28 Oct 2010
By Richard Fink

Introducing our first mobile tablet


One mobile gadget, above all others, is shaping up to be a significant new mobile product for 2011.

Dubbed the mobile tablet, this new type of device promises to combine the best features available on smartphones (like thousands of apps and fast mobile internet connectivity) with larger, touch screens that bring video, gaming, e-magazines and mobile web browsing to life.

Telstra T-Touch TabIt’s a new product category that’s set to support Australia’s growing appetite for consuming content on the go.

Telstra will launch its first mobile tablet next Tuesday (2 November). It’s called the Telstra T-Touch Tab™ and it’s a 7-inch touch screen device powered by the popular Android operating system. At $299 on Pre-Paid, we think it will make mobile tablets affordable for everyday Australians ahead of the Christmas season.

The T-Touch Tab™ combines mobile internet browsing, access to over 80,000 apps from the Android Market™, online content, hundreds of Android™ games and phone-calling in a take-anywhere sized gadget. It can be connected up to the mobile web over the Telstra Next G™ network or over Wi-Fi when at home.

Here are some of the ways we think T-Touch Tab™ will be enjoyed:

  • A hub for enjoying apps – Because T-Touch Tab™ runs the Android™ 2.1 operating system owners can tap into the 80,000-plus apps, games and more available to download from Android Market™.
  • A social networking hub – with a touch screen larger than a standard smartphone screen, the T-Touch Tab™ is a great way to catch-up with friends via Facebook®, Twitter or Tribe®.
  • A portable multimedia hub – T-Touch Tab™ allows anyone in the family to watch video clips and movies, listen to music via the in-built MP3 player and stereo speakers and stream Mobile FOXTEL from Telstra when they’re out and about.

The T-Touch Tab™ can be purchased for $299 (Pre-Paid) which includes 3GB of data and $10 worth of start-up Talk/Text credit to put towards standard national calls and SMS/MMS to use in Australia in the first 30 days.

It’s available from next Tuesday at most Telstra Stores, Telstra Licensed stores, select retailers and online.


Network: 3G 850/1900/2100MHz.
Dimensions: 209 x 108 x 15.5mm
Weight: 500 grams.
Operating System: Android™ 2.1
Apps: Thousands of Android™ 2.1 applications via Android Market™
Phone features: Voice capable, SMS/MMS capable.
Sound: Stereo speakers plus 3.5mm headphone jack.
Camera: 2 megapixel camera with video recording. Front camera for mobile codes.
Screen: 800 x 480 pixel WVGA resistive touch screen with bundled stylus.
Processor: A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 768MHz.
Battery life: Talk time up to 150 minutes, video playback time up to 150 minutes, standby time up to 140 hours.
Entertainment: MP3 player and video player handling MPEG4 (.mp4, .3gp, .3g2), H.264 (.3gp, .mp4, .3g2), H.263 (.3gp, .3g2).
Memory: 512MB internal memory with micro-SD card slot expandable up to 16GB. Comes with a 2GB card included.
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth.
Navigation: GPS built in.
Mobile broadband speeds: Typical download speeds 550kbps to 3Mbps. Actual speeds vary due to factors such as distance from the base station, local conditions, user numbers, hardware and software configuration.
Warranty: 24 month manufacturer warranty.

More information is available here and you can register your interest online.

Let us know whether you think about the T-Touch Tab™ and whether you’re tempted to add a mobile tablet to your Christmas wish list.

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  1. Sonny says:

    I asked on facebook page (pasted your question Cathy) about them aswell so waiting to hear back about it. Hopefully there is an answer soon but I also have to ring them (probably tomorrow) about internet connection aswell so will ask them :)

  2. Bill Mcleod says:

    Great device. Data too expensive so I’m using on wifi all the time.
    Want to buy a dock to use the hdmi output.
    This was on show early in the process.
    When can we buy it please telstra and make this useful device complete.

    • jamo says:

      my t tab dont work with wifi !!! says its on connected all that but wont surf the net !! any one smart enough out there who can help please ? cheers.

  3. Bill Mcleod says:

    What use is the docking port on the bottom of the T tab?
    Is it wired the same as an iPad? If it is, perhaps the iPad connectors can be used. I’m not game to try…..

    • Trevor says:

      I bought the Telstra touch pad while I was in Melbourne, and I bought a lot of software for it. Before I could get it downloaded I was back in SA again and had to change my simm card. (I had it “unlocked” so I could do this) I got confirmation of payment via email, but now Telstra (one of its sites I got the software from) says it doesnt recognize me as a user. I can supply all details but the pin code, which I have misplaced, so consequently, I cant get to the sites to download. Now I contacted the vendors, to tell them my simm card has a new number, and they updated this, but I still cant get to the sites to download. Why does Telstra need all this other info, surely the serial number should be enough?
      Otherwise I am quite happy with the FRED, just the battery has a short life. I have found one can switch of the screen while listening to audio books, maybe it will last a bit longer.

  4. David says:

    Where in Melbourne can the travel pack be puchaes. I need the car charger asked in Forest Hill T-Life about one and the guy just had a blank look.
    Never heard of them sgggested he read Telstra website

    • Cathy says:

      Hi David

      I just got mine today at the Telstra shop in Eastland, not too far from Forest Hill. They only received thier delivery this morning. There does seem to be a lot of difficulty getting hold of the travel packs.

    • Trevor says:

      The car charger is sold with a cover for the tablet, I found mine at a “T” shop. There were at least 2 of them within 4 blocks in Melbourne central, and I found one in Byron bay as well.

  5. kristal says:

    I’m trying to find some information on hooking the T-tab up with an av or some sort of cable to a tv or screen. Mainly so I have the option to watch movies ive put on the T-tab on a bigger screen. Anyone seen any info around?

  6. PETER says:

    Kathy we bought a charger and carry pouch from Target in Kadina S.A. Does anyone know if you can hook up to the HDMI port from the T tab to a fatscreen digital tv via the supplied cable and is there an ability to print from it in the pipe line ?

  7. julie perovic says:

    Hi T Touch Team,
    I bought the 4T three days ago and. Its been working just great but today its started restarting everytime I touch the notifications tab ? What’s going on and could you please help me with this problem as its ment to be my daughters Xmas grift ????

    • Trevor says:

      I have found that one has to press menu on the left and then exit, to close the application, otherwise it will go back to that application again.

  8. Sonny says:

    Wish I’d waited on buying mine as seen the other day in targets pamphlet they had the tab with the case and charger for 299 :( now i have to get a case for an already scratched tab :S

  9. Michael A says:

    Hey when is Android 2.2 comming??

    I seem to have been waiting forever for the new version of Android. Other than that I love it.


  10. Rick says:

    Question: i am looking to purchase one. I have movies on my computer. Am i able to put these onto the touch tab and watch them? they are divX and avi files.

    • Ironspine68 says:

      hey rick..
      i’ve got 14 .avi’s on my 16gig external sdcard.
      i downloaded MoboPlayer from the “MARKET”(free) and they play perfectly..
      even if they dont , hold down on the movie you want to play and press “soft-decoding’ and that will make them go..
      i’ve found this device fantastic except for battery life..
      any-one know if there’s a longer lasting compatable battery out there??
      and as for the touch screen, use the attached stylus…works like a charm..

  11. Hugo says:

    Rick, I use the micro card. You can get a file. onverter on the net if tht ttt won’t recognise your files.

  12. Cathy says:

    Hi Rick
    I use a program called Videora Android Converter to convert my video files and it works perfectly. You need to do the conversion on a windows based computer as android will not recognise the files in their native format, then transfer them to your TTT (I suggest you use the SD card) and away you go.

  13. Simone says:

    Can you all confirm for me…. you can run skype on this device. I was told by one store yes and one store no…..

  14. Nigel Hanson says:

    Will there be an official Froyo/2.2 release for the Telstra T-Touch tablet? It runs well on 2.1, but being able to store apps to the SD card (and potentially get better battery life) would be good by having 2.2.

    I see that the update is available in Indonesia – just wondering if an official Telstra build will be available, and if so, how to download it?

    • Cathy says:

      I would be waiting for Gingerbread 2.3 – My understanding it’s been developed for the larger screens and Froyo doesn’t perform well on a 7″ tablet. Either way I agree we need an update.
      I’d also be really keen to see a docking station come out. 6 months later and the only accessory released is an in-car charger. Telstra is really letting themselves down, it’s a great product and does everything I need it to but a dock would make my life so much easier moving between work and home, I shouldn’t have to keep dragging my charger around with me just so I can use the tablet all day.

  15. cassandra says:

    I have run out of space on internal memory and cannot seem to find in the menu anywhere how to store data on the sd card in my t-touchpad. Does anyone know how to move my applications to sd card?

    • brett says:

      install android 2.2 and you will be able to mount and use files directly from the sd card, the indonesian version is the only release atm but it’s less bloated than the version you are currently using and will create space also

      1. unrar the file, and copy the ‘dload’ folder to the root directory of a sufficiently large external SDcard formatted to FAT/FAT32 (readable by the S7)
      2. turn off the unit, and ensure that you are either plugged in with a battery inside the unit, or that you have enough charge left in your battery
      3. turn on, and a progress bar will appear in the middle of the screen. Wait until “OK” is displayed on the screen.
      4. turn off the unit by removing the battery and any powerplugs to the S7
      5. repeat steps 2,3,4 again. otherwise it will hang at boot screen (instructed by Huawei)
      6. Remove the SD card and start the device. If you wish the use the card for the device, remove the firmware files from the SD card before reinserting it.

    • justin says:

      In app market get send to sd

  16. vern says:

    why can’t I install apps into sd card? cause I can’t survive with the intenal memory of the telstra t-touch pad… help. :/

  17. michael johnson says:

    do you think i can get a charger for the t touch ???? oh your answer is ill call you back ! and never do !

    • Cathy says:

      You could buy the travel pack which has an in-car battery charger and swap the plug that goes into the T-Touch assuming that is the problem. It’s an expensive fix ($50 for the pack) but at least you’ll have a functioning tablet again.

      I can’t believe Telstra have left us all high and dry with this product. I love the T-Touch, think it’s the best one on the market for the price but am very disappointed with the lack of support and accessories. It seems most Telstra employees haven’t even heard of the T-Touch, I guess they’re too busy playing with their i-pads!

    • michael says:

      thanks i ended getting a charger from Hong Kong from e bay would still like a docking station tho

  18. justin says:

    This touch tab is the best phone I have had yet. Only thing I hate is looking for the usb drivers

    • jack says:

      really depends on how u use it though

    • Trevor says:

      When you plug in the usb cable from the TT to a Windows XP computer, you will hear the connection “kadonk” from the computer. If you go to “Start” – My Computer – and see the extra “drive” listed, click on it, and you will get “No disk in drive”

      Go to the tablet, press Notifications (extreme right top icon) it will show you in the left hand window “USB connected” Press on that and you will get a window that asks “Mount SD card?” and when you click “Yes” your connection is established and you can swop files from the SD card to the computer. (I have Android 2.1)

  19. cassandra says:

    Re justin comment where in app market is option 4 sd?

    • Cathy says:

      Cassandra you can’t install to the SD card we need an android upgrade before we will have that option but I suspect we’ll be waiting a long time as Telstra seem to have forgotten they ever released a T-Touch Tab as their support and ongoing commitment to it seem to have vanished.

      It’s such a shame as I love my TTT and luckily for me it does everything I need it to but I’m sure if I have a problem I’ll be on my own.


  20. shad says:

    I was just wondering about the SOUND, from music and videos through the stereo speakers of the device. sound is only coming from one speaker, im unsure if this is a default setting or if my TTT is a dud..

    • Trevor says:

      One quick way of testing is to plug in the earphones and check if sound is coming from both earpieces. If not, make a voice recording and play it back, if it still does not come into both ear pieces then there is a fault on the PC board.
      If sound does come through on both ear pieces then the fault is the speaker itself. If the recorded sound comes on both earphones then your MP3 file is at fault, download other music….

  21. cassandra says:

    My friend drew the incorrect pattern too many times and now ttt is locked and asking for email and password. Have entered email/password but it doesn’t even appear to be trying to verify details. Help!

  22. cassandra says:

    Thanks Brendan. Look forward to a response from you soon. :-)

  23. Simon says:

    very happy so far with my TTT and bought on special with the travel pack.
    Having problems downloading the USB driver. can any one offer assistance.

  24. Simon says:

    ok so I downloaded the USB driver to my computer . Now the computer says the ttt is there but is asking me to input disc?

    So I tried bluetooth, I can send files from ttt to my computer but I can’t receive files from my computer to the ttt!!
    can any one offer assistance

  25. Trevor says:

    Everybody is looking forward to Android2.2 (froyo), but one should be careful, when downloading this version, as it is not geared for tablets. The article I read specifies that if the tablet has phone features, it may work, but it would be better to try to get Android3.0 (gingerbread) for this is for tablets.

    Now the Telstra 3g is a tablet with phone facilities, what was not mentioned is that Android 3.0 will work on a tablet with phone facilities.

    I think one should wait until the suppliers recommend an upgraded operating system, for if you overwrite the existing one, where will you get it again? (I have seen no uploads for Android2.1)

  26. Trevor says:

    I am working on an idea to extend the usable battery life on the tablet. I have seen batteries galore in the local electronics shop, which are recharge-able, and have 10a/h and above. The higher this rating the longer it will last. What needs to be added is a regulator that will bring the battery voltage down to the acceptable level, and then plug it into the charger socket. This battery is carried with you, and as the internal battery starts going down, one plugs in this external battery, and carry on working. The external batteries will vary from 5 x 6 x 3cm to a larger one for more time of 6 x 8 x 6cm. The regulator has to be made, I dont think it can be bought off the shelf. If this is successful I can make this regulator myself, and if you have electronic experience I will forward you a diagram so you can make it yourself. This external battery will probably need a charger of its own, lets see if I can use the existing charger do charge this one as well.

  27. Sonny says:

    Does anyone know where to buy a charger from????? preferably a wall one not car charger :S

    • Trevor says:

      One can use a universal block power supply for a charger, if you cant get one from the agents. The important things to look for is the voltage output which is to be 5 volts. I measured my chargers output and it is 5.23 volts (no load). The second thing is the round connector, which is an unusual size, the standard available plug has a smaller center pin, so it wont fit. Some electronic stores have a large variety of connectors, so you might find one that fits. The other important thing is polarity. The center is positive and the outer is negative. The current rating at 5volts is 2Amps. The original charger has voltage regulation. If you go to your local electronics store, with these specifications, you might get one. The specs in one line is “A regulated 5Volt power supply, capable of handling 2 amps, with an appropriate connector, and positive on center and negative on outer.
      There are different types of regulated power supplies, mainly switching supplies and series regulated supplies. Either one will do but the switching supply will be a lot smaller than the series regulated supply. good luck!

  28. danielle says:

    how much are these to buy please.

  29. bung says:

    you need to untick wifi then tick it again to get it to work

  30. Vamsi says:

    Will there be Android 2.3 update for Telstra? If yes when?
    If no I’m disappointed :(

  31. Linda says:

    Why can’t I find the software upgrade on the Huawei website. The software download page is blank. I’m starting to think this is a piece of junk…

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Hi Linda – although we’re no longer selling the T-Touch Tab, you can get support and info on software updates for the device by calling 1800 330 943.

  32. Trevor says:

    I have been getting free, and chargeable programs from Google play and from Androidpit. Sometimes you may download something that doesnt work the way you expected it to so you uninstall it. And then goole play gives you your money back again, so give them a try. Their website is not so user friendly, so you need to look for games or utilities, and click on what you are looking for.
    cheers Trevor

  33. Sydney Lawrence says:

    I purchased the first TTT sold in Brisbane and it has been excellent and is still doing the job. Use it every day and still think it is great.

  34. Hansrajbhai says:

    Iam having a Telsutra T-TOUCH TABtouch tm

    pre-Paid . I have get it as gift from my relative in Australia
    now this iswith me,in India In Gujarat State in Amreli Distract
    I want to use this tab with internet connection but I could not start please guide me to do so.

    • Leigh Price (Blog Editor) says:

      Hi Hansrajbhai – our customer service team can provide you with some advice. You can contact them via live chat here.

    • Trevor says:

      I bought my tablet in Melbourne, and I was told it would not work here in South Africa, unless I had it “opened” to other simm cards. I did that and it cost me an extra $99.00. When I got back home I inserted one of our local service providers Simm cards and it worked. I even changed service providers here and had no problem. I did the same with my cell phone which was issued here in SA and I could put in a simm card that worked in Australia. So it will cost you some money to let it work on other simm cards for your local service providers.

  35. Tay says:

    What do/can I do when it reads “Updated Failed, Please Retry”?

    The day I switched it on it was working quite well but when I inserted my SIM card, it was loading and it took. Longer than I expected, I then removed the battery and put it back in and that’s when “Updated Failed, Please Retry” started appearing.

    I can’t use it anymore cos that’s all that appears on my screen when I switch it on. Please help, I love this Tab so muchm


  36. Trevor says:

    Tay, you did not mention what you did beforhand. Did you download an install an updated version of Android, or did you clear you tablet so that simm cards from other service providers can be used?

  37. Tay says:

    Trevor, thanks for responding. I did none of those, like I said it was a prize given to me, the only thing I did was to reboot like I mentioned in my previous text.

  38. Trevor says:

    It sounds like there was an update in process, and you interrupted it by taking out the battery. With updates, one can expect the normal booting systems to be modified, and probably this file is not complete, giving you this error.

    I would play around with the connection to the computer, if you can get access to the files, then you could probably search out the files that might be to blame. Any programmer will make a backup of existing files before updating, and after the update is successful it is deleted. So which file is it? (Unfortunately my battery is flat at the moment, so I cant take a look at mine to see which file and what folder to look in) I will take a look as soon as my battery is charged to take a guess at what files may be the culprits, what one will need to do is look for the backup files and rename them. Normally the extension will be changed to .bak. Now I dont know the Android o/s that well so I will have to look see what extensions are actually used.

    This all relies on the computer gaining access to your tablet via the cable that plugs into the USB port. If you have a cable then fine, but if not it might pay you to get one. Will come back later on after I have had a look at the files.

  39. Trevor says:

    I see one cannot access the program files as one can do with other operating systems, unless there is a “trick” that allows one to see them, so its not going to be that easy.

    The stuff that needs updating could be Adobe, Facebook or even the browser. If this was in progress of updating (it can be a pain!) then maybe this is the problem. One can get to the folder called “Android” but the stuff there is not the kind of files that need updating. I hope some one with a bit more knowledge of Android will come to your assistance? A last attempt would be to remove the MicrSD card see if it boots then.

  40. Tracey59 says:

    Have had a t-tab for ages. (actually TWO).

    The keyboard on one has just started to go wonky. e.g. hit d and get an x…..makes it VERY difficult to use.

    Any suggestions on how to rectify this????

  41. Trevor says:

    Some one put a small cut in my screen and the preassure had to be applied to the left of the indications. To make typing a lot better I saw a small keyboard made for 7″ tablets. It plugs into the USB port. First let the tablet boot up, when done plug in the keyboard. The keyboard is insife a casing that is meant to hold onto a much thinner tablet, I made a bracket so it can hold the thicker one. The tablet cost me R200.00 the excange rate being about 12 to 1, so you will pay less than $20.00 for it. You will find this keyboard in a Chinese shop.

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