03 May 2010
By Peter Jamieson

Customers get more value with our revised mobile Post-Paid Browsing Packs


It’s great being the bearer of good news, so let me tell you that from today, Telstra’s Browsing Packs for Post-Paid customers now include more value.

Browsing Packs are the best way to browse the internet on your mobile, providing you with fixed amount of data each month to use in Australia. You can update your Facebook, Twitter with friends, check what’s on at the movies or get flight schedules for your next holiday. Our higher value packs also enable you to use your phone as a modem.

Based on your feedback we have revised our Browsing Packs – you told us you wanted more included data, our new Browsing Packs will provide this.

We have:

  • significantly increased the included data in each pack;
  • decreased the excess usage rate for most packs;
  • reduced some of the browsing pack prices
  • introduced 3GB and 6GB plans.

Here’s just a few examples of what’s changed:

  • The $5 Post-Paid Browsing Pack now has 30MB of data – six times the previous amount
  • The 1 GB plan is now $39 a month – a saving of $20 a month
  • The 9 GB plan price has been reduced to $99 a month from $119
  • The excess usage rate per MB for the $5 plan has reduced by 75 cents and by 20 cents on the 9GB plan.

The table below has details of the new prices:

Browse Packs (AUD $)

New Data Inclusion Excess usage rate per MB


30 MB



200 MB



500 MB



1 GB



3 GB



6 GB



9 GB


Unused data expires each month.

Existing customers can change their current browser pack and new customers can sign up at  or call us on 132200

Follow this link for details about the new Telstra mobile post paid browsing packs, such as their prices, included allowances and associated conditions.
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    Gavin, If you have an existing Browsing pack you’ll need to contact Telstra to change to one of the new plans by calling on 132200, or visiting –



    The BigPond Wireless broadband $39, 3GB plan requires a 24 month contract and that a customer has a Telstra fixed line and other eligible service. The Consumer Browsing packs are casual plans, that you can cancel at any time and does not require a customer to have any additional products. The standard BigPond Wireless broadband $39 plan is 1GB.



    Thanks for your comment Davo.
    The $19 pack for Telstra Business customers has a contract component to it, which is why it’s cheaper than the Consumer version, having no contract requirement.

  4. WallyKZ says:

    Wonderful awakening service when I had a text message in the middle of the night (04.39 Sunday morning 30 May) telling me I was at 82% of my plan – ring 125 111. Great but doing that found that 125 111 is not available on Sundays!! Upgraded over the internet Sunday morning only to get another text message at 03.03 Monday morning telling me I had used 112%!

    Then an email on 9 June
    “Unfortunately we are unable to proceed with your order (713482) due to an issue we have identified in our verification process.

    We’ve notice that your service already has the datapack you have requested. If you wish to change to a different datapack you will need to place a new order.

    As we are unable to proceed, your order has been cancelled and any delivery charges and/or purchase amount you have paid to us will be refunded to the credit card you used when placing the order. This will occur within the next 48 hours.”

    Have not seen that yet!

    So in addition to better value in data plans, more considerate service is needed!


  5. Robert Brereton says:

    Hi Peter,
    Last saturday I changed from Vodafone to Telstra due to the quality of the signal strength that Telstra have over all other companies but unfortunately my number has been in cyberspace since and has not ported over. I have spent several hours trying to rectify the situation and reported this to the telecommunications ombudsman reference number 10191142 however still can not get phone calls to my original number. What can I do so as not to lose any further business.

    • Brendan O'Keefe [TEX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi Robert, I hear you have heard back from Jaswanth and you’re happy with the outcome and the credit applied to your account. Feel free to contact me should you need help in the future. Brendan.

  6. ray says:

    My message is for Peter Jamieson Executive Director.
    I am sure he will never see this message. I would have thought that in the year 2011 it would be possible to get a broadband service that does not cut out every 5 minutes, every 5 minutes. Telstra you should be ashamed of yourselves. I have been trying for 3 months to have my service repaired, it still is extremely sub par I get dial up speed and I am on adsl +2 , what a joke. Whe the speed gets up over 100 the line drops out every 5 minutes. I would like to challenge Peter to contact me)regarding this but I’m sure that it will disregarded as with all the “to hard stuff”. Telstra this is very embarassing for you.

    • Brendan O'Keefe [T-EX Customer Engagement Manager] says:

      Hi Ray, I’ve asked for a local rep to call you and help you get this speed issue sorted. Brendan.

  7. James Nixon says:

    It has been 3 weeks since I ordered my ADSL2 contract with Telstra. Still no luck in getting any connection although i did get a letter from Peter Jamieson. I have been to the complaints department who were no help at all and he was the case worker. he was the second case worker. I asked for Pater to call me but the agent doubted this would happen. He was right; Peter did not care to call even though he is the the Telstra executive who wrote to me on the first place, I note he does not provide any contact details. that is just plain bad customer service and shows a lack of professionalism that would not be tolerated in most companies. Still waiting for the ADSL to be connected. The letter form Peter confirming my order was grossly incorrect. i have called to get a new letter that lists my order number and the an accurate description of what I ordered. no letter has arrived even though I was promised it would arrive in three business days. Peter Jamieson has still not contacted me even though he wrote the original letter. looks like telstra executives have no idea about customer service and certainly do not care. I would love to know who Peter’s boss is but then he probably does not care either. I guess bad customer service just flows down from the top. How do I get my problem fixed. Been on hold for 10 mins now and this is my 6th call to Telstra. Maybe the chairman of the board can help. looks like another call to the Ombudsman and a request for a hefty compensation for all the trouble. It is the only way that Telstra listens.

    • Brendan - [Your Community Manager] says:

      Hi James. I’m glad to hear back that Nadim has been in touch and is looking after you. Brendan

  8. Martin says:


    I’m on the 30MB data pack and for some reason when charging my phone on my computer it used the phone to connect to the Internet instead of my home connection now I have text message saying I have used 1000% of my data, I know I would have download about 20GB’s as I was using Steam at this time, is Telstra going to stiff me out of 100′s of dollars or can this be resolved? It was an honest mistake

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