02 Jul 2010
By Kristen Boschma

Leaked Telstra iPhone 4 plans


Seems that there are some plans floating around about the iPhone 4. Sorry but these are not Telstra plans and we don’t know where they came from.

Apple iPhone 4 - Smart Phone Next G from TelstraWe are as excited as you are about the iPhone 4 and so we will reveal the real Telstra plans closer to the launch of iPhone 4. Keep an eye on this site and the @Telstra twitter team for the official plans.


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  1. Greg, since there is a chance that The Evil MasterMind will strap you into his overly elaborate, slow-moving death machine, how about we save time and talk about the plans now?

  2. Turps says:

    I am glad I subscribed to this garbage.
    What ever happens with the new iPhone being capable of 3G on 900mhz. That will open up alot more coverage areas for the Optus network. And for me the company’s that use that network offer way better plans.
    So if Helstra want customers, they are going to have to offer something worthwhile.

  3. Dan Warne says:

    Optus 3G @ 900MHz is only available in regional areas though — doesn’t help people in metro and surrounds.

  4. robbie boy says:

    question to Kristen. Can loyal Telstra Customers be able to preorder over the phone the Iphone 4. previous years you needed to go to t-life but it would be great that people like myself who have been loyal Telstra customers be able to pre order. also when are plan prices released. we all know now that the iphone 4 will be released in australia on july 30th.

  5. robbie boy says:

    So my question is will you let loyal customers pre order instead of going into t-life? I registered about a month ago and still no news on any plans.

  6. Sian Smith [Telstra Employee] says:

    I, personally, am on tenterhooks waiting for the release of Telstra’s iPhone 4 plans. I’ve been with Vodafone for my mobile services for at least 5 years. I was living in Rivervale (ten minutes from the city of Perth) and all was fine and dandy, in fact I’ve just LOVED having Visual Voicemail, which was one of the biggest perks of being with Vodafone (and a fact I’ve lorded over my friends many a time!). Then I moved to Gosnells (awful in and of itself, but that’s a story for a different place and time) and I was horrified to discover that I no longer had the same kind of coverage I was used to. In fact, it reminded me of being back on my very first mobile phone, which was a Phillips Savvy back when I was 15 years old! I’d walk from one end of the house to the other while on a call only to have it drop out. 3G? What 3G? I’m on Edge and don’t get 3G service until somewhere near Cannington when I’m on the train in the morning (it then drops out again and comes back somewhere near Oats Street). I’ve repeatedly looked at my phone to see the dreaded “No Service” and it drives me nuts! It’s not like I moved to a rural area, I’m only 30 minutes from the city in a different suburb of Perth!

    So I was left with a choice…keep enjoying Visual Voicemail or give it up, move to Telstra and get on their NextG network. At the end of the day, coverage is what matters to me. So I eagerly await the release of the new iPhone plans, if they’re anything like what they were in that “leak” I will happily pay my ETC with Vodafone in order to switch networks. Would I get 250MB less of data per month if I was on the $79 plan compared to what I’m getting now? Yes. Would I be willing to pay that kind of “premium” in order to get service on my mobile phone in my house? Ummmm, hell yes!

    That’s my $0.02. :)

  7. Sian Smith [Telstra Employee] says:

    I would just like to add to my previous comment that although I am a Telstra employee (I thought that would come up automatically!), I formed this opinion before I got a job at Telstra and it is based purely on my own personal opinion and experience.

  8. Angus says:

    Kristen you posted above that, “When they launch, we think the new iPhone 4 plans will be very competitive”, but with the announcement today in another post in this blog we see mention of the standard NextG cap plans but nothing about new iPhone plans. Are they on the way too?

  9. Hi Angus

    We launched the Apple iPhone 4 plans on this site this morning. Here’s the link to our front page”



  10. Stuart Rowe says:

    So the question remains..

    When will telstra enable Visual Voicemail on the iPhone… Why does it keep getting overlooked?

    The components are surely there with the introduction of Myconnect and t-Hub… T-Hub even has it…

    Or is that the issue?? Telstra you are oh so close… finally some good prices, by far the best network… now just this final hurdle.

  11. Dan Warne says:

    I’m sure the reason Telstra hasn’t done it is that there is a substantial cost involved — probably to license the technology from Apple. Why else would Telstra not do it? It’s not like Telstra is shy about putting new technology into their network — they already have one of the world’s most advanced mobile networks. Presumably they’ve done the sums and decided the actual customer demand for visual voicemail isn’t as great as the cost of implementing VVM.

  12. Hi Stuart and Dan

    I know this is a source of frustration. I honestly can’t tell you why we don’t offer this yet BUT I can share with you part of an official email thingy/update I got this morning:

    “Telstra doesn’t currently offer visual voicemail on iPhone 4. However, we are looking at offering this in the future and will keep you posted.”

    So – stay tuned (again)


  13. Stuart Rowe says:

    Oh I have been staying tuned since I lined up at 2am at T-Life for the original iPhone 3G…..

    But thanks for your somewhat promising response…. but two years is a long time to wait when Voda has had it for most of that time.

  14. Mark says:

    Telstra don’t offer Visual Voicemail because they make more money from the voice to text 40c per msg if you’re not on one of the ‘plans’. Telstra has always and will always be the most expensive. they love to rip their customers off. I i was given a telstra phone to trial along side my other phone (3) and only found that the telstra phone worked in 2 places that i visit where my 3 phone was on roaming. I don’t visit those places very often so that wasn’t enough to convert me. but i DID find some places my 3 phone worked that the telstra phone did not…
    I’m moving from 3 to vodafone soon so i’m not a 3 fanboy… So the “coverage” BS they feed you isn’t enough to get me to pay more for mobile…

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