21 Jan 2011
By Kristen Boschma

Meet the Telstra people who helped Oprah


So you would have gathered by now that Telstra was a proud sponsor of Oprah’s Ultimate Australia Adventure.

Telstra Next G AngelsThe logistics and technical support we offered was quite extensive from handset supply, access to the Next G network, remote assistance, handing out survival kits at the Opera House and network construction we were there and ready to help.

Have a look at this video to meet some of the people who offered their support, technical know how and great Telstra can-do spirit.


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  1. Rochelle McDonald (Telstra Staff) says:

    I am still on a high from this experience being part of the Oprah Experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity and people are still asking me about it.

  2. Jamie says:

    I envy you all…. what a wonderful experience you would have had. Personally I think Oprah is a SUPER AWESOME inspiring lady & to be working with her would have been the ultimate!!

    Good on you Telstra!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Leanne Culina [Telstra Employee] says:

    This was such a fantastic experience! Like Rochelle, I am still asked about it. Most certainly an experience I will always remember.

  4. Michael Maher says:

    As a former Telstra Tech, it is great to see that Telstra has recieved such great exposure as a result of the Oprah Ultimate Experience. Great to see that Telstra is still the leader & as we in Australia know the best mobile network in Australia & believed to be the best in the world.

    As a person who stay’s in contact with what is happening around the world with mobile & other communications technologies, I am sure the Americans were mighty impressed with how good (our) network is, unlike some of the offerings in the US.

    Congratulations Telstra

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