21 Oct 2010
By Julie Morgenstern

Get your work life in order using Telstra mobile broadband


Hi everyone,

Julie Morgenstern here, time management and organisation expert and author.

Telstra Ultimate Mobile Broadband USB ModemI’ve been in Australia all this week with Telstra to celebrate the new Ultimate™ USB Modem being available to consumers, giving Aussies access to the world’s fastest national mobile broadband service!

An announcement like this raises a lot of questions about how technology changes the way we work…. for the better.  Especially considering Australians are spending more time working away from the office, according to the Telstra Mobile Internet Report released this week, and that one quarter of all Australians are actually spending five hours or more a week working outside the office!

The thing to keep in mind, is that while fast and reliable mobile broadband gives us the technology to work away form the office, what we also need to do this successfully is the technique.

Here are my top three tips to make you sure you have both!

1. Make the most of your commute

The trip to work is the perfect time to tackle a piece of work that will take time and concentration such as writing a document, as you have little other distractions and a set deadline.  The end of each day should be used to tie up all the loose ends from that day and to plan out the next. Use this time to reply to emails, review your schedule and write your to-do list. By utilising lost time to work remotely you can shave hours off time spent in the office.

2. Find out when and where you are most productive

Are you at your concentration peak in the morning or in the afternoon? Do you thrive in the office or do you have more clarity when working in the great outdoors? Identify where and when you are most productive and try to schedule your time so that you are tackling your most important work in this environment, saving less pressing tasks or admin work for when you are less focused.

3. Plan your remote work time

While it’s great that technology has given us the ability to work remotely, we need to ensure this technology is used to improve our lives, not take over our lives. The key here is just because you can access your work, doesn’t mean you should. Plan which specific work you are going to do from outside the office, choosing only those tasks that are most urgent.  When you do need to complete work at personal occasions, make sure that you are using the best available technology, that your laptop and phone are charged and that you are accessing the fastest mobile broadband network available with the Telstra BigPond Ultimate® USB – there is nothing worse than a five minute task taking half an hour because your technology lets you down.

To hear more from Julie, check out an interview she did earlier this week on The Morning Show!


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  1. KARMA MRA MGTOW says:

    Woo Hoo

    Nine time Oprah guest… Oh man-bashing Oprah…


  2. C’mon Telstra, where is the NextG mobile WiFi modem? I have multiple WiFi devices I want to connect…

  3. Keith says:

    In the interests of transparency and objectivity I think that Telstra should declare what financial relationship(s), if any, exists between it and this individual’s enterprises.

  4. jeff says:

    Yes, I spend more than five hours working out of my office – for the simple reason that despite being 15k from Melbourne GPO, in a 10 year old estate, there is no ADSL available.

    Wireless is not an alternative to ADSL/cable. Wireless provides mobility – not volume, not speed, not reliability.

  5. gotta love the Telstra NextG network, it is a business must for me. I agree they need a wifi solution though

  6. Brett says:

    I bought a new laptop and had to change away from my tried and tested Sierra Card to the new Ultimate, so new account had to be made new email address (goodbye to the one I’d had for years) waited in cyber silence until it arrived. Parcel arrived inside was an Elite USB ?? rang Bigpond was informed Ultimate out of stock so Elite supplied, ok to use until Ultimate comes ????
    then got the letter welcoming me to Bigpond (customer for about 15 years but what the ??) and thanks for signing up to Elite, again phone call to Bigpond – Ultimate out of stock she thinks !! am I an Ultimate Customer or Elite can I use this device without any issues down the track because I’ve opened the pack and used it – seems that no-one can tell me with any certainty nor give me confirmation that I will receive my Ultimate USB which I need for work when I go back !!

    Simple questions I would have thought but apparently not !!

    • lonja says:

      I too opened my order from Telsra for an Ultimate to find the wrong ‘BigPond EliteTM Network Gateway’ modem instead of the Ultimate (Id used one belonging to my cousin) with its 2 aerials and proven good reception. Rang them – “so sorry, this is the one we sell now, its the latest model and much better than the other, which is no longer available and will even give you a good signal in fringe areas where the phone may not wor as well.”
      So what do I do now. I’ve signed up for 2 years and have to wear the fact that it is only good when the weather is good, it won’t perform if there are clouds and its windy or , heaven forbid, if it rains as well (I live on a high spot less than 1kilometre from the sender) and when travelling it is absolutely useless in fringe areas (even when my phone will still work), compared to the Ultimate which could at least give me email and the web with only medium (2 lights) reception. I emailed them on the Bp website which was a saga in itself having to sort through the required and very limited problem headings and got the usual non-committal answer about variables not under their control, and the suggestion that I should buy a medium or high gain antenna, for a price of course, from their website. Come on Bigpond, at least help us out with an improved version, and one that sits on a firm base, without the connections being behind and sticking out from a flimsy cover that keeps falling off, and with improved reception, which would then make it suitable for the purpose for which it was intended.

  7. lonja says:

    Thanks Telstra, I now have a great new aerial on a magnetic stand to put on the roof of the car or caravan when we travel around the country. I did hear from my cousin that HIS older version modem, with only the two small aerials that are part it, worked fine in the same spot in fringe area in Boyup Brook where mine didn’t work at all. So there’s definitely room for improvement in Telstra’s current wifi modem.

  8. lonja says:

    So we went to Boyup on the weekend to try out my Elite Gateway modem with the new aerial, put it up on the roof of the house and from nothing was just able to get low reception. Still not too hot and not as good as the reception without fancy aerial with the older modem belonging to my cousin. Maybe Telstra, you can still come up with a better modem, one more user friendly and with at least enough finger room to connect the aerial to it.

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