12 May 2011
By Dr. Ben Rossiter

Why Walk the Block?


On Tuesday 17 May, Victoria Walks is encouraging you and your colleagues to participate in Walk the Block.

Workplaces across Victoria are encouraged to step away from their desks and onto their feet in order to combat workplace physical inactivity.

How to Walk the Block – May 17 – Victoria WalksWe are asking people to take 15 minutes out of their day to walk the block. The aim is to show how easy it is to incorporate walking into your daily routine.

Recent studies show a direct link between prolonged periods of sitting and increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases, even for people who are generally healthy.

Sedentary behavior that is common in many workplaces is concerning. Many of us spend around a third or more of our day at work. This often involves sitting at a desk or in a relatively confined space for hours on end. This is not good for us, our families or employers.

Recent WorkHealth Checks showed that 70% of Victorian workers do not get the minimum required daily physical activity. That means 7 in every 10 workers do less than 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day.

Walk the Block aims to show Victoria’s workforce how easily walking can be incorporated into their working culture. After the event, registered individuals or workplaces will be sent information on how to implement four simple workplace-walking initiatives:

  • In your stride – quick and easy tips to keep staff moving at work
  • Walking meetings – step out for active and productive conversations
  • Walkabout inductions – for new staff to learn their surroundings on foot
  • Walking groups – regular walks for fit and friendly workplaces.

Grab some workmates, go for a walk, have fun and talk about how to get more active at work, every day.

Who will you Walk the Block with on Tuesday 17 May?

  • Simply register yourself, or your organisation.
  • Decide a time to take a 15 minute walk.
  • Spread the word – email or put up flyers around your office.
  • On Tues 17 May, Walk the Block!
  • Repeat regularly, on a daily basis if possible.

Why not take some photos on your smartphone and upload them to your facebook , twitpic or share them on the Victoria Walks facebook page.

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Please note: Telstra is not affiliated or a sponsor of Walk the Block.


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  1. Brendan O'Keefe [Your Community Manager] says:

    Our team will be walking the block and I’m looking forward to having more people join us and maybe we can make it a regular thing.

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