07 Dec 2010
By David Saidden

Discovering media on the Windows Phone 7


It’s been interesting watching the first impressions of the Social Reviewers as people are either first time smart phone users or existing smart phone users.  Regardless of what camp the user belongs in, there is a learning curve for everyone experiencing a new user interface (UI) for the first time.

While my unboxing video provided a general overview of the Windows Phone 7 user interface, this post will specifically focus on all things related to media – social media, music and video.

Social integration is a popular feature that’s quickly becoming a standard feature on new smartphones, Windows Phone 7 introduces a new approach to social integration via the People Hub.

People Hub on Windows Phone 7 updates the user on everything that is going on across Facebook and Windows Live. This Hub combines your contacts information from Windows Live, Facebook and your phone book, displaying your friend’s photos and status updates as they happen as well as bringing information down to their contact card including their email and postal address and any other information they might have on their social network sites.

The People Hub also allows the user to call, text or post to your friends, update their status and change profile pics across Facebook and windows live  without logging in separately.  I think social integration will only continue to grow as a mobile feature demanded by customers and the People Hub will be an unexpected surprise to many users.

The Music + Videos Hub is the entertainment centre for the Windows Phone 7 operating system where the user can play music — synced wirelessly from their PC — enjoy custom playlists, listen to podcasts and recommend songs to friends. There’s also a built-in FM radio and the high-res screen is good for watching TV shows and movies.

Windows Phone 7Another innovation is that Windows Phone 7 is the only phone with a Pictures Hub, where you can see all of your photos from the phone, PC and Facebook in one place. With the Pictures Hub the user can access their entire photo collection, including photos saved to the phone and pictures posted by friends on Facebook and Windows Live.

The Telstra Windows Phone 7 Social Review wraps up this Friday (10 Dec, 2010).  If you want to ask a Social Reviewer a question either jump on Twitter (hashtag – #TelstraWP7) or post the question below and we’ll get a Social Reviewer to respond.

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  1. Jess Nichols says:

    I actually freaked out when I first opened the pictures hub and I saw that all my Facebook pictures were available – I was like how did they know!? The integration of the pictures is seriously seamless.

    Personally I’ve found that the People Hub is probably one of the best features on the phone – it’s awesome that there’s so much integration between Facebook and WP7 and you can tell the MSFT/Facebook relationship has really paid off with this phone.

    It’s a shame there’s not more integration with other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare etc – it would really take this part of the phone to the next level by providing a ‘life stream’ of you and your friends (and would save me having a bazillion columns on Tweetdeck to follow them all individually).

    In terms of videos, I haven’t really used it that much, but I did try a few Youtube videos and one of the other quirks from that I found was that even though I had to download an external Youtube app to view videos, they come up in my video history regardless with all the videos I have recorded on my phone, which I’ve found really helpful when trying to show the same video heaps of times because I don’t need to go through and search for the videos each time.

  2. I have recently done a review of my experience with Telstra Customer and Technical Support.

    This was a part of the HTC Desire Review program but is still very relevant for the Win7Phone.

  3. Girl Clumsy says:

    My only slight problem with the media hub/Facebook integration thingy, is the same problem I have with Facebook itself…. in that sometimes I don’t want to see certain people’s updates!

    I’m sure though this means it’s time for me to do a \friend\ cull or do some status hiding etc. :)

    It’s actually a really fun feature, and I haven’t even downloaded the proper Facebook app for the phone yet. I have found just using the phone when out and about, seeing statuses is really about all I need. I guess I could log in via the web if needs be or if I had more time. I guess it’s kind of like Twitter in that way – and just a pity there’s no integration with that.

    For the last day or so, I haven’t been able to get into the official Twitter app. I’ve downloaded Twitt and Beezz, but they seem quite slow.

    I just downloaded my first lot of podcasts to listen to, and I’ve found the Zune player very user-friendly. However, it does seem to suck the battery a bit. I’ve also found the volume quite low – I had the headphones in, volume up to the top of 30, and still struggled to hear clearly over street noise & cars. Having said that, I work in radio and so am on the deaf side considering all my exposure to loud sounds. :)

  4. Peter Murphy says:

    Love the idea that, WP7 is a media hub in your pocket, image manipulation is great, sound enhancement is great, all through third party HTC apps. I’m a drummer and the sound quality actually impresses me. images and editing is all right, need photoshop for WP7.
    I don’t carry a music player, and the phone doesn’t really have the capacity to be a replacement for an iPod/iPhone, storage is an issue.
    on every other front though it gets a pass, give us bigger storage, and the iPhone won’t be a winner any more. :disclaimer: winmo fanboi

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