13 Apr 2011
By Kristen Boschma

Are you ready to Color your world – TelstraTalks Podcast #3


There’s been an enormous amount of talk recently about the app called Color. Essentially it’s a mega cool app that allows you to film or photograph an event, locate someone else nearby who is filming the same thing, see what they are filming and then tag it by location or topic. “So what?” you may say.

Well the big so what is that, for example at the impending royal nuptials, if 10,000 in the crowd all film the happy event using Color we here in Australia suddenly have a 10,000 strong camera studio at our disposal. We will be able to see all that is captured from any angle and all footage that is tagged “Royal Wedding” can be found in one spot.

In this podcast, we explore Color and why it may or may not be a good thing.

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What do you think?

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  1. Michael Lockrey says:

    I am really interested in accessing these podcasts but I am Deaf.

    Do you have a transcript?

  2. Sime says:

    Installed. Brilliant.

    So, as a music photographer, I get to shoot the three songs then I’m out of the photo pit, usually when I have the shots I want, I pull out my iPhone and snap a shot or two of the band / crowd – and I’ve got to say, I’d love to have know about this before AND wish I’d used it at these gigs – it’s like mini-blanket coverage… Very interested to see where this goes… I shall see if we can do something with this on the first dPS Photo Walk in Melbourne that I’m going to be running sometime soon… Great job guys!


    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Community Engagement Manager] says:

      Thanks Sime. Had a quick look at your music photography blog. Beautiful shots of some live shows. Keep in touch.

    • Sime says:

      Thanks Brendan, they were fun to take :-)

      Keep the podcasts coming [kill some of that bass Dan / Kristen! ;-) ]


  3. John Collision says:

    This is a real boost for the social services executives which which attend public events on a daily basis and tire of having to capture highlights on film for their respective corporates. Will definitely research it further and pass on to our sector partners such as Mike Pratt, Executive Director and Gerard Vamadevan, head of the Social Services & Welfare sectors. It is an excellent technology innovation for us.

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