10 May 2011
By Lisa Zimmet

The culmination of a journey to the Royal Wedding

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Big Ben told me that it was just after 4am as I headed towards Buckingham Palace. It was cold, I was unprepared with no food or drink and I certainly had my doubts as to the logic of flying thousands of miles to a wedding that I was not even invited to. However as the sun came up, the champagne corks started popping and the first of the royal Bentleys headed towards Westminster Abbey, I knew that being in central London on the day of the Royal Wedding would be an unforgettable experience, and it certainly exceeded all expectations.

Royal Wedding 2011 - Photo: Lisa ZimmetI knew I had a long day ahead of me but the time went by quickly and was spent chatting with my fellow royalists. I spoke with two Australians living in London who had slept infront of Buckingham Palace overnight. I also met a gentleman who had camped out at Diana and Charles wedding. He said he would be back for Prince Harry, even for Princess Beatrice and Eugenie! And I befriended some lovely ladies who had actually come prepared with smoked salmon sandwiches, champagne and strawberries and even better, willing to share!

We all listened intently as the ceremony was broadcast over speakers along the procession route. We cheered when William, then Kate said their vows and were humbled when we heard that our cheers were heard by those inside Westminster Abbey. We cheered even louder when the carriages went by on their way back to Buckingham Palace.

So the formalities were over and it was time to critique the fashion. There was never any doubt that Catherine, now the Duchess of Cambridge, looked stunning and who can go by a man in uniform (ie Prince William)!

Pippa Middleton was clearly the crowd favourite and that she was wearing white at a wedding and almost upstaged her elder sister was entirely ignored as she did look stunning. I imagine there is not one person that will disagree with me on this?

I am happy to be over ruled, but for me, other fashion highlights were the mother of the bride and even our own Governor General, Quentin Bryce.

There were of course the fashion faux pas – Princess Beatrice’s awkward looking hat and Victoria Beckham dressed in black, looking like she was off to a funeral. Would it kill her to smile?

Maybe it was the jetlag, or the early start but it was just so wonderful and even emotional to see these two people who are clearly so happy and in love, and now married. And what an experience it was to be there with millions of other people to share in their day.

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