02 Aug 2010
By Narelle Charity

More Home TV Bundles with FOXTEL from Telstra at better prices


I was interested to read in a recent article in The Economist that nearly four in ten people have digital video recorders in American homes and that the typical American viewer spends ten minutes a day scrolling through their electronic TV guide.

Australians are not too different in their TV habits so I’m pleased to announce that we’re making great FOXTEL from Telstra entertainment options even more affordable for Telstra customers by including them in our latest set of Home TV bundles which are being released tomorrow.

Customers keep telling us that they appreciate cost certainty and simplicity for multiple home services so we’ve enhanced and simplified our range of broadband, home phone and entertainment bundles.

Highlights include:

  • simplifying all of our five bundles so that for an additional $100/month for 24 months you’ll receive the FOXTEL from Telstra Platinum iQ package^
  • the $88 bundle will be available with 100GB (increased from 25GB) at no extra cost
  • if you reach your data allowance on our 2GB bundle, you’ll simply be slowed to 64kbps, so now there are no excess usage charges on any of our bundles.

Our bundled services provide customers with savings when they choose an internet, home phone and optional FOXTEL from Telstra service on a 24 month Single Bill.

Our full set of bundles, and monthly prices, are as follows:

Home Value Bundle 2GB – $89/month for 24 months plus $35 upfront

  • BigPond Elite™ Liberty – 2GB
  • Unlimited local calls and $1 STD calls
  • T-Box® or T-Hub®*

Home Saver Bundle 100GB – $99/month for 24 months plus $35 upfront

  • BigPond Elite™ Liberty – 100GB
  • 30c local calls and STD calls capped at $3 for up to 3 hours between 7pm-12
  • T-Box or T-Hub*

Home Value Bundle 25GB – $109/month for 24 months plus $35 upfront

  • BigPond Elite™ Liberty – 25GB
  • Unlimited local calls and $1 STD calls along with discounted international rates
  • T-Box or T-Hub*

Home Ultimate Bundle 100GB – $139/month for 24 months plus $35 upfront

  • BigPond Elite™ Liberty – 100GB
  • Unlimited local, STD and calls to any Telstra mobile from your home phone along with discounted international rates
  • T-Box or T-Hub*

Home Ultimate Bundle 200GB – $159/month for 24 months plus $35 upfront

  • BigPond Elite™ Liberty – 200GB
  • Unlimited local, STD and calls to any Australian mobile from your home phone along with discounted international rates.
  • $10 monthly credit towards International Direct Dial calls also provided.
  • T-Box or T-Hub*

These bundles with an included T-Box or T-Hub are available to customers with a 13 digit account number. Our bundles are all flexible – you can remove the T-Box or T-Hub and subtract $11 from the monthly price, along with the $35 upfront charge.

Minimum cost for Home Bundles $89 Bundle is $2,171, $99 Bundle is $2,411, $109 Bundle is $2,651, $139 Bundle is $3,371, $159 Bundle is $3,851 (plus usage and $9.95 delivery fee). Minimum cost for Home TV Bundles $189 Bundle is $4,571, $199 Bundle is $4,811, $209 Bundle is $5,051, $239 Bundle is $5,771, $259 Bundle is $6,251 (plus usage and $9.95 delivery fee).

Just add $100 a month for 24 months to any of these to receive the FOXTEL from Telstra Platinum iQ package. This package is normally $120 a month, so the savings just keep coming.

New Telstra Home Phone BundlesOf course we’ve got the same important benefits as before, such as the ability to achieve even more savings via our Combo Rewards and a free Home Network Gateway Wi-Fi modem for new customers and existing customers who don’t already have one.  And of course, all of our Bundles include BigPond Elite Liberty plans – this means they’re ‘shaped’ so there can be no surprises when your bill arrives.

I want to thank everyone for their feedback to my previous bundles blogs.  Much of the feedback was seeking Home TV updates, so I hope you like what you see.  I know some of you still want to see wireless bundles – please be assured we hear you loud and clear and we are acting on that feedback.

I also want you tell me if we’ve hit the mark with these new bundles offers.

^ With FOXTEL from Telstra Platinum you get access to the full suite of FOXTEL channels plus the added bonus of FOXTEL iQ.

  • 30 channels + 2 free BOX Office movies per month
  • Instant one-touch recording
  • Record 2 programs at the same time & store up to 60 hrs
  • Pause, rewind and replay live TV

* T-Box or T-Hub repayment option is only available to customers with a 13 digit account number.


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  1. gwmbox says:

    Excellent news Narelle, but it would seem yet again wireless is being left out….

    Seems to be a repeating and ongoing issue that you (Telstra) will not recognise wireless users as legitimate users and keep forgetting there are many of us that use wireless the same way as ADSL and Cable users do, as in a fixed connection but we pay up to 28 times more per GB than what ADSL and Cable users do and also have a much slower connection speed in most cases.

    Thanks for yet another kick…


  2. gwmbox says:

    @ Narelle

    Just to follow up, your comment that reads;
    ‘I know some of you still want to see wireless bundles – please be assured we hear you loud and clear and we are acting on that feedback’

    While it appears to be a positive note I have been hearing the same since January so please understand why I am not going to hold my breathe on that comment. Until we see something there is nothing…

    I hope for a more positive outcome and will keep checking in…


  3. Sean Curtis says:

    Looks like there may be some typos in your bundle summaries. The plans go “2BG” (should be 2Gb?) then 100Gb then 25Gb then 100Gb … etc

    I think the 2nd one should be 10Gb?

  4. junkster says:

    Pretty disappointing, didn’t get cheaper, not much different from the bundles that were already avail. If included Foxtel HD however for the +100$ (rather than another $15 on top of the $100) then I would consider.

  5. litapajar says:


    the weak link $109 bundle remains, confirming rumours on the bc forum. i think the download on this should be 50gb, consistent with standalone plans.

    i am sure it will be offered next month. so message for potential customers is ‘please wait until telstra offers value bit by bit every month…’ so, we wait…

  6. litapajar says:


    follow up on my previous comment:

    yes you have hit the sweet spot on all bundles except $109 bundle. if that reads 50 gb, it gets the balance right and promotes T-Box as usable device.

    once the bill corsses $100 mark, i don’t think playing with download quota will impress anyone. you will only push more people to $99 bundle (for download quota) losing a potential $10 revenue.

    50 gb is middle of the road and so is home line reach. they go well together- ‘ it’s a marriage made in (tele)heaven, if telstra allows them to marry…’
    hope this helps.

  7. Wilson says:

    Fantastic news !!! Will we see added free content such as radio streams etc ?

  8. Tom says:

    I’m really enjoying the Tbox and am looking forward to the launch of Foxtel channels on the Tbox. Hopefully it includes all the sports channels at a reasonable price as well as being available to all Australians (ie. Austar areas). If this happens I can see myself singing up the day it goes live and possibly even getting another Tbox!

  9. Jason says:

    To say I am disappointed in the new bundles is an understatement.

    6 months ago we signed up for the Home TV bundle – 25GB which includes:

    - Foxtel Platinum IQ ($120)
    - 25GB Internet ($89.95)
    - Homeline Reach ($49.90)

    This all cost $198 and we were told there was altogether a saving of $61.

    With the introduction of the new stand alone internet plans, 200GB is now available for $89.95.

    Therefore, it actually feels like hardly any saving is being made by having this bundle, as the full price of the Foxtel and the home phone together is $170, and considering the price of the standalone 200GB internet, 25GB would be valued at about $30 anyway.

    I e-mailed Bigpond to bring this issue up and the response was basically a more polite way of saying “It’s unlucky you feel that way, but tough luck, you have 18 months of your contract to go and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

    I’ve been looking forward to the release of these plans and I must say, I’m feeling very under whelmed and disenchanted right now

  10. jim says:

    How about simple plans for us simple people already!
    Internet, line rental and local calls. All these stand-alone prices add up to quite a large amount of money for me and for others. None of us want Foxtel with re-runs of sitcoms and old movies or YouTube on our TV. You people only have one bundle for the above and so many for the rest. I want to upgrade my usage to something more, but if I do, I have to accept additional stuff that I don’t want or will be using. Please add a section of simple plans, as there are for stand-alone pricing for just internet.

  11. David says:

    I’m currently on the Home Value Bundle 25Gb. Why has the Home Save Bundle 25Gb increased to 100Gb for no additional cost but the Home Value Bundle 25Gb has not increased?
    Will there be additional Usage added to the Home Value Bundle 25Gb?

  12. Phillo says:

    Thank you!!!

    The home saver bundle is perfect. I am on the old home saver bundle and it was only 25Gb download…. it was just enough for my needs.

    Thank you for the update! This allows me the ability to not have to monitor my download limits so much!


  13. Stuart Rowe says:

    The initial Plans were awesome.. these are just minor adjustments…

    But whats the point in offering these new bundles if you cant connect up the bundles you offered in the first place! I placed my order on the 2nd of July (actually a week before that but they managed to stuff that one up). Im still waiting for my bundle to be activated! 1 month and Im still waiting for a port of a home line, all because “we have had problems with our systems”! In teh meantime Im paying my previous service provider, have received no T-Hub, and have heard every different story possible from every facet of Telstra.

    I have always been a massive fan of Telstra.. Im very quickly losing that love!

    • Brendan O'Keefe [TEX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi Stuart, Could you please email me your account and contact details so I can get someone to help you out. Thanks, Brendan.

  14. lazerzap says:


    Im just another 400MB shaped wireless customer looking for value from Telstra..

    Pathetic! I cant wait for the NBN!

  15. Andrew says:

    I was actually expecting more discounts. I was hoping that you keep the old 50GB and reduce its price inline with the new prices for the standalone broadband. I know reducing prices for plans is not easy, but it is hard for me, and I think for many, to justify paying more and get 100GB which we will hardly utilise half of it.

    Also we should be able to change the Foxtel package from month to month rather than being stuck with the Platinum package, which is the most expensive package, for the duration of the 24 months contract.

    • Robert of Pennant Hills says:

      I have to agree that bundles are a good idea but it seems that
      50G would have suited most people better than 100 especialy if the price was lower. From my point of view Telstra’s products are good, however the billing system is a bit of a disaster – often errors- and the real issues start when you try to follow these up online. If you get a good operator great however it appears that Telstra is not interested in training and you can speak to three operators -it shouldn’t but is often required- and you can get three different opinions. Then the shuffling around- its a Foxtel problem, foxtel– no its a telstra problem, its our fault we will send an operator to fix it- no its your fault your must be pressing the wrong buttons– which buttons?? Can’t tell you that. Or comments from operators like– its only five bucks extra don’t know what you are worring about. Line up some of your operators shoot them and you might start having some happy customers.

  16. Joshua says:

    I agree with Andrew my main complaint is that there’s no really useful bundle for a more basic foxtel channel package (currently paying $67pm for foxtel no movies no sport no kids and music and no need for the extra channels), three or four tiers would be nice (you practically now have three tiers for internet) – basic, iq value pack (no movies), and deluxe platinum hd.

  17. MjP says:

    Totally agree with Litapajar.
    Home Value Bundle 25Gb does not fit in and should be 50GB (NOT 25GB). This appeals to me, and I believe it would appeal to many others, too.
    I would even be interested if it didn’t include the $5 IDD credit.
    The Homeline Budget as part of the Home Saver Bundle may be useful to those who rely on their mobiles for the majority of their calls, but I am not one of these people. I am a traditional user of the copper line Telstra network, and will continue to be at least for now.
    My suggestion is that a bit of fine tuning would be appropriate, and would ensure a good balance for the majority of customers.

  18. tww says:

    I signed up for a bundle in May; is it possible to just up the size of the ADSL quote without resigning, or do I need to extend the contract?

  19. Molly says:

    Are Telstra customers with existing ADSL plans of a tested 1500 MAX speed, eligible for Elite bundles or Elite standalone plans.
    Many Telstra CSRs say absolutely(but the bundles don’t go through when ordered).Other CSRs say 1500 speeds can’t be tagged as bundles. Then others say they can do it by getting around the system (which is what was done for me. It worked except for the bill- overcharged).
    I have read recently that with the introduction of the new standalone pricing, there will be no discrimination between 1500 and 8000 mbs speeds when it comes to applying for the new plans/bundles.Is this right?
    My account is in a mess because of this. I was charged for Homeline Ultimate when it should have been bundled.Please clarify once and for all.

  20. Brett says:

    What is with te horrible value on the $109 plan. Bump that quota.

    I would love a bundle with 200gb tha didn’t have the ultimate phone. Us Internet peoples have very little use for home phones.

    Stand alone pricing is still the cheaper option for me.

  21. Michael says:

    Are we likely to hear anything regarding the Naked ADSL product?

  22. Hi, this is daylight robbery.

    Telstra still persist in charging stupid amounts for their wholesale ports, yet think they can lock people into a 24month contact while waiting on the ACCC to rule on their pricefixing.

    I can happily say that Telstra could never match the service I get from Internode.

    Roll on the NBN and open competition.


  23. Lantrix says:

    Very happy with this. I’ve been on Telstra Cable for 10 years, and the usage has slowly increased over that time – from pay for excess to shaped, etc. I’m currently on the (old) $88 home phone budget plus 25GB Cable Extreme plan. Now for the same price I can get 100GB on cable extreme!

    With the trend of video being available over IP (ABC iView, iTunes video rental, HD Youtube) 25GB was starting to be limiting. One could use over 1GB in a day without trying!

    I’m ringing billing to change over now.

  24. Lantrix says:

    So now I have 100GB same price as I had 25GB last month. Good move. Speaking to billing they said I signed up for the 25GB/$88 bundle in May, and changing to the 100GB/$88 bundle does not re-set my 24 Months, so I’m still three months into the term as from the initial time I chose to bundle.

  25. David M says:

    I agree with Jason

    I’m several months into the $198 bundle that includes:

    - Foxtel Platinum IQ
    - 25GB Internet
    - Homeline Reach

    When I log into the Bigpond ‘manage my Account’ section it shows that my Current Plan is:
    BigPond Elite Liberty* (25GB) – Cable. $89.95 monthly

    If I look at the ‘Change my Plan’ options I now see:
    BigPond Elite Liberty* (50GB) – Cable. $69.95 monthly
    BigPond Elite Liberty* (200GB) – Cable. $89.95 monthly

    I’d like to get the extra data offered in the new bundles but it seems like the nearest option, to what I have, is the:
    $139 / mo – 100GB + HomeLine Ultimate.
    $100 / mo – Add Foxtel Platinum.
    (-$11) / mo – Remove the T-Box

    Total of $228 /mo

    I’ve feel like I’m being up-sold rather than getting an ‘enhanced and simplified’ deal.

  26. MjP says:

    Following on from my earlier post today, here are my thoughts on another possible option to replace the “Home Value Bundle 25GB” which might work better.

    *Data allowance to be 50GB, not 25GB
    *Phone Plan could be Homeline Advanced, not Homeline Reach

    This should keep the Telstra number crunchers happy, as the listed cost for “Advanced” is I believe $10 less than “Reach” thereby offsetting the increase of the allowance to 50GB.

    I think it would make a far more appealing bundle for those people who are not particularly willing to spend any more of their hard earned money for their Home Phone and Broadband connections than they have in the past.

    This is just my view, but as a number of people have voiced their displeasure of the “Home Value Bundle 25GB”, then this may be a compromise that can be considered.

    I would be interested to know Telstra’s view on this.


  27. Thanks everyone. Once again, there are a lot of passionate
    comments, and we are taking them all on board. The
    following are responses to some of your specific issues:

    Sean – that’s definitely a 100GB bundle for $99/month. It
    costs less than the 25GB because it comes with a HomeLine
    Budget plan. The 25GB comes with a HomeLine Reach plan that
    includes unlimited local calls, capped STD calling and also
    a $5 International Value Pack that provides lower
    international calling rates.

    Litapajar – we’ve tried to come up with a simple range that
    captures different usage and calling patterns. We will
    continue to seek and listen to customer feedback as we keep
    improving our offers.

    Jim – there are five Home Bundle options that don’t include
    FOXTEL from Telstra, including three for under $100/month if
    you don’t want a T-Box or T-Hub. Hopefully one of these
    suits your needs.

    Phillo and Lantrix – I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a
    bundle that’s right for you.

    Jason – there are still savings in taking this bundle and
    stand alone the 25GB plan isn’t available. We have taken on
    your concerns though for future pricing design.

    David – there won’t be any additional usage added to the
    25GB bundle at this stage. The bundle was improved in June
    to increase the data allowance to 25GB and in this launch we
    have added the International Value Pack which gives
    customers discounted international calling rates. If you
    want a higher data allowance, the 100GB bundle with HomeLine
    Ultimate might be a better option.

    Stuart – I’m disappointed to hear about your service
    experience. I’ll see what I can find out about this.

    Andrew – we build the bundles with our most popular plans
    and inclusions, but if anyone wants to have a Home Bundle
    with a FOXTEL from Telstra package other than Platinum they
    have the option to take up a Home Bundle and use our Combo
    Rewards to receive a $10 discount on any FOXTEL from Telstra
    packages over $72 per month.

    Tww – yes, you can change to one of our new Home Bundles
    without extending your contract (provided that you haven’t
    already changed your bundle this month).

    I’ll keep monitoring your feedback and reply again. In the
    meantime, don’t forget our trained customer service staff
    are available to discuss your unique circumstances and to
    help find the right bundle, or standalone service for you.

  28. jim says:

    Those other 4 bundles are useless for people like me. I’d be paying for extras that I don’t even need, when all I want is simply more usage on my internet. I don’t want calls across Australia or to China. I just want local calls and internet. .30c a local call is an absolute rip-off. How does that fit into anything that’s remotely decent. Why not have better flexibility on your home bundles and have extras for additional services such as calls in Australia and out of Australia, instead of havng them forced into the bundle. Here’s an idea of what I’m talking about.

    BigPond Elite 12GB Liberty+Line rental+50 free local calls a month: $30 a month on a 12 month contract.
    $40 month to month.
    (Go past 50 free local calls, pay .30c per call, untimed.)

    BigPond Elite 25GB Liberty+Line rental+75 free local calls a month: $40 a month on a 24 month contract.
    $50 month to month.
    (Go past 75 free local calls, pay .18c per call, untimed.)

    BigPond Elite 50GB Liberty+Line rental+100 free local calls a month:$50 a month on a 24 month contract.
    $60 month to month.
    (Go past 100 free local calls, pay .18c per call, untimed.)

    BigPond Elite 100GB Liberty+Line rental+Unlimited local calls: $60 a month on a 24 month contract.
    $70 month to month.

    BigPond Elite 200GB Liberty+Line rental+Unlimited local calls: $70 a month on a 24 month contract.
    $80 month to month.

    Extras for the above, included with the contract. (Standalone internet pricing and Basic bundling package. Internet+Home phone.)

    STD calls: $10 extra from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
    STD calls: $15 extra from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
    STD calls: $20 extra, unlimited.

    International calls from .2c min + .39c connection fee to fixed lines in selected countries. (Same as what it is.)

    T-Box: $10 extra a month.
    T-Box: $10 extra a month.
    T-Box and T-Hub: $15 a month.

    Foxtel: $25 a month.

    I’m not saying that’s what prices you should have them at, though would be great, but I’m just talking about better flexibility for simple plans and those who want more can simply add more to what they want, so it’s an all-around happy thing for everyone who wants something.

    I’m sure making plans isn’t as simple as that, but if I want more internet, then I have to pay line rental and then .18c a phone call, which’s absolute garbage.

    I’ve been a happy customer with you people since the dial-up days and even before the internet came along. Only reason I’m sticking around with you people still is because of the cable speed.

    • Frank says:

      I agree with your comments, many of these bundles have items I don’t want nor need but I’d be paying for.
      I also have an issue with the adding of Foxtel to the bundle. I’d like to get Foxtel but I only want the Basic+Sport+HD. But I won’t get any form of discount even though I have three Mobile phones, a landline and broadband with Telstra. Since my loyalty is not being rewarded I won’t be getting Foxtel. In actual fact I can get a better standalone deal from Foxtel, go figure.

  29. litapajar says:


    thanks for the response. i was more hoping that you would respond with increased 50gb downloads to the $109 bundle. bit disappointed though. this has been the sole criticism of this round of updates. i hope this can fixed soon.

    BTW, if you change the $109 bundle with 50gb, please don’t print another round of brochures. its already a waste for the current minor upgrade (to $99 bundle) from 25 gb to 100 gb to print millions of brochures. that would have costed millions to telstra and many trees to the world. Pls save telstra millions and pass some of that to customers in increased downloads.

    also, i am not sure why the $5 credit for international calls in $109 bundle been taken out without any reason. hope to see some explanation.

    thanks again for your response, its much appreciated.

  30. Jason says:

    Thank you for your response Narelle, I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to everyone.

    I would say that the savings on the $198 Home TV 25GB Bundle would be minimal. Just because the 25GB is not available in a standalone plan does not mean it can still be valued at $89.95 (as per my MyBigpond account page) when the 200GB is valued at the same price (once again as per my MyBigpond account page).

    I agree with litapajar that an increase in the quota would have been welcomed.

    Your claim to David that the data allowance for the $198 plan was increased to 25GB does not hold true as this bundle has been available through Bigpond since December last year. The increase in the data allowance in June was just the Telstra side of things playing catchup with Bigpond.

    Your recommendation that David upgrade to the 100GB bundle with Homeline Ultimate is exactly what David was complaining about. It is the fact that we feel that as part of the 25GB bundle, we are being upsold because our current plan no longer represents value for money.

  31. Tony says:

    Hi Narelle…

    The media release stated that ‘From tomorrow, Bigpond plans will offer consumers higher data allowances, greater value and no additional usage charges on any plan’.

    For people with the 25GB Ultimate TV bundle – I can not understand how and why we have been excluded from any benefit…

    When reading the media coverage and media release – I thought great because it said that customers would automatically transfer to the higher data plans…I am now advised this does not apply to me!

    Very disappointing

  32. Tom says:

    What is with this Liberty thing.

    I have cable and at peak times its disgustingly slow. Have reported it 4 times. Twice they could see the weak signal and twice nothing.
    They offered to sell me Liberty.

    I asked how can they guarantee these speeds when on normal cable its all over the place ?

    Am busting for the National Broadband to hit my area so can dump Telstra.

    2 of the bundles do work for me and I suppose it will be a few years before the national broadband gets to my area so maybe Telstra can have my business for the 24 month contract.

    What to do. Better the devil you know or what ?

  33. Tony says:

    I have just stumbled across this blog and i posted this comment on an earlier page, i think it is more appropriate on a page that the moderator is the person in charge of bundles.

    I would like to bring to someones attention the trouble customers are currently experiencing trying to organise the new highly advertised bundle plans for t-box and internet.

    I have been in contact with CSR’s on numerous occasions and eventually had to contact complaints due to the fact i was being told many and varied different dates, times and stories about why my Rapid Transfer request to switch back to telstra from another ISP was taking so long.

    My problem with this process is that when you ring i feel the CSR tells you what they think you want to hear instead of telling you the correct timeline to have these services provided and switched over to you.

    If they were to tell you correct time frames ( even though they are extreme for the service needed) the customer would not have an expectation of receiving these services earlier. It seems that when they tell you a maximum of 21 days the customer asks why and tells the CSR that it is a long time the CSR then goes on and says well it may be earlier as soon as 3-5 days, when the customer hears this they have an expectation that the CSR knows what they are talking about and beleives the shorter time frame.

    It would be better to be told 21days and when it gets organised earlier it is a pleasant surprise , not get told it may be sooner and get dissapointed when it is not.

    I know it is to make the customer feel they may get the service sooner than later but it is frustrating when the service doesnt arrive and you ring and speak to someone else and they say”they shouldnt have told you that”

    This on top of when you ring and get told “oh there was a mistake on the order and it didn’t go through”, and when asked why you werent notified that it needed to be redone they tell you ” oh it would have been picked up eventually by the system that there was a mistake made by the person who placed the order”.

    How long does that take! And all the while you are blissfully counting the days to activation only to be told ” we will have to do this again” when you ring to find out what is happening.

    You ring them they dont call you and tell you!

    This is very frustrating , i have been waiting since the 20th July for a “RAPID TRANSFER” and after having to re-order on the 22nd after i rang back to check. It looks like i may get my service (oh but no T-box as they are on backorder) On the 10th Aug. “Oh” let me see that is 21 days silly me why would i have expected it any sooner.

  34. Brent says:

    Hi Narelle,

    Just need something confirmed…

    When signing up for the 100gig bundle, I asked if I can change my bundle anytime without recontracting. I was told no. If I changed my plan, I would have to recontract.

    Is this correct?

    Because your post to Tww says:

    “yes, you can change to one of our new Home Bundles
    without extending your contract (provided that you haven’t
    already changed your bundle this month).”

    Please explain…

  35. I appreciate all the feedback we have been seeing in relation to our new bundles.

    We have dedicated a lot of time and effort in going out and asking our customers and those customers with other providers (via research) what they are looking for in a bundle product offering. The bundles Telstra has launched into market are a direct response to what customers are asking us for.

    We have not adjusted the headline price points but have instead added increase value within our bundles to give customer even greater savings than before.
    e.g Our $88 bundle has gone from 25GB to a 100GB bundle which is a increase of 75GB for the same price. Another example is our $98 Bundle which we have added discounted International calls rates to over 56 countries.

    In the future we will be looking to how we can add even further value into our bundles as well as looking at new areas and products that are not currently part of our in market bundles.

  36. litapajar says:


    there is huge difference in increasing download from 25 gb to 100 gb for $88 plan and adding $5 international calls for $98 plan. so, if it means 75 gb = $5? it would nice if there was increase from 25gb to 50gb for $98 plan.

    hope this happens in the near future. have these bundles increased fixed line customer numbers? if not, these bundles are not working very well. there should be a big spread of them or create a calcultor where we can choose from the homeline and bigpond plans, and the calculator will determine the price (spend more, save more). provide unlimited family calls to all telstra home line and bigpond customers, even if they are not in the current bundles. its about time telstra did this on an universal basis, similar to yes time, 3 to 3 calls etc.

    hope this helps in creating better bundles.

  37. Andrew H says:

    Nice try Telstra,

    To al the readers of this post – yes I got excited about the new bundle deals ($109 = 50GB ADSL & home Phone, THub) being released, coupled with Foxtel Platinum Service for another $100 per month, and migrating my mobile plan over as well for the same fee, I decided now was the time to update, upgrade & combine all the services onto one bill and believe it or not save myself a couple of dollars as well.

    Now the nightmare starts – this decision was a month and a half ago and after twelve calls to the CSR’s, coordinating the final correct bundle deal, Foxtel to be swapped over, modem to be delivered and coordinating and taking half a day off to wait for the Foxtel install technician to arrive and configure the IQ box (he didn’t) the whole process has left a foul taste in my mouth.

    I am frustrated as I just found out incorrect advice and information had been given, I am on the old customer database, I have not paid this months Foxtel bill (advised by Telstra Operator not too) and incorrect account information inputted into system by an operator ~ Telstra is reversing the whole swap over process to try again and migrate me through a combination of the old and new systems correctly to the bundle I wanted.

    Great customer focus Telstra; the deal was appealing, but all the heartache so far and frustration is NOT WORTH IT. Today I am contemplating the process to cancel the deal and go back to what I originally had, and after my mobile contract is finished later this year – goodbye Telstra.

    Maybe, just maybe get some of these operators at your call centres trained properly or let them have the correct information at their disposal to help the customers on the end of the phone. Or is the issue bigger than this & this database excuse that has affected me and offered on a number of occasions in recent years by your shops/call centres could that be fixed…Please.

    Please get it right, the deals are appealing but the frustration with getting the deal is not worth it.

  38. chris p says:

    Hi All
    I was on the $109, 25 gb, tbox, reach phone plan, and i found i was limited to my download as i have a wireless network running with 2 ps3, two laptops, tbox, two mobile phones and WII accessing the internet all the time. So i decided to change to the $99 100gb, tbox, budget home phone plan. Saving $10 per month. No here is the trick, don’t use your home phone at all, as we all know with both reach and budget home plans you still pay additional charges on your home phone, and look at your mobile phone plans. As everyone have mobile phones, my partner and i are on a combined plan of $108 per month with combined useage of $1000 of calls, 3gb of internet, free sms,mms free voicemail and free calls to any people on the same network. So we make a lot of calls to each other and that is for free. That also equates to 33 minutes a day of calls at $1 per min. Who needs a home phone. Obviously my mobiles aren’t with telstra as their plans aren’t up to scratch, but if they were you would also get a $10 credit per service if your mobiles are with telstra. I know a 100 gb seems like a lot but with movie downloads of the ps3 network at an average of 5gb per movie it only works out to 20 movies a month and then there is you tube and internet tv. My only comment to telstra and bigpond is “keep up with your competitors as they are offering far better plans as you , ie dodo $39.98 unlimted adsl2 with no throttle, iinet, internode iprimus, aapt all offering around the 1 terrabyte downloads, yet the best bigpond can offer is 200 gb for $89. But we know why bigpond offer only these plans…. who has the most exchanges??? The only reason i am with telstra is that they are the only exchange in my area and i get full adsl 2 speed (19 megabits per second). Here is my tip for everyone, do your research. Great site to see who supplies internet in your area is “adsl2exchanges” and then go from there.

  39. chris p says:

    Hi Narelle

    When will Bigpond offer naked ads2 plans????

  40. BEV says:

    I wanted the $198 bundle but telstra told me they have a better bundle so I am pissed that this month its nearly $370. I was under the impression that if you can get a better deal off them then they would do it even if you have a contract. They are meant to have your best interests at heart but I know how you feel. This will come back to bite them on the arse.

  41. gwmbox says:

    Hi Narelle

    Any updates on bundles for wireless users? Seems to be taking an awful long time for the bundles to come out?


  42. christina B says:

    Hi, I also was “sold” the $198/month bundle of fox platinum, homeline reach and 25gb with the promise i would be saving at least $40 a month..fist bill arrives for $309.00 with an added $100 for the IQ connection & other proportionate payments, that wasnt mentioned in the telstra workers “spiel” but no problem, waited till the next bill for it all to be the promised $198 with my cheap international calls and i get a bill for $285!!! Now im feeling sick to my stomach at having to call telstra YET AGAIN and be put on hold forever, hung up on (which happens often) transferred to some other person for Foxtel queries and having to explain myself to several different people. This is not what i signed up for, there are charges on there that were never explained to me and it was cheaper the way i had it before yet i was mislead into signing up for 2 years – how dare telstra decide that i can afford to pay MORE each month than i was!!!!!!!!!!! all while promising me a saving!!!!

    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi Christina. I see you need some help getting your bundle sorted out asap. I’ve forwarded your request to customer support and asked for someone to call you asap. Brendan

  43. christina B says:

    brendan, no one has called me yet, and i also wanted to add to my gripes that i was told the international call charges to the destination i call the most were going to be 2c per min + 39c connection fee, thats not what im being charged – its about 3-4 times more than that – my purchased calling card worked out cheaper. I was also told id get the foxtel magazine with this deal and it has never been sent to me. dont you need to know what number to call me on??

  44. christina B says:

    still waiting for a call….

  45. gwmbox says:


    Any updates on bundles for wireless users? Seems to be taking an awful long time for the bundles to come out?


  46. Nicholas says:

    I was sold a bundle with 2 free foxtel movies. Within weeks the 2 “free” movies were removed from my bundle.
    Telstra blame Foxtel.
    Telstra sold me the bundle and should not walk away from their obligation to give me what was sold as “free”.
    How many others are pissed off with this. If enough are unhappy perhaps a class action, ACCC or VCAT fair trading to investigate?
    Dont be silent on your rights scream out loudly.

  47. jeff nitsch says:

    Just as I thought Telstra were getting better, I realised I think that based on how long since I last interacted with them.

    I called Foxtel to get the new On Demand Library/connected to internet thing. The guy on the phone says I need IQHD. I tell him Foxtel website says my IQ box will be fine if it has a ethernet port, I have already plugged it into my modem. He speaks to someone and then agrees saying he didn’t know. WHY DID HE NOT KNOW?

    So, arrange for setup. But it never arrives. So I call Foxtel 2 days later; after holding they tell me to speak to Telstra. Strange, I called the Foxtel number printed on my brand new 13digit customer integrated telstra/bigpond/foxtel bill. It seems the bill is integrated but the service isn’t.

    After much more annoying IVR I get to a Telstra person who sets it up all over again as it hadn’t been properly finalised.

    Why do I have to go through this Telstra?

  48. Charles Scicluna says:

    Just had a “door to door” Telstra representitive in my home. I nearly signed up for a “Home TV Ultimate Bundle 100GB” except for the fact that the person didn’t have a clue what the package included. Tried to convince me to take a mobile sim card with $30 of “FREE” credit per month only to find out it was a $30 minimum spend per month. Then she wasn’t sure whether I would be getting an IQ1 or IQ2 box with my Foxtel component. After several calls to her supervisor, who eventually became irate, I wa assured I would get to keep my current IQ2 box. (Currently have an IQ2 box as an existing Foxtel customer) This is despite the documentation indicating the the package comes with IQ1 and that IQ2 would cost extra. Eventually I decided to to think about it overnight and she is coming back tomorrow but after reading some of the posts here it confirms what I suspected about Telstra in the first place. Thanks, but no thanks!

  49. Daveo says:

    Am a bit disappointed with Telstra foxtel one week ago someone from Telstra called and offer
    the new bundle but gave wrong information that we will have all chanels that we only pay $150 and $10 on top.. Today my dad called them and they said we won’t have all chanels, so what’s the point of have the gold platinium iQHD ?? And heard that we have to pay $450 because we have free box… Someone can tell me what is the advantage please..

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