28 Oct 2010
By Richard Fink

Introducing our first mobile tablet


One mobile gadget, above all others, is shaping up to be a significant new mobile product for 2011.

Dubbed the mobile tablet, this new type of device promises to combine the best features available on smartphones (like thousands of apps and fast mobile internet connectivity) with larger, touch screens that bring video, gaming, e-magazines and mobile web browsing to life.

Telstra T-Touch TabIt’s a new product category that’s set to support Australia’s growing appetite for consuming content on the go.

Telstra will launch its first mobile tablet next Tuesday (2 November). It’s called the Telstra T-Touch Tab™ and it’s a 7-inch touch screen device powered by the popular Android operating system. At $299 on Pre-Paid, we think it will make mobile tablets affordable for everyday Australians ahead of the Christmas season.

The T-Touch Tab™ combines mobile internet browsing, access to over 80,000 apps from the Android Market™, online content, hundreds of Android™ games and phone-calling in a take-anywhere sized gadget. It can be connected up to the mobile web over the Telstra Next G™ network or over Wi-Fi when at home.

Here are some of the ways we think T-Touch Tab™ will be enjoyed:

  • A hub for enjoying apps – Because T-Touch Tab™ runs the Android™ 2.1 operating system owners can tap into the 80,000-plus apps, games and more available to download from Android Market™.
  • A social networking hub – with a touch screen larger than a standard smartphone screen, the T-Touch Tab™ is a great way to catch-up with friends via Facebook®, Twitter or Tribe®.
  • A portable multimedia hub – T-Touch Tab™ allows anyone in the family to watch video clips and movies, listen to music via the in-built MP3 player and stereo speakers and stream Mobile FOXTEL from Telstra when they’re out and about.

The T-Touch Tab™ can be purchased for $299 (Pre-Paid) which includes 3GB of data and $10 worth of start-up Talk/Text credit to put towards standard national calls and SMS/MMS to use in Australia in the first 30 days.

It’s available from next Tuesday at most Telstra Stores, Telstra Licensed stores, select retailers and online.


Network: 3G 850/1900/2100MHz.
Dimensions: 209 x 108 x 15.5mm
Weight: 500 grams.
Operating System: Android™ 2.1
Apps: Thousands of Android™ 2.1 applications via Android Market™
Phone features: Voice capable, SMS/MMS capable.
Sound: Stereo speakers plus 3.5mm headphone jack.
Camera: 2 megapixel camera with video recording. Front camera for mobile codes.
Screen: 800 x 480 pixel WVGA resistive touch screen with bundled stylus.
Processor: A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 768MHz.
Battery life: Talk time up to 150 minutes, video playback time up to 150 minutes, standby time up to 140 hours.
Entertainment: MP3 player and video player handling MPEG4 (.mp4, .3gp, .3g2), H.264 (.3gp, .mp4, .3g2), H.263 (.3gp, .3g2).
Memory: 512MB internal memory with micro-SD card slot expandable up to 16GB. Comes with a 2GB card included.
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth.
Navigation: GPS built in.
Mobile broadband speeds: Typical download speeds 550kbps to 3Mbps. Actual speeds vary due to factors such as distance from the base station, local conditions, user numbers, hardware and software configuration.
Warranty: 24 month manufacturer warranty.

More information is available here and you can register your interest online.

Let us know whether you think about the T-Touch Tab™ and whether you’re tempted to add a mobile tablet to your Christmas wish list.

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  1. BTW: Above comment is my personal opinion based on the literature & articles I’ve found on the Internet about it so far.
    I have not yet seen the device ‘in person’ but did love the iPad, apart from the size, which the Touch seems to be ‘just right’.

  2. Jack says:

    will the device be upgradeable to android 2.2

  3. Zeb says:

    It will be i guess when Huawei decided and also when is modified for the telstra requirements

  4. will adb drivers be provided for the device?

  5. kevin coburn says:

    1. What browser does it use?
    2. Can it access and use Adobe Flash?
    3. Does it have a usb port or can I put my current Telstra mobile sim into the T-Touch? I have a Telstra mobile and a usb NextG broadband stick.
    4. Seeing this is Android vers 2.1 will it be up graded by a firmware upgrade?


  6. Edwron says:

    I have read reviews about this of course some say it is useless. In my opinion it appears to be good value for money, I have a couple of questions if someone could please answer them it would be appreciated. What kind of limitations will Telstra put on this product? What is the unlocking fee going to be? Telstra has put limitations on the HTS desire and I really need it to be unlocked to use overseas with a local sim card not roam.

    • Ron says:

      It costs $100 to unlock the pad this can be done over the phone The direct phone line for this sevice is1300720179.
      Seeing I have been so helpful if anyone hears how you can upgrade to 1.2 please post here.

  7. It is a real shame that Telstra feels the need to buy very cheap build quality products from chinese manufacturers like Huawei and rebrand them before installing bloatware.

    Why can’t Telstra just focus on reselling unmodified stock products and supporting them. Telstra’s core business is not manufacturing, it is a telco.
    Every time Telstra wanders into this territory of modifying hardware they invariably stuff it up.

    ‘Always on’ mobile internet modems require Telstra Dialers
    T-Hub, it’s not a mobile, it’s a land line!
    Huge number of useless Telstra apps on smart phones
    Releasing a Telstra TV service 6 months before Google and Apple does
    ADSL routers require Telstra software on computers
    No Telstra android apps work on WIFI
    All ZTE Handsets – The biggest mistake

    Telstra, as a telco, although a bit expensive, has done a fantastic job in creating and maintaining one of the largest telco networks in the world. It is unfortunate that focus is drawn away from this while Telstra is moving away from it’s core business.

    • gwmbox says:


      I could not agree more with what you have said.

      While I appreciate and think Telstra getting into new products and services is good they have gone about it all wrong in my view.

      At the moment they can boast as being the ‘premium’ and ‘best’ telecommunications service provider, though you also pay for that as well.

      However when it comes to some of their hardware choices you have to wonder what happened to quality control when they decided to go with some of these items.

      I am sure that the new tablet is useful for some things but it is by no means a rival for iPad, maybe they meant the iPed? It is no where near the quality of the iPad based on the reviews already seen and read by some of those that have had a play with them.

      That being said I think some of the functions built into the tablet are good, in that you can make calls, sms etc, this is a plus, but due to quality over all (touch screen, general build etc) you are better to simply use the mobile HTC or similar and then you have a better mobile device you can fit in your pocket and is also a lot better quality, they can also make calls and send SMS etc.

      Lets hope that Telstra take on board the feedback provided and look for higher quality hardware for future releases.


    • Sydney Lawrence says:

      Michael the TTT is not an iPad but the price is not a thousand bucks either. I purchased the TTT today and think the size is perfect for carrying, not too bulky. Perfect Christmas present and priced right.

    • perry says:

      so what are you sudjesting with thisT tablet ? buy it or leave it

  8. Steve says:

    Will it be possible to bill this to your existing Telstra account when you pick it up in store or will you need to pay for it upfront only?

  9. shea says:

    LoL@i-pad, this new T-pad from telstra blows it out of the water.

  10. shea says:

    yeah not bad at all, looking over the specs and all. I think I would buy this over an I-pad anyday.

  11. kevin coburn says:

    I rang 3 Telstra Life stores around Newcastle today to see if they had stock or will have stock tomorrow. Two of them didn’t know what I was talking about and thought I was talking about a sim card for an I-Pad. The third store said they didn’t have any and wouldn’t have any as the release date was Jan 2011.
    Luckily when all else fails you ring JB HiFi. They were most helpful, yes they did have stock, but could not sell it to me today but would be happy to put my name on one and hold it till 12 noon tomorrow. Ahhh JB you’ve done it again.

    • david says:

      wow mum is nearly totally electronic iliterate but she found two of them she is 72 but then she always manages to get the biggest tv for the footy and i nearly had her take it back now who is the fool i hope mines still there come christmas cannot wait to be honest lol lol

  12. Jason says:

    Half the price of an i-pad and twice as good. Android now has a bigger mobile user-base worldwide than Apple.

  13. Tash(employee) says:

    i have had a play with the this product in our store yesterday and i think its great.I like the fact its user friendly and easy to naviagte. I have the htc desire (which i love) and its just a bigger version .This is something i would consider to purchase so that i can take it travelling.

  14. Michael Manning says:

    Well….mine arrived yesterday and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. The form factor is just right and I imagine the Samsung Galaxy will get the same response.

    The build quality is what you expect, good enough. It won’t break through normal use and the chassis feels sturdy enough too. The touch screen takes a few minutes to get used to, just gotta use more of your fingernail than the ball of your finger and then you will be fine. It will never be a speed typist device, but as a content consumption, web browsing, short emails, Twitter, Facebook, Maps and the like usage it is great.

    The clincher for me was the price point…and you get exactly what you pay for.

    Running Android 2.1 took some adjusting (aftering running CyanogenMod 2.2 on the Nexus for some time) but it is still Android and core functionality is still there.

    I haven’t really got to testing the battery out yet, but from a full charge yesterday afternoon and pretty heavy usage (YouTube, app installs, streaming music, Twitter and emails) it ran for 3 hrs and was at about 60%, so not too shabby really.

    Would love to hear other first impressions :-)


    • Sydney Lawrence says:

      Hi Michael agree the TTT is good value. Referring to the finger touching I am finding the supplied stylus finger supplied at the back left of the case is excellent for use.

    • ian says:

      mine died after two week and telstra r giving me dramas about replaceing it

  15. kevin coburn says:

    Got my 4T’s yesterday from JB Hi Fi, the staff were quite excited I was the first buyer of one from their store, great customer service JB’s.
    It all worked out of the box fine, activation was simple. Being a new user to Android I think I should have big green ‘L’s on my front and back but I am getting the hang of it.
    Shame Telstra has to be so enamoured to Apple philosophy and cripple it for Flash and I can’t seem to find it working on Java chat either, but that could still be workable I just haven’t found it yet.
    I think the mobile phone thing is great but you would look like such a crack whore sitting anywhere in public and holding that the side of your head and talking, however great for messaging. I have a couple of questions if anyone can answer them for me.
    1. It’s Android 2.1 and 2.2 is now released what happens will the device updated itself like windows does or Linux Mint does or do I have to update the OS manually somewhere?
    2. Will Telstra have a 4T’s user group where tips, tricks, hacks and work-arounds can be shared by users?
    3. Can you buy Android cards like an I-Tunes cards so you can buy some of the apps? I am a 66 yr old and don’t have a credit card, but I do buy and get I-Tunes card for gifts etc.

    • Michael Manning says:


      I’d be reluctant to hold this to my head in public, but maybe, just maybe, the earphones would be a better look ;-/

      To answer (in some ways) the questions you posed…
      1) The general update path for Android is over the air via a system notification that the vendor has readied the new version. You say “yes please” and the download happens. A quick reboot (or two) and then the device is updated. There is no manual handling for you to do apart from saying yes.
      2)Dunno – but the web is a big place and should the group of users be large enough I am sure a few will spring up somewhere.
      3)You can;t buy “Android Cards” and the only way I know of is via credit card at the moment. That being said there are many free apps in the market place which should suit. Eg. eBuddy for IM

      As far as flash support, that will come in version 2.2 (as it has on all the phones).


    • david says:

      i am thrilled to find it has a phone and messages how about wifi and bluetooth headphones

    • david says:

      i am old so i suppose i would hold the thing to my ear toolol

  16. Edwron says:

    Went into the Telstra shop and there display one was not on display as their security device was broken so walked across the street to Fone Zone and they had one for demo purposes that they had ran the battery flat. Plugged it in and I like it, the features are good and it feels good to use, excellent value for money except for one thing. $150 unlocking fee is ridiculous, why not make it free to unlock so it can be used overseas. I understand the principal of having it locked so the product keeps brining in revenue but one has to do the sums. $299 + $150 = getting closer to the I pad cost.

  17. Bronwyn says:

    Got my Touch Tab today. Am very happy with it does everything I wanted. Just one question where can I get a case for it and a car charger.

    • Mykal (Telstra Empoyee) says:

      I will look into this for you and post back when I have more info.

    • Carol Lawrence says:

      Bronwyn got my TTT yesterday and bought a soft washer and folded it in half, sewed down one side and across the bottom. Perfect fit and cost 1 dollar.

  18. Damien says:

    Just wondering if you can put a 32 gig sd card in it. Anybody?-I find storage a real issue with mobile devices.

  19. Echidna says:

    I am curious about this product, I think the CPu power is about a right balance for this size and price. I still remember those days when my laptop at work was XP with 500Mhz CPU and 256mb ram. Let’s not treat this like a GPU race between nvidia and amd. At any rate, racing will make your heart beat faster and you’ll die before 40.

    But what’s more important are:
    What will stop working when your $10 prepaid finish, can you still use wifi at home? can you still receive calls? can you disable 3G, can you still use the navigation (gps)?, etc. Please make the complete list.

    • kevin coburn says:

      Hi Echidna

      Mine works fine on my home WiFi (bigpond service), works fine on my Vodafone Pocket WiFi 3G and the 4T worked fine at MacDonalds and Gloria Jeans free WiFi. I tried with the sim card in and with the sim card out made no difference to it’s WiFi abilities. The only thing is you can’t make any phone calls or send txts so I guess that would be the same when your credit runs out.
      I live in the Hunter Valley west of Newcastle, so my tests were not on the super WiFi systems Metro Sydney has.

      • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

        Hi Kevin, Very helpful information. Thanks for sharing with us here on T:EX. Brendan.

    • Ron says:

      Use skype to make phone calls all you have to do is put a credit into your skype acct. Take out the sim card and go free wi- fi ADD ALL YOU PHONE CONTACTS TO YOUR SKYPE CONTACT LIST.

    • david says:

      hi my first real computer at work was a microbee green screen writing documents was a real treat look it up it was a handful to write ant correspondence with

  20. Rob Aitchison says:

    I went in today to look at buying one, i rang telstra 3 times and went to 4 different shops and i got different answers in each.

    Can i use my broadband wireless usb modem with it?, or use the sim out of the modem and put it in the TTT.?

    Can you use a normal telstra sim card. the one on my phone plan.?

    • Mykal (Telstra Employee) says:

      Hi Rob,

      You will not be able to directly connect your Telstra Mobile or Bigpond Broadband USB to your T-Touch Tab for internet access. If you would like this option, take a look at Telstra’s new NextG modems that offer WiFi to acheive a similar result.

      As for swapping USIM’s for other services, using data on Telstra’s NextG network on the T-Touch Tab requires access to the “telstra.iph” access point. (See Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile networks>GSM/UMTS Options>Access Point Names>Telstra Internet). While this access point is commonly available on service plans intended for use with mobile handsets, it may not be available on a service designed for Telstra Mobile Broadband and is not available on Bigpond services. Your best option to ensure success is to use a USIM with a plan specifically for the T-Touch tab.

      I hope this clears things up a little.

    • kevin coburn says:

      Hi Rob

      I put my Telstra mobile sim card into my 4T and it worked fine I could make calls and receive them. My mobile is a monthly contract plan type.

    • Ron says:

      Kevin did you have to have the pad unlocked to use your Telstra sim card

  21. kevin coburn says:

    Thanks MM for answering my questions. One more I brought the 4T outright and according to IT Wire if you brought it outright it is unlocked quote from IT Wire web review:
    “Available for AUD $299 outright (and unlocked), you can also buy the T-Touch Tab on a plan for $16 per month, although a $10 credit is applied, meaning only a $6 per month hardware payment, over 24 months”.
    So is it unlocked?

    • Hi Kevin, The T-Touch on Pre-Paid is locked to the Telstra network. Customers who would like to use it on an alternate mobile networks can have it unlocked for $100. Kind regards, T-Touch team.

    • Echidna says:

      Thanks for answering my previous question.

      - Did you try the GPS? I have many gps: a tiny 3.5 tomtom, garmin, navman and navigon – I am thinking to replace them with this t-touch. What gps software does it have and how about the map update – is it tied to telstra prepaid or can you update map from any wifi like you said?

      - Still on the gps subject, does it come with holder to attach to the car )e.g. windscreen, etc)

      - and can you charge it via usb car charger?

      - What’s included in the $16 plan ( I can’t see any where in telstra website about the $16 plan for this device, please show me the link.

    • Mykal (Telstra Employee) says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I borrowed a T-Touch tab to test it as a gps over the weekend. The Telstra software is WhereIs Navigator and there will be a link to it by default on the second home screen. The maps are live, and the data usage for them is unmetered. WhereIs navigator is a subscription service, however, some mobile plans come with a free trial. See here.

      It works remarkably well (in my humble personal opinion).

      As for accessories, I have contacted the manufacturer but im still waiting for a response. I can see if you are using it on a long trip with gps and data active that the battery may not make it.

      The Stand for the T-Touch did slot nicley into a little gap just below my stereo so mounting wasn’t really a drama for me.

      Have a look at WhereIs Navigator and let us know what you think. :)

    • Rob Aitchison says:

      Cheers Kevin,

      Helps to have someone using one that has tried all this. The sales people i have spoken to have told me everything from yeah i cant do whatever i want with it to nah the sim card provided is the only one capable of running the TTT, quality service yet again from telstra lol.

      Thanks Mykal for clearing up the finer details.

  22. Bronwyn says:

    Hi Again

    have had more time to play with my T tab. I am still impressed.
    Downloaded the usb driver from huawei site but it is for Vista I run XP any ideas where I can get XP usb driver for it. Have had some success getting it to my netbook it sees it as a storage device.
    Used my bluetooth headset with it no worries at all.
    Connects to our home wifi and is quick.
    Am looking for a app that will allow me to sync with my Outlook on the Netbook.
    Washer sounds good actually used a cool pack cover but would like to carry it in my bag so something sturdier would be the go.

  23. neil says:

    i have the telstra t-tab but im finding battery life is not what they say it is with constant use runs down in 45 minits and has to be charged again that is very disapointing because the device is really good just needs a better battery.

    • Shell says:

      I just purchased one and am quite pleased with it so far. I find scrolling a bit annoying and the battery life only lasts an hour at most. Other problem is that I really need an in car charger to make this a true mobile device.

  24. kevin coburn says:


    Answer to Mykal: re the Whereis navigation, thanks for the link but I wouldn’t use my 4T for navigation. It looks like it could be a very expensive solution for something an in car GPS will do for Free.
    Answer to Ron: No my 4T is not unlocked but I have several Telstra sim cards, from mobile phones and USB modems and they all work in my 4T. If I put my Vodafone sim in then it lets me know I can’t connect to any networks. Ron, did your Skype work ok?

    There must be longer life batteries available. Maybe the 4T team could provide and answer to this.


  25. Bronwyn says:

    Hi Kevin
    Thanks checked out the case but the internals are to small.
    Have been able to sync with my Outlook by downloading dejaOffice (free from android market place) and Companionlink
    ( free trial (I will be buying the full version $40). Works like a dream, no problems instant sync. I tried Roadsync and had nothing but problems.
    I have had the battery last 4hrs with the unit on and doing various tasks.
    Solved the problem of a car charger we have put an invert in the car for all our electronic gear.

  26. Bronwyn says:

    Sorry guys that should have been inverter in the car.
    Also I put my Telstra phone sim in the TTab and it works fine.
    Am in the process of changing the plan I am on to suit my new needs.

  27. Bronwyn says:

    Does anybody know how I can uninstall or delete facebook and a couple of other things I don’t want?

    Have used an uninstaller to get rid of some games but it doesnt work on facebook or you tube.


    • Hugo says:

      I found that you can drag items to the recycle bin…just press the icon until the bin appears on the lower right, then drag till the bin and icon go red, then release. btw…love your comments on ttt so far

  28. Lee says:

    How do i sync my Telstra Touch Tab with windows 7. ?

  29. edwron says:

    Here is a link to some instructions for the device:

    Maybe Telstra should include at least a link to this with the product.

    My touch tab is well worth the money. I have to recomend it.

  30. Bronwyn says:

    Hi Edwron
    the Ttab comes with a pdf user guide on it. at a quick look at the site you said looks like it is the same information.

  31. pamela says:

    No one has mentioned video chatting with this device that I can see. Can it be used with MSN, Yahoo or Skype? If I can successfully video chat on skype etc with it then I’ll buy it today!

    Also, why can it only do speeds up to 3mbps? My Huawei e220 usb modem goes to 7.2mbps download and 5.4mbps upload. is the 3mbps just download? if so, what’s the upload maximum?

  32. Cathy says:

    Well done to Telstra on an excellent product. I’ve had mine since day one and have found it to be everything I needed it to be. The screen is a perfect size and I find that being resistive it is acually better as I no longer hit the wrong thing by mistake. I can carry it around everywhere I go and the price means I am not paranoid about breaking it, the battery life could be a little longer but for what I would normally do it lasts all day. It just means I can’t watch a movie on the train as that would kill the battery.

    My wish list for the future would be:
    1. Larger capacity battery
    2. Flash support
    3. Docking station for charging & data transfer (to and from the tablet) using a standard USB port. be nice to able to get photos from my camera directly on the TTT without going visa my computer, especially while travelling.
    4. In car battery charger and holder
    5. Carry case
    6. The ability to back up (sychronise) all the application data to a PC and not just the SD card.

    But for now it really is a great product and I’m glad I held out and wasn’t tempted by more exensive options.

    • Hi Cathy,
      We’re pleased to say we can respond to one of of the items on your wish list.

      We’re brining out a ‘Touch Tab Essential Travel Pack’ next week (Tuesday 30 Nov). It will contain a protective neoprene sleeve that’s reversible (black on one side, red on the other) and a car charger kit. It will retail for RRP $49.95 and will be available to purchase or order from Telstra Stores around Australia.

      Best regards, the T-Touch Team

    • Cathy says:

      Yeah for the travel pack – I will be first in queue to get one :-)

  33. Michael A says:

    Where in the world do I get a car charger for this device. It is useless for navigatition without a car charger.

    Also where do I get a connector for the external port?

  34. david says:

    well what can i say my mother bought two of these one for me one for my sister and at first i said the same useless but then kind mum had not told me she had bought this for a present. so after a lot of soul searching yes maybe a notebook or note… maybe better but all in all i actually need a phone with internet capability and when all is said and done as my sister said to me mum has gone to a lot of trouble buying this and she is right who is daft enough to make light of a free internet phone device 3g of data 2g of memory 2meg camera etc etc etc good on you mum i should have said this at first thank you very very much/,…….yep and as an afterthought its telstra 3g/4g? not as i have now dodo at 2 x dial up sometimes and frequent disconects

  35. Greg (Telstra Employee) says:

    On the subject of a car charger not as easy as it seems. T shops No. Dick Smith No. Inverter was suggested at $95 but I think I will wait till the slow boat from china arrives with all the accessories! I am also having trouble getting the Sat Nav to work? Just sits there acquiring satelites?? Other than that I find the TTT great.

  36. John says:

    I would really like to see the full screen video quality of this device before buying it using Skype. Can Telstra please put a video on Youtube of this running?

  37. kevin coburn says:

    Got my $15 case from China today. Was away in Adelaide for a week. My 4T worked fine whilst away and now have a great protective case to put it in.
    Get your case here….

    Next item longer life battery I am sure they will be out there just a case of finding them.

  38. Chris says:

    I’ve been using tablets for a few years now, mostly as media viewers for my daily bus commute to the city. For the last few years I’ve owned the Archos 5 & 7, and now I have the iPad.

    Putting any negative feelings for Apple aside, they really do make a beautiful product. There are very few things I can’t do with my iPad, and the number 1 thing that makes it such a joy to use is the super-responsive capacitive touchscreen.

    The T-touch Tab (let’s think of a better name for the next version, shall we?) sports a very ordinary resistive touchscreen, and that makes it nigh unusable for my purposes. I love a 7-inch tablet, so the size is perfect. Even Android 2.1 is fine, but I just can’t go back to resistive.

    I have recently purchased the new Archos 70, now that this proud French company has switched to capacitive screens for their larger devices. Even they have realised that to truly compete in this market, you must sport the latest hardware. Capacitive touchscreens are simply a must in this iPad age, and Telstra seems to be ignorant of this fact.

    • Cathy says:

      Oh Dear Chris you really are missing the point. The TTT costs $299 – it’s an affordable alternative the the iPad with the same functionality plus more. It can make or receive phone calls and texts – strike 1 for the iPad. It has USB connectivity – strike 2 for the iPad – You can expand the storage – strike 3 for the iPad. Why on earth would you spend the extra to get less?

      And IMHO touchscreen is perfect no more accidental clicks sending you off who knows where.

  39. Bronwyn says:

    Hi Kevin
    I looked at that case and thought the internals were too small. Great am ordering mine today. Thanks Kevin.

  40. Bronwyn says:

    Way to go Cathy
    I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!

    I don’t think Telstra is ignorant Chris. possibly just aware that variety is the spice of life. and not everyone likes the same thing, it would be a boring world if we did.

  41. peter says:

    Hi all, I have hade mine for 2 days now and I like it although it would be great if it had a fold over front cover to protect it. has anyone else had problems trying to watch chnl 7 Sunrise because I click on it and all I get is some advert pictures on the left hand side and the major part of the screen is blank ? I should be able to watch it because I can even watch it on my Samsung mobile, any ideas ? apart from that I think it’s great value.

  42. Charles says:

    Hi all, I am not able to get to the 140 hours standby time as claimed on the box. How are you finding the battery life?

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Charles

      I think it’s fair to say the battery life is pretty useless. I recharge every night but reckon I’d get about 36 hours out of the battery if I didn’t use the tablet at all. Saying that for what I need it for – checking diary, tasks, a small amount of browsing and some ebook reading it’s fine and lasts the day easily. If you wanted to watch videos you’d probably find the battery would die 5 minutes before then end of whatever you were watching.

      The car battery charger will be very helpful for those on the road all day and means the GPS can be used without running the battery down.

      I’m hoping they’ll bring a dock out soon as that will mean I can charge it while at work and at home so I won’t be so worried about using it more often.

      A better battery would be the way to go and Telstra do seem to have exaggerated what the battery is capable of. I wonder what they had their tablet running to accomplish 140 hours. Mine always has 4 programs running which will be using battery but they are only widgets so I wouldn’t have thought they would use that much power. I do also have it set to auto-sync with my google calendar so that probably draining a bit too.

      However the battery is the only complaint I have, the TTT is perfect what what I need and at such a great price.

  43. Charles says:

    Fully agree Cathy, I would go so far as to say that I would not have purchased the TTT if I knew it did not come near the 140 hours standby time.

    Telstra have a no returns policy so now I sit with a dud device and curse Telstra whenever I see it or am reminded of it.

  44. Scott says:

    I’ve had this for a few weeks now and am very impressed. The key benefit for me is as a portable media centre – unlike the iPad it plays DivX (I get about 4 hours battery life with all comms turned off and screen brightness down – perfect for the plane), decent camera/video in sunlight, free Google GPS w/navigation, download Skyfire browser and access Flash video, lets you stream movies from Mubi, ABC, CBS News, TED, Moshcam, Internet Film Archive, PBS, Aldiko and Audiobooks apps have thousands of free ebooks and audiobooks, music wizard for music sharing, swarm for P2P file sharing, TVU/Foxtel for TV channels, speakerphone. I have an Iridium sat phone that uses the same power plug so that charger works in the car. Big advantage over the iPad for long trips is the removable battery – you could buy this and 2 spare batteries and still have a cheaper and smaller package than an iPad. Small so is easier to fit in a compendium for me to take every day to work.

  45. Cathy says:

    I guess it really depend on what you bought it for. In Telstras defence they do quote only about 2 hours battery life when playing video which would be about right. Neither my laptop or netbook can do any better than that either.

    As mine sits on my desk most of the time to remind what I’m supposed to be doing I can keep it fully charged. That way when I am out an about I don’t need to worry about running the battery down.

    Having trouble buying a car charger for it though as my local Telstra don’t have any in stock and can’t tell me when they will have some. They don’t appear to be available to purchased direct from telstra either.

    The best advise I can give Telstra if they want this to be a hit is to get their floor staff trained. Many have not even heard of the T-Touch and those that have know little about. I heard one telling a customer they could charge it via the USB port – I actually interuputed the conversation and put him right but how many potential customers are being given incorrect information by badly trained staff.

    I’m a bit of a tech head so I did all my own research and knew exactly what I was getting and have not been disappointed. Others can’t say the same.

    Come on Testra do yourselves a favour and train your staff before you release a new product!

    • kevin coburn says:


      I saw Target advertise them in a recent catalogue with a case and car charger. So they must have got the chargers from somewhere. If you could see the brand of charger at Target you may be able to source it on the net in time for Christmas.

      I think most T-Life Telstra shops are just franchises so I don’t think Telstra really care if the staff are trained or not, they get their franchise fees anyway. I find JB Hi Fi much more helpful and knowledgeable than T-Life stores.

  46. Karan Jaggi says:

    Hi, I just bought the TTT and would like to know where do I get the CAR CHARGER as I need one as I work out of my van. Also have the travel packs which include chargers been introduced in Melbourne T Life stores.

  47. Sonny says:

    Just purchased a TTT the other day. Now I don’t know if I am missing something but how do I get onto the 3G sim card net connection (facebook app etcs not loading but calls/txts work fine), haven’t topped it up so it’s still running on the free credit. It connected originally and I have used wifi via two different places but nothing via sim card???.

    Also purchased an inverter for use in the car, Kmart had them for $35. Struggling to find the right type of ‘case’ for it, pencil cases, geeze, the things we have to resort too (I noticed further up mention of a ‘travel pack’ coming out end of last month), wondering where to find that as I didn’t see anything on telstra website either???.

    Loving this TTT for a noob to them but just a little miffed about lack of accessories :S

  48. Cathy says:

    Has anyone actually managed to purchase one of these elusive car chargers? I’ve been into my local Telstra shop 3 times and each time get told – sorry they didn’t arrive with our deliver and no they can’t order me one in they can only sell what they get delivered.

    I love this little fella but Telstra have really let themselves down with the lack of accessories and the inability for anyone to buy the only accessory they have bought out.

    I need a charger before I go away at Christmas but I’m not holding out much hope at the moment.

  49. Sydney Lawrence says:

    Hi Cathy, last week I purchased a car charger and case for my TTT from my local Telstra Shop in Brisbane. Cool.

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