15 Jul 2011
By Sunil Joseph

Google+ on Android


If a social network wants to keep us connected, they need to keep us mobile & how they do it can ultimately determine the success of their venture. Enter in Google+, made by the company behind one of the most successful mobile operating systems worldwide – Android.

I have been playing with Google+ for just under two weeks now, and have been quite impressed with Google’s latest effort to own Social Networking. So far it is the cleanest social network I have used and has quickly become my number one.

Googleplus for AndroidTwo weeks back we asked you on the Telstra Facebook page – ‘which feature of Google+ most excites you?’. The clear winner was the Android App. If you are an Android owner, you may have noticed that the Google+ app was available for download straight away upon the launch of Beta testing (very smart move). When you download Google+ from the Android app market, you will get the complete app and also the Huddle (group-messaging) feature as a standalone app.

My favourite feature so far in using Google+ is instant upload, I love taking photos with my HTC Desire but I regularly switch phones. Google+ instant upload comes in handy because if you choose to tick the box, all your photos will be uploaded straight to a private album which you can choose to share with your circles or individuals. For the RetroCamera users out there, RetroCamera photos will also be instantly uploaded.
Googleplus for Android

The app is well rounded, for Android it gives you notifications in your status bar & comes with a very clean and easy to use interface. You have the option to access Huddle straight from the Google+ home screen or you can access your stream, photos, circles or your profile. In the bottom bar you will see notifications, you can flick this bar up to view your notifications. When you access the different areas of the Google+ app you will notice that it is very user friendly and quite intuitive.

Huddle is a very interesting feature, it’s nothing new – it’s basically a new spin on chat-rooms. The best thing is that it can be accessed on mobile and is now the simplest way to organise a dinner/catch up with a group of friends. Watch this video to find out more -

Besides having great integration with browsing on a computer, Google has done a great job with this Android app. It is hard to believe it is in Beta when it has so many features that work so flawlessly. If you are lucky enough to have a beta invite to Google+ and you use an Android handset, I would definitely recommend you download Google+ for Android.

For those using iOS, according to Mashable you shouldn’t be waiting too long as the Google+ app is going through App Store approval.

Update – The iOS app has been released and is available for download from iTunes for those using iPhone 3G and up

Any questions regarding Google+ for mobile, or if you would like to share your own experiences please comment below.


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  1. Michael says:

    It is too late for you to review this app.

  2. Gregory Opera says:

    I wish Google would make this available to Google Apps customers, because I’m dying to try it out… Given that Google promised Google Buzz access two years ago and we’re still waiting though, well let’s just say I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • Hey Greg,
      To say thank you for contributing so much on Telstra Exchange I just sent you an invite from my person Google+ account. Hope that helps.


    • Gregory Opera says:

      Thank Suni, I appreciate that.

      Unfortunately, Google+ is not available for Google Apps customers:
      “Oops… you need a Google profile to use this feature.
      Google Profiles is not available for your organization.”

      I sincerely appreciate the invitation however…

    • Charlie says:


      I agree, it’s getting pretty silly. You’d think a company the size of google could get it’s stuff together. I’m currently running three or so seperate accounts when in a perfect world I should be able to just use my one google apps account. I needed a seperate one a year or more back when I got my first android device and after days of messing around realised google apps (or google managed domains back then) accounts just wouldn’t allow the purchase of apps and now I’m running another for google+, I hope they give the option to swap later.

    • Read an interesting article this morning for all those wanting to use Google+ and have Google Apps accounts:

      “Google has announced a host of new features for Google+, including the ability to use Google+ from a Google Apps account.”

      - Mashable (Christina Warren)

  3. Gwynn (Telstra employee) says:

    I hopped onto Google+ on release day courtesy of a couple of Google developers I know. And it’s a very funky concept and I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows as more users come to the party.

    What I particularly like is the ability to clearly seperate people I know into different groups to choose who sees what updates. Likewise, I enjoy the fact that other people can subscribe to my public feed, just like Twitter.

    It potentially is a very good concept for combining what we love about both Twitter and Facebook, but the proof will be in how many people are willing to convert. As it is, I only pop into Google+ once a day, whereas I regularly check my Twitter feeds and browse Facebook morning, noon and night.

    • Gregory Opera says:


      If you’ve got friends at Google, any chance you could hit them up about the ability of Google+ to Google Apps customers?

  4. Harold Lord says:

    Google+ Apple application was released a few days ;-)

  5. Tom (Telstra Employee) says:

    Having used both the android app and iphone app, I am really happy with how this compares to others (especially the awful facebook iphone app). I’m interested to see if they bring out an ipad app, as twitter seems to be the only social network that has embraced the ipad.

  6. Blake C says:

    I got Google+ and its great!.. Just needs more users! I only have 2 mates that currently use it! Its a little quiet around there…

  7. Kris Bowen says:

    I am absolutely loving the fact the I can segregate my family from my friends and associates. To me this was the big letdown with Facebook.

  8. Samantha says:

    I’ve been in the Google+ beta for several weeks now, and got the Android app almost right away. I’ve found the app, and Google +, to be very intuative and easy to use. The app blows the Facebook app out of the water – it’s so much more responsive and simple to navigate.

    Now I’m just waiting til most of my friends migrate to Google + so I can ditch Facebook.

  9. Tricky (Telstra employee) says:

    having just bought my 1st personal phone since CDMA went, I’m interested in this app but afte downloading it I need an invitation for it to now work. Any chance guys?

  10. Mark says:

    Finding its actually good, has twitter feel to it. App itself is easy to use, does have some problems. But being beta still, obviously will improve. But its alot better then the annoying Facebook app.

  11. Gregory Opera says:


    Great find, Sunil – I found out about this before Google had even sent the update to my domain admin accounts!


  12. Hey Greg,
    No problems, by the way if you also use an Android phone you should install the updated to Google+. The UI looks fantastic!


    • Gregory Opera says:

      If you’re referring to the Google+ Android applications Sunil, they’re not working with Google Apps accounts at this time…

      I did a bit of research and the issues have been brought to the attention of Google however, so hopefully they should be addressed in the near future by means of an update.

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