13 Sep 2010
By Craig Turner

Improving T-Hub with the help of our customers


T-Hub is a unique home phone experience that blends quick access to internet content like sports, Facebook, weather, news and recipes with phone features like a digital address book and voice mail.

As the head of the product team that brought out T-Hub, I wanted to give you an update on how we are improving the device given the feedback we’ve been hearing.

With more than 50,000 T-Hubs sold to date, we believe most T-Hub customers are enjoying their new home phone. For example, customers have told us they really like T-Hub’s handsfree speakerphone and find its integrated address book and voice mail really handy. They also like the ability to look up White Pages listings and check the weather quickly before they head outside.

However, we recognise that like any all-new product, not all features on T-Hub may have met every customer’s expectation from day one and that it can be improved further.

One of the weekend papers ran a story about Telstra’s T-Hub suggesting that we are not listening to customer feedback on this product. I want to assure you that we are listening to your feedback — be it in online forums or through our customer service areas. And, based on this feedback, we have a detailed development program in place for the device.

For instance, you have told us that from time to time T-Hub’s screen freezes, applications close unprompted and that the web browser intermittently runs out of memory when loading complex web pages. From this Thursday (16 September) we will release our next software update for T-Hub which will reduce the instances in which customers experience these issues.

You can install the software update by simply following the on-screen prompt. If you have any problems downloading or installing the update, please contact our dedicated support team on 1300 136 841.

Some of you have also written to us about some issues with charging T-Hub Touch Panels and Handsets. We have found that some batteries and power adaptors are not working as designed and we’d ask anyone with this experience to contact us on 1300 136 841 and we’ll swap them over.

In addition to Thursday’s software update, we plan to continue to regularly introduce new features and more improvements. For example, in the coming weeks we will introduce the ability to initiate a call from a White Pages search result and introduce a significantly larger range of internet radio stations for you to choose from, both local and international.

Finally, we’re aware that some people have described T-Hub as a competitor to the iPad or as an alternative to the PC. This isn’t the case and customers should expect a web browsing on the T-Hub that’s more akin to browsing the internet on a mobile phone than browsing on a PC.

Telstra T-Hub Software Updates, Issues, ProblemsWe encourage anyone with questions about T-Hub to continue posting them online here on Telstra Exchange, or, to contact our dedicated customer support team on 1300 136 841 for direct assistance.

We look forward to your continued feedback and to updating you on how we are using it to introduce new features and software improvements for T-Hub.

More information:

If you experience a Touch Panel freeze you can still make a call using the T-Hub additional cordless handset. Cordless handsets will function so long as the power is working.

Handset troubleshooting steps

Telstra T-Hub online FAQ

A detailed user guide for your Telstra T-Hub and cordless handset is available online here

View a series of T-Hub how to videos go to the official TelstraKnowHow You Tube channel


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  1. John says:

    Received T-Hub with installation of NBN. Now I have internet speeds that are slower than when I had dial up 6 years ago! It takes over 30 seconds to call up Bigpond Page. The tablet is next to useless as it doesn’t talk to the Intergrated Gateway. This is all a big advertising and promotional beat up that Telstra is running. Full of conmen not even Nigel Beaman General Manager for Telstra Country Wide can fix this problem. He has taken over a week to correct the issues I have. Everyone at Telstra says it will take two days to fix but when do the two days waiting start? All you get from Telstra is ring this number or wait for us to call you back and in the meantime I am left with a slow coach NBN connection. Telstra / Labor full of con people.

  2. Geoff says:

    Why can i not buy a t hub battery at a telstra shop , Why do they try and sell me a new t hub or they give me and overseas number and they try and sell me a new t hub ,what is it with you people,it has worked well for over 2 year and all i need is a new battery .I should be able to walk into a telstra shop a buy 1,its not that hard….I look at my telstra shares and wonder why i have them because your customer support and parts service is a waste of time !!!!!!

  3. amanda says:

    The Thub2 is the worst piece of junk I have ever bought, It keeps timing out and freezing – I have to turn if and restart. I worry coz we are older and if we got broken into or had a a medical emergency I can’t use the phone. I will contact Fair Trade about this. I don’t want money back I just want a product that works and is reliable.

  4. John says:

    I have a windows phone on a Telstra account
    will the Calender on my windows phone be able to be synced with the T Hub be

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