26 Nov 2010
By Justin Farrell

Social Inclusion Week is the perfect time to get yourself connected


My name is Justin, and I first learnt about the Inspire Foundation and its programs when I found I was so impressed with the program that I wanted to get involved and help other people get the same benefit I did. I signed up as a Youth Ambassador and started contributing ideas and content to to make sure it continued to be as relevant to young people like me.

Being a young person can be pretty isolating. You’re trying to figure out where you fit in at school and with your mates, with your family and also with your community. You can end up spending a lot of time in your own head. Knowing that you’re a part of something bigger and that your ideas are important makes a huge difference. It’s great to know that you can make positive changes in your own life, and help other people too.

Participating in a sports club and volunteering for my favourite charity are some of the ways I stay connected – but there are lots of other things you can do. Programs such as and create online communities especially for young people. You can jump on the websites and find great things to do for both yourself and your community and most importantly, know that your participation is helping other people to feel included.

Getting involved with helped me feel like I wasn’t alone and gave me the opportunity to help other people too. Social inclusion Week is the perfect time to get yourself connected. Visit or to find out ways you can get involved or come up with your own ideas to make yourself and others feel included.

Telstra Foundation

The Telstra Foundation supported the redevelopment of in 2003, at this time it received approximately 30,000 visits a month. As of July 2010, over 100,000 young people per month access the information, services and support provided by, with the program internationally recognised as an innovative and best practice model of e-mental health service delivery. Since Telstra Foundation’s initial support of the redevelopment, over a million young Australian’s have benefited from the services provided by

Beyond Blue

beyondblue is a charity partner of Telstra’s payroll giving. beyondblue raises awareness and understanding of depression, anxiety and related disorders and helps to reduce the associated stigma, enabling people to participate more fully in their communities. Recently beyondblue supported RU?OK DAY to help people with mental health issues connect with their communities

“beyondblue is proud to support RU?OK DAY to get the message out that talking about our mental health is just as important as talking about our physical health. Starting a conversation with a friend, family or colleague could make a big difference to someone’s life. It’s not just about asking those in crisis but reaching out to anyone you’re concerned about. Depression and anxiety are illnesses, but treatments are available and with the right treatment, most people recover.” CEO beyondblue Leonie Young

Watch the video to find out more about how Telstra helps keep people connected, whatever their circumstances.


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  1. Sharmilla says:

    Good work Telstra Foundation supporting Inspire, an organisation that does fantastic work!

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