20 Oct 2010
By Richard Fink

Windows® Phone 7 arrives in Telstra stores from tomorrow


Tomorrow Telstra will introduce its first Windows® Phone 7 smartphone – the Telstra-exclusive HTC 7 Mozart.

With its stunning 3.7 inch touch screen and 8 megapixel camera, HTC 7 Mozart is set to catapult Windows Phone 7 into the smartphone arena.

Initially HTC 7 Mozart will be available from 11 flagship Telstra Stores nationwide as well as online. And of course, visitors to our George St Sydney store will also have the chance to meet social media phenomenon Isaiah Mustafa.

HTC MozartStarting tomorrow Telstra customers will also be able pick up an HTC 7 Mozart on the Next G™ network from select JB Hi-Fi, Leading Edge and FoneZone stores.

Additional Telstra Stores across Australia will start selling HTC 7 Mozart progressively from next week. Customers can check local stock availability by contacting their nearest Telstra Store.

Telstra Stores stocking HTC 7 Mozart from tomorrow include:

  • Telstra Store, 400 George Street, Sydney
  • Telstra Store, 246 Bourke Street (Cnr Swanston & Bourke), Melbourne
  • Telstra Store, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
  • Telstra Store, 667-669 Hay Street Mall, Perth
  • Telstra Store, Queens Plaza, 226 Queen Street, Brisbane
  • Telstra Store, Cnr Rundle Mall & Pulteney Street, Adelaide
  • Telstra Store, 44-46 Elizabeth Street, Hobart (UPDATE: Available from 22 Oct in this store due to public holiday)
  • Telstra Store, Cairns Central Shopping Centre, Cairns
  • Telstra Store, Canberra Centre, Canberra
  • Telstra Store, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Joondalup
  • Telstra Store, Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre, Geelong


HTC 7 Mozart is available to both our consumer and business customers for $0 upfront on a 24 month $49 Cap Plan (Min Cost $1,176).


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  1. Stefan says:

    so I call the Rundle Mall store.. and they aren’t sure they’ll have the phones (they don’t have stock yet) WHAT THE????

    • Andrew says:

      I had the same reply, “it was supposed to be here”!? Try getting any customer service from that at Telstra shop. Go to Rundle Mall Telstra shop they had one on display last week.

  2. Stephen says:

    Will the Mozart be available to purchase outright? If so, for how much?

  3. Alec says:

    Is outright pricing available yet?

  4. Adrian Clark says:

    When I spoke to the Queens Plaza store just 2 hrs ago they didn’t know anything about it and said they wouldn’t have stock until next week.

    So what’s the story? Were they lying?

    • Renfred says:

      I asked both Telstra stores in Brisbane CBD, one said there’s been a delay, sometime next week it’ll arrive, the other one had absolutely no clue. Oh come on!

  5. Stefan says:

    I know.. what’s the deal Telstra???
    All we want to know is ‘Will there REALLY be stock available tomorrow’ as your staff have no idea it seems.. (or they are good at keeping secrets)

  6. peter says:

    Can someone @ Telstra please confirm ouright pricing. At launch it was reported that outright pricing was $864 for the Mozart.

    I want to know 1) is that accurate? and 2) will devices be available tomorrow to buy outright?

    I don’t want to be queuing up (assuming there is a queue) if I can’t get a device….

  7. Sickofcorporategreed says:

    Unfortunately folks, this is par for the course.
    They just couldn’t give a d#mn…
    P.S. Notice how they make the reCaptcha system as difficult as possible?

  8. peter says:

    any chance of finding out which JB Hi-fi stores?

    • Cameron McKinnon says:

      Just contacted the Campelltown store and they really didn’t know anything about when they’d arrive. She just told me to call again at 1pm and see if the stock came in in the morning.

  9. Alec says:

    Just got this reply from Steve on the @Telstra twitter account:

    @alecwalkr If you are referring to WP7 then-HTC Mozart $864 outright, LG Optimus 7q $960 outright-Pls let me know if this helps-Steve

  10. Richard Fink says:

    Hi everyone,

    Just confirming, the official Australian launch is tomorrow, and stock for all of the stores listed on this blog will arrive in-store by 9am tomorrow.

    As with many world-first products there is a stock ramp up, and we appreciate your patience during this time. Apologies if you have received any mixed messages.

    Regards, Richard

    • Adrian Clark says:

      Thanks for your reassurance, Richard. I guess I’ll give the Brisbane Queen’s Plaza store a go at 9am tomorrow.

      When I spoke to that very store around midday today they had no clue that the phones were meant to be arriving and told me next week was more likely.

      It’s disappointing that the staff of a “flagship” store weren’t in possession of the knowledge that the phones were going to be there a mere day before the launch. It’s also disappointing that there’s been no notification via your “Expression of Interest” list – which I signed up for as soon as I heard about it a week ago – at all.

      I look forward to taking my handset home tomorrow.


    • peter says:

      Thanks for the confirmation Richard.

      Unfortunately much of the confusion/misinformation has come from the Telstra store staff, who seem to have no idea about things that they will be selling tomorrow. That is simply poor communication and has no relevance to stock availability.

      I have very little to do with Telstra these days, this has reinforced my previous negative experiences.

    • Norman May says:

      World first releases should mean that on the advertised date the logistical effort should have have already occurred and that stock is available at all retails outlets not a selected few.

      If you can’t have stock available on the advertised release date then release on a date when you have the stock but don’t advertise an earlier date that you can’t deliver on.

      Many customers will think it’s the same ol same ol with Telstra once again.

      Disappointed again!

  11. Stefan says:

    Thanks a lot Richard.. I can sleep a bit easier, knowing I can go get a phone tomorrow in Adelaide, then fly OS on Friday with my new phone..

  12. Jonathan says:

    FWIW, 21-Oct is a public holiday in Hobart and the Telstra store at 44-46 Elizabeth Street, Hobart said they were not open and didn’t even know if they would have any stock this week… and they didn’t seem to care much either.
    So, not so much “all of the stores”.

  13. Michael Sanchez says:

    It’s not yet available online, and I spoke to telesales to change my out of stock Desire order to a Mozart, but the MSC/Warehouse state they don’t have any stock either.

    Any idea on when it will actually be available?

  14. Ian K says:

    Guys relax.. The stores will have stock when the Desire gets its Froyo update!

    …hold your breath.. now!

  15. David says:

    so went into the t-life store in brisbane this morning and they had no idea that the launch was today. According the them the launch was in the US only

  16. Alan Burchill says:


    I am very un-happy… I waited 4 hours at the T-Life Queens Plaza only to be told had not arrived. I was then asked to put my name and number down to put it on a waiting list and i just got a phone call that they have 3 in stock and they will not sell them outright unless there is no-one left who wants one on contract… .

    Why make a commitment to 1. have the phones there at 9am and 2. sell the phone outright if you can’t keep the commitment….

    Very Un-happy!!!

    Alan Burchill

    • Alan Burchill says:

      I am now being told they have stock but are un-able to sell them outright due to a “stocking” issues.


      Alan Burchill

    • Michael Sanchez says:

      It’s because the stocks are limited. When they sell it outright they get a small profit margin and that’s it. When they sell it on a contract they get the handset subsidy, sign-up commission and then monthly trailing ‘air-time’ commission.

      In the end it’s because they make more money from contracts, so want to sell their limited stock in that way.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Alan,
      Was there with you this morning (#5). I cracked the shits and told them it was a joke etc. etc. Anyway i made enought noise and they reconsidered after speaking to an area manager.

      Absolute disgrace really that the only way to get something you’ve been promised is by throwing a tanty.

      I have mine now running happily with my Vodafone SIM.


    • Alan Burchill says:

      Follow-up… I have now got a HTZ Mozart after the T-Life store called me at 11:30am. Was a lot of heat ache however i have got the phone in the end and am now very happy…

  17. Nat says:

    Just had a look at this phone at Telstra shop on Exhibition St. I don’t think I like it.

  18. william smith says:

    When is telstra going to have a smart phone with the blue tick. Or aren’t their rural customers important enough?

    • Steve says:

      It’s not really up to Telstra to have a smartphone with the blue tick seeing they are’t the one making the phones.. I’m sure if one of the manufactures create one then they would have it.

  19. Rob says:

    Dear Telstra,
    Can you confirm when the HTC HD7 will be released on your next G network?

  20. Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

    Hi All, This will answer the HTC HD7 Question.

    At today’s launch we also confirmed that the HTC HD7, unveiled by HTC overnight, would join our Next G™ range in the coming months. HD7 sports a massive 4.3-inch high-resolution screen and will be the obvious Windows Phone 7 choice for keen gamers and media fans. Again, it will be available exclusively to our customers

  21. Paul Aracic says:

    I registered my interest a week before SMH announced launch for Telstra…No contact at all. I did the on line purchase the day the Mozart buy now link came up… only to be notified that there was no stock… How was it that I missed out on the limit release & will I be on the list at all? I rang the on line shop number & was advised to go to a T-life store to get one perhaps next week. What more do you have to do to actually get one on release?

  22. Edwron says:

    What a joke … Telstra trying to change its image and you treat potential buyers like this!

  23. Marc says:

    The phone was in the store, but when I rang up the help desk to find out some information, the operator didnt even know of the phone – she kept asking “you mean the ‘desire’ “…. hmm Telstra keep telling me their service is improving…. I am not so sure.

  24. Darren says:

    I placed my order as soon as Telstra had pricing available on the 13th October. All the stores seem to be in the dark about when they will be receiving supply. It’s now the 5th Nov, 3 days out from the US launch. Does anyone at Telstra have a clue??

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