29 Jul 2011
By David Thodey

Telstra Experience Centre gives business a vision of the future


Last night I had great pleasure joining the Victorian Premier, The Hon Ted Baillieu to officially open the new $13 million Telstra Experience Centre (TEC) at our Exhibition Street headquarters in Melbourne.

The new complex features 16 demonstration areas that showcase technologies in action, two user-testing laboratories and two product design areas.

It combines advanced telecommunication networks with the latest products and services to show how technology can help businesses improve productivity and better connect with customers and employees around the country or across the world.

Watch the video below for a virtual tour around the facility.

For more detail, click on the following fact sheet.


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  1. Gregory Opera says:

    So can anyone just rock-up and check out the Telstra Experience Center (TEC), or is this by invitation and/or appointment?

  2. David Anderson says:

    Hey David instead of slumming it with pollies why don’t you get your customer service sorted? I have now made 5 (FIVE) calls to your contact centre, spent over 1.5 hrs on the phone, spoken to at least a dozen people, all to get a simple phone redirection. The result? YOUR TECH GENIUSES HAVE NOW DISCONNECTED MY HOME/BUSINESS PHONE!!
    Should I have expected any less?

  3. Sue Stevens says:

    I want to get in touch with you, Mr Thodey and this might be the only way I can find though I might also leave a comment on Telstra’s Facebook page. I’d rather keep this private however.

    Here’s my Telstra story

    I am writing to you because I’d like to give Telstra a chance to fix a matter without having to go to the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

    I purchased a pre-paid mobile wireless device at the recommendation of Telstra staff at the Balmain, Sydney shop – an Elite which allows up to five devices to access the Internet. I did this because occasionally we run out of juice on our Big Pond monthly account. The upshot is that it actually didn’t work for our purposes so I took it back to the shop. The woman there said that I couldn’t return the device after having it for 30 days. I had only had it for about 10. When she realised this, she said that I still couldn’t return the device and get my money back.

    Additionally, the device went through massive amounts of gigs in very short time – my husband and I had no idea why _ we thought we had a faulty device. This meant that I was on your help line for long periods of time. When I got my telephone account, I had now racked up (unbeknown to me) a huge bill (see below). In addition, we purchased an additional $150 for 10 gigs. This disappeared in a matter of days because no one told us that if the prepaid mobile device is on (even if no computer or device is connected to it) it still burns up gigs. Because this wasn’t explained, your staff at the call centre have given us additional gigs free of charge. This we appreciate. However, the cost of calling your call centre far exceeds any ‘free gigs’ that we received.

    Not one thing went right from the moment we purchased the device for $129.00. When we first purchased the device, it wouldn’t work because your staff had set it up as a mobile phone. This was corrected after one call to the call centre. My husband purchased $150 for 10 gigs on the Internet (while talking to one of your call centre people) only to find out later that he had purchased hardly any additional power for $20.00. I later paid an additional $150 for the 10 gigs which, as I said, disappeared within days because noone at this stage told us that this would happen if we left the thing turned on.

    The whole experience has cost me huge amounts of time and lots of money. The charges on my mobile for calling your call centre were the last straw. $187.68 (see below attachment for the time it took to try to get a result and the costs to me for doing so). I would like Telstra to make some ammends for this and therefore would like to speak with someone who can find a way to compensate me for the costs that I feel Telstra’s incompetence is responsible for.

    I would like to speak to someone so we can find a solution.

  4. Wee Yong Yu says:


    I am from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in Singapore. We would like to visit the Telstra Experience Centre. Is the centre open to any walk in visitors or do we need to make a prior appointment with Telstra to visit the centre?

    Thank you

    Wee Yong Yu

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