06 Jul 2011
By Andrew Volard

Telstra to launch Samsung GALAXY S II on 26 July


The Samsung GALAXY S II, Australia’s fastest smartphone, will launch on the Telstra Next G® network on July 26.

This Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread-powered device will run at galactic speeds thanks to its 1.2GHz dual-core processor and a connection to Australia’s largest HSPA+ network.

Teamed with the Telstra Next G® network, our customers will be able to enjoy mobile web speeds up to twice as fast as those available on non HSPA+ networks in all capital cities and selected areas.

Couple this with Adobe Flash support and you have one of the fastest and most graphic-rich mobile web browsing experiences available.

Samsung Galaxy S IIGalaxy S II customers will also be among the first to benefit from the clarity of HD voice calling which was recently launched on our network and is enabled on this smartphone[1].

At just 8.49mm thin, with a powerful processor and vivid 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen display, the Samsung GALAXY S II marks a significant evolution from its predecessor, the popular GALAXY S.

The Samsung GALAXY S II provides access to a range of apps (both pre-loaded on the device or delivered through Samsung Apps) including free premium turn-by-turn navigation from NAVIGON[2] and a free 30 day trial of The Age and Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide apps[3].

Also available on the Samsung GALAXY S II is Samsung Dive – a free remote find, lock and wipe service which offers complete peace of mind if you ever lose your phone (data charges may apply), as well as Kies Air which enables users to sync their Samsung GALAXY S II and PC to back up personal information via Wi-Fi.

The Samsung GALAXY S II also offers exclusive access to three integrated portals including Social Hub, Readers Hub and Game Hub. A fourth music-based hub will also launch soon.

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung GALAXY S II will be available from Telstra stores, dealers and online at from 26 July.

Consumer customers can purchase the Galaxy SII on Telstra’s Freedom® Connect Plans including on the $59 Freedom® Connect Plan with a mobile repayment option of $20 per month, after using an included MRO Bonus (for eligible customers), for 24 months  (min cost is $1,896). This plan includes $550 worth of eligible calls, unlimited standard national text and 1.5GB of data to use in Australia each month.

Business customers can purchase the Galaxy SII on a $79 Business Mobile Maximiser plan with a $15 phone payment per month over 24 months (min cost is $ 2,256 over 24 months). This plan includes $800 worth of eligible calls, unlimited standard national text and MessageBank® and 2GB of data to use in Australia each month.

It can also be purchased outright for RRP $840

Testing times but it’s worth the wait

Many of you have asked why Telstra has released the Galaxy SII a little later than the competition. One of the reasons is that Telstra rigorously tests smartphones before they are launched onto our network. That means that our phones are not just compatible with our 850Mhz Next G® network – they’re optimised to run on it.

As a general rule Telstra puts new smartphones through three test cycles. We do this because we know you expect the best from your new purchase. We’re told by handset manufactures that it’s one of the most complete testing regimes anywhere in the world. At the conclusion of each test cycle we ask our vendor partners to resolve any significant issues identified.  These improvements eventually comprise a Next G®-optimised software package that runs the phone. Sometimes it will also result in hardware changes.

As a result of Telstra testing, a number of improvements will appear on the Telstra variant Samsung Galaxy SII. These include:

  • Better UMTS 850 RF sensitivity reducing instances of call drops and improved data speeds. This was achieved by asking Samsung to tune the calibration of the antenna based on Telstra’s test results.
  • Improved UI performance/responsiveness.
  • Improved data throughput rates when used as a tethered modem on some operating systems
  • Improved attachment handling when using the e-mail client.
  • Improved stability when used as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

[1] Customers with HD-compatible handsets can make and receive HD Voice calls automatically at no extra cost where the receiver also uses a HD compatible handset on the Next G® network.

[2] Initial application update required is approximately 9 MB in size. Initial map download is approximately 350 MB. Data charges may apply for both application update and map download. After initial download, the maps are located on the phone. No ongoing data charges apply when using navigation alone.

[3] After the trial period, a one-off fee of $4.99 is required for continued use of the app. Internet download fees may apply.


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  1. Fred says:

    Hooray!!! Can I preorder?

  2. Nathan says:

    so much for sign up here and be the first to know website lol!

    • Damien says:

      But you will probably get called from Fonezone call centre. They did after the “keep me informed” bit for the Xoom with “an exclusive deal” that was exactly the same as you could get at any fonezone but you had to wait for the tablet to be sent out.

  3. Trevor Connell says:

    Well done Telstra!!!
    $79 per month for the phone with 1.5 Gb data and $550 calls
    or the Optus alternative – same phone with 1.5 Gb data and $550 calls for $63 per month (or 2 GB data and $750 calls for $64 per mont).
    Apart from a slightily better network can you please explain what we get for the additional $16 per month?

    • Mat says:

      Slighty better… Optus’s network has dead spots throughout Sydney CBD…I quite like talking on the phone, do you?

    • Lewis says:

      Are you serious Trevor?! I don’t understand how you have the time to post here regarding costs per month or are you just that sad?

      You stick with Optus, I’ll stick with Telstra.

    • Brodie says:

      “Apart from a slightily better network can you please explain what we get for the additional $16 per month?”

      I dont think a better network and an optimized phone (which would only offer small to mild improvements at best) makes up for an extra $16 per month or $384 over the life of the contract.

    • Grandmaster Ronoson says:

      I’m switching back to Telstra purely for the network. If it’s $16 for decent coverage, then I’m paying.
      Optus, Vodafail, etc. aren’t in the same league.

    • Tim says:

      I purchased the 3gb micro sim online from optus for $15 thinking it was ripper deal compared to my usual telstra wireless 3G costs in June 2011

      Then when i went to use it, the download rate was not even a 5th the speed i get from telstra in West Metro Melbourne. It was barely useable and useless for youtube whereas i use youtube everyday with telstra 3G and its super fast.

      I was thinking Optus is only useful for telephone calls, but their not even good for that as i reflected on my experience when i visit my parents in country Victoria. There optus has terrible coverage whereas telstra works perfect.

      The optus sim was put in the bin where it belongs.

    • Trevor Connell says:

      I have no problem paying extra to Telstra to get a better network service. But i do think the phone is overpriced when purchased on a plan compared to what their competition is offering.
      However the best thing about buying on a plan is that the phone is under warranty for the duration of that plan. This is thanks to the work of the ACCC who insisted that devices must be covered for the duration of any plan (Telstra used to only apply the manufacturer’s 12 month warranty)

  4. David says:

    Finally but July 26!! too long to wait :(

    Can we preorder it?

    • Ryders says:

      Somehow my local Telstra shop is still sticking to their guns and are saying 19th.. I’ll report back at 9:15 on the day! ;-)

  5. Jason says:

    What model number is this phone? I am only interested if it contains the NFC chip! Without NFC, it will be outdated in 6mths.

  6. NoTies says:

    Thanks for the update. Alas too late for my business, I bought one outright overseas weeks ago because I got tired of the lack of information from you. You may still end up with my data custom as you currently have the network, but when the others catch you up, your attitude will cost you that custom too.

    You guys totally miss the point of the annoyance here. Its not the date of release that people get annoyed about, nor the price you guys charge. You have the only HSPA+ capable network and can charge for it, we all accept that and most are happy to pay for it and those that cannot buy a handset outright will also happily wait until you launch it on plans in order to access that network. Available date is totally up to you and we totally accept that you launch when you launch.

    What annoys us is your inability to keep the market updated (I understand the reasons, you keep us waiting just a little longer, just a little longer….and some will wait long enough for your exclusivity agreements to expire and wont sign with your competitors and you fear that some wont wait, but you have to accept that this tactic will also alienate people who make informed decisions now to either wait for you or not, for many that informed decision will be to wait so you wont have lost that customer nor annoyed them or the rest of us with this tactic).

    If you genuinely needed until end July to test you could have announced to the market months ago your launch date and pricing but you kept it from us. People require information in order to make decisions. That’s all we ask, keep us informed. Announcing that you will be announcing soon is not keeping us informed, it is stringing us along.

    Whatever your reasons for delaying the actual availability (you say testing but O/S sourced phones are working fine on NextG without your software or “optimisation” none of them including your undisclosed (and its your decision to keep them commercial confidentialities) exclusivity agreements, stopped you from announcing your release date and pricing weeks or even months ago. Even if you have to say we cant tell you why but we cant launch this until xx/xx/xx and the pricing will be xxx. Thats all we needed to not be complaining to you.

    We are not idiots. Tell us like it is. We will praise you for it. Instead you choose to annoy us and we tell you so.

    • Dan says:

      Clearly you’re ignorant of how testing works. How could they release if they have no idea of how long it’s going to take in order to achieve the desired software or hard ware upgrades? There’s no point telling people a different date if it’s not going to be 100% solid, they already gave us the announcement that it would come July, it’s going to as promised, quit contradicting yourself multiple times in your rage. It’s here, it’s going to work the best and I have no worries paying for something that going to run 50x better than my friend’s one on Optus who constantly complains about network cover and speed.

      Nuff said.

    • Cory says:

      Telstra is not the only carrier in Australia that has HSDPA!

  7. Matt says:

    Thanks for the update!

  8. Blake says:

    Took you long enough. Unfortunately the deal isn’t good enough. I’m buying myself one outright from the UK for $300 cheaper, and on your Telstra BYO plan with the same features for $10 less. Win win win.

    • J-man says:

      you wont get the promised speeds, Telstra has customised to make the most out of the phone, a guy on the radio today complained he had a slow samsung phone and no one could answer why, it was because he got it thru optus and it was at their bandwidth, next-g is the bomb network, a samsung GS2 on the next-g network is what i call a ‘SLAM DUNK’

  9. peter says:

    stop the sooking if ya dont like it go somewhere else and then start complaining about the poor reception and speeds , for me ive been on optus for 2 yrs and just ported over glad i did cause there net work is crap, bring on july 26

    • Lewis says:

      Thank god. This forum has at least some people with a brain capacity more than a 2 year old! Well said.. people just think these threads are created just for people to cry and have a sook.

      If you’re happy with your current service provider, be happy with that and don’t feel like you have the need to whine 24/7

  10. David says:

    buy it overseas and take it to a TPG plan with no contract – test out the speeds for a month or two and then you are not convinced move to another provider on a BYO plan. That is what i will be doing.

  11. Jorgen Smith says:

    What difference if any will there between the 9100T ROMS that Vodafone offers for the S2 on their 850 network and the one you will be offering? I decided not to wait, but am still within the 7 day cooling off period.

  12. J-man says:

    GS2 plus release date? this phone is old

  13. Tom says:

    Way,way too little and way too late Helstra.

    if you continue to take customers for granted and treat them and prospective customers like fools, as you do, then even the fools will eventually be offended enough to treat you like you deserve to be, i.e., to leave you permanently. Some call it Karma, others, getting what you deserve.

    You could not even be bothered updating your announcement weks ago as to when and how much despite all the pleas on this site.

    While your competitors continue to improve, you continue to abuse your customers with the arrogance that only you seem to have. I remember when you were just part of the PMG but probably the monopoly position which you had then is the basis of the totally obnoxious culture which you now have.

    You are a great example of how correct the USA was in breaking up the largest telco in USA. It should have been done here. In any case, your attitude to customers will, in the long term, probably achieve the same result by helping to lift the share of the market which your competitors have.

    I for one am off to optus to obtain one at $64 with far more calls and data.

    Adios Telstra Amigos.

    • Lewis says:

      “I for one am off to optus to obtain one at $64 with far more calls and data”

      I’m sure you’ve heard the term, what you pay is what you get. Try have a long hard think about this. You’re willing to opt with Optus for more calls and data, but what’s the advantage of this when the network is horrible and the Samsung Galaxy S II is purely designed for the 4G network.

      Please bear in mind that Telstra have openly said that they will be launching this new network by the end of 2011 so enjoy waiting for Optus to upgrade to 4G!

      So in terms of an insignificant cost different per month, more included calls (that you probably will not make use of) and more data that you will struggle to even consume due to poor download speeds you lose.

      But hey, whatever makes you sleep at night buddy!

  14. pete says:

    why such a price difference buying outright compared to other carriers and then state that unless you buy the phone from telstra you essentially wont have a phone working on their network to full capacity (unless telstra offer their custom rom of course). This sounds very anti-competitive. I think the ACCC should investigate this.

    • Matt P says:

      Great post Pete, glad to see you understand your rights as a consumer.
      Go and buy from Optus or vodafail for a competitive price (less), and get what that price deserves you, less.

    • Chris says:

      So you think the ACCC should investigate Samsung and Telstra working together to make sure the handset works optimally on their network?? Funny!

  15. Mike says:

    @J-Man. The galaxy s 2 is capable of handling multiple bandwidths right out of the door before telstra even meddled with it. Stock standard it is set up to connect to the next g network. Do a little research, use google, never ever believe anything you are told when being sold things.

    • J-Man says:

      Yes i do research, point taken though, interesting to see the difference, if any, on the next-g when buying both telstra and overseas. thank you for your input

    • J-Man says:

      it would have been a GS1, he said he did the BYO from optus and rang samsung to complain about the slow speeds and they said that telstra promise the fastest speeds but you must buy a next-g phone or compatible bandwidth phone to utilise those speeds, im getting the GS2 on telstra – by far the best network – (in this country)

  16. mlangi says:

    Its all about the profit margin. By releasing it late then will get a cheaper price from Samsung. As it gets older the price comes down but Telstra still charge top price. If they do need to do what ever tests why can’t they request manufactures to provide then with samples earlier.

  17. Kate Morley says:

    I was told it was coming out on the 16th July by a Telstra salesman. Confused!

  18. Mike Robinson says:

    I tend to agree with NoTies. I will be the one that waits and is disappointed with Telstra’s lack of updates. I am glad that the 26th will come, but if we all signed up for this “be the first to know” website and sms’s etc.. why don’t we know already?
    Oh well, I’m disappointed I will have to wait till I ge tBACK from the snow as it comes out while I’m there, I was hoping to take it along and give it a workout… c’est la vie

  19. Cameron says:


    Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 that Telstra is releaseing NFC compliant…??

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but couldn’t find the answer.


    • JaMeS says:

      my research has told me its NOT NFC compliant in Australia, but overseas it is… maybe just stick your pay wave card (visa or mastercard) or the micro-chip, in between the battery and the back phone case and see if that works?

  20. lethal lee says:

    I agree: you just wonder why I bother with signing up to get an email or sms update and I end up finding out via google news! Really Telstra, I can understand testing takes time but why do you get everyone offside but not telling us at least at the same time…this is not difficult.

    Behind the facade of “Telstra” are human beings – not mindless automatons, please remember that the same applies out here! You just make it so hard for everybody.

  21. David says:

    well tomorow i will be of to optus to ,i have a problem with trying to talk to someone i cant understand , paying more for the same phone , it gets too confusing ,ive enjouyed being with telstra mobile but the others will catch up I have a month to try and see how bad or good it is .

    • David says:

      well i got it ,coverage seems fine so far but havnt been to all my areas yet that will take a few weeks then ill know whether to go back to telstra ????at least Optus give you that 1 month trial . Note to those that $16 more aint much to me its a lot ,it all adds up and for those on a average (real average not the governments idea of average ) we just dont have the spare cash .

    • David says:

      well Im very happy with the coverage have even better singnal than my last phone with telstra a HTC Desire . I do prefer the desire though , im guessing the galexys2 picks up the signal better . The areas i use the phone are Hervey Bay- Kingaroy and down to Gympie so so far so good Optus has the nod from me( I still have a few areas I havnt been to yet )
      and just a note about the phone being diferant between telstra and optus i rang samsung and acording to them its identical just software naturally .

  22. Phil says:

    I love how people are complaining about the price…Serioulsy guys its only $16 a month, $4 a week, thats one coffee a week difference which is bugger all….Telstra offers a far superior porduct, twice a large and a lot faster than any other network.
    Do you walk into a compluter shop and complain that the i7 costs more that the i3 or go into a BMW dealer and say that Hyundai are selling their cars cheaper..??
    Stop acting like little 7 year olds and throwing your toys.

  23. Lox says:

    Pretty sure I read on Gizmodo that there’s no NFC chip for Australian versions of the phone.

    I don’t think there’s much support for it here anyway is there???

    For the price complainers, I can say that paying that extra for the better network (coming over from Vodafail) will be worth it.

  24. Freddy says:

    Agreed, customer service does go a hell of a long way these days, unfortunately Telstra has dropped the ball on this.
    Been into 3 Telstra stores for the last few months only to get the same answer, no one knows anything also I had signed up for the website updates, but to no avail. I’m not trying to bad mouth Telstra because it’s the only service provider i can get where i am, but really that servicability does go along way. But im only a statistic to Telstra so my voice don’t count.

  25. JaMeS says:

    Telstra says “It can also be purchased outright for RRP $840″… does that mean it can be bought AT a Telstra store for $840 then get on Telstra pre paid? –or that it CAN be bought RRP for $840 elsewhere? Because the pre paid option looks allot better for me but if Telstra have made the phone better for their network then ill want the Telstra variant.

    • Victor says:

      I’m with you on this … if i’ve got the phone already, can I switch to Telstra and have the firmware updated with the Telstra changes?

      Obviously it’s in the interests of both myself and Telstra (I hope) that the service provided is the best it can be, especially if all it means is the phone is updated with new firmware!

      On that note – are Telstra going to be releasing updates of their firmware as new versions of the Android OS are released? … Given refinements and security patches are releases as part of the OS updates, would these then be passed onto customers in a timely fashion?

    • Adam says:

      yeah mate you can purchase it outright and unlocked for 840 from any telstra dealer or store, so no problem then putting a pre-paid sim in it.

  26. ULTR4VI0LNC3 says:

    I agree telstra runs the best network i live in perth and i’ll be lucky to get a signal let alone a 3G signal with Optus, so i’m switching to Telstra, whats worse paying an extra $16 or paying $63 for a network that doesn’t work 80% of the time, so if you want quality Telstras all their is, well at least untill Vodaphone finishes building their 5 billion dollar mobile network, then it’s game on

  27. Matt says:

    Average income people don’t drive current model BMW’s either, suggest you live within your means and go with the Galaxy S on the Telstra network.

    • David says:

      why again telstra ??? im finding otus coverage is excelant so far maybe its the phone galaxys ?? and optus $29 no mro .compared to telstras $59 plan ???same phone

  28. Linda says:

    Had this phone for a week now on $59 UNLIMITED CALLS AND TEXTS 1.5G internet and $500 worth of overseas calls from Crazy Johns Vodafone. Not sure what all the fuss is about. The amount of times it drops out etc is negligible and I’m in a not so great reception area. The phone on the other hand is SUPERB! Luv, Luv, Luv it. In what way may I ask is the iphone better than this? At least it has a camera flash and a great battery life (around 2 days if not played with constantly!) And the speeds are fast because of the processor.

    • Drew says:

      Then imagine that phone on a decent network, And 4G is out for Telstra by end 2011 so it will just leave these stone age carriers in the dust once and for all. For too long Optus has been bludging under rules set up by John Howard and sucking our dollars straight back to Singapore with no investment in Australia. Now it is getting the WHUMPING it deserves. Those that have used the Telstra 3G network swear by it.Optus, you swear at it…

  29. JaMeS says:

    Does anyone know if I can keep my current phone number (optus prepaid) switching to telstra prepaid or telstra plan? -and how to do it. thanks in advance

    • Hey James,
      If you are looking at switching your current prepaid service to Telstra and get a Samsung Galaxy S II, just go into store and ask for your number to be “ported” over. You will need to provide your Date of Birth if you are the one who registered the prepaid service on first purchase.

  30. dtrain says:

    Will it still have the software that currently comes with the Optus and Vodafone versions – in particular the map software? Will Telstra be removing NaviGon and other apps that are currently standard? Can I get a non-carrier version without the carrier’s bloat-ware?

  31. Ben says:

    It’s quite entertaining reading all the slagging off of Telstra.
    They spend sooo much time making sure their products work to their customers needs yet no one is satisfied with having to wait. We all wait for the things we want (Apple iPhone) for instance and barely complain.
    Yes it may cost that bit more but 99% coverage?
    How can you complain with that.
    FYI extremely happy long term Telstra customer here

  32. matty says:

    Only 1 more week…. the worlds best smart phone on worlds best network

  33. Jan says:

    can’t wait for next tuesday but I was wondering if my local Telstra Store will get the galaxy s2 phones in by the 26th as in the past have been a few weeks to months behind other stores and the staff keep telling me they dont know if they will get it in by then

  34. Tony says:

    Noticed you can now pre-order the phone.
    But if you decide to pick up the phone in store the only 2 available in NSW are:
    Miranda or Sydney.
    Can someone from Telstra please comment if this is an error?

  35. Aaron says:

    To be honest, I’m a little bit concerned about the price. I’m not sure that $79 per month is within my grasp, especially given that I can get on optus (business) for $59 a month. I’m assuming monthly repayments run for the entire duration of the contract (I’ve never had to do monthly repayments before, I’ve been using a nokia 6120 for quite some time now).

    Do telstra historically drop the price after a few months? Alternatively, are they willing to negotiate on price? A friend of mine recently switched from optus to telstra, and they paid a couple of hundred in exit fees for him, would they be willing to make a similar sacrifice in the form of a discounted MRO for me to get me on a plan? If not then I guess I’ll just have to look at another phone, but I’ve really got my eye’s set on this one. Truely brilliant phone!

    • Shaun says:

      Telstra have a “premium service” and as such charge for it. I asked some time back (when looking for original Galaxy S) and got told if I want cheaper go to Optus/Vodafone

  36. william says:

    Telstra didn’t do a very good job testing the motorola defy. they had to withdraw the blue tick and now the speakers are rs. They’ve had mine for over 5 weeks now. And do you think i can get any information as to when i can expect to get it back? not on your life. Never again will i enter into a 24m contract with telstra.

    • Dylan says:

      What they failed to test was an update to the Defy firmware. Motorola released a new firmware upgrade which Telstra handed out, and after the upgrade, the phone was no longer blue-tick compliant.

      Call Telstra direct and ask for a please explain. Your local Telstra shop is typically a franchisee rather than owned by Telstra themselves, so often the company has no idea what’s going on in physical customer-service-land. We found that our local store was useless until Telstra-Corporate started speaking severely to them on our behalf.

  37. Gaz says:

    Hmm maybe if ppl dont wanna sped $800+ on the price see if they will price match with allphones, optus etc etc.
    I have already confirmed jb hifi will price match on the 26th for a lot less.
    Maybe shop around and negotiate

  38. di says:

    is the galaxy 2 available on prepaid?.. because i know that some phones are not available on prepaid- like the blackberry..


  39. Nemo says:

    This issue is now fixed. I just picked up my new baby..

  40. Shaun says:

    Just got told when calling they have no idea of when Galaxy S2 is available and try mobile shops (who said same thing). Do Telstra staff know what they are trying to sell and when it’s available. Surely something as popular as this model should be a known product (especially with the Telstra surcharge).

    • JaMeS says:

      Same here Groover, I went into my local Telstra store thismorning to BUY the damned phone but they only had a model of it on display and they said it would be coming in 1 or 2 weeks! And they also said they didnt know what it would be priced at! can you beleive that? i actually told them about this site and told them what Telstra announced. useless. in a word.

    • JaMeS says:

      sorry, i mean Shaun not Groover

  41. Groover says:

    Benefits of business plan if you are a business….
    over the whole 24 months it only costs $360 more

    business customers receive a extra $250 worth of calls per month for the extra $15 you have to pay more than consumers

    over the 24 months thats a total of $6000 worth of calls extra

    1/2 gb extra on the business plan per month- thats 12gb over the 24 months

    • Libertine says:

      hello what are the business plans that you are talking about , i want one for the galaxy S2 . thanks

  42. matt says:

    Hi got mine yesterday, best smart phone ive had to date and very fast on the telstra network. Thanks

  43. Nathan says:

    so glad i got mine already and gave up on Telstra, I can’t believe you guys are still squabbling over this… Get a life Telstra.

  44. Groover says:

    As per the info above at the very top of this page

    Consumer customers can purchase the Galaxy SII on Telstra’s Freedom® Connect Plans including on the $59 Freedom® Connect Plan with a mobile repayment option of $20 per month, after using an included MRO Bonus (for eligible customers), for 24 months (min cost is $1,896). This plan includes $550 worth of eligible calls, unlimited standard national text and 1.5GB of data to use in Australia each month.

    Business customers can purchase the Galaxy SII on a $79 Business Mobile Maximiser plan with a $15 phone payment per month over 24 months (min cost is $ 2,256 over 24 months). This plan includes $800 worth of eligible calls, unlimited standard national text and MessageBank® and 2GB of data to use in Australia each month.

    It can also be purchased outright for RRP $840

  45. 4ngi3 says:

    Did you get a GS2 with Telstra? Do you have this problem if so please test it and let me know… I bought 3 x GAlaxy S2”s on plans with Telstra on the release date 26/7/11 and after having it for 3 days have noticed that when we call GS2 to GS2, we get a hissing sound on the call on both parties ends. When the person is speaking there is a scratching/hissing noise in the background. Granted its not that bad that you can’t hear the other person but its bad enough that you can notice it’s not normal. If we call other phones ie we rang a HTC desire on TElstra and the call was crystal clear, called Telstra landlines and crystal clear again. We just don’t know any other people on Telstra with GS2′s to test it. So if you know someone else on Telstra with a GS2 and you have one, can you please test it so we can figure out if its a problem with just our phones or whether its a wider issue? I posted this up on Whirlpool and someone on Voda said they made a test call to another GS2 on Voda and did not have the noise, so it may be a Telstra to Telstra issue. Thanks.

    • Aaron says:

      I’m posting from my telstra GS2. The phone is amazing but so far telstra have yet to activate my service and it’s been four days. I’d guys that the noise you’re hearing may have something to do with telstra’s HD voice service. Might be worth having a look at?

    • 4ngi3 says:

      Yea, i definitely think its got to do with the HD voice function. We put a Virgin sim card in my phone and made a few test calls to the other SGS2s and the call was crystal clear. So its definitely not a phone fault, its a network issue. I have rang Telstra and they logged a fault for this so hopefully I get a response within 7-10 bus days.

      Aaron do you know anyone else with a SGS2 on Telstra that you can make a test call to to see if you get the hissing noise when the other person is talking? Would be really great if you could. If it is a wider TElstra issue we really need to get them to fix it asap because this is a really popular phone and a lot of people have been waiting to get it on Telstra and I’m sure a lot of people have it now.

      I love the phone but very disappointed that hd voice calling is not supported between the only hd voice phones on the telstra network.

    • Aaron says:

      Actually, at this time I can’t make any phone calls. I have a friend who’s getting a GS2 soon on telstra and hopefully by then my one will be working fine. I’ll report back on a few days and let you know how out goes.

    • 4ngi3 says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Have you had any success with getting your phone connected? And have you by any chance been able to make a test call to another SGS2?

    • Aaron says:

      I have, so far all calls have been great. I’ve made phone calls to another GS2, but it was on optus, so it didn’t have HD Voice running. All calls have been fine, I’m still waiting on my other mate to grab one on telstra.

  46. Linda says:

    Been using this phone for about a month now on Vodafone network. Occassionally have to turn it off and reset it for web access (probably a Vodafone thing I’d say) but as far as straight phone calls, no probs at all. Very fast net access. Just loving all the free apps. Being my first smart phone I have nothing to compare it to but that said, sometimes it’s faster and easier to use my phone internet than my laptop! Overall I’m loving it. And this is on Vodafone. I’m tipping Telstra might be better but for the money Vodafone are charging, I’m not going to complain!

  47. David says:

    OK all good had this phone since launch now just waiting for the update to Android 2.3.4 to fix the battery issues.. When Telstra?

  48. peter says:

    Question – how is ICS progressing with this handset? The website says early april. Can we get an update please?

  49. Vu says:

    Question: I have a Samsung S II .I want to update preloaded Aus Map but not sure how to do it.

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