15 Oct 2010
By Kristen Boschma

Telstra removes unlock fee for Apple iPhone for jet-setting Aussies

UPDATE, 2 September, 2013: These instructions are now out of date. Please read our updated post, “How to use your iPhone overseas“.

Pre-Paid iPhone unlocking instructions:

Check and pay your iPhone unlocking fee by either calling our Pre-Paid Unlocking Centre or visiting a Telstra store. Instructions are found online.

You will then be transferred to the iPhone Unlocking Centre who will submit the unlock request for your iPhone, after verifying the unlocking fee has been paid.

To unlock your Post-Paid Apple iPhone from Telstra:

Step 1: Provide your Apple iPhone details to Telstra

A. Before contacting Telstra, write down the IMEI and Serial Number for your iPhone.  To locate these details, tap Settings > General > About

B. Call 13 2200 and say “Unlock” when asked why you’re calling.

C. The Telstra consultant will take your details and pass them to Apple to complete the unlock.  This process can take up to 72 hours.

Step 2: After 72 hours, connect your Apple iPhone to iTunes to finalise the unlock process

  • Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes, you can find this within iTunes underiPhone > Summary tab
  • Insert a non- Telstra SIM in your iPhone handset.  If you do not insert a non-Telstra SIM, the unlock process will not work
  • Back up your iPhone and ensure you check that all your applications and iTunes data are listed in the relevant sections in iTunes
  • After you have backed up all your data, click on restore to factory settings which is also found within iTunes under iPhone > Summary tab
  • On your iPhone download the latest version of iOS by going into Settings > General > Software update
  • On iTunes within devices > iPhone, depending on the carrier you are switching to, you will see a message stating ”Your iPhone has been unlocked” signalling your unlock is complete. Some carriers may not display this message.
  • Reconnect your iPhone and sync with iTunes


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  1. bernie petry says:

    why aren’t Telstar directors buying any shares at current level?
    Would be a nice gesture for suffering shareholders!

  2. Cam says:

    Hooray! About time! Good move, guys.

    I never could quite understand why you locked the handset when your customers had signed a contract with you anyway.

  3. Stefan says:

    Great work Telstra. You are truly changing for the better!

  4. litapajar says:


    many thanks for this. i was looking to a buy a cheap handset for overseas travel. saved me efforts.
    Appreciate telstra’s response to needs of its customers. if i was not travelling overseas, i would like it to be locked to telstra. just another security if the phone is lost or stolen. also, why unlock it to only use other crappy networks…???
    thanks again.

  5. Banderas says:

    I think this is the best thign Telstra has done to date. Finally no charge to unlock your iphone. Good work telstra. :)

  6. Bo Liu says:

    What about my HTC desire? can I get it unlocked for free as well?

  7. vs says:

    One less fee is always good news. Onya Telstra.

  8. lockley says:

    Great work Telstra, I Hope This is a sign of true change for Telstra.

  9. Bill Shock says:

    Rubbish!!! You are far from ‘improving’. I just received a $800 bill after being overseas for 2.5 weeks. Yet another bill shock from telstra……………and then it’s backed up by an automated text service basically instructing you to ‘Pay up’…… have not idea how many Australians stress over your bills.

    • David says:

      Did you happen to use your Telstra (Australian provider only) service overseas? Everyone knows this is expensive and not recommended

      Man up and take responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming someone else.

    • James says:

      Yes using your phone overseas is expensive.
      But most of that $800 will go to the overseas network provider, not telstra.

      Next time research the roaming call rates before you leave

    • Daniel says:

      Yah, roaming overaseas is a bad idea.

    • Tim says:

      Don’t blame Telstra for your incompetence for not researching international roaming charges correctly.

    • Andrew says:

      Well Bill, you decided to go with Telstra so pay the consequences.

  10. David says:

    I wish you’d done this sooner, I got back on Sunday and have a $800 phone bill from the US,…. NOT HAPPY!

    • Rick Marton says:

      To the people who have posted about their ‘bill shock’ from travelling overseas I hear your pain but also believe that it is highly publicised that both phone calls and data usage incur much higher fees overseas than here in australia. Even the iPhone ‘International data roaming’ slider indicates this. I can’t remember if default is to be on or off for international roaming – maybe we could ask Telstra if it’s possible for them to be shipped with the setting automatically off. This way you’d definitely have got the warning when you activate the roaming. I also got a $600 bill from over 5 weeks in Europe – but I was aware it was coming and chose convenience over cost – only turning on data roaming when I specifically needed a map.

      Nice work on this Telstra :-)

  11. Grandmaster Ronoson says:

    Good move, Telstra.

  12. RobertC says:

    Good move by Telstra, though in practice the unlock fee was easily avoided if you had a couple of services with them.

  13. Clance says:

    Well lets hope Telstra removes the $15 late payment fee for monthly bills…would be ok if Telstra actually sent a reminder or SMS or email liek some newer Utility companies do….

    • Liming says:

      You can already get sms reminders about your phone bills from Telstra.

      You need to create an account on and enable online billing. Then you can set email or sms reminders for your bills.

      The sms reminders are free to Telstra mobile customers.

    • alan says:

      And what good is that? Are you meant to set one up every $5 if you don’t want to go over your cap. They should just get prebill working properly. As it stands, it is useless. This is JUST like it was before I left. I have neer encountered billing problems like this with any other carries. SEBEL is the worst billing system ever created.

  14. BB (Telstra Employee) says:

    Good start but what about other phones? I have a pre-paid mobile and will be going O/S next year.

  15. RobertC says:


    Avoiding the late payment fee is pretty easy: pay your bill on time!

    And if you can’t, ring Telstra up and explain your circumstances. 9 times out of 10 they’ll grant you an extension without penalty.

  16. David Mills says:

    Believe me it’s not bill shock, data was turned off and I knew the additional costs so don’t think i’m stupid or expecting a small bill (even tho it was 3 times higher than what my optus phone was for the same period overseas because of the international roaming packs)

    I just would not have used my Telstra service if they had unlocked it, as requested, and the fact they just suspended my outbound calling because my bill was so high added icing to the cake.

  17. Michael (Telstra Employee) says:

    Hello, to date the SIM unlocking process required the iPhone to be ‘Restored to factory settings’ – is this still the case for this unlocking OR will the unlock occur without the need to restore the phone?

  18. John says:

    What about the unlocking fee for other phones? Will the unlocking fee be free for HTC phones?

  19. Happy customer says:

    Well done Telstra, how the field has changed in the last couple of years. Keep on listening.

  20. Gary says:

    Thank you telstra for this gesture.

    I have called the 1800 number provided and then got transferred to the ‘iphone unlock’ line. I am 25 minutes in the queue and still waiting.

    Wouldn’t it be good if there is an automatic/web based way of doing it…

  21. Shaun says:

    Haha I laugh at you bill shock idiots. Of you’re savvy enough to find this forum and post on it, then I believe you must also be savvy enough to know that global roaming with calls texts and data costs a mint. Although by blaming Telstra you’re clearly too stupid to actually research who’s really taking that money from you, which are the overseas providers and not Telstra. Anyway, great job Telstra, now please install a cell tower in Pascoe Vale Victoria so I can use my mobile when at home, even on Next G the signal is horrible there! Thanks!

  22. PeterG says:

    Great work Telstra. You already have THE best network.

    I had always badgged you for your anti competitive behavior but this shows that you are changing and listening to customers.


    • Dave (Traveller) says:

      Telstra has the best service? LOL
      You need to get out in the world a bit more
      An 10MYR sim card ($3 aud) in Malaysia gets me about an hour of Australian talk time

  23. Lain Duon says:

    You guys are awesome!!!!

  24. furryberry says:

    Telstra does something that other service providers have been doing since the start and they get lauded ?
    Its like rewarding a child for passing 3rd grade on the 5th try!

  25. bernie petry says:

    Why aren’t Telstra directors buying any shares at current level?
    Would be a nice gesture for suffering shareholders!

    • alan says:

      because they know, as they have always known, that they are not good value. Sol Trjillo almost killed Telstra dead. It will take years for them to recover from that man’s hatchett. Dreadful man, dire policies and now is the result of it all.

  26. Dave (Traveller) says:

    And what about the rest of your phones Telstra?
    It’s not only iphone users who travel

  27. jamie says:

    This is a great move, but what about other handsets such as the Samsung Desire or HTCs or Blackberries, all having the same sort of capabilities and just as (if not more) used by people likely to do global roaming.

  28. Disgruntled says:

    Does this mean that i can get the $150 I paid to unlock my iPhone 3G back from Telstra :-( I am guessing not!

  29. I think this is a really good step forward for Telstra. I understand how it’s hard for big companies to change, however I think Telsta is starting this change. Things don’t happen overnight but they are changing. Well done!

  30. LGB says:

    Hey what about Adroid Phones.
    What makes the iSheep so special??

    I want to be able to Uninstall all the crap Telstra installed on my phone. Half of which don’t work and most I don’t even want.

    I want to be able to upgrade the OS when it becomes available. and not have to wait for a Telstra vesion.

    Come on guys fair go.

    • alan says:

      LOL jealous much?:) Only kidding….. Porbably becuase it is the worlds biggest selling mobile phone. Not the biggest brand, but the single biggest selling model. As they all use the same software I guess they figure it will keep a large section of the public happy. I doubt they do it to anoy those who don’t have one.

    • Brian says:

      Should have bought an iPhone then shouldn’t you, sunshine. No bloatware on them! OS updates through iTunes direct from Apple! The phone to have Baaaaaa none.

    • LGB says:

      Actually I didn’t buy an iPhone because people I know who have iPhones talked me out of it.
      The two most common complaints were battery life and poor reception.

      Also popular doesn’t equal a good product just a good marketing campaign.

    • Sloppy says:

      “Androids dream of electric isheep”, NOT.. hahaha I crack me up.. Androids/HTC work just fine, are already unlocked, all the apps I have downloaded and use the most were FREE and my HTC mobile works a treat.. no need to become an isheep.. ps. the sci movie Bladerunner was based on the book by a similar name..

  31. alan says:

    I’ve just called to unlock my Iphone4. While I’m on the subject, don’t trust telstra prebill. It only holds 250 lines of info. After the the oldest charges drop off the total. How ridiculous. You have to call for a total as it is the only way to be accurate. So be prepared to sit on the phone several times a week if you think you’re getting close to your plan total.

  32. Shevy says:

    Love this option and great step forward for Telstra. This option now lets me use my iPhone overseas, without purchasing a new phone or using an old/outdated phone while travelling overseas. Also this request was done via the helpdesk in less than 5 minutes. Quick, simple and it’s FREE…Can’t ask for much more! 10/10. Thanks…Telstra!

  33. Dan Warne says:

    If you need a two week extension, Telstra will gladly agree to it, but will still impose a late fee.

  34. Bruce says:

    So, the phone will be unlocked, but still “will only work with a Telstra SIM card”. What am I missing here? How is the phone being ‘unlocked’?

    After I have paid for the phone by being on an overly expensive plan for two years, I will have a very poor resale value due to the fact that I’m selling a locked device.

  35. Peter says:

    Well my housemate decided to unlock his Iphone 4 using the voicemail system. After asking a bunch of questions designed to “direct” one to the right service, it connected to a customer “support” rep (I’ll use that word “support” as inaccuarte as it is) and after verifying who he was, told him he should have used the voicemail system not call customer support. The rep was told that the voicemail system send him there, the rep simply refused to unlock the phone using those exact words.

  36. jeremy says:

    htc desire is already unlocked.

  37. doug says:

    I have purchased an I phone 4 from Ebay, and it is locked to Telstra, will they unlock that for me?? Help anyone !!!

    • alan says:

      yes they will. as long as it is locked to telstra. I did it yesterday but it takes 24 hours to get to itunes where you have to RESTORE your phone after doing an update. It’s a bit of a faff but worth it.

    • loomps says:

      I don’t want to shock anyone, but I just called Telstra to get my iPhone unlocked (which I purchased second-hand, and this wasn’t a problem) and the process was painless, took less then 7 minutes and the level of customer service was adequate – the only problem was initially having to navigate a difficult accent, but that’s not that big of a deal to me.
      If Telstra upped their data allowance on the pre-paid/sim-only deals and gave free access to social networking (Tribe doesn’t count, sorry!) I might go back to using them. This is a massive step up from them, I reckon.

  38. alan says:

    Isn’t it interesting that when something like this happens, those people without Iphone defend their position. Nearly 100 million Iphones have been sold and none of those people care if you have one or not:) This is my 2nd IPhone and is vastly superior and any nokia of ericson that I’ve owned. I wouldn’t buy anything LG. CHeap rubbish with no support. If something goes wrong with and Iphone, they replace if with a new one. So, not JUST marketing, it’s 1st class support with 1st class access to apps. Does you phone have 250,000 + apps? No it doesn’t.

    LGB says:
    19 Oct 2010 at 11:27 am
    Actually I didn’t buy an iPhone because people I know who have iPhones talked me out of it.
    The two most common complaints were battery life and poor reception.

    Also popular doesn’t equal a good product just a good marketing campaign.

  39. Luke says:

    Um, as previously stated many times other phones aren’t locked, only pre paid phone and the postpaid Iphone. Stop being simple

    • alan says:

      IC, then why when we put a voda sim in an htc telstra phone did it not work? Why did it say locked? Perhaps the phone was mistaken? It’s not like Telstrsa hasn’t told me 10 different reasons for the prebill not working:)

    • alan says:

      and as for being simple. I will just say it one more time, post paid HTC from Telstra, Unlocked according to you, my voda sim in the HTC did not work because the phone said it was locked. It is not I telling porkies to cover up bad service!

  40. Sue says:

    I could not understand why there was a network lock when one had paid for the phone outright at the same price as would have been from the Apple store, and when the tLife store didn’t even supply a SIM because I already had one in use.

    It cost me $150 recently to get the unlock and I am still smarting at what was a total rort at the time.

    Good that Telstra is doing this now, but what about the rest of us. (I know… too bad.)

  41. vaestanfors says:

    When i bought a 3GS from Three over a year ago they unlocked it for free straight away(put a telstra prepaid sim in), I’ll unlock mine just for the sake of it as I’ve found the other networks are crap on the iphone. I think it might be illegal to lock a handset to a carrier anyway so maybe telstra is just complying with the law before they get taken to court.

    • Peter says:

      I was thinking the same thing.Maybe Telstra was just ahead of action from the ACCC. Surely buying a phone on contract is enough of a hold on the customer without having it locked to the network as well. But congratulations for doing it anyway.

  42. Simon says:

    Great ! I just did it now.

  43. Sebastian Randerson says:

    I would like to believe that Telstra is changing for the better. After a horrifying series of attempts to get some sense out of customer service several years ago, I moved to other providers. Now I am back with Telstra, because their mobile and cellular data network offers speeds exceeding any of the other providers, at a comparable price.

    I was disappointed to find the same appalling level of customer service. A problem occurred with my recently ported mobile number, that it could not receive incoming calls. Callers get “this number has been disconnected”. This problem has persisted for 5 days. Due to the severity of the problem and its impact on me, I have attempted to get Telstra to resolve it quickly. I found the call centre operators in the Philippines do not have the capacity to deal with this kind of problem. The result for me as a customer was 10 – 20 minutes on hold each time, as I was bounced from Pilipino operator to Pilipino operator. Like a spam robot, they asked the same set of questions, did the same set of authentication procedures, asked me to do the same potential fixes (reboot the phone etc). This has added up to over 5 hours of time literally wasted.

    Basically, my experience is that Telstra continue to run a “Denial of Service” attack on the customer. Both in the colloquial sense, in that I am denied any actual service. And in the technical sense. If I was to employ an army of call centre operators to bombard Telstra with useless time-wasting calls, this would be a denial of service attack. Telstra has employed an army of call centre operators and automated voice prompts to waste the customer’s time on calls.

    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Sebastian, Can I be of help now or have you sorted this out? Sorry for any inconvenience Telstra has caused you to date, if I can be of assistance send me your account and or a contact number.

    • alan says:

      Here here. I am in exactly the same situation. I left for 2 tears and came back for the same easons as you sebastian. So can you imagine how angry I was when I came back and found the call centres are over seas. FUMING! Prebill is so important when you don’t want to go over your plan allowance. Telstra Perbill in the net is flawed. It only holds 250 records. Anything over and the total for the montha changes up OR DOWN. This is appalling. The only way to be sure of your balance is to call and speak to someone (the balance on the recorded voice isn’t accurate either). I said to the saleman that I didn’t want to come back if your billing isn’t right. Voda has a simple text back for balance and their net balance is completely right. Why can Telstra not manage that? Sol has a lot to answer for. If it wasn’t for the fact that I signed to 2 years I’d have left, but I am so close to going to the TIO because I am fed up being told lies, then being given stupid excuses. It took two full working days over 6 weeks to get to the bottom of why pre bill is useless. As soon as my contract is up I will be leaving again and this time I won’t be back EVER.

  44. alan says:

    And I forgot to add that the unlocking of your IPhone takes a full day! That’s just nuts. I’ve been given a credit for my phone because I was so unhappy with the service, but it not anywhere on the “my account” webpage. Nor is it in my balance. Despite the fact that I have a $200 credit, my bill shows as being unpaid. How can it be unpaid when I am in credit. Accounts said it is because it won’t land until the next bill. Though I don’t get a paper bill, Telstra treat my account as though I do. As soon as a credit is applied, it should be viewable online. Telstra is very expensive, offers it’s cutomers nothing but bad service and gives nothing away (no calls to all telstra customers for free, no 100 free texts, no free voicemail). They expect to trade on the fact that they have superior network coverage. That is not enough, and nothing can be done to repair my repationship with Telstra. I now loathe this company and once gone will never never be back.

  45. janet says:

    Too late Telstra, that’s just one reason why most of us have left.

    If you are changing for the better, how about the customer service staff being able to help out in-store instead of putting us on the phone to another telstra person (in the Phillipines!!) whilst we are in said store!

  46. Disgruntled says:

    I tried calling the day this was announced and was informed that there was a 10 minute wait to get through – fair enough I thought – every one would be wanting to get this done.

    Just tried calling back now using the number published above, “please wait I will transfer you to the correct area….”, “Oh I am sorry you have come through to business billing, I will transfer you to the correct area…”, “Oh i am sorry….” 4, yes 4 different people have answered my call (presumably in 4 different areas) and none of them can help me. I have been sitting listening to on hold music now for 10 minutes!

    Telstra, thank you for offering to unlock my iPhone 4 for free – how about you just do it!!!!! Why do we all have to phone you to get it done, why can’t you just unlock them all for us and save the hassle – would that be too much to ask of “customer service” :(

    I just hung up without speaking to the correct area :(

  47. Emma says:

    Does this mean customers can use home networks for free wifi instead of using the testra network all of the time???

    • alan says:

      Emma, Connect to you WIFI at home in setting. You can do this whether or not your phone is unlocked. Before unlocking my IPHONE4 yesterday, I had been on my home network whenever I am in range, and the same is true when I am in range of WIFI at friends homes. Unlocking has no bearing on WIFI at all. Hope this helps.

  48. krangsquared says:

    Thanks for doing this Telstra. But I’d have appreciated it a lot more if you did it 2 months ago, before I went overseas. Oh well, at least you got rid of the unjustified, excessive fee, which never made sense because *we’re already on a contract anyway*! That was just pure gouging, considering the other providers do it for free (or not too much $$$)

    As for the call centre problems, may I suggest that you re-engineer your systems so that users deal with one person only.

    I don’t really care if I deal with someone from another country, as long as they’re comprehensible, polite, and able to deal with most enquiries.

    Being put on hold and then dealing with a call centre is par for the course.

    What is really a horrible user experience is to

    1. wait on hold
    2. speak to someone, tell all your details and the problem
    3. “Oh, i can’t help you sir, i’ll pass you on to my colleague who can help you”
    4. back to 1.

    It just reeks of buck-passing and incompetence and is one of the biggest things that Telstra can do to fix their reputation.

    • Ranu says:

      Funny you should mention the buck-passing. I’ve been on the phone to Telstra for 18 minutes and counting to get the unlock done. I’ve been through two call centre staff so far who couldn’t help me and now on hold waiting for a third…

      C’mon Telstra, train your staff to at least be able to do the most common requests.

  49. Peter says:

    I wonder if anyone from Telstra is actually taking any of these negative comments on board. I got told the unlocking process would take 5 hours, so I waited 12 then went through the hassle of back up and restore and now I see here it can take 24 hours to unlock. It might be nice if Telstra actually confirmed the unlock had taken place. Now I don’t know if I have to go through the same procedure again or not.
    On the question of customer service, I’ve tried phone calls,visiting the Telstra shop and Telstra booth in Westfield and emailing, so far all without success. All I want is accurate up to date data usage so I don’t exceed my cap. Surely its not that difficult. When my accountant advised me to sell my Telstra shares I was surprised, but I’m glad I did. They’ve dropped considerably since I sold and judging by the comments here it wont be a temporary dip.

    • alan says:

      Peter, I’ve had some success with texting “use” to 176 for data useage. It seems up to date as does the website. It’s only the calls which are hopeless after 250 entries. Hope it works for you.:) Oh and for the person who mentioned unlocking and charges over seas? You unlock your phone to use a local sim. It’s only calls back hom that coast extra. Instead ofnot unlocking and putting internetional roaming on and getting those awful diversion charges. That would be why people unlock:)

    • Peter says:

      Thanks Alan,
      I was eventually made aware of 176 by a Mobilenet customer rep. and he told me the txts to this number were free. I used it a bit but still found the data to be at least 4 days old, and I’ve since found out and been informed by another Telstra rep. it costs 25 cents each time you txt 176. This seems pretty unreasonable when you consider it saves their call centre staff resources.

  50. Brian Stoker, Gold Coast, Queenand, Australia says:

    Difficulties of dealing with Telstra.
    About 4 years ago Gold Coast Council decided to change my street number from 19 to 19A to allow a new house built between me and #17 to be numbered #19. Since there were existing Nos. 21 & 23 this was the best that that brains trust could come up with. I do not know if it even occurred to give the new house the new number of 17A. That could be asking a bit much of a council.
    Anyway, over the years we got the council to change our rate notice address, bin #, Kerb #, dog rego, etc as well as voting, driver’s license, car regos, ATO, ASIC, insurances, just about everybody (although I am not quite sure we have Energex and Integral Energy fully convinced yet) but clearly not Telstra.
    Yes, I know when I ring them up they tell me they have changed my address to 19A, but that is not what they put on the outside of the envelope, or on courier deliveries or the address they give their technicians. They still send to #19 which is actually around the corner from me. The regular postie is OK so long as he sorts the mail himself or is not on leave but courier drivers and service people do not know. Since our driveways are around the corner from each other I do not see their visitors from my house.
    It’s very time consuming ringing Telstra. You have to get yourself in the right frame of mind, settle down, make a cup of tea, make sure the cordless phone is fully charged, set aside half a day, do not expect any calls or visitors, be prepared to be frustrated and upset and have nothing planned for afterwards except to have a few drinks to settle down.
    In the first week of October I decided I wanted to upgrade some Telstra services. I lost my mobile phone and wanted a new phone, we wanted to upgrade Foxtel and I wanted a new Bigpond cable and home phone package as my bigpond cable was out of contract. I thought we should get a bundle and a single bill. I even considered allowing Telstra to help themselves to my bank account because I do not always get the bills (they go to #19) and I sometimes get hit for late payments. After 4 years my neighbours do not rush in with every letter or failed delivery advice as soon as they get it anymore and they go to work.
    Regarding the new mobile phone, the new HTC Desire was promised for delivery on Tuesday 12th October. I emphasised delivery address 19A. Yeah, yeah that’s right. I waited at home for it. When it did not come I rang on the Wednesday and was told to expect it on Friday, when I complained about waiting home for it and why the delay I was told it would be by Friday, possibly even the next day, Thursday. On Friday evening I was told it had not been sent because they had none in stock and I should not have been promised delivery but I would be told when they are available.
    Regarding the Foxtel upgrade. Before anything could be done about that, the account had to be transferred from Foxtel to Foxtel from Telstra. That would be done during the week ending 15th October. After that we could arrange for the upgrade and the new additional boxes to be installed. I was given a price for the new package of $175 and no charge for the installation of the new boxes. They have a great system of always changing the person you speak to; you get a first name and perhaps a city but no way of contacting that person ever again. When I rang back about the installation I was given a different price and the person said we had different equipment to what I know we have. I gave up. On Friday I tried again and got a person in Melbourne and we could not work out what stuff we had and he went away to check the paperwork in the back room. I got cut off after an hour and a half and I rang back and was connected to a bloke in Perth. Different price again but I said OK. He went away to get a time and date for the installation, but after a while he came back and said it could not be booked in because they had transferred someone else’s Foxtel account to me and they could not book the upgrade until the other person’s account was transferred back to Foxtel and my account was properly transferred. That could partly explain the differences in the pricings.
    Regarding the new Bigpond and home phone package. This includes a self install modem router that would be sent to me by courier. I keep telling them again and again to send it to 19A. Anyway, I got a nice letter the other day in my letterbox thanking me for hooking up again; it was addressed to #19. Also in my mailbox, obviously put there by my neighbours were 2 cards from Australia Post advising me that there was nobody home at #19 when they attempted delivery of the modem. *!1/?#**!
    I have 40,000 shares in Telstra (yeah, I know I am an idiot) and I think they have a great product and potential (yeah, I know I am a gullible idiot) but I am not sure if David Thodey’s pledge of a billion dollars to improve the service will be anywhere near enough.

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