14 May 2010
By Kristen Boschma

25 Reviewers Announced – Telstra HTC Desire Social Review


There has been a huge amount of interest in the Telstra HTC Desire Social Review. We received over 2000 entries and they were all carefully read and analysed. You’ll find a list below of the final 25 below as well as a link to some of their social media pages.

HTC Desire from TelstraWe will give you even more information on the final 25 in Ben Bevin’s Telstra HTC Desire conversation blog next Wednesday 19 May here on Telstra Exchange. So you don’t miss a thing, you can sign up for a RSS feed on his blogs or on the reviewers comments (click on the button on the top of the “Comments section:) or both.

It was a tough exercise trying to narrow the entries down to 25 Social Reviewers. Mike Hickinbotham and I tried to make sure that we picked a balanced team who will provide a mix of opinions and perspectives on the HTC Desire and the Telstra Next G network experience. Ultimately, we hope the winner is the readers of this blog and other social media sites – we hope you get a better view.

Mike and I would like to thank everyone who entered. This might not be the last social review program that we do, so please keep an eye out for more opportunities in the future.

The 25 Telstra HTC Social Reviewers are:

Buzz Moody
Elly Hart
Damian Damjanovski
Michael Konarzewski
Susan Moore
Helen Perris
Daniel Vuckovic
Arnold Aranez
Chelsea Woods
Monique Kleine
David Jackmanson
Jacky Fan
Andrew Gillett
Sameer Cooshna
David Olsen
Mark Pesce
Jason Jordan
Kat Mayo
Casey Glass
Chris Rowland
Stephen Collins
Wolf Cocklin
Michael Wheatland
Xavier Ho

In case you were wondering we did some analysis on the entries and we found out that:

14% of entries were from women

68% of entries were from people aged 18-35

We had entries from each State:
NSW – 32%
VIC – 34%
QLD – 14%
WA – 8%
SA – 5%
ACT- 3%
TAS – 3%
NT – 1%

Around 15% of entries were from rural Australia

The top social media sites used by entrants were (in order of popularity):
1 – Facebook
2 – Twitter
3 – LinkedIn
4 – Whirlpool
5 – MySpace
6 – Youtube

When asked why they should be a Telstra HTC Desire Social Reviewer, about 15 unsuccessful applicants  responded with “Coz I’m sexy”.


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  1. Beau Giles says:

    Congratulations to the winners. Maybe next time I’ll be more successful! :-)

  2. Xavier Ho says:

    First woot! Congrats to all the winners. I look forward to chat with you soon.

  3. Stilgherrian says:

    O hai, co-conspirators. Given that we’re linking to Twitter profiles, do we have a hashtag for this?

  4. Oww…disappointed for not being selected but congrats to the winners, especially Arnold :)
    Looking forward for all of your reviews

  5. Michel Bowie says:

    Feeling like a sore loser. Maybe I’ll go spend my $15 voucher on some emo music.

  6. James Giang says:

    congrats everyone! cant wait to see the reviews.

  7. Nigel Wadsworth says:

    Congrats all. Make sure you run it through its paces.

  8. Disappointed I didn’t get picked, wondering if they didn’t see the fact that have called out Telstra before about their uncompetitive pricing was seen as a negitive not the positive that I thought it was!
    Oh well, I guess I await the new iPod Touches!

  9. Phill Ohren says:

    Thanks for my voucher, better than a kick in the teeh ;)

    Looking forward to the reviews guys!

  10. derek says:

    congrats to the winners; hope this helps grow the Australian Android marketplace.

    @Stilgherrian: agreeded, please use a hashtag everyone.

  11. Hey guys, lot’s of defferent excellent reviews are coming out of this! Can’t wait to read all of them. Congrats to all the winners. Hashtag: #desirenextg ?

  12. David says:


    Where will all their information be collated. i am very interested to hear the results


    • Brendan O'Keefe [TEX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi David, I’ll let you know when I find out. Have a fun weekend :^)

  13. James Croft says:

    Well done everyone! One day I’ll work out how an Android phone would work with my iTunes-centred media setup. One day! *shakes fist*

  14. Helen Perris says:

    I propose a hashtag: #HTCDesire
    Or is that too long?

  15. One of the agenda items we thought we’d get to once the announcement was done was to ask the reviewers to settle on a hashtag. Seems you’ve done it! Thanks

  16. Hello, fellow winners and watchers! Yes, we should hashtag this, #desirenextg works for me.

    And, to the doubters, my reviews will be fiercely independent.

  17. Chris R says:

    I didn’t get in, but thanks for the voucher! I ended up getting my own Desire anyway and loving it!

  18. Lazer says:

    Disappointed on not being chosen, but congrats to all of the winners! And thanks for the voucher.

  19. So which hash tag is it, #htcdesire or #desirenextg. I see people using both! :)

  20. We decided in today’s briefing that it would be #TelstraDesire

    I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts!

  21. Michael Konarzewski says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to try the Desire and the Telstra Network (been thinking about the switch since the new plans came out)

  22. Stephen Brown says:

    Are all the winners twenty somethings or is there balance across the age groups?

    Any winner using it for business/social media crossover?

  23. Wolfcat says:

    I’ve created a twitter list for all the Reviewers as well so you can just see them all

  24. Dan says:

    I wanted to say congratulations to all the winners, I have just had a look through your websites (some great reading) and followed all the twitterati listed in the lists above (I love lists) and I’m really excited about reading your social reviews of the Desire.
    Well done to all!

  25. Hey Stephen,

    Actually 68% of all entrants were aged 18-34 and 32% were 35-60. The final 25 are also exactly in those age brackets.

    There are several of the reviewers who are interested in the business/social cross over and we’re looking forward to hearing what they say.



  26. Iain says:

    Wasn’t there a problem with the GPS on this phone?
    Or has that been resolved?

  27. Monnie says:

    Hooray! I can’t wait to give it a go. :)

  28. Peter Murphy says:

    Looking forward to the reviews

  29. Mohammed Morsi says:

    Given that I bought my Desire after seeing I lost today maybe I can join in the social reviewers even though I didn’t win? Then you’ll have a variety of 26.

  30. Helen Perris says:

    I’m one of the business/social crossover reviewers. Can’t say anything yet though as I’m still waiting on my handset!

  31. Adam Mann says:

    congrats to all the winners…..lucky bugga’s!! ;)

    if it so happens that one of the reviewers isn’t up to the snuff, can i be the first on the standby list? I’d love to have a good play with one of these phones, heck i’ll even give it back after the two weeks! Just curious to know how good these phones are…..something you can’t do in a busy T-Life store….

    take care….and congrats again to the winners!


  32. Jim Orton says:

    Congrats to all the winners.
    Both my home & work laptops detected this guys weblink as a serious virus threat.
    Damian Danjanovski
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Whats going on Telstra, people like this shouldn’t be allowed entry to these kind of comps.
    Damian, if your not aware of this; maybe your website has been hacked?

    • Brendan O'Keefe [TEX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi Jim, Thanks for reporting this. We notified Damien late last week.
      Cheers, Brendan

  33. Stilgherrian says:

    Stephen, I’m one of those reviewers looking at the business / social crossover. About half my time is on geek-for-hire stuff, half for media stuff, and I carry a MacBook Pro pretty much everywhere. I’m interested to see just how much of the day I can get through without having to open up the laptop.

  34. SimB says:

    First off, congratulations to the winners. I didn’t expect to get in as I am not much of a social tweet, so I had already picked up a HTC Desire before I was notified, but any info from reviewers on data usage would be great.

    I have also added to a thread on Whirlpool – Telstra data usage meter Innacurate,

    I picked up a HTC Desire on Thursday 13/5 and by Saturday the usage on a 200mb data plan is 67%. I have logged a customer enquiry but this really has turned what was an exciting experience into one of caution, especially with recent media stories of 10k charges for using a soccer game.

    I had purposely not used the phone data features since I got it on Thursday so I could first check how it worked on the weekend to avoid this. Once I saw the data usage I immediately tried to turn all data features off but I couldn’t be sure so I just turned the phone off.

    Not saying I didn’t over react – but instead of enjoying my phone and working out its features I have spent half a Sunday reading forum threads to understand the plan is pro-rated! You’d think this could be explained at purchase (Telstra shop) or similar.

    Also, it does seem there are lots of issues with excessive data usage and not much assistance on this front from Telstra except to sell more data packs. Please let us know what you think.

  35. Hi Jim,

    Sorry about that, my WordPress blog had been hacked (despite being on the latest release, and having all comments moderated through intense debate) and one of the comments was linking through to a malicious site (not my site itself), regardless, I have migrated it all across to SquareSpace which is now clean and clear.

    Sorry again for the inconvenience.

  36. Andy says:

    Will be interesting to see what the opinion of this handset is.

  37. Scott Sheedy says:

    Congratz to the winners. Nice work – and good luck in your social experience with the mozart!

    For anyone interested my Samsung Focus hopefully will arrive from the US about the time these winners get their phone. Feel free to see my progress and info regarding unlocked US imported WP7 handsets, eg the Focus; here:

    Oh – and don’t forget to check out the new Telstra Data plans. They equate to better value now than US data plans for WP7 devices. Nice Telstra !

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