29 Jul 2010
By Ben Birbeck

Telstra iPhone 4 launch Adelaide sidewalk interview


Outside the T[life] Grenfell Street, a lonely figure has been waiting by the door. Craig has been lining up outside the store since 1pm to become one of the first in Australia to get his hands on the Apple iPhone4. After buttering him up with a coffee, we asked him a few quick questions about why he wanted to line up and what he had in store for the night.

Ben: Thanks for letting us pester you Craig. What made you decide to line up for the launch?

Craig: I wasn’t sure who many people would be here, there has been some discussion on people camping out on the forums and I thought I would take the afternoon off and line up. I am also an Apple Developer, so I am pretty keen on getting my hands on one to play with. I am also changing carriers because of your network coverage. Where I live I need to go upstairs to get coverage with my current carrier, yet my iPad works fine on Telstra. I have been following your work on Twitter for the latest announcements and the extra data is a great bonus.

Ben: What did you bring to make the next 11 hours more bearable?

Craig: Chair, water (although not too much – don’t want to lose my place as I take breaks), a fully charged iPad for when I get bored and my girlfriend packed me some birthday cake.

Ben: Birthday cake?

Craig: Yeap it’s my birthday today. She will be coming down later to join me.

Ben: Happy Birthday. Do you have any other friends coming to join you tonight?

Craig: I have a few friends that said they will drop by. Hopefully they do so I can go take a quick break.

And with that we left Craig to fend the elements and the chill of the Adelaide weather today. So if you are in Adelaide this afternoon and going past T[life] Grenfell Street give Craig a friendly wave and a ‘happy birthday’ as he patently waits for midnight.

Will you be joining Craig tonight in Adelaide or camping out elsewhere?


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