08 Mar 2011
By Marque Owen

Telstra connects YouTube Symphony Orchestra


If you were going to put together a band, how would you go about it?  Well, Telstra, YouTube and Google are getting together to do just that.  And it isn’t just any band, it’s a Symphony Orchestra. That’s right. The YouTube Symphony Orchestra is coming to Australia in March, and Telstra is making all the right connections.

youtube-symphony-orchestra-blog-contentSo what is the YouTube Symphony Orchestra?   It’s a full blown, real life, physical ­­orchestra (strings, woodwind… the works) whose membership is made up of musicians from all over the world.

Last November, Google called for auditions via their massive video site, YouTube.  They posted the audition music; entrants practiced their part and then sent in an audition video.  In January, the top performers were selected by popular vote and expert selection. The winners will all be flown to the Sydney Opera House in March, to rehearse and perform as an orchestra.

In 2009, the first YouTube Symphony Orchestra saw 90 performers gather in Carnegie Hall in New York City.  Over 14 million people watched the event through YouTube!

This time it is going to be bigger and better, with 101 performers, four of whom are Australians, flying in to Sydney for the first rehearsal on March 14.  There will be plenty of action in and around the Sydney Opera House all week, culminating in the Grand Finale concert, live from the Concert Hall, starting at 8pm on Sunday, March 20.  And Telstra is right in the thick of it.

Our part of the partnership will be to provide free WiFi to the performers and the audience both inside and outside the Opera House.  Also, audiences will be able to make calls using their Telstra Next G phones, inside the Concert Hall. That’s because we are extending the Next G inside the Opera House, allowing coverage in the Concert Hall for the first time ever.

We are also providing fast internet connections for Google to demonstrate some of the wonders that they are planning for the near future.

So it’s going to be a big week at the Opera House, and a great challenge to our technicians, architects and planners to get everything connected in time.  The world will be watching, and you can too.

BigPond will be broadcasting the concert on the BPM channel online and on the T-Box. Just watch BPM from 8pm on the 20th of March to watch live.  Or you can download the free YTSO App from the Apple or Android App stores, which will also stream the concert, live to mobiles.

And of course, so will YouTube.

So watch this space and I’ll keep you updated with how it’s all going.


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