Telstra’s Sierra U312 modem – but only until someone else offers something similar at around Telstra’s bundled price. They’re doing well out of their dying monopoly, but that won’t last forever and it will leave a bad taste in a lot of mouths.

  24. Andrew says:

    I’m on Bigpond ADSL2 in Chatswood and only 1.2kms from exchange. I get a dismal 5 Mbs d/l and 0.27Mbps u/l when it’s supposed to be as high as 20 / 1. I thought ADSL wasn’t shared with other users like cable is.. Anyway, I was told bigpond cable wasn’t available in my area even when there’s foxtel cabling into my apartment! I don’t know why I’m paying so much more to be with Telstra Bigpond for 2 YEARS. I thought by paying more I’d actually be getting a premium product.. what BS.

    While in London (twice the population of Sydney). I was getting about 12Mbs / .8 Mbps d/l u/l on Sky ADSL for about 10 pounds a month bundled with a phone & full Sky satellite HD twin feed service (record 2 channels simultaneously) which was only about 40 quid / month. The clincher… unlimited data on the ADSL! That’s right, NO QUOTA. Forget 250Gb or 500GB..

    We are being ripped off so badly in Australia.. Don’t get me started on what you get in Tokyo. Australia stuck in dark ages and being ripped off. Telstra Bigpond should catch up with other telcos in global cities. NBN may be our only , tax-expensive, hope.

  25. Brendan says:

    The service gets worse and worse. They fall behind every time on customer value. My plan changed from 30 sec to 60 second billing 1 month AFTER I signed up. Appalling and dishonest

  26. Rico says:

    What does it help if you have a truckload of data, but your internet runs at a speed that is SO SLOW that it is impractical for use? I am on the 200GB Liberty plan, and Bigpond has brought me nothing but disappointment. They have truly given me the worst service I have ever experienced in my life from a service provider. Even the ISP’s in my home country, South Africa are way ahead of you in terms of speed, reliability and customer service. You should be ashamed of yourself, Telstra, because I am ashamed of myself for being stupid enough to choose you and your Third-World service.

  27. Jason says:

    I have resently had fibre optics attached to the house and was looking forward to faster internet. I rang and was told I would have to renegotiate my plan, which meant losing some of the benifits i have with the bundle I am on. This includes free calls between our 3 mobiles and home (it is called family I think), the $10 per month off the mobile charges for 2 phones, and $5 for the 3rd. Why can’t I just transfer over from ADSL to fibre without haveing to change anything. It is still the same account with the same bundle, except it now wants to give me 500Gb instead of the 200Gb i am unable to use now! This will be a cost to me of hundreds of dollars.
    Please explain!

    • Hello Jason, You have a number of choices to make and our sales team can assist to ensure you obtain the best value bundle.
      For example one option may be the Telstra Complete $128 bundle, which includes unlimited calls to Telstra Mobiles and a massive 200GB allowance. Depending upon your mobile spend you can add a $49 freedom connect mobile plan with up to $10 monthly MRO Bonus credit to use against the cost of a new handset receive 1 GB Data allowance to use in Australia and $450 monthly call allowance for calls, text and MMS to standard Australian numbers.

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