31 May 2010
By Lyndsey Rodrigues

New reporter for BigPond TV


Hi all – just wanted to let you know some exciting news…

I’ve been appointed the new entertainment presenter for BigPond TV – covering music, film, fashion and everything in between, for the cool new BPM Channel on Telstra’s soon-to-launch IPTV service.

I’ve been involved in the entertainment industry for almost six amazing years. During this time, I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some incredible people, visit many weird and wonderful places and interview some of the world’s most recognisable faces.

Interestingly, my first break as a presenter was with MTV Australia hosting Total Request Live. Following that I travelled across the country and then overseas as one of the travel reporters for “Full Tank”, was the host of the MTV News and then red carpet reporter for three consecutive MTV Australia Video Music Awards.

In 2007 I moved to New York to host the American version of TRL and remained in the States until the show was laid to rest after 10 successful years.

Back in Australia I worked across a range of shows and events including “What’s Good For You” on Channel 9, the National Nine News with Peter Overton and also as a red carpet host for the Logies in 2009. I also enjoyed a stint on breakfast radio as the summer host on Mix 106.5!

I am so excited to be taking the next step of my career with BigPond and can’t wait to sink my teeth into this new role. Entertainment and music reporting has always been a passion of mine, so it’s great to be back doing what I love most.

While I can’t give away too much, rest assured we’ve got some pretty exciting interviews lined-up along with backstage access to some of the coolest parties, gigs and events around town. This is not your average entertainment show and I hope viewers enjoy the ride as much as I do…

And now a quick q for you – who would you most like to see me interview as part of my new BigPond TV gig?


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  1. Evan says:

    Bigpond TV? Serious?

    I’d be interviewing your agent and finding out why your career has resorted to *cough* Bigpond TV!

  2. Rahul [Telstra Employee] says:

    Maybe Evan, you shouldn’t be commenting when you have nothing constructive to say.
    IPtv is soon going to be mainstream; being first on it will have some very interesting lessons for people who embark careers on it first.
    Do you just sit there and belittle other people’s motivations ?

  3. Serks [Telstra Employee] says:

    Rahul from the IT department is right! IPTV is going to be huge!

    Btw Rahul, are you going to the company ski trip in July? Lemme know because we have a spare bed in the marketing cabin.

    Coffee soon,


  4. Rahul Koduri [Telstra Employee] says:

    Hey Serks,
    Sorry mate, I am overseas for the entire month of July. I am not from the IT dept. by the way; a my[place] consultant in one of our t[life] shop.
    You guys do a fantastic job running this exchange; the past couple of posts have been some really constructive and engaging ones.

  5. matt says:

    “can’t wait to sink my teeth into this new role.”
    whatever you do, don’t sink your teeth in too far, it might hurt

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