22 Nov 2010
By Rebekah O'Flaherty

Social networking over your mobile gets even cheaper


A colleague recently shared some statistics about mobile phone usage that blew me away – so far this year there are more than 30 million tweets a day worldwide and 80% of twitter usage is on mobile phones.  In addition 65 million Facebook users now access the site via their mobile phones, which is up 100% in the past six months.

And it seems that Australians are enamoured with mobile data use – an ACMA report released this month indicated that nearly 2.4 million Australians used the internet via their handheld mobile during June 2010, up from 1.6 million during June 2009.

With this in mind, from today our mobile post-paid data Browsing Packs for consumer customers have been improved.  We’ve added large amounts of data to our existing packs that means customers have the freedom to browse more of the mobile web for the same price – and in some cases for less $.  I’m sure this news will be music to the ears of existing users and, I hope, will encourage others to give mobile browsing a go.

Better data valueFor those who aren’t familiar with Browsing Packs, they give you a set amount of data each month for a monthly fee.  If you use more than this amount each month you pay for that extra browsing at a significantly reduced pay-as-you-go rate, so you get more for your money.

Take a look at these changes and you’ll see how we’ve increased the value by up to 500% on some of our packs.  On top of this, we’ve streamlined pack offers so there are some new ones as well, and we’ve also kept our 30MB pack at $5.

Browsing Pack New Data Inclusion Previous Data Inclusion
$10 1GB 200MB
$20 2GB 500MB
$29 3GB NA
$39 5GB 1GB
$49 NA 3GB
$69 12GB NA
$79 NA 6GB
$99 NA 9GB

These new prices also suit customers who use their mobile handset as a modem – that is where you plug your phone into a laptop or PC and use it to access the internet.  I think that the new $29 pack, with 3GB of data, is ideal for this purpose.

These changes to our Browsing Packs also mean the monthly data inclusions on our Next G™ Cap Plans are increasing as follows.

Cap Plan New Data Inclusion Previous Data Inclusion
$49 1GB 200MB
$79 2GB 500MB
$99 2GB 500MB
$129 3GB 1GB

From today, anyone who takes up a Cap Plan will receive these new data inclusions.  Existing Cap Plan customers who want to take advantage of these changes can upgrade at no cost by contacting us on 13 2200 or online via

Better data valueFor customers who are concerned they won’t know how much data they’re using, Browsing Packs provide assurance by alerting customers via SMS when they reach 80% and 100% of their monthly usage.  In addition, we also recommend that customers proactively check their usage by visiting the “Data usage account” menu which can be found under the ‘My Place’ menu on their Next G™ handset.

Customers can also use our Data Usage Calculator to estimate which Browsing Pack is best suited to their expected usage.

More detail about the new packs is available here and for pre-paid customers, we’ve also recently made changes to our pre-paid packs

I look forward to reading what you think about our great new offers.


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  1. Kara says:

    Hi, what happens if I am on a $49 cap plan, which is now 1GB, can I pay $10/month to upgrade to 2GB for mobile use?

  2. GW says:

    So still no replies from Rebakah, this is awful customer relations.


  3. mark ereira says:

    Rebekah Who? is she still with Telstra? this customer feedback site has become a chit chat column for , how was your holiday etc, I took up line dancing, overseas trips, They simply are unable to respond to genuines concerns with regards to customer service and relations. business as usual, if and only when they have to, come on David get serious, no BS do you want real customer feed back, if you have a problem, at least have the courtesy to tell us, so that we need not waste our time any more than we need to, you either want a two way feed back site or you dont care, but do not patronise please.

  4. GW says:

    Hi all just thought I would give an update on my quest for a fairer deal for wireless home users.

    There was a planned telephone conference between Rebekah, Anthea and myself just over a week ago but due to my own illness that had to be cancelled. In the end An email communication commenced with my specific questions being asked which have all been asked before on these comment pages, though for those not up to speed they were (in summary);

    1. Why is wireless limited to only 12GB? Could there be an increase in shaping speed?
    2. Why can mobile wireless get 12GB data packs for $69 when I have t pay $89 for home wireless?
    3. Why are there no bundling options available for wireless users
    4. Tower upgrades, not only are we on a low 12GB quota but our local tower is still limited to 3.6mbps, when will it be upgraded.

    The reply was very much the same as I got late last yeat, that being (in summary)

    1. Telstra is aware some customers require additional quota but no current plans to lift the wireless plans any further than the recent 10GB to 12GB, being said due to significant cost to provide wireless. No increase in shaping speed is currently being looked at.
    2. We get our $20 discount on our phone line, so no discount on the wireless.
    3. No bundle options for wireless and no current plans to be
    4. They will need to look into it.

    So what does that mean for us and other wireless users?

    1. We are stuck with what we have and have to put up with the shaping speed of 64kbps. I have further replied asking if Rebekah and Anthea have ever tried recently to survive on just a wireless only account and also to use the internet at 64kbps, so far no reply as yet.
    2. We are stuck paying $89 per month for our 12GB, which I feel is wrong but Telstra are not going to budge on this one. Just for the record we have wireless, 3 x mobile phones, foxtel and homeline all on a single bill, is that not enough?
    3. Was basically a too bad response and tough luck from where I see it.
    4. I have already spoken with Telstra technicians a number of times before and there are no plans to upgrade our local tower, 3.6mbps in 2011, that is pathetic.

    So what now? Well I have further replied to Rebekah and Anthea asking for a little more information and as I said to ask if they rely on wireless for their internet and have they tried to use the internet at 64kbps. As at posting this no reply has been received so I am still waiting.

    At the end of the day what I have been asking for I still feel is not over the top or asking for too much.

    1. 12Gb is not enough for a family, 25GB would be a great improvement
    2. If more than 12GB cannot be provided then how about a shaping speed increase to 256kbps like the top adsl/cable plans, why is that not possible?
    3. If mobile users can buy data packs of 12GB at $69 then we should also only be paying $69.
    4. If data pack add-ons are available for mobile users then why can’t we as home users buy these add-on data packs? Not that we should need to though.
    5. Why are there still no bundling options for wireless users, we have multiple products like adsl/cable users and they get a good saving for multiple products so why not us as well?
    5. With the recent news that 4G is being rolled out it would be nice to get a decent 3G tower, I mean even 7.2 would be better but really 21mbps should be provided. Again those that already have the fast wireless will be given another faster option via 4G, while those on slower connections will remain that way….. why?

    So anyway that is where we are at for the moment, we will see if I get a response and hopefully it will be timely and not just forgotten

    cheers all


  5. mark ereira says:

    Media Comment
    (and ammended reply)

    Many people have taken Tuesday morning’s announcement from Telstra to downplay the need for the National Broadband Network, but they’re ignoring Australia’s growing hunger for data.
    There’s no doubt that Australians do love their mobile broadband. According to information released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in September last year, Australians are flocking to mobile broadband in droves, with mobile broadband accounting for approximately 36 per cent of all internet connections in Australia.
    Even the government-commissioned report on the NBN Co corporate plan said the government needed to pay attention to the rise of mobile broadband and the possible effect this might have on NBN Co’s bottom line.
    The timing of Telstra’s announcement of its 4G network upgrade only fuelled the ongoing fixed versus wireless debate, with Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull pouncing on the announcement, saying it decreased the viability of the whole NBN project.
    Mobile broadband is certainly rising. But you can’t just measure how we connect to the internet — but also what we do once we’re connected.
    The ABS statistics also revealed that in the period between April and June 2010, Australians downloaded a whopping 151.8 petabytes (PB) of data, an increase of 21.5 per cent on the previous six months. Conversely, mobile broadband downloads suffered a decline, dropping 6 per cent from 13.9PB to 13PB.
    So why the decline, if mobile broadband is all the rage?
    My guess would be the price.
    Where is the CEO in all of this, and why are we getting fobbed off with case managers etc etc etc, ad nauseum?? GW is only restating what has already been said to you many times,what are you looking into? it must be a bloody big hole. we repeat 12GB t $89 for GW is a sick perversion when you are prepared to give others 200GB for $69 if wireless is so expensive, and you have been certainly selling to an increasing market,then give us the cheaper alternative ADSL!!!because you certainly look after those customers For God sake GW and others have a family, that urgently need Data 20/25GB and also dice that sick primitive dark age 64kbps shaping that is totally useless, why do you think educated people use broadband, why does David use shareholder money to travel to spain, and report on the future, when we are still in the past and dark ages with Telstra, that doles out 12GB top data plans. and you totally ignore your loyal customers that have committed in good faith with a 24 month contract.
    Reply to this comment

    • GW says:

      Thanks Mark again for your support, your quote of the media announcement is timely, especially with my offline discussions with Rebekah and her staff, though I am still waiting for a reply to my last email I have sent them.

      One of the biggest issues I have with all of this is how Telstra in its own media releases and also within these blog posts is very happy to tell people that they are giving data where it is needed as they can see the demand but they continue to keep forgetting about those on a wireless connection.

      The reason of course is obvious, market share. They have this market at the moment and their ‘wireless’ market share is not yet being affected enough, if it does then and only then will they do anything about it, but even then I would imagine it will be a long wait before they react just like they did with adsl/cable.

      Their argument about cost as being the reason may be part of the reason but I doubt it costs as much as they keep trying to tell us, actually they do not tell us they just say it costs more, but anyway I am sure it does not cost 17 times that of ADSL/Cable. So it has less to do with cost to provide it but more to do with market share meaning that at the current time they need not provide it cheaper as they know we have little to no other options.

      I have been told that they are as competitive as their competitors, good grief if all we did was what our competitor did how can you expect further growth, be proactive and do something before your competitor does, I recall David Thodey saying he will be aggressive in his marketing, I guess again this did not include wireless.

      I also don’t like the way we are all lumped under the umbrella of ‘mobile’ when many of us do not have wireless for mobile purposes. But it is very clear they will not even consider this so we continue to be treated as mobile users, and hence why I think the data quota is what it is. But hang on a second if we are mobile then should we not get 12GB for $69, oh no, it is then that they tell us we are for home wireless, so make up your mind what we are.

      At the end of the day Telstra will continue to ignore our requests and keep telling us that there are no current plans to increase or improve the wireless quota so rack off….. that is the end of that as far as they are concerned.



  6. mark ereira says:

    ContactsTo: “” Dear Mr Ereira
    Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I am aware that some customers would like a monthly mobile broadband data allowance that is greater than 12GB. We review this continually which is why we were able to move from 10GB up to 12GB in October of last year. The reason we do not currently offer a higher data allowance is because there is a significant cost difference in providing a service on the mobile network compared to on our ADSL network which does have higher inclusions.
    At this stage we have no plans to increase the data allowance above 12GB, but as I mentioned we continuously review our plans to ensure we provide the best offers we can to the market.



    David Thodey | Chief Executive Officer
    Telstra Corporation Limited


    From: Mark Ereira

    Dear David ,
    Many thanks for you reply, much appreciated, but we have all this same excuse about mobile being dearer to provide, we did not ask for mobile wireless, or the ability to connect every where!! we wanted the cheaper to provide ADSL Fixed line, (at home)it was take what you give us or nothing! an increase from 10GB with another 2GB to 12 GB!! is offensive and insultingly arrogant, because you can get away with it. if ADSL is so much cheaper? then provide us with the choice (EG: 200 GB) less cost, than wireless 12GB, what does it take for Telstra to look after loyal customers that committed for a 24 month contract. it would be nice to recieve a reply, but I do not expect any honest response.

  7. Mark Ereira says:

    Hi GW,
    Sometime back you mentioned that Optus could provide Wireless soon in your area, and I was checking their plans, which price wise and data wise are of far more use to ma family, check out the prices on their site. Regards Mark.
    up to 8GB off peak 8GB peak
    up to 16GB off peak 10GB peak
    up to 20GB off peak 16GB peak
    up to 32GB off peak

    Contract length 12 months

  8. GW says:

    Yes that is correct, however the tower building has been delayed but is still scheduled to be done sometime this year.

    The off peak and off peak system is one thing I do not like and is something I hope Telstra never do, plus the Optus peak and off peak system can be difficult to monitor.

    However what I do know is that the new tower will be 6 times faster than what we have so it is a tough one to call, it would just be good if Telstra could bring in a better plan with more quota so I need not worry about it. Oh and upgrade our 3.6mbps tower to something that is newer technology.



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